Perth ends 2009 on a rainless note : PRESS RELEASE

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Perth ends 2009 on a rainless note

31/12/2009: Perth failed to receive any rainfall during December, only the third time this has happened during December on record, according to

The city only averages six millimetres during December, but the lack of any rain this month made it the driest December since 1997, the last time that no rain was recorded.

“Summer is the driest time of year in southwest Western Australia, so it is not unprecedented to have a rainless month at this time of year. However, it is quite unusual for the city to not even pick up a passing shower or storm, especially given how wet northern and inland parts of the state were as a result of Severe Tropical Cyclone Laurence,” meteorologist Matt Pearce said.

2009, as a whole, was a dry year for Perth. The city came in at 608mm, below the long term annual average of 753mm. This made it the driest year since 2006.

It was also a warm month. Perth had an average maximum of 31 degrees, above the long term normal of 29. This made it the hottest December in terms of daytime temperatures since 1999. In fact, on the 28th, the city peaked at 40 degrees, the hottest December day in two years.

The nights were also warm. Perth’s average minimum of 17 degrees was slightly above the long term normal of 16. This made it the warmest December in terms of overnight temperatures since 2002. In fact, on the morning of the 29th, the city did not fall below 24 degrees, making it the warmest December night in six years.

When both daytime and overnight temperatures were combined, Perth’s average temperature came in at 24 degrees, above the long term normal of 22. This made it the warmest December since 2002.

Looking at 2009 as a whole, Perth had a warm year. The average maximum of 25 degrees was slightly above the long term normal of 24.5, but this was sufficient to make it the warmest year in terms of daytime temperatures since at least 1994. The average minimum of 12.7 degrees was also slightly above the long term normal of 12.6, but this made it the warmest year in terms of overnight temperatures since 2003. The mean temperature of 18.9 degrees was the highest since 1999.

“The high average temperatures can mainly be put down to a warm January, April, May, August, October and December. March and September actually came in quite a bit cooler than average, so without these months, it would have been even warmer overall,” Pearce said.

“At this stage, we are expecting 2010 to be fairly close to average rainfall-wise, although tending more on the wetter than normal side.”

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West Australian Surfing brings Film, Fun and Social activism together at the Yallingup Surfilm Festival January 22-24

YSF Logo-black.psd


YSF10 Explores Eclectic Surf Culture

with Films from Around the Globe

YSF10 is a diverse and classic collection dedicated to oceanic philosophy. Each evening holds a different program of films, music, fundraising auctions and talks. All films screened will be in competition for the Best Feature Film Award, Best Short Film Award and People’s Choice Award.

Exploring 8 Feature Films, Live Music, Auctions, Q & A sessions with eccentric anecdotes on the making of the films from the film directors and surf legends, the inaugural YSF is an event truly in the spirit of surf culture. To be held under the stars, at renowned Madfish winery, Margaret River, from 22 – 24th January 2010, YSF10 is not to be missed.

We are thrilled to announce that films have arrived from all corners of the earth. Many are world premieres or making it to Australia for the first time. The YSF10 Program has just been released and is filled with films from honored filmmakers and enlightening subjects. Beginning Friday evening and running through the weekend, YSF10 plans to screen The Life and Films of Albe Falzon; Tom’s Creation Plantation; Searching for Michael Peterson; Hanging 5; Jesse’s Story; Somewhere Near Tapachula; Musica Surfica; Sofia and The Drifter.

YSF10 is a Non Profit Event and in honor of SurfAid International’s 10 year anniversary, auctions will be held to contribute to the astounding work they have contributed to the wider community of surf culture and the exotic locales it reaches. Highlighting these fundraising activities will be free surfer and artist Karlee Mackie. Karlee will be creating various pieces, live at the festival, to be auctioned each evening of the event.

We are extremely privileged to have such a classic and honored list of attendees joining us for this exploration into Surf Culture. Some of our special guests are:

Dr Dave Jenkins, founder of SurfAid International
Albe Falzon, legendary film maker of Morning of the Earth as well as contributed to surf culture.
Tom Wegener, Alaia Surfboard shaper
Tim Baker, author of best selling surfing books, former editor of Tracks and Surfing Life magazines.
Fil Baker, Director of The Life and Films of Alby Falzon
Stefan Hunt, Director of Somewhere near Tapachula

The below still from one of the films to be screened; ‘Somewhere Near Tapachula’.

Please be in touch with any enquiries:

PR & Media Consultant

Tatianna Alpert



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ABC News: Activists fall victim to Gaza blockade

Activists fall victim to Gaza blockade
More than 1,300 international peace activists from 40 countries, including Australia, are in Egypt this week.The self-styled "freedom marchers" include prominent authors, lawyers and journalists, many of them Jewish.They had hoped to cross the border to Gaza for a planned protest today against Is…

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Kevin Rudd in hiding over Japanese whaling

Kevin Rudd in hiding over Japanese whaling: Greens

The Australian Greens have welcomed the arrival of the Sea Shepherd vessel ‘Steve Irwin’ on a brief stopover in Hobart this morning.

“The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has again shown up the timidity of the Government, seeking to enforce international law while the Australian Government stands on the sidelines,” said Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

“These campaigners have inspired Australians with their courage and willingness to act while notionally anti-whaling states like Australia stand by and do nothing.

“The Australian Government has a range of options, starting with official condemnation of Japanese deployment of military personnel to protect illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean and deployment of vessels to at least monitor the situation.

“We should make any future Japanese free trade agreement conditional on an end to the slaughter, and we should commence immediate legal action to enforce the law of the sea.

“Instead, the Australian Government has gone silent and left it to the Sea Shepherd to uphold international law,” he concluded.

Media Contact – Fernando de Freitas 0417 174 302

Fernando de Freitas
Media Advisor

Office of Scott Ludlam & Rachel Siewert

Australian Greens Senators for Western Australia

Suite S1.36 Parliament House, Canberra ACT
P: 02 6277 3467 | M: 0417 174 302


Newsletter December 2009


Newsletter December 2009

Hi Everyone
In January, we have 4 courses booked for Teacher Pd in Perth, Collie and Bunbury.
For parents, our first course for 2010 will be held at Leederville starting 11th Jan.
We wish you all a safe and enjoyable festive season. Thanks to all who have supported Behaviour Tonics throughout the year.
All the best
Brad, Lisa, Linda and Julie


1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching in the Classroom – Professional Development in a simple and effective discipline approach.

MELVILLE – Friday 22nd January, Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre, 8.30 – 4.00pm.
Teacher PD Flyer and Registration Form
BUNBURYThursday 28th January, Adam Road Primary School, 8.30am – 3.30pm.
Bunbury Flyer and Registration Form
COLLIEFriday 29th January, Margaretta Wilson Centre, 8.30am – 3.30pm
Collie Flyer and Registration Form
MELVILLE – Friday 26th February, Melville, Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre, 8.30 – 4.00pm.
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In House PD – If you’re thinking of ‘In House’ PD for your school, see the rate card below. Saturdays available.

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Courses – 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course
These courses for parents and carers are run over 2 or 3 sessions and teaches parents to manage difficult behaviour while helping the child develop emotional intelligence. All this can be done without the arguing and yelling, which often leads to everybody feeling bad. Check out one of the flyers below for more information and if you are unconvinced take a look at the testimonials of some of the hundreds of happy clients.

11th, 18th & 25th January, 7pm to 9.30pm, Loftus Community Centre, 99 Loftus St, Leederville. Leederville Flyer and Registration Form
6th, 13th & 20th February, 9am to 11.30am, Melville Recreation Centre, Cnr Stock Rd & Canning Hwy, Melville. Melville Flyer and Registation Form
Creche available 2 months to 5 years. If registering online, please mention that you are interested in using the creche facilities in the comments section, and we will send you the relevant information.
10th, 17th & 24th February, 7pm to 9.30pm, Sorrento Tennis Club, 40 Warwick Rd, Duncraig. Duncraig Flyer and Registration Form

In House Parenting Courses – Like to organise your own course? This popular and convenient option involves our staff presenting the course at your own home or chosen venue. From 1-40 participants. The 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching course can be tailored to your needs. Please see the services and price list pdf. Services and Price LIst
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1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Practitioner Training Course
Monday 22nd March, Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre, Leach Highway, Melville, 8.30am to 4.30pm.
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For 1-2-3 Magic books and DVD’s, go to or phone 1300 738 278, to get the cheapest prices and prompt service

HELP SAVE THE LIVES OF AUSTRALIAN WOMEN -February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month



Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is February 2010

“Every woman needs to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Make sure THEY do!”

Please find attached a media alert and kit which provides detailed information on Ovarian Cancer Australia’s national awareness month and how the media can help inform women about a disease which kills one Australian woman every 11 hours.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is the initiative of Ovarian Cancer Australia. Awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms is vital for every Australian woman of any age because every day ovarian cancer affects someone’s partner, someone’s sister, someone’s daughter or someone’s mother.

On February 1, Ovarian Cancer Australia is launching Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2010 to help save lives by raising awareness about the symptoms of ovarian cancer and provide support for those touched by ovarian cancer.

In 2010, more than 1500 Australia women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer

More than 850 will die from the disease – that’s 1 woman every 11 hours

75% of women are diagnosed in the advanced stages and will not live beyond 5 years

Ovarian cancer is the 6th most common cause of death in Australian women

Ovarian cancer can affect women of all ages – girls as young as 7 have been diagnosed. But the risk of getting ovarian cancer increases with age. The average age for an ovarian cancer diagnosis is 64.

There is no detection test – a Pap smear does NOT detect ovarian cancer

The majority of Australian women DON’T know the symptoms of ovarian cancer but almost all women with ovarian cancer suffer symptoms

To ensure a good chance of survival it is essential that ovarian cancer is caught in the early stages

If found in the early stages, the majority of women will be alive and well after five years

Awareness of symptoms is the principle means of early diagnosis to save lives!

With the help of the media, we aim to save lives by educating women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. We aim to inform them about what to do if they have symptoms, empowering them to manage their health

In the lead up to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we invite you to help save lives. You can support this community health initiative by letting every woman know the risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

A detailed description of symptoms is included in the journalist notes.

However, the most common four symptoms which women with ovarian cancer experience frequently and persistently are: pelvic and abdominal pain, increased abdominal size/persistent bloating, increased urinary frequency, and difficulty eating and/or feeling full quickly.

We Are Able To Offer You A Number Of Interview And Photo Opportunities Including:

Survivors of ovarian cancer in every state

Medical experts on ovarian cancer, current treatments and research

Jean Kittson – Voice/Face of the 2010 Campaign

Nicole Livingstone OAM – Patron – Ovarian Cancer Australia

Paula Benson – Director – Ovarian Cancer Australia and ovarian cancer survivor

Mrs World Australia – Carin Hillman-Varma

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact

Insight Communications

02 9319 3844

Clare Collins – 0414 821 957 clare

Alice Collins – 0414 686 091 alice


Your details were obtained through Medianet’s Media Atlas. If you do not want to recieve media releases from Insight Communications please email alice

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