Australians are racist, say Australians |

Cronulla riots

Racism … youths bash a man in a train during the Cronulla riots / Craig Greenhill

AUSTRALIANS are in two minds about multiculturalism, a long-term survey has found.

They believe cultural diversity is good for the country but they’re worried that cultural differences will stop everyone from getting along.

An 11-year study by a collaboration of Australian universities has found 85 per cent of Australians acknowledge racial prejudice occurs in the nation and one in five has been a victim of racist verbal abuse.

The study found that 6.5 per cent of the 16,000 Australians surveyed were against multiculturalism.

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Warning of ‘many deaths’ from swine flu in Indigenous communities ABC News Article link.


Warning of ‘many deaths’ in Indigenous communities

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Australian Medical Association is warning there will be “many deaths” in remote Indigenous communities if governments do not take a more proactive approach to dealing with swine flu.

Concerns have been raised as the number of cases in the Northern Territory jumped to 78 overnight – the highest rate per capita of any state or territory in Australia.

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Australian Greens push for review of anti-terrorism laws

WA Senator Scott Ludlam
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Greens move to dump extreme Anti-Terrorism laws

Media Release | Spokesperson Scott Ludlam
Tuesday 23rd June 2009, 11:41am

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam will move to repeal the most extreme aspects of Australia‘s anti-terrorism laws, when he introduces a Private Senators Bill today.

“Australia’s Anti-Terrorism laws were rammed through Parliament in haste, by former Prime Minister John Howard. As a result mistakes were made – some aspects of the laws are extreme and undermine the human rights of all Australians,” said the Greens’ Attorneys General Spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam.

“Definitions within Australia’s anti-terrorism laws are so vague we all have cause for alarm and innocents can be caught in the cross-fire. For instance, you can be convicted for “recklessly possessing a thing” whatever that may be, or expressing political dissent. You can be questioned and detained for prolonged periods without charge and your right to a lawyer is compromised by complicated security clearances. My Anti-Terrorism Laws Reform Bill 2009 will repeal these anti-democratic measures.”

“My Bill provides Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with a historic opportunity to break with the past and follow US President Barrack Obama’s lead in rejecting what he calls ‘the false choice between our democratic values and our security.’ Mr Rudd should follow President Obama‘s lead in showing we don’t need to trash democratic principles, in order to save them.”

The Government will announce an independent review of the anti-terrorism laws later this week, but Senator Ludlam says there are some aspects of the laws that should be repealed straight away:

“We don’t need an independent reviewer to tell us that some of our anti-terrorism laws are anti-democratic and need to be repealed. In this Bill, the Greens have identified laws that are so out of step with Australia’s democratic principles that they should be repealed at once. There’s no need to waste the Reviewer’s time on measurers that we know have no place in a democracy,” said Senator Ludlam.

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ABC news coverage Greens push for review of anti-terrorism laws

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam is pushing for a change to Australia’s anti-terrorism legislation introduced by the Howard government.

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Europe to ‘hunt more whales than Japan’. ABC News Article link.


Europe to ‘hunt more whales than Japan’

Monday, June 22, 2009

By Meredith Griffiths for The World Today

Japan’s so-called scientific whaling program is again expected to be the focus of the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) that starts today in Portugal.

But it appears that this year European countries may end up killing more whales than Japan.

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Voices from Iran – ABC News Article link.,

United against Violence in Iran #IranElection ...
Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

Monday, June 22, 2009

By Alec Robinson

In October 2008 ABC News reporter Alec Robinson travelled around Iran as a tourist.

Young Iranians told stories of their friends ‘disappearing’ for trying to organise protests against the Government, and of family members being jailed or tortured to death for expressing a political opinion.

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Sea Shepherd captain arrested in Portugal – ABCnews


Sea Shepherd captain arrested in Portugal

Monday, June 22, 2009

The captain of the anti-whaling ship, the Steve Irwin, has been arrested in Portugal on an outstanding 30-year-old arrest warrant.

Paul Watson was arrested at Madiera airport as he arrived for this week’s meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Portugal.

The Australian director of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Jeff Hansen, says Mr Watson was released after four hours of questioning.

“This warrant was actually issued back in 1980, which was in response to Sea Shepherd ramming and later scuttling the pirate whaler the Sierra,” he said.

“Then Paul had lengthy discussions with the police in northern Portugal and they determined that the warrant had actually expired in 2008 so there was no valid reason for them to hold him.”

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Iran conflict dominates twitter – tweeters send advice and warnings to protestors

The coverage of the Iran conflict has been dominating twitter overnight in some amazing ways.

The symbolic help to the opposition comes in a green tinge appearing in avatars/icons to focus attention on Iran.

TEHRAN, IRAN - APRIL 17:  Iran's Air Force com...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

There are tweets that show a range of coverage from east and west, warnings from the west on activities of Iran’s secret police, the Basij and more…  a sample of those is posted below. Tweeters are also sharing information on how to avoid exposing people inside Iran as they support and inform them.

See also the “related stories” list below.

Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click –

RT : FIRST AID INFO IN FARSI : مشکل پزشکي #IranElection #GR88 #iranelections #iranelection #tehran

Basij are marking doors to attack later. Use petrol to remove marks. RT! #IranElection #tehran #gr88

CNN’s Don Lemon showing video of helicopters dropping “liquids” on HUMANS in Iran. #iranelctions @iran9 #gr88

iran police beating woman (and car). why does their gear say ‘police’ in english???

MANY RT The Iran army has put their Tanks into Azadi Square!! Please share the news!! #Tehran #iranelection #IranFreedom

Mashable: Iran Election Crisis: 10 Incredible YouTube Videos #IranElection

I wish freedom for the people of Iran and support free and fair elections.

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