West Australian Poll on planned Kimberly Gas Hub – your opinion counts!

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Traditional Land Owners have been threatened by the Premier who says “the land they want is only a little bit and it’s not the really nice bit” or words to that effect.

Colin Barnett is a decent bloke who has bad advice, give him yours by voting in this poll and passing it on to all of your contacts.

google “Kimberly gas hub” for coverage of both sides of the story and have your say.

thanks to the West for the opportunity

Poll –  The West poll as of midday local time. Should the gas hub be built in the Kimberley?

at midday friday 17th it stoodat ;

34% Yes, it will create jobs and benefit the region

58% No, leave the Kimberley coast alone

vote now – go to   http://www.thewest.com.au scroll down to the poll button on the right sidebar.

Traditional owners and other stakeholder comments very welcome, please click the comment button below or email serve.tony@gmail.com

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“Uranium Mining in Western Australia isn’t viable.” Jo Vallentine

Uranium Mining in WA isn’t even viable.

let alone not being safe, green, or necessary!

Uranium simply isn't worth the risk
Uranium simply isn’t worth the risk

Former Senator and long time Activist Jo Vallentine loooks at some hard realities.


Uranium Mining companies in a race to nowhere

Despite all the hype about getting a uranium mine operating in Western Australia, the Anti-Nuclear Alliance of W.A. believes that itís all talk, and a lot of investorsí money being frittered away on an unwinnable contest, according to spokesperson, Jo Vallentine.

Toro Energy is hoping to get Lake Way developed, Mega uranium is betting on getting the Lake Maitland deposit up and running, BHPBilleton is talking up the prospects of proceeding with their Yeelirri deposit. Without either regulatory or transport, or water usage frameworks in place.

All these companies need to take a reality check.

While the Barnett government is keen to promote any kind of mining at any cost, so many questions remain unanswered about the highly controversial mining of uranium, which everyone knows is in a different category from any other mining, because of the radiaoactivity involved, and potentially released, at all stages of the process.

On top of those doubts, fundamental questions remain regarding water resources in dry areas surrounding Willuna, Meekatharra and Leinster, where is that amount of clean water going to come from?

(uranium mining is a water guzzling operation Roxby Downs consumes 35 million litres per day!)

Where and how would the yellowcake be transported, and to which railheads and ports to be shipped away? Kalgoorlie? Not a popular idea there, with the local mayor already having said he was not impressed with the idea. ( click here for TV news story on Kalgoorlie rejecting Uranium transit )

Geraldton? Is that what the nearby proposed Okajee port is all about? A discreet railway, just for getting the yellowcake out of the state?

Globally, with Presidents Obama and Medvedev committing to massive reductions in the nuclear weapons count, a great deal of processed nuclear weapons grade material will be flooding the international market soon, thus lowering the price for yellowcake.

Investors would be better served by putting their money into certainty for the future via the renewable energy sector, rather than gambling their money andf our safety on a loser.

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Twitter Maestro, VoIP guru, internet TV & Blogging Icon Jeff Pulver speaks to Tony Serve for australian talkback radio 6PR

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Twitter Maestro, VoIP guru, internet TV & Blogging Icon Jeff Pulver speaks to Tony Serve for australian talkback radio 6PR

click here for the 10 minute audio mp3

visit Jeff’s blog – click here

on twitter follow Jeff as @jeffpulver

my twitter is @perthtones

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ANALYSIS-In big green push, Australia thinks too small on solar | Reuters

SOLEL make 300MW solar thermal plants for base load, AUSRA is close behind  -why aren’t they being used?                                    Image –  jdlasica via Flickr

ANALYSIS-In big green push, Australia thinks too small on solar | Reuters .

* New laws promise boost for solar investment

* Complex rules limit size of installations

* Little incentive for commercial solar projects

By Leonora Walet and Bruce Hextall

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US Beats Australia To The Punch Again! Climate change, clean energy, carbon issues.

Australian Greens
Sen. Milne Wikipedia

From; Mark Winter Speaks out

US Beats Australia To The Punch Again!.

America last week publicly announced their draft of the “American Clean Energy and Security Bill”

In response, Greens Senator Christine Milne said

“The world is moving on and leaving Australia behind. It is time the Rudd Government opened itself to the prospect of real domestic and global action to prevent climate catastrophe.”

The Draft Bill is a great leap ahead in comparison to the much debated deeply flawed schemes which the Rudd-Wong collaboration has “laboured” to produce. more from Mark by clicking the blue links above

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Spook scandal: the hidden face of the nuclear industry | Greenpeace International

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Spook scandal: the hidden face of the nuclear industry | Greenpeace International.

International — Twenty-four years after the attack by the French secret services against our ship the Rainbow Warrior – which cost the life of a Greenpeace photographer – the nuclear industry is once again at the heart a major spy scandal involving Greenpeace.

Ikata Nuclear Power Plant
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The status of nuclear power globally. Click im...
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Google shows alternative energy firms the way- Solar Thermal needed in Western Australia!

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This is a great tool.

It levels the playing field a bit between conservationists and the explorers who had this mapping capability for a long time.

The key has got to be the values put in for exclusion.

What do you think?

Any big Solar like Ausra or Solel have a few minutes to look for sites in Western Australia – we need some renewable base load Power  facilities or the Premier is going to build Nuclear Plants!

click here for the story ; Google shows alternative energy firms the way.

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