Australia mulls Twitter strategy | Australian IT

Twitter workshops are coming up for business and advocates – please email for half,1 or 2 day sessions.

Meanwhile Canberra is considering an official plan for using twitter in the wake of recent moves in London.

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A big swag of useful info, news,updates,reports and media Australian Policy Online Weekly Briefing – 30 July 2009 – please let me know if you’d like the APO or others like WACOSS blogged regularly :)


New commentary

Chewing the fat

29 July, 2009 | How many of the government’s health policies have been implemented? Angela Beaton and Lesley Russell look at the record

Preventable hospitalisation: the US initiative

28 July, 2009 | Re-admissions to hospital are a costly failure in the hospital system, here and in the US, writes Lesley Russell

Indonesia’s Australian connection

27 July, 2009 | The tragic Jakarta bombings should not distract our attention from the good news coming out of Indonesia, argues Hal Hill on our partner website, INSIDE STORY

New research

Creative Economy

A fistful of festivals

Lynden Barber | Meanjin
30 July, 2009 | It sometimes appears that not only every major capital city, but every café at the end of every street of every godforsaken one-horse town has a film festival — or soon will have.

Effective corporate tax reform in the global innovation economy

Rob Atkinson | Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
26 July, 2009 | This US report examines the issue of corporate tax reform and lays out six key principles for policymakers to consider as well as specific policy recommendations for crafting an innovation-based corporate tax code.

Disability arts sector consultation report

Andi Sebastian, Jacqueline Chant | Arts SA
23 July, 2009 | In late 2008, Arts SA funded a sector-wide consultation to determine the service needs of the disability and arts sector and to identify the most appropriate model for the delivery of these services

Should copyright of academic works be abolished?

Steven Shavell | Berkman Center for Internet and Society
27 July, 2009 | The conventional rationale for copyright of written works, that copyright is needed to foster their creation, is seemingly of limited applicability to the academic domain.

The world of e-portfolios

Allison Miller | Knowledge Tree, Australian Flexible Learning Framework
30 July, 2009 | This article argues that as we move deeper into a digital age, e-portfolios will be a key method for demonstrating existing skills.

Reconceptualising ‘time’ and ‘space’ in the era of electronic media and communications

Panayiota Tsatsou | PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication
23 July, 2009 | This paper examines to what extent electronic media and communications have contributed to currently changing concepts of time and space and how crucial their role is in experiencing temporality, spatiality and mobility.

Use of electronic media and communications: Early childhood to teenage years

Australian Communications and Media Authority
23 July, 2009 | This report provides a comprehensive snapshot of young people’s use of electronic media from early childhood through to teenage years, and parents’ views about that media use.

The impact of the crisis on ICTs and their role in the recovery

OECD Directorate of Science, Technology and Industry | Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
30 July, 2009 | A sudden upturn in global sales of information and communications technology (ICT) goods in May and June suggests the ICT industry may have reached a turning point and be on the road to recovery, according to this OECD report.

An implosion of knowledge

Humphrey McQueen | Meanjin
30 July, 2009 | This articles argues that the privileging of access to data above its application means that the debate over whether libraries are in the book business or the information business is diverting us from the thought that they should be in the knowledge business


Retail trade industry profile

Jocelyn Pech, Lucy Nelms, Kelvin Yuen, Thomas Bolton | Australian Fair Pay Commission
24 July, 2009 | This report examines the structural and workforce profile of the Retail trade industry, an industry that employs a relatively large proportion of low-skilled and low-paid employees.

Power, mobility and diaspora in the global city

Dale Leorke, Saskia Sassen | PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication
23 July, 2009 | While globalisation has given rise to the global financial market, cross-border activities, digital networks with global span, and international organisations such as the UN and WTO that operate independent of nation-states, these remain materially embedded at the local, national level.

Young people with poor labour force attachment

Jocelyn Pech, Anne McNevin, Lucy Nelms | Australian Fair Pay Commission
24 July, 2009 | Drawing on labour force data and previous research findings, this report charts recent trends in a number of indicators, including the population of young people not fully engaged in employment and/or education.

IT modernisation: An exercise in alignment

Dan Briody | Economist Intelligence Unit
23 July, 2009 | This report, based on interviews and a global survey of 170 senior executives, concludes that while firms recognise the importance of modernising IT systems, they do not always implement such projects effectively.


Numeracy, maths and learning difficulties

Anne Bayetto | Curriculum Leadership
25 July, 2009 | This article describes a program where postgraduate education students at Flinders University are helping to support young people who struggle with mathematics.

A new federalism in Australian education, 2009

Jack Keating | Education Foundation, Foundation for Young Australians
27 July, 2009 | This report proposes a national reform agenda for Australian schooling.

Childhood Education and Care, Australia

Australian Bureau of Statistics
30 July, 2009 | Seven out of ten young children attended a preschool or a preschool program in 2008.

Identifying and teaching children and young people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties

Jim Rose | Department for Children, Schools and Families
25 July, 2009 | This UK report focuses on the identification of dyslexia among students and the possible intervention approaches that can be made by teachers and parents.

Environment & Planning

Climate change discussions and negotiations: a calendar

Nina Markovic, Nick Fuller | Parliamentary Library
26 July, 2009 | This background note will be updated to include any new developments on the formal negotiations are taking place within the meetings and working groups that have been established under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol framework.

A quiet revolution: City governments tackle global warming

Stephen Jones | Australian Review of Public Affairs
26 July, 2009 | While Australia’s federal and state leaders have been stuck discussing the introduction of the emissions trading scheme, some of our local governments have been trying to do something about the impact of human activity on global warming.


Oral health impacts among children by dental visiting treatment needs

Jason Armfield | Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
24 July, 2009 | This report provides information on the oral health impacts experienced by Australian children during the period 2004-06.

Why public hospitals are overcrowded: ten points for policymakers

Jeremy Sammut | Centre for Independent Studies
28 July, 2009 | The three-hundred page reform ‘blue print’ from the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission has endorsed a range of health reform measures that will not solve the hospital crisis in this country, argues Jeremy Sammut.


Staying strong on the outside: improving the post-release experience of Indigenous young adults

Robyn Gilbert, Anna Wilson | Indigenous justice clearinghouse
27 July, 2009 | This research brief draws on international research to identify current understandings of good practice in prisoner reentry generally as well as issues particular to Indigenous prisoner reentry.

Bridges and barriers – addressing Indigenous incarceration and health

National Indigenous Alcohol and Drug Committee | Australian National Council on Drugs
24 July, 2009 | This report argues that the strong links between substance misuse and Indigenous incarceration highlight an urgent need for government to address this disturbing problem.


Force 2030: China drives Australia toward its first strategic missile system

Ron Huisken | Nautilus Institute
24 July, 2009 | This essay argues that the strikingly different dimension of Australia’s recent Defence White Paper, stems from a disjointed, inconclusive but unmistakably alarmist assessment of China’s potential impact on order and stability in East Asia.

Middle East outlook and energy security in the Asia-Pacific region

Leanne Piggott | Australian Strategic Policy Institute
24 July, 2009 | This report explores the issue of energy security in the context of a growing dependence of the energy-hungry Asian economies on Middle Eastern supplies.

China: stumbling through the Pacific

Fergus Hanson | Lowy Institute for International Policy
26 July, 2009 | This paper suggests that China’s Pacific aid-giving is unpredictable, secretive and is mired in a vicious cycle of short-termism that is a legacy of its long-running diplomatic battle with Taiwan.

Beyond the nuclear issue: North Korea and non-traditional security challenges

Jeffrey Robertson | Parliamentary Library
26 July, 2009 | Since September 2008 North Korea has undertaken a series of measures to demonstrate the health of Kim Jong-Il, yet at the same time has demonstrated signs that succession plans may be underway.

New voices 2009: Networked

Angela Evans | Lowy Institute for International Policy
27 July, 2009 | This report is an overview of the Lowy institute’s recent conference on the ways in which network relationships, structures, and technologies affect different parts of our world.


Intimate partner abuse of women in a Central Queensland mining region

Heather Nancarrow, Stewart Lockie, Sanjay Sharma | Australian Institute of Criminology
25 July, 2009 | Perceptions about the mining industry and the rapid growth of mining communities in Australia has led to concerns that these communities are prone to higher rates of intimate partner violence than the general community.

Suspended sentences in Tasmania: key research findings

Australian Institute of Criminology
27 July, 2009 | While offenders given suspended sentences were less likely to be reconvicted, the imposition of these, rather than non-custodial sentences, on first time offenders may have serious repercussions if they are subsequently reconvicted.


State of denial

Richard Denniss | The Australia Institute
27 July, 2009 | While the Commonwealth will receive a windfall of more than $10 billion per year in revenue from auctioning pollution permits, state and local governments will transfer more than $2 billion a year to the Commonwealth Government.

A fair-weather friend: Australia’s relationship with a climate-changed Pacific

Louise Collett | The Australia Institute
27 July, 2009 | Climate change will bring significant challenges to the island nations of the Pacific. This paper examines Australia’s attitudes to climate change in the region under the two most recent federal governments.

Putting the politics back into Politics: Young people and democracy in Australia

James Arvanitakis, Siobhan Marren | The Whitlam Institute
27 July, 2009 | Young people are changing the way they engage with politics and Politics is going to have to change as a consequence.

Social Policy

Just scraping by? Conversations with Tasmanians living on low incomes

Social Policy and Research Team | Tasmanian Council of Social Service
24 July, 2009 | The voices of low income Tasmanians are reproduced in this report talking in their own words about the daily struggle to make ends meet on inadequate incomes and with limited access to health care and other services.

Managing in a downturn

Centre for Social Impact
24 July, 2009 | This report is the first comprehensive research to assess the effect of the economic downturn on Australian charities and nonprofit organisations.

Compendium of social inclusion indicators

Australian Social Inclusion Board
28 July, 2009 | Developed by the Board to generate discussion and debate on the question of how to measure disadvantage and social exclusion, these indicators are first steps towards comprehensive performance measurement and evaluation of social inclusion in Australia.

A healthier future for all Australians – final report

National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission | National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission
27 July, 2009 | The Federal Government’s health review has called for a major shake-up of the national health system, with the Commonwealth taking over the funding of most services.

New audio

Who stopped the music?

25 July, 2009 | The parlous state of music in public schools means not only are our children missing an important dimension in life, but they miss out on something that promotes brain function and social skills.

Video killed the video star

27 July, 2009 | If everyone is a producer, what role will video play in our lives in the future?

New video

2 live 2 deadly

23 July, 2009 | This video documents the historical struggle of Indigenous radio in Sydney.

Libraries of the future

30 July, 2009 | This UK documentary showcases interviews with leaders from JISC, Oxford University and LSE as well as students and academics who discuss what the library of the future will look like.

New jobs

Lecturer in Asian Studies

The Australian National University 26 July, 2009 | The Faculty of Asian Studies, College of Asia and the Pacific, wishes to appoint an outstanding scholar to lead in the coordination and teaching of its undergraduate and graduate foundational Asian Studies courses.

PhD Scholarship – MARCS Auditory Laboratories

University of Western Sydney 26 July, 2009 | MARCS Auditory Laboratories is undertaking a wide range of projects as part of a prestigious $3.4M ARC/NHMRC “Thinking Systems” grant to develop a ‘thinking head’. This is a breakthrough system that can learn from humans and will lead to advances in everything from hearing aids to mobile phones and video games. UWS is leading a consortium of Australian universities to develop the groundbreaking project including RMIT, Macquarie, Flinders and University of Canberra, with international input from the Technical University of Denmark,

Postgraduate scholarship in Chinese film and media studies

University of Sydney, School of Media and Communications 26 July, 2009 |

An ARC funded scholarship is available for a full-time Masters candidate who is undertaking research in a topic pertaining to Chinese Film and Media Studies (with a special focus on posters of the Cultural Revolution and /or film representations of contemporary Chinese history/memory)

Analyst, Credit team, Stakeholder Group

Australian Securities and Investments Commission 24 July, 2009 | The Credit team is building from the ground up.

Manager, Government Relations

NRMA Insurance 23 July, 2009 | A new position is now available for a strategic, Corporate Affairs professional to influence government policy in areas that impact on the business profitability, sustainability and reputation of NRMA Insurance.

New submissions

Collaborative and challenge-led innovation

01 March, 2010 |

New events

five: fashion musing & Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice launch

LOCATION: The Glasshouse QUT, Creative Industries Precinct, Z2, Level 4, Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove
ORGANISED BY: CCI – ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation

20 August, 2009 | Please join us for the joint launch of two new titles. five: fashion musing and Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice a special edition on Innovation in the Creative Industries.

Official Launch of the Indigenous Policy and Dialogue Research Unit and ‘So, what?’ Lecture with Professor Patrick Dodson


20 August, 2009 | You are warmly invited to the Official Launch of The Indigenous Policy and Dialogue Research Unit in conjunction with the So, what? public lecture with Professor Patrick Dodson

Green Building and Design Conference 2009 – Green Materials

LOCATION: Melbourne Convention Centre
ORGANISED BY: Centre for Design, RMIT University

09 September, 2009 | Attendance in-person or online

Learning Technologies Conference

LOCATION: Mooloolaba Campus of Sunshine Coast TAFE, 34 Lady Musgrave Drive, Mountain Creek Qld

19 November, 2009 | The objective of the two day 2009 Learning Technologies conference is to challenge and extend your thinking about the ways educators can use learning technologies to challenge, inspire, motivate, and encourage learners.

New books

After the crunch

30 July, 2009 | In this 100-page book, 42 artists, entrepreneurs, commentators, analysts, policy-makers, policy-sceptics, academics, financiers – and citizens – set out their hopes and fears for the future.

Beethoven or Britney : The great divide in music education

25 July, 2009 | Most children have little or no access to quality music teaching. And nothing is being done about it.

Innovation policy in the creative industries

30 July, 2009 | This special issue of Innovation: Management, Practice and Policy will explore some empirical and analytic connections between creative industries and innovation policy. Seven papers are presented. The first four are empirical, providing analysis of large and/or detailed data sets on creative industries businesses and occupations to discern their contribution to innovation. The next three papers focus on comparative and historical policy analysis, connecting creative industries policy (broadly considered, including media, arts and cultural policy) and innovation policy.

five: fashion musing

30 July, 2009 | Visually beautiful, the book explores fashion theory, practice and pedagogy through five key themes – mind, heart,hand, eyes and body.

New guide

Children and privacy complaints – a guide for parents and guardians

26 July, 2009 | This Privacy Victoria information sheet outlines the privacy rights of children under Victorian law.

New websites

Open video conference

27 July, 2009 | As internet video matures, we face a crossroads: will technology and public policy support a more participatory culture or will online video become a glorified TV-on-demand service?

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West Australian Government sacrifices more of your environment for big business


MEDIA RELEASE 30 July 2009

Faragher undermines the EPA… again: Greens

The Greens have accused Environment Minister Donna Faragher of continuing an emerging pattern of undermining her own lead environment agency after late yesterday’s announcement of final environmental approval for the massively expanded Gorgon gas proposal for WA’s fragile Barrow Island.

Map of the Montebellos and Barrow Island
Image via Wikipedia

“The Minister has taken advantage of this long winter break to clear through some of the most contentious environmental appeals in her in tray, but unfortunately that burst of productivity has come at the expense of the credibility of our Environmental Protection Authority,” said Greens MLC for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Robin Chapple.

“Mines Minister Norman Moore’s penchant for attacking WA’s environmental approvals system is well-known, and it now seems his ministerial protégé is getting in on the act as well.”

“This sends an ominous signal to anyone in WA who thought we still had a meaningful, independent source of science-based environmental approvals advice.”

Mr Chapple noted that just five days before this Gorgon decision the Minister overrode the EPA by allowing mining in the area surrounding the unique and vulnerable Mungada Ridge, in the Blue Hills Range about 200 km east of Geraldton.

“We are concerned of course that this de facto sidelining of the environment in decision-making on key WA projects will eventually lead to Parliament being presented with a Bill that formally guts the EPA.”

“It will be interesting to see whether the Minister will do anything in this portfolio other than to make her area of responsibility the subject of weaker and weaker protections,” Mr Chapple concluded.


posted by tony serve in support of Robin Chapple & Greens (WA)

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Great info for Western Australia on Social Services – WACOSS Update – 24th July

social policy | organisation development | membership | training
Please distribute through your networks

Friday 24th July 2009

News items listed in this bulletin include…

WACOSS Membership Survey – Last Chance to WIN!

WACOSS Membership Survey

You have only one day remaining for your opportunity to win $500 worth of WACOSS Training, or $500 cash!

Complete the WACOSS Membership survey before close of business Friday 24th July to be in the draw!


WACOSS Social Service Organisation or Individual Member: Important Reminder!

In order to secure your right to vote on

important WACOSS decisions which can significantly


the community services sector….

Please ensure your Membership is renewed before 1 August!

The changes to WACOSS Membership for the 2009/10 financial year can be viewed here:

WACOSS Membership Fees

As you will have noted Associate Members will have a completely separate fee schedule from 2009-10 onwards.

For further information on fees for 2009-10 please check: the WACOSS Website

If your Membership is not renewed before August 1st you will not be eligible to vote in 2009/10!


Power Assist Scheme – 2009/10

WACOSS is pleased to announce Synergy’s annual contribution of $75,000 towards the Power Assist Scheme and Horizon’s $27,500 annual contribution. Horizon’s contribution is particularly pleasing as it is a 10% increase on last year’s funding. Horizon has also committed to a further two year’s funding with a 10% increase each year.

As a result of these contributions the Power Assist Scheme will continue to operate during 2009/10 under the present guidelines and procedures. The funding contributions from both Utilities is in addition to the Hardship Utilities Grant Scheme and Hardship Efficiency Program presently operating throughout the WA.

To find out more and download forms and guidelines please click on the link below:

Utility Assistance Schemes


Launch of the Emergency Relief Agencies Directory 2009

Emergency Relief Agencies Directory 2009

The long awaited Emergency Relief Directory 09 is now out. An official launch will be held at the regular ER Forum to be held on the 5th August. We invite you to come along to the official launch.

Date: Wednesday 5th August
Time: 10.30 am
Location: Lotteries House, 2 Delhi Street in West Perth

Lotterywest has provided funding for the production of the Directory and Jan Stewart, the CEO of Lotteywest, will be presenting a cheque to WACOSS as part of the official launch.

Please RSVP to or phone 9420 7222 by 31st July.

The purpose of this Directory is to assist emergency relief agencies, community service organisations, Government departments, hospitals, businesses and members of the community in making appropriate and timely referrals when coming into contact with those needing material or financial assistance.

All Emergency Relief organisations are listed by name in alphabetical order, along with their contact details, mailing and business addresses, operating hours and services provided. Agencies are also indexed by town/suburb.

Every agency listed in the Directory has been sent a free copy. Further copies are available from WACOSS at $5.00 for community service organizations and $10.00 for Government Departments.

To order copies of the ER Directory please:

A) Call WACOSS on 9420 9222 OR B) Download the order form HERE and fax it to WACOSS on 9486 7966.


Western Australian Council on Homelessness call for Nominations

A new Western Australian Council on Homelessness is currently being established to provide the Minister for Child Protection, the Hon Robin McSweeney MLC, with information and advice on homelessness related areas.

Nominations for community representatives are currently being sought from across the homelessness sector, including;

CEO’s/Senior Executives of homelessness service providers; and

CEO’s/Senior Executives of non government community service agencies, especially housing, mental health, drug and alcohol, corrections and employment, that interact with homelessness service providers.

The below documents provide more detailed information and the nomination form:

Information Sheet

Call for Nominations

Nomination Form


$135million Plan to Combat Homelessness Announced Today

The Federal and Western Australian governments today announced a four-year, $135.1million plan to help combat and prevent homelessness in Western Australia. To read the Media Statement please click HERE.

The Fact Sheet can be read HERE


The National Dental Foundation Dental Rescue Day

The National Dental Foundation Dental Rescue Day is scheduled for
Saturday August 15th and will be held at a clinic in Cottesloe.

This is free, one-off dental treatment. Appointments must be made prior to 1st August.

Click on the link below for the types of treatments that are possible and not possible on this day:

Prioritising Clients for National Dental Foundation Treatment

To make an appointment email


Free Job ads for WACOSS Members at is a new website which promotes “work for a better world” – we connect people looking for an ethical job or career with employers who see their organisations as contributing to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world.

If you’re looking for a great you job, please visit us at and subscribe to our free weekly e-newsletter, access a how-to guide for finding an ethical job, and check out our Ethical Jobs Blog.

We’re also really keen to work with community organisations around Australia to help them find employees who are truly committed to their values and organisations.

So as a special offer to WACOSS member organisations, we’re offering to post any and all of your job ads free until August 1st!

Please call us on (03) 9419 7322 or email us at if you’d like to to post some job ads for you.


Risk Management: The ABC of IAC, Wednesday 29th July

Control risks within community sector organisations

TRAINER: Dee Roche

Identify, assess and develop strategies to control risks within community sector organisations.

Identifying, assessing and managing risk within day-to-day and strategic operations is the responsibility of all levels of staff, management and Board membership. This workshop will examine the linkage between governance, risk management and control.

Participants of this workshop will come away with the skills and knowledge to improve structures, procedures, systems and feedback within their own organisations.

What previous participants have said…

Want to bottle this course and take it back to the board. Very practical.” Anonymous participant.

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at

OSH for Community Organisations, Wednesday 12th August

Do you wish that you had a system for identifying health and safety risks before they turned into accidents?

Do you believe that it is essential for your staff, managers, and board members to know what the law expects of them, and the potential fines, if they do not keep the workplace free from physical and psychological harm?

If you answered Yes! to either of these questions, then this training will benefit your organisation.

>A presentation by Worksafe on the Occupational Safety and Health legislation applying WA. This workshop is not an accredited training course for elected Occupational Health and Safety Officers as defined by the Act. But if you are wondering what all this means then you should attend!

> Responsibilities of Employees/Employers under the OSH act;
> Including what is required when electing an occupational health and safety representative
> What are your responsibilities to volunteers
> Defining areas of risk for community based not for profit groups
> What is the workplace?
> Who does the Act apply to?
> Starting the Risk Management system
> OSH committees- Who to consult and who to consult with
> Implementing a culture of safety in your workplace

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at

Time and Stress Management in the Workplace, Tuesday 18th August


Learn how to IMPROVE your work performance and REDUCE stress to achieve your work-life BALANCE.

– Most of us spend 3 hours each day dealing with interruptions

– 3 hours each week looking for things on our desk and

– 11 hours a week in meetings

– while managing 600% more information than we managed 20 years ago.

Time Management training is ideal for anyone who has countless tasks demanding their attention and who needs to juggle conflicting priorities.

In this Workshop you will learn to improve planning, set goals and feel more in control of your work load.

What previous participants have said…

The Time Management seminar has been very valuable and has motivated me to make changes which will benefit myself, my clients and my organisation.

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at


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“Finding Emmaus” dark historic fantasy by Pamela Glasner – listen to mp3 interview ahead of Oct 1 launch


“Finding Emmaus”, book one of The Lodestarre series, is a complex, dark historic fantasy about love and loss, obsession and the abuse of power, human frailties and a determination to live a life that matters.

Eight women representing prominent mental diag...
Image via Wikipedia

The psychiatric community has confused Empathic personality traits with mental illness with tragic results, leading two Empaths, living three hundred years apart, on personal journeys to learn the true nature of Empathy.  Transcending time and death to right a centuries-old wrong, they inadvertently uncover a multi-billion dollar conspiracy in which millions of Americans are being misdiagnosed and drugged for no other reason than the enormous income they generate.

Francis Nettleton, 17th century Empath, grew into adulthood believing himself to be insane.  Eminently moral but the product of a society steeped in myths and misconceptions, he makes some less-than-prudent decisions which set in motion a murder for which he cannot forgive himself, a murder which will reverberate through four families and three centuries.

An Antebellum era (pre-civil war) family Bible...
Image via Wikipedia

Three hundred years later, enter Katherine Spencer.  After years of being hospitalized and drugged, she is given a rare opportunity: a second chance at life.  At fifty-four, after being told that, rather than being insane, she’s more than likely Empathic, she sets out to find Francis and the legendary Lodestarre, both 300 years gone, in the hopes she can finally learn to live.

In the process of finding herself and mastering her newly-discovered abilities, Katherine unwittingly becomes the champion for the voiceless millions who are being victimized by a corporate machine of such omnipotent political power that she literally puts her life on the line when she challenges the all-but-unstoppable pharmaceutical industry, America’s most powerful and affluent lobby.

Then, into Katherine’s life comes Sally Cavanaugh, powerful – though novice – Empath with a secret infatuation which eventually transforms into a full-blown obsession.  Overshadowing her ability to discern right from wrong, this obsession just might jeopardize every good thing in her life and everyone else’s – just to get what she wants.

In Wiccan tradition, there is the Book of Shadows; in Christianity, the Bible; even the secular world has its encyclopedias.  But for Empaths, there was nothing of the sort until Francis Nettleton sacrificed everything and made it his life’s mission to create one authoritative body of knowledge, one central set of guiding principles – and he named it The Lodestarre.  This manuscript is nothing less than the lifelong, selfless passion of one man’s profound desire to put an end to the relentless persecution and needless suffering of anyone who did not – or could not – fit the societal mold.

“Finding Emmaus” is an intricate, meticulously-researched, deeply disturbing, suspenseful tale of love and sacrifice, brutality and greed, courage and politics and madness and faith.  It is a story with a huge cast of characters who will keep you guessing what will happen, what they will do and what choices they will make from one minute to the next as they weave in and out of the story and each others’ lives.

Pamela Glasner author "Finding Emaus"
Pamela Glasner author "Finding Emaus" - click pic for mp3 audio

“The only thing worse than having an incomprehensible, incurable illness is having an incomprehensible, incurable illness in isolation.”

Click here for mp3 audio – Pamela Glasner talking about her new book “Finding Emaus”

Visit Pamela Glasner’s blog ;

on twitter, follow @pamelaglasner

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