Greens stand with Australian Welfare sector against a dangerously backwards step by the Rudd Government

Greens stand with welfare sector against regressive shift in social policy

The Australian Greens today reaffirmed its support for the welfare sector that is overwhelmingly opposed to the Federal Government’s welfare changes.

“We stand by groups such as ACOSS, Anglicare, St Vincent de Paul Society, and many others who have all expressed deep concern at the Government’s plan to extend income quarantining nationwide,” said Greens community services spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

“The Government wants to extend the idea across the Northern Territory and then the rest of the country without any evidence that it’s actually working.

“Almost all the 90 submissions received by the inquiry object to the proposals, stressing that it will further marginalise disadvantaged groups, especially Aboriginal Australians.

“The best the Government has done to validate its claim that quarantining people’s income is working was a shoddy recent attempt to misrepresent inconclusive data.

“We will continue to oppose any attempt to apply this compulsory scheme across the country, and stand alongside the welfare community in demanding a more collaborative and respectful way forward to deal with entrenched disadvantage.

Link to Inquiry:

Fernando de Freitas
Media Advisor

Office of Scott Ludlam & Rachel Siewert

Australian Greens Senators for Western Australia

Suite S1.36 Parliament House, Canberra ACT
P: 02 6277 3467


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Those abused in state care abandoned by the W.A. and Federal Governments as the UK apologises

The Peak Child Abuse group ASCA today tweeted the news of  British PM Gordon Brown’s apology to Australian child migrants acknoweldging it’s crucial to healing


please click the blue link for the UK angle

” via @ASCAORG > urgent action needed 4 #redress 2 “


Labor and Liberal have failed at federal and state levels to discover a modicum of compassion.


Kevin Rudd was on twitter today congratulating the aussie girl who won olympic gold in the ski aerials, saying gee we’ll have to set up a new ski facility won’t we.


I had the temerity to reply on twitter

” @KevinRuddPM So if I win Gold at the Olympics, you cold fund some community mental health facilities – I’m starting training now Kevin! ”


Taxpayer’s money is used to stage boxing matches (btw I MC martial arts and support boxing ) build footy stadia, freshen up our dullsville foreshore and there’s always lots of taxcash when it comes to self promoting “government” commercials.

For WA’s Barnett/Buswell and the previous Labor wombats to halve compensation for victims of abuse in state care is disgusting.


Meanwhile, mainstream media is so tabloid and dollar driven that these issues are skimmed over or ignored, but gee my colleagues like to have a mass debate over daylight saving or shopping hours – day and night!


Nevertheless I am an eternal optimist ( sometimes a bit jaded ) and have high hopes for activism and advocacy on the net through media like this blog and on twitter.


So please join in, add a comment, ask a few questions of your local “member” and raise your voice for those who’ve already died as well as those currently in dire need.


The state government, meanwhile has announced that victims who are expected to die before christmas will get their meagre share of the halved compo package earlier than the others – really, it’s in the letter

Letter from Redress – click the image to visit the Govt website

It IS life or death – and for far too many of us.