Australians abused while “in care” cut adrift by Canberra, as state Govts cut already miserly compensation – what about REDRESS

Senator Rachel Siewert Australian Greens Senator for WA

Monday 31st August 2009

Greens support Forgotten Australians apology

The Australian Greens have welcomed the Government’s commitment to an apology to the ‘Forgotten Australians’, and said they are keen to work with the Government and Opposition on the apology.

“A formal statement of acknowledgement and an apology to the children who suffered hurt and distress or abuse and assault in institutional care is a welcome step on the way towards recovery,” said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

“I have been very concerned about the lack of progress in implementation of the recommendations of the Lost Innocents and Forgotten Australians reports as identified during the Senate Community Affairs Committee’s recent inquiry into progress on these reports.”

“The committee made 16 recommendations for further work that we believe needs to be done – first and foremost being a formal apology,” said Senator Siewert.

“There also needs to be further work done in the provision of redress schemes in some states that do not yet have redress schemes. We need Commonwealth leadership in this area to encourage these states to pursue putting in place redress schemes.”

“The churches also need to take steps to ensure that the processes for handling abuse allegations are consistent across all jurisdictions across this country. There needs to be greater action by the churches and religious organisations in providing support, redress and reparations to the children who were in their care.”

“I’m very pleased to hear the Government intends to make a formal apology, and strongly encourage implementation of the other recommendations in the Community Affairs Committee report” said Senator Siewert.

Senator Siewert is chair of the Senate standing committee on Community Affairs | M: 0418 401 180 |

This is a travesty, see the WA Govt site on Redresss ( ), and standby to hear on this blog some of the voices of those who have endured and survived only to be snubbed and left to pay the cost of their abuse.

Please comment here, call talkback, write letters and support these abused and forgotten australians

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tony serve blogs Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ignores NW environment as he spins a major oil slick threatening offshore and manland ecosystems 😦

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ignores NW environment as he spins a major oil slick threatening offshore and manland ecosystems :(

Kevin Rudd escaped a grilling when interviewed on about the giant oil spill off our NW coast.

Clicke here for 3 minutes of shameful spin (what about the whales & turtles Kev, they don’t vote, but we do!)  PM Kevin Rudd

There is a major threat to our offshore and mainland ecosystems, whales, turtles, sensitive reefs, and no word on why the company involved has rejected offers of clean-up help from Woodside.  see interview with Greens (WA) Sen. Rachel Siewert who’s just back from overflying the huge slick.

call your local talkback to have your say +61 8 922 11882 is

visit Senator Siewert’s site to keep track, this oil will keep spilling for the next 2 months!

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Sacred Indigenous Art still under threat in Western Australia, join FARA to help save sacred Aboriginal Rock Carvings on the Burrup Peninsula

Latest news

Hi everyone,

After a very successful 3rd Heritage Tour to the Burrup in July this year, we are pleased to announce that the waiting list is now open for the 4th Tour in July 2010 (dates tbc) – so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please email Judith Hugo on We already have many interested!

In the meantime we have these forthcoming events –

Zig-Zag Walk, Gooseberry HillSunday 4 October 2009

Walking the Zig Zag in the Shire of Kalamunda is a lovely community event when all the world and his wife, children, grandchildren and others are transported to the top of the zig zag by shuttle bus. They then walk down enjoying the spectacular views while being entertained by music and various community groups, sausage sizzles etc. At the bottom of the Scenic Drive, more buses will take people back up to the top again.

This year FARA has been invited to attend and will have a stand to inform the public about Burrup issues. We are looking for volunteers to help us spread the word – another opportunity to wear your Burrup t-shirt and do a fun Stand Up for the Burrup!

If you are interested, please contact Ginie Bristowe at 9271 7263 or 0422 487 419 or with heading Zig Zag.

See website for more information.
Event location: Zig Zag Scenic Drive, Gooseberry Hill,

FARA AGM – Tuesday 27 October 2009. 6.30pm
41 Havelock Street, West Perth

We have a great new bunch of members from our last Burrup trip, but this is a reminder that old memberships are now due for renewal…

This may be done by sending a cheque or money order to Jennifer Laker at 5710 Phillips Rd, Mundaring WA 6072 or by direct deposit to our bank account – Bendigo Bank, Mundaring – BSB 633 000, A/c No. 1297 11149 > Friends of Australian Rock Art. (Don’t forget to add your own name!)
Membership fees:
$20 – waged,
$10 – low waged,
$5 – unwaged,
or there’s always the option of $200 – life membership!

Please attend the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 27th October 2009 at 6.30pm. Come along (to Robin Chapple’s new parliamentary offices 41 Havelock Street, West Perth) to meet old and new friends – and hear the latest low-down on the Burrup!

(Robert Bednarik’s book “Australian Apocalypse’ will also be available @$25)

Lynne Tinley’s exhibition closing – Sunday 8 November, 3-5 pm
Kingfisher Gallery, 49 Colin Street, West Perth

Lynne Tinley, well known WA artist and staunch supporter of our Burrup cause, has kindly offered part proceeds from her exhibition to FARA. Her stunning works combine images from her South African roots with those from her adopted Australian homeland.

This will be a wine & cheese event @$20 – bookings to Judith Hugo at

And did you know?

– We are always keen to hear your ideas about possible fundraising events or Stand Ups –

– FARA meets every second Tuesday
Friends of Australian Rock Art meets every second Tuesday from 5.45pm to 8pm at 41 Havelock Street, West Perth. The committee welcomes anyone to attend the meeting and bring forward their ideas and/or contributions. Here is the list of scheduled meetings for the next 2 months:

Tuesday 1st September Committee meeting
Tuesday 15th September Committee meeting
Tuesday 29th September Committee meeting
Tuesday 13th October Committee meeting
Tuesday 27th October Annual General Meeting

FARA would be grateful if you could circulate this email to your network.


Kind regards
Judith, Remi
For Friends of Australian Rock Art

Friends of Australian Rock Art Inc.
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WA Premier Colin Barnett appears to say – I’m a nice bloke here’s 44 cents for you

I’m a nice bloke here’s 44 cents for you

The LHMU is working hard to secure better pay and conditions for more than 10,000 education assistants, school cleaners and gardeners in Western Australia’s public schools, because kids can’t learn without us.

LHMU, the Miscos

Education assistants perform a range of roles in Western Australian classrooms, including working with children with severe physical and intellectual disabilities and behavioural problems.

LHMU, the Miscos

School cleaners and gardeners perform important roles every day, keeping the places where children learn, exercise and play both clean and safe.

LHMU, the Miscos

Colin Barnett and the State Government want us to accept a 2.5 per cent pay rise this year. That’s just 44 cents an hour. How is that fair when they have put up water by 10 per cent, gas by 23 per cent and electricity by 25 per cent?

LHMU, the Miscos

At $35k per year, we are already some of your lowest paid employees and we deserve a fair deal. Kids can’t learn without us.

LHMU, the Miscos

Please visit and support the people who keep our schools open

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Perth Workshop for families with 1 or more people living with mental llness, you are not alone :

Registration form and more detail – click here

Click the pic to visit  COMIC WA - There is great support for families available.

Click the pic to visit COMIC WA – There is great support for families available.

Major Oil Spill off NW Australia – pics and interview with Senator Rachel Siewert on her overflight of the West Atlas disaster

The Australian Greens today released pictures taken yesterday of the West Atlas Oil Spill indicating the extent to which the oil had spread from the oil rig, and called on the Government to intervene in a situation that is clearly worse than originally reported.


“This spill is far more serious than both the company and the Government are saying. We were not prepared for the extent of what we saw,” said Senator Rachel Siewert, marine spokesperson for the Australian Greens.


“The Government must urgently intervene, to stand up to the oil company and start immediate action to protect these precious waters and the whale, turtle, fish and other species that call them home.”


The ABC is reporting here that Minister Ferguson says everything’s fine!!!

Well, if you stand on one leg and face NNE it DOES look smaller, but for the marine life it’s very very big and very very close

The Senator’s site will be updated with video and pecise co-ordinates of the oveflight soon, please visit and bookmark, share

West Atlas Oil Spill 1