West Australian Govt lies about cutting scrutiny of Uranium & other projects – Greens WA’s MLC elect Robin Chapple speaks out – we all need to speak out or suffer the consequences

Robin Chapple Greens MLC elect speaks on uranium & other projects by stealth

Click the above link for short interview. Phone numbers, SMS and email for talkback to follow.

From Perth’s Sunday Times ( supporting documents to be posted soon.)

More leaked documents add to drama

Article from:
Narelle Towie, environment reporter

March 28, 2009 04:28pm

MORE leaked documents have cast doubt on statements made this week by the State Government about proposed changes to mining approvals.

Last weekend The Sunday Times reported that a government-appointed industry working group (IWG) – tasked with devising a plan to streamline and speed-up mining approvals – favoured moves to dilute the power and role of the Environment Minister among other far-reaching changes.
The next day the Minister for Mines and Petroleum Norman Moore stated that a leaked document referred to in the newspaper report was not produced by the IWG.

He said the document, marked confidential, was a submission to the IWG by industry associations.

He said it had not yet been properly considered by the IWG or the government.

The Sunday Times has ascertained that the document was the end product of a workshop involving key members of the WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) and the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA).

The workshop, which also included at least one IWG member, took place in January and the document has been the focus of much attention by the IWG.

Moreover, further leaked documents show recommendations in the confidential report have been adopted by the IWG – in some parts, word-for-word – and are at odds with the Minister’s statement.

– See both group’s recommendations
– See more recommendations
– See the lead agency model submitted to the industry working group

Up until yesterday Mr Moore and his media advisor were insisting there was “no draft report or draft recommendations.”

The Sunday Times has obtained a copy of the IWG’s “working draft report” dated March 6, which includes an executive summary and eight key recommendations.

The incomplete report proposes similar sweeping changes to how mining applications are processed, though no specific mention is made about the role of the Environment Minister.

Parts of the document’s recommendations appear to be copied almost verbatim from the workshop report the Minister insisted on Friday had not yet been “properly considered or endorsed” by the IGW.

A spokesman for Mr Moore yesterday confirmed the existence of the draft – after a week of denials. He said the Minister was relying on advice from the IWG.

IWG chairman Peter Jones said there are working drafts within the group but the Minister doesn’t know anything about them.

Shadow Environment Minister Sally Talbot last night hit-out: “Last week Minister Moore denied that this report existed and now we have had it confirmed.

“We have a real fear that there is going to be a watering down of the authority for the Minister for the Environment,” she said.

Ms Talbot is calling on the government to come clean on what plans are being put together by the industry working group.

Mr Moore, who is due to receive the IWG’s recommendations in May, said there were several hurdles to be surmounted before any recommendations were implemented.

They would first be considered by him and a cabinet sub-committee before full Cabinet. And any legislative amendments would need the approval of parliament.

Mr Moore said he was aware IWG were considering transferring large parts of the Department of Environment and Conservation’s role to the independent Environment Protection Agency, which is currently an advisory body.

“I’m not sure that that is a good thing if you want the approvals process to move quickly,” Mr Moore said.

Mr Moore said he could not guarantee that the powers and the responsibilities of the Minister of Environment, when dealing with approvals processes, will not be diminished at all by the reforms being considered.

“It is not within my power to provide cast-iron guarantees about issues of this nature. The granting or relinquishing of Ministerial power is a matter for Cabinet and Parliament. That said, the aim of this exercise is not to diminish the level of scrutiny applying to the environmental conditions related to mining approvals,” he said.

MLC member for mining and pastoral region Robin Chapple said the IWG’s intentions were quite clear.

“The community at large must be very seriously concerned that the environmental controls and parameters that have been established over the years are going to done away with,” he said.

Robin Chapple Greens WA MLC elect warns on hijack of approvals

Amy & Tony talking about thriving after surviving major clinical depression

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Here’s two people talking.

Amy Kiel    @Abeeliever
Amy Kiel @Abeeliever

Amy and Tony

22 min 22 sec  download,share,digg us,

we’re you yours !    =D

I’ll post details and links soon, including info on how anyone can record & produce quality interviews with anyone anywhere on things close to their heart.

If anyone has input on providing some visuals, slideshow,etc…we’ll youtube it.

We spoke live, Skype to phone, and the only editing I did was cutting a few seconds where we lost the link and adding a few little things for you.

To life…and the cool fools in the twitterverse =D @perthtones

My Twitter is @perthtones follow me for links to amazing folk and info
My Twitter is @perthtones follow me for links to amazing folk and info

© 2009 Amy Kiel & Tony Serve    This audio is free to copy and share as long as it’s not for commercial advantage.

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Stigma and shame leads to tragedy for mentally ill people “sane” people need to “get over it” :*)

An important event in Perth W.A. to discuss ways to reduce shame & stigma

shame can kill - help us reduce stigma
shame kills - help reduce stigma & visit http://www.comicwa.org/

I interviewed Dr Alun Jones using Skype & Call Recorder on  a MacBook.   ( see above for related local forum info)

You are welcome to listen to, download, or better still, link to the audio below. ( click the blue link and the blue link it goes to )

Dr Alun Jones speaks to Tony Serve on the stigma of Mental Illness          *Recorded March 24 2009 for COMIC.org    23 mins 44 secs

Comments, feedback and guest posts on mental health are very welcome –

{ especially you ” Abeeliever” 😉  and all the twitter folk }

Phone or Skype calls are welcome to my auto-recorder which has up to 10 minutes time for your comments, stories, questions.

Skype perthtones or phone +61 8 94672264

Meanwhile…think of the Children

It’s common sense that an ill parent will have an affect on the entire family, but all too often around the world, the children of people being treated are left out in several ways.

There are further complications because it is often the case that genes determining aspects of mental health are shared by some family members

Follow this link to coverage of new research on affected families and suggestions for professionals on more effective, holistic treatments.

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Colin Barnett turns tyrant on project assessment – including nukepower & uranium

from: nouranium.wordpress.com

Dracula in charge of the blood bank: WA Greens expose horror plan for the State Government’s assessment processes

A confidential document viewed by the WA Greens (attached here  -> pdf ) has revealed radical plans to overhaul legislation so that the Premier would have sole power to decide which projects are allowed to go ahead in WA.

The proposal, developed by the Government’s hand-picked Industry Working Group committee, indicates that the Premier should become the decision-maker on every major project in the State.

Under the plan, the Premier would only be obliged to merely consult with the Environment Minister.

“If the recommendations of this report are accepted, then every mega-project Colin Barnett ever recklessly dreams up – be it a Kimberly Canal or a nuclear waste dump, or anything else – could go ahead,” Greens Upper House MP-elect Robin Chapple has warned.

“This document is truly horrific,” Mr Chapple continued.

“It is proposing that mining and petroleum activities be exempted from planning approval by local government.

“Now, I wonder how local government will feel about being dictated to by the Premier?

“Quite clearly, these recommendations mean massive legislative changes and the Government must be salivating as they wait to take control of the parliamentary Upper House on 22 May so they can ram through amendments to legislation.

“This Liberal minority government, aided by the National Party, seems intent on orchestrating the death of what remains of our state regulatory authorities.

“This proposal will enable the Premier to push through the Kimberly gas hub, the Gorgon development on Barrow Island, the Oakajee Port and ship lead out of any port of his choosing without a second thought.

“This will lead to unbridled excesses in climate change impacts from a government that just doesn’t get it.

“No wonder they have kept this secret until now, this plan is just like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.”


Robins Contact Details: Mobile 040 9379263, Work 08 93712615

Key points:

– [page 3] “review mining tenement conditions for conservation reserves”. Do they mean they will review and possibly change the conditions that apply to mining in existing conservation reserves? If so that would seem to be an extraordinary legal situation; it would effectively gift to those mining companies an increase in the value of their privately owned property rights.

– [page 3] It’s alright to talk about EPA timelines but often the delays in the process are because of industry failures to properly address EPA questions / requests for more information. Also, any talk of timelines must make adequate allowance for the need for proper consideration if the matters are technically complex. Sometimes it will be hard for the EPA to have enough staff with expertise in the relevant area. Presumably this will be a real issue for uranium mining, at least in the short term.

‘Minor’ legislative changes [better described as major changes!]

– Removing an appeal right if the EPA decides something could be managed under the clearing provisions sounds good in theory, as the clearing decision will of course be subject to a separate appeal. But the first appeal right is about the EPA’s decision not to formally assess under Part IV, not about the issues that will later be dealt with under Part V. Removing an appeal right would effectively create a massive loophole in the EP Act; if the EPA wanted a project to sail through it could say that the clearing rules would manage it even if the project had impacts on say water quality or something else not related to the proposed clearing. Such a decision would have the effect of quarantining those non-clearing issues from any further public scrutiny, save the possibility of judicial review, and we know how hard that road is!

– Removing appeal rights against the setting of a level of assessment would be an outrage and a fundamental shift in the EIA regime that has served the State for over 20 years. There are few things more important than the level of assessment, as that scoping decision determines the process from then on.

– [page 5] new approvals framework for [ESE] could of course be good in theory but not if it means economics winning out in a Premier-led process that involves no appeal rights!

– [page 6] one decision maker; well, not if the decision relates to issues beyond the expertise of the decision-maker.

– [page 6] proportionality based on… importance to the State. This could be very dangerous; are they saying bigger projects should attract less environmental scrutiny? This would be an unprecedented and very dangerous move.

– [page 6] special consideration for major projects – ditto.

– [page 8] melding works approvals and clearing permits into mining approvals; currently two quite separate technical issues for different departments!!

– [page 8] exempting mining and petroleum activities from planning approval; It will be interesting to see what WALGA and the local govts think about this!!

– [page 8] appeals to SAT; not necessarily a problem with Part V decisions but this takes Part IV appeals out of the hands of the Env Min and into the rarefied apolitical air of a Tribunal. Do they propose to resource the SAT with environmental specialists who aren’t all just former industry representatives?!

– [page 9] Premier obliged only to consult with the Minister for Environment on major projects!!

– [page 10] Applicants can appeal against the conditions of approval but what about the decision to approve? I.e. can the SAT only ever change the conditions of approval but not say no to something? If so that would be an absolutely fundamental negative change!!

– [page 11] appeals to SAT only for “significant activities”; this could mean a significant constraint on appeal rights!!

– [page 11] timelines; do these factor in SAT appeals? We hope not!!

– [page 12] approvals reform group; notice no community representation!

Industry Working Group Committee (Hansard Wednesday, 26 November 2008)

· Peter Jones (chair) (Water Corp Chair 2002) (former resources Minister for Mines, Fuel and Energy for Western Australia to the Sir Charles Court government) (Peter Vernon Jones elected 30/03/1974 Narrogin for NCP became a Liberal in 1985)

· John Bowler (deputy chair) (Kalgoorlie member and former Labor mines minister)

· Derek Carew Hopkins (Department of Environment director general) (former Appeals Convenor) (adviser, Office of the Minister for Regional Development)

· Mark Gregory (Special Counsel to Minter Ellison, his practice has focused on the land access needs of his clients. This includes advising clients on complex government approvals processes; assisting clients to obtain necessary land tenure and mining tenements and dealing with compulsory acquisition matters.)

· David Parker (former Chamber of Minerals and Energy director) (government and public affairs manager, Apache Energy)

· Richard Ellis (Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association’s WA director) (also in 2004 Colin Barnett’s former chief of staff was called Richard Ellis, may or may not be the same)

· Ian Wight-Pickin (former or current Secretary of the Dawesville Branch of the Liberal Party) (chief of staff, office of the Deputy Premier and Minister for Indigenous Affairs)

· Ian Fletcher (former adviser to the Pangea Nuclear Waste Dump company), (former CEO of the Kalgoorlie/Boulder Town Council), (Premier Richard Court’s principal advisor), (Vice-president of government relations in WA for BHP Billiton)

· Tim Shanahan (Minerals Initiative director and former Chamber of Minerals and Energy) (director, Energy and Minerals Initiative, University of Western Australia)

· Chris Clegg (principal consultant, Statewide Tenement and Advisory Services)

· Doug Koontz (was on the DME Minerals Environment Liaison Committee in 2000 representing the Minerals Industry) (currently chair of the Environment & Water Policy Committee for AMEC and a councillor on the AMEC executive council) (principal environmental consultant Aquaterra Consulting an international water and environment consultancy, operating with offices in Australia, UK, Ireland and Mongolia)

· Noel Ashcroft (former Executive Director, Major Projects, Department of Mineral and Petroleum Resources, heavily involved in the development of the Burrup as an industrial hub) (chief executive of government relations and market development for the Griffin Group)

· Tony van Merwyk, (partner in Freehills)

Robin Chapple

Greens Member Elect

for the Mining & Pastoral Region

Approvals process for WA – READ IT AND WEEP pdf file

West Australian Mining Town says NO to URANIUM – go figure! Maybe it ISN’T safe!!!!!

Thanks to eco warrior Robin Chapple for the newstip.

Thanks to WIN television for covering it – this is a good yarn, and I’m not sure mainstream media will cover it or understand it’s significance

Please share this news as a wake up call that BigNuke is on the move, thrashing around like a dying dinosaur.

Relax and destress with Guided imagery meditation – it’s free, it works and it’s fun to make your own

Iguazu-Falls  © scribeworks.com.au - check out Chris's site
Iguazu-Falls © scribeworks.com.au - check out Chris's site

Guided meditation links here are free. One from the US and one from me.
As my page says – don’t pay for guided meditation audio, there’s plenty of excellent audio free – including good sound FX and binaural beats ( see my page for wiki link with info on binaurals.)


Here is a great 10 minute guided meditation – you just sit or lie down with earphones on and let your mind go for a walk. This link will open at a University of Michigan’s complementary medicine site for cancer patients which has the 10 min “walk” and other cool stuff that has been scientifically shown to help anyone feel better. Take a walk, go on.

Net censorship – australia – Could The Clean Feed Bypass Parliament? | newmatilda.com

Senator Scott Ludlum Greens WA

Could The Clean Feed Bypass Parliament? | newmatilda.com .

Ziggy Switkowski says you want Nuclear Power Plants – did he ask? thanks to ABC for covering it.

Aussies will accept nuclear power, conference told – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

not even Barry Obama has a plan for nuclear waste,where's Ziggy's
not even Barry Obama has a plan for nuclear waste,where's Ziggy's

Is he TELLING us we will accept nuclear power?

Who is he talking to?

He admits a new Nuke plant would take 15 years – by then the cost of clean renewables will be less than dirty atom splitting.

Notice how various professors and community ” leaders” are suddenly speaking up, almost spookily singing the same words.

It’s also scary that some of my colleagues in mainstream media leave some crazy claims unchallenged and out of context. Question everything!

IF WE DON’T RAISE OUR VOICES the only ones heard will be the heavily backed and resourced Uranium and Mining complex.

contact me for info on using talkback and new media to have YOUR voice heard ( even if you disagree with me – it’s a hippie thing )

West Aussie voters please see copy and use the letter in the right column to send a message to Colin Barnett, but cc ALL MP’s – their ears are full of slick-helled lobbyist noise and they need yours for balance


This article may be from 2007 but it’s so relevant for us in WA right now

The Barnett Government plans to give miners the “green” light to dig up, process and transport uranium.

Politically there is clear evidence the mighty nuclear industry is taking advantage of the fear of global warming and the global recession.

See the Greenpeace UK story & video by clicking

uranium | Greenpeace UK.

See how a Greenpeace co-founder has been drafted in to push for nuke power here, is he right, if not who’s speaking up?


20+ More videos here http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=648207BCB5C42D37

Uranium waste to be dumped in Western Australia? say it ain’t so!

IT APPEARS SO – see http://nouranium.wordpress.com/ for the gory details. and Speak out radio 6PR talkback 24/7 922 11 882 ( producer )

For excellent videos on yuranium and nuclear waste – visit http://www.youtube.com/user/SocialJusticePerth

YouTube post on Pangea’s plans to store nuclear waste in Australia

The safety dealbreaker for uranium mining has again been highlighted  with the news of new radioactive leaks in the world heritage listed Kakadu National Park.

Then there’s what to do with the long lasting toxic waste ( see post on US nuclear waste plans in disarray earlier in this blog )

This accidentally released video shows Pangea spending good money to promote storing nuclear waste in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Please subscribe to this blog ( above right ) and keep in touch with the no-uranium movement ( google ANAWA and hang in for new website, blogs and activism ) that has been stung back into action by Colin Barnett’s mad plans to ship yellowcake on our roads and through our ports when we can’t even transport lead ore safely!

Uranium mine water leaking into Kakadu – ABC News

aap pic of Kakadu by Tara Ravens

Uranium mine water leaking into Kakadu – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Please let Colin Barnett know his plans have sprung a leak – see post and video below

No to uranium mining in West Australia – Premier Colin Barnett’s legacy could last 25,000 years

Colin Barnett Premier of Western Australia - plans to mine uranium
Colin Barnett Premier of WA - plans to mine uranium - CLICK THE PIC FOR A SHORT YouTube Vid ;*)

The Premier is a decent man.

I’ve come to know him a little through decades of interviews while he was in government and opposition, backbench and front.

W.A. children are still suffering from lead poisoning from an ore  transport safety debacle in Esperance port. We are still paying for the safety and maintenance failure in the Veranus gas disaster. And the barnett Government says it wants to move yellowcake – please.

Then there’s the problem of nuclear waste and proliferation, of depleted uranium.

Barack Obama has acknowledged the US can’t store it’s own waste, Pangea is on record as  naming W.A. and the Northern territory as its preferred dumping grounds for nuclear waste – and there’s more.

We have economical and totaly renewable energy sources in abundance – we do not need and will not stand for uranium mining in W.A.

Note to Colin: sorry mate but you’re badly informed.

It’s uranium NO, canal/pipeline YES, and don’t get me started on you abandoning the Burrup Rock Art even though you feel it’s wrong.

India and Pakistan are at “swords drawn,” North Korea has renewed it’s threat to attack the south, Iran’s playing funny buggers, Iraqi kids are deformed by depleted uranium, terrorsts are stashing stolen isotopes – and you want to dig the stuff up and sell it to anyone who says they’ll be nice.

I am actively helping the anti-nuclear group ANAWA and all allied groups and individuals to do whatever it takes to overturn this madness. Please watch this space and subscribe/comment/contribute to the blog and youtube posts.

Pro uranium people are welcome to comment/refute/debate or whatever.

Bring it on. 🙂

please share and link to  this article and video
please share and link to this article and video

The Amount And Value Of Twitter Traffic – TechCrunch

More useful info from TechCrunch
More useful info from TechCrunch

More great work  here by TechCrunch and some interesting comments at the bottom.

It seems all this frenetic networking is producing results for people, but big numbers don’t always translate fully into meaningful traffic.

Anyone with input or useful  info on networking for community activists and avocates please tweet perthtones

twitter - perthtones
twitter - perthtones

Shoe-throwing journalist sentenced to 3 years in prison – CNN.com

Spare a thought for the poor misguided sole ( bad pun intended ) jailed for protesting against George W Bush’s genocide in a traditional Iraqi way.

How about jailing Dubya instead for the 600 thousand plus lives lost because of him and the neoCONS  ( and anyone else from his family who runs for President in future. )

Click below for the story

Shoe-throwing journalist sentenced to 3 years in prison – CNN.com.

you can still play the ” hit Bush with the shoe”  game here and please let me know if you get a top score


Bev Gallop to be farewelled tomorrow morning in Perth – ( dearly loved wife of ex WA Premier Geoff Gallop )

BETTER DAYS: Professor Geoff Gallop and wife Beverley before she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Picture: Jackson Flindell
BETTER DAYS: Professor Geoff Gallop and wife Beverley before she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Picture: Jackson Flindell

Labor’s WA office has confirmed the funeral for Bev Gallop is tomorrow morning at 10.30 starting at the main gate at Karrakatta. ( it is not private so respectful folk from the general public will be welcome )

Geoff, Tom and Leo as well as the extended family will of course be doing it tough. Let’s be there for them well after paying our respects to their wife and mother.

Pregnant woman throws up on youth who refused to give up his bus seat

The barfed-upon boofhead got his comeuppance ( throwuppance )
Barfed-upon boofhead gets his comeuppance / throwuppance

pregnant woman unleashes projectile karma on Perth radio 6PR

Please click the link above to download the 30 second audio file to your iTunes and listen in as Kellie, who’s 5.5 months pregnant describes her “contact” with a private schoolboy ( iPod attached ) on a Transperth bus ( hat tips to thewest.com.au for the story and and 6pr.com.au  for the audio )Click here for more great interviews by Simon Beaumont on Perth’s radio 6PR

Murder in Nairobi: Wikileaks related human rights lawyers assassinated – Wikileaks

Murder in Nairobi: Wikileaks related human rights lawyers assassinated – Wikileaks.

Global warming: average temperatures in Western Australia

A great new tool on WA weather and related warming trends from web & searchability guru Chris Gillham

Global warming: average temperatures in Western Australia.

Is West Australia getting hotter - see for yourself
Is West Australia getting hotter - see for yourself

How does your Blog rate for traffic and how do they measure that?

technorati rates blogs by the number of links
technorati rates blogs by the number of links

Great piece on Blog numbers and metrics questioning the technorati gospel and predicting greater influence of actrvity within Twitter and other social network agents.

Much kudos to  Brian SOLIS at TechCrunch

click below for the excellent article

Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere? .

The “shame” of presenting yourself to Mental Health professionals

An important event in Perth W.A. to discuss ways to reduce shame & stigma

shame can kill - help us reduce stigma
shame can kill - help us reduce stigma


It’s common sense that an ill parent will have an affect on the entire family, but all too often around the world, the children of people being treated are left out in several ways.

There are further complications because it is often the case that genes determining aspects of mental health are shared by some family members

Follow this link to coverage of new research on affected families and suggestions for professionals on more effective, holistic treatments.