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New commentary

Where are teachers in the national partnership?

28 April, 2010 | The teaching profession should be a full and genuine partner in the National Partnership on Improving Teacher Quality, argues Lawrence Ingvarson of the Australian Council for Educational Research

From operating theatre to political theatre

23 April, 2010 | The virtues of governmental diversity got lost in the debate about Kevin Rudd’s hospital policy, writes Graeme Orr in Inside Story

Rise of Tasmania’s ‘Green devils’

27 April, 2010 | Australian politics will benefit when the Greens are better integrated into the system rather than frozen out, argues John Warhurst in Eureka Street

Coalition staring at an electoral abyss

29 April, 2010 | The rise of Gen Y changes the maths, and Abbott needs to change with it, argues John Watson in The Age

New research

Creative Economy

A place for culture: Developing a local culture offer for all children and young people

Department for Culture, Media and Sport, UK
22 April, 2010 | This UK report sets out a vision that all children, no matter where they live or what their background, should have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality cultural experiences in and out of school.

Investigating chilling effects: news media and public speech in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia

Andrew T. Kenyon | International Journal of Communication
27 April, 2010 | While news is constrained in Malaysia and Singapore, it seems that online media can be less limited. Rather than the Internet itself being decisive, however, it is the extent of civil society and political opposition that appear more significant.


Aviation white paper: an overview

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) | Australian Bureau of Statistics
23 April, 2010 | This document examines some of the features of the aviation white paper; the most comprehensive statement of the Government’s aviation policy.

Advancing Australia’s ‘human capital agenda’

Gary Banks | Productivity Commission
29 April, 2010 |

Gary Banks, Chairman, Productivity Commission, gave the fourth Ian Little Lecture in Melbourne on 13 April 2010.

Valuing the future: the social discount rate in cost-benefit analysis

Productivity Commission
29 April, 2010 | A key element of the cost-benefit analysis framework is the use of a discount rate to compare costs and benefits received at different points in time. Yet there is little agreement about the appropriate discount rate

Australian conference of economists 2009 papers

Australian conference of economists 2009
29 April, 2010 | Full papers from ACE09, held at the University of Adelaide, 28-30 September 2009, are available to download.


Tafe funding and the education targets

Michael Long | Australian Education Union
29 April, 2010 | This paper discusses recent trends in public funding for VET and TAFE and the implications for future funding of government targets to improve the skills of the Australian population.

2010 Horizon report

New Media Consortium
22 April, 2010 | This report identifies mobile computing, open content, electronic books, simple augmented reality, gesture-based computing and visual data analysis as the emerging technologies likely to have considerable impact on teaching, learning, and creative expression within higher education.

The on track survey 2009: the destinations of school leavers in Victoria

Sheldon Rothman | Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
29 April, 2010 | This report, produced annually since 2003, provides a comprehensive picture of what happens to young people after they leave school.

Environment & Planning

Review of the administration of the Home Insulation Program

Allan Hawke | Department of Climate Change
29 April, 2010 | This report examines the program’s governance, design and administration, risk management processes, audit and compliance mechanisms and capacity issues.

Do biofuel subsidies reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

R. Quentin Grafton, Tom Kompas | Crawford School of Economics & Government
29 April, 2010 | Conventional wisdom suggests that subsidising biofuel production will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This paper shows that in many cases, and for a wide range of parameter values, this is not true.

Turning water into carbon: carbon sequestration vs. water flow in the Murray–Darling Basin

John Quiggin, David Adamson, Peggy Schrobback | Risk & Sustainable Management Group
29 April, 2010 | Large scale forest plantations in the Murray-Darling Basin may be embraced as a carbon sequestration mechanism under a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. This paper looks at their impact.

The brave new world of carbon trading

New Political Economy Vol. 15, No. 2
29 April, 2010 | Emissions trading has the potential to have undesirable financial, ethical and psychological impacts and to crowd out voluntary actions according to this journal article.

Understanding the formation of attitudes to nuclear power in Australia

23 April, 2010 | Australia currently lacks a mechanism to gather evidence on the formation of public attitudes to the introduction of new technologies, particularly the formation of attitudes to nuclear energy technology.

Crisis accommodation program 2008-09

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare | Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
23 April, 2010 | This report presents data for the 2008-09 Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA) Crisis Accommodation Program (CAP) data collection.


Dementia and the take-up of residential respite care

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
29 April, 2010 | This bulletin presents take-up rates and factors that affect the take-up of residential respite care and investigates whether dementia, carer availability and English speaking background affect the take-up of residential respite care.

Health system expenditure on disease and injury in Australia, 2004-05

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
29 April, 2010 | This report provides a systematic analysis of health system expenditures associated with specific disease and injury groups in Australia and discusses the changes in expenditure by disease between 2000-01 and 2004-05.


Building Indigenous social capital in an online world

Susan Bandias | PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication
23 April, 2010 | This paper examines the the role of ICT in facilitating the social capital of Indigenous communities.

Aboriginal Languages, cultures and reclamation in Victorian schools

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
22 April, 2010 | This booklet provides standards P–10 and protocols for Aboriginal Languages as part of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

Indigenous education 2010

Helen Hughes, Mark Hughes | Centre for Independent Studies
29 April, 2010 | Without changes to education policies, 40% of Indigenous students will continue to fail to meet national minimum standards.


Australian defence policy assessment 2010

Rod Lyon, Andrew Davies, Mark Thomson | Australian Strategic Policy Institute
23 April, 2010 | In three separate essays, this report analyses Australian declaratory policy, the force structure that emerges from the paper, and defence finances.

The role of the five power defence arrangements in the Southeast Asian security architecture

Ralf Emmers | S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
23 April, 2010 | This paper discusses the evolving Southeast Asian security architecture by focusing on the role of a “mini-lateral” defence coalition from the Singaporean and Malaysian points of view.


Recorded crime: Offenders 2008-09

Australian Bureau of Statistics | Australian Bureau of Statistics
23 April, 2010 | This publication presents statistics and profiles of alleged offenders proceeded against by police during the period 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009, for all states and territories.

Money laundering and terrorism financing risks posed by alternative remittance in Australia

David Rees | Australian Institute of Criminology
23 April, 2010 | This report provides a review of the operation of alternative remittance systems in Australia and examines the risks they pose for illegal movement of the proceeds of crime.

Enhanced regulation of alternative remittance dealers

Attorney General’s Department
29 April, 2010 | Remittance dealers facilitate the transfer of funds within and between countries, often outside the formal financial and banking system.This discussion paper looks at options for future regulation.

Emerging issues in domestic/family violence research

Lorana Bartels | Australian Institute of Criminology
23 April, 2010 | This paper presents an overview of Australian domestic and family violence research, with an emphasis on research in the context of sexual orientation.


Australians’ use and satisfaction with e-government services 2009

29 April, 2010 | In this fifth annual study of Australians’ use and satisfaction with e-government services, the internet is established as the way most people last contacted government.

Social Policy

The prevalence of child abuse and neglect

Leah Bromfield, Suzanne Vassallo | National Child Protection Clearinghouse
22 April, 2010 | The purpose of this Resource Sheet is to summarise the state of our knowledge about the prevalence of child abuse and neglect.

Regulation and growth of the not-for-profit housing sector: discussion paper

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
29 April, 2010 | This paper addresses the role of regulation in protecting the interests of tenants, funders and housing providers and the need to strengthen the provision of Indigenous community housing.

Communication patterns within social networks: a case study of Australian women

Orit Ben-Harush | PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication
23 April, 2010 | Based on the perception that ‘individual bonds to one another is the essence of society’, this paper examines contemporary networks of friends: friendworks, of adult women in an Australian sea change community.

Out of the maze: a better social security system for people of working age

Australian Council of Social Service
29 April, 2010 | This report proposes major reform of the system of social security payments for people of working age (18 to 64 years), including Newstart Allowance, Disability Support Pension and Parenting Payment.

Perinatal Deaths, Australia, 2008

Australian Bureau of Statistics |
23 April, 2010 | This publication presents statistics on the number of perinatal deaths, by state or territory, sex and cause of death classified to the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

New audio

Anzac memories

29 April, 2010 | Anzac Memories explores the threads and fissures between the lived experience of those ex-servicemen, and the story of war embodied in the Anzac legend. Oral historian Alistair Thomson discusses the creation of the Anzac legend

The new Middle East

29 April, 2010 | Anthony Bubalo critically examines what has changed and what is changing in the world’s most economically and strategically vital region.

Young people and privacy

24 April, 2010 | Social media like Facebook and Twitter mean you can live your life as an open book. This conversation covers generational changes in notions of privacy.

New video

Australia’s cross dressing past

23 April, 2010 | Take a look at how cross dressing features in Australia’s past in this fascinating talk at the State Library of New South Wales. Dress historian Margot Riley has combed the library vaults and uncovered photographs and artefacts chronicling colourful tales of cross dressing men and women throughout history. Find out how in the 1800s, Miss Ellen Tremaye became Mr Edward de Lacy Evans, took a wife and lived on the Bendigo goldfields for more than 20 years before being discovered. This story and more, in this unique show and tell.

Why feminism matters

23 April, 2010 | With a way to go on the equal pay and opportunity fronts, how do women today define the word feminism, and do they relate to it?

New submissions

7th Health Libraries Inc Conference

17 June, 2010 | The 7th Health Libraries Inc Conference will be held on Friday, 22October 2010 at the RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne andwill bring together librarians, library technicians and informationprofessionals from all sectors Now is an exciting time for librarians and information professionals

M/C Journal ‘waste’ Issue

25 June, 2010 | M/C Journal is looking for new contributors Founded in 1998, M/C is a crossover journal between the popular and the academic, and a blind- and peer-reviewed journal

New events

Brotherhood of St Laurence lunchtime research seminar – Climate Change and Social Justice: the importance of building a fast and equitable pathway to a safe climate future

LOCATION: Brotherhood of St Laurence, 67 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Fr Tucker’s room
ORGANISED BY: Professor John Wiseman, McCaughey Centre, Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne

29 April, 2010 | This seminar will address the question, to what extent are current Australian community sector climate change arguments, policies and strategies an adequate response to the threat of catastrophic climate change? The presentation will begin with an overview of recent evidence on the social impacts of global and Australian climate change trends with a particular focus on impacts on disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. This evidence suggests that while a wide range of adaptation strategies are essential, there are clear and finite limits to the capacity of any society to adapt

Metadata 2010

LOCATION: University House, Australian National University

26 May, 2010 | Metadata 2010 is the third conference to be held in Australia following the very successful International Metadata Forum, held in Sydney in May 2008, and "Sharing Data, Sharing Ideas" held at the Australian Bureau of Statistics in May 2009. This third forum will be held at University House, Australian National University, Canberra, on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th May, 2010.

New course

Social Inclusion Policy and Practice – intensive subject specialist Certificate in Social Policy (Social Inclusion)

23 April, 2010 | How does a social inclusion framework affect social policy and practice? This subject will enable students to consider the latest developments in the field in a way that is theoretically informed and advances of ‘best practice’.

Social Inclusion Policy and Practice – intensive subject specialist Certificate in Social Policy (Social Inclusion)

23 April, 2010 | How is this way of thinking about poverty and disadvantage influencing policies and practices? This subject will enable students to consider the latest developments in the field in a way that is theoretically informed and advances of ‘best practice’.

New notices

Caring for Older Australians Public inquiry

29 April, 2010 |

The Productivity Commission invites interested parties to register their interest in an inquiry into Australia’s aged care arrangements.

Education and Training Workforce Commissioned study

29 April, 2010 | On 22 April 2010, the Productivity Commission received a terms of reference from the Australian Government asking it to undertake a commissioned study of the education and training workforce.

New websites

Sydney PEN

24 April, 2010 | Sydney PEN, an affiliate of International PEN, is an association of Australian writers and readers, publishers and human rights activists.

Pro Bono Australia News – Henry Review warning for Not for Profits

Pro Bono Australia - Email Update

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello and welcome to the latest News Update from Pro Bono Australia.

This week the Community Council of Australia warns that the Henry Tax Review (due for release on May 2nd) threatens the delivery of charity services, the philanthropic efforts of Australian school children are to be honoured in a new national awards program and a Sydney techie finds way to simplify the Productivity Commission Report on the Contribution to the Not for Profit sector with a clever online platform, plus the top ten ‘hot’ fundraising predictions, and much more…

This really is the last week of our online survey The Facebook Factor. Lend your voice in our one-minute survey on the Not for Profit uptake of social media in Australia. Click here to take the survey.

Our news service is updated regularly online so if you want to know what’s happening before your weekly update arrives in the inbox just visit

Our comment section at the end of each story is now active – so add your voice to the current issues and news in the sector.

We’d also love to hear your feedback about the new website so far…drop us an email to editor


Lina Caneva – Editor Karen Mahlab – Founder

COAG Approves NFP Standard Chart of Accounts

The QUT Standard Chart of Accounts (SCOA) has been formally approved by all Australian Governments for implementation by July 1 2010.

New Research on Social Enterprise Financial Sustainability

Australian social enterprises need to understand and adopt sustainable business operations according to new research

National Compact Reaches 150 Partners

The Rudd Government’s Compact with the Third Sector hit a milestone this week with the 150th organisation signing on.

Techie Simplifies NFP Report

Sydney Techie finds way to simplify Productivity Commission Report online for Not for Profits

Volunteering – Good for Business Skills

A UK study has found that corporate volunteering is good for business skills and personal skills.

NAB Corporate Volunteering Survey

National Australia Bank and Volunteering Australia partner for the 2010 corporate volunteering survey.

Top Ten ‘Hot’ Fundraising Predictions

Chasing younger donors and proving value will be hot issues for Not for Profits according to software provider, Blackbaud’s Top 10 Predicted NFP Trends

FIA and ASI Renew Sponsorship

The Fundraising Institute of Australia signs a new sponsorship deal with global software provider, Advanced Solutions International (ASI)

US Foundation Giving Hit Hard by GFC

2009 saw a record decline in US Foundation Giving with grant-making likely to remain flat in 2010 and 2011, according to new report

Direct Debit Fundraising Survives Downturn

Direct Debit donations have recovered quickly from the economic downturn increasing in value and volume according to a UK analysis.

Philanthropy in Australian Schools to be Honoured

The philanthropic efforts of Australian school children and teachers to be honoured in a new national award program.

Cause Driven Film Festival Calls for Entries

Cause-driven US Film Festival urges Australian Not for Profits and filmmakers to submit entries to the 2010 event.

Henry Review Threatens Delivery of Charity Services

The Community Council of Australia warns that the Henry Tax Review threatens the delivery of charity services.

NFPs To Increase Social Network Staffing

Resourcing social networks is increasingly becoming a priority for NFPs as social networks use continues to grow, a new report has found.

Planning the Future of Not for Profit Housing Providers

The Federal Government launches a discussion paper on the regulation and growth of Not for Profit housing providers at the start of a public consultation process.

Your job opportunities

Executive Director

Melbourne | Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Workers

AIWCW is a national professional organisation providing a broad range of membership services, registration and advocacy in the welfare and community sector. This strategic role will provide leadership, operational frameworks, financial management and human resources.

Philanthropy Manager

Melbourne | Zoos Victoria

Experienced fundraising executive sought to help achieve our vision to become the world’s leading Zoo-based conservation organisation.

Senior Social & Community Services Support Officer

Melbourne | Cystic Fibrosis Victoria

Full time Senior Social & Community Services Officer role available at Cystic Fibrosis Victoria.

Supporter Services Assitant

Sydney | Australia for UNHCR

• Fast growing International Aid Organisation

• Dynamic and friendly team environment

• Located in the CBD

• Competitive salary

Your volunteering opportunities

Treasurer – Pro Bono

Perth | Continence Advisory Service of WA (Inc)

The Continence Advisory Service is a specialised information resource for residents of Western Australia.

Bladder and bowel problems affect 1 in 5 people, however only half of these seek help often as they are unaware that help is available. Continence issues affect men, women and children of all ages.

The Continence Advisory Service operates a helpline service, resource centre, education, training, health promotion campaigns and continence related literature.

Our mission is to provide education, advice and information to people with bladder and/or bowel health issues, their families, carers, health care professionals, support workers and special needs groups.

The Continence Advisory Service is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the Home and Community Care Program (HACC).

Facilitator, Strategic Planning Day

Sydney | Vets Beyond Borders

Vets Beyond Borders’, a small Australian based not-for-profit organisation, mission is to improve animal welfare & public health in developing communities. We have a strong focus on sustainable veterinary public health programs & clinical training of local veterinary staff in developing countries. VBB coordinate volunteer veterinarians & veterinary nurses from around the world to work in our projects.

Search all jobs

Philanthropy Executive
Victorian Opera

Program Manager
FKA Children’s Services

Executive Director
Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Workers

Philanthropy Manager
Zoos Victoria

Administration Assistant
Humane Society International

Supporter Services Assitant
Australia for UNHCR

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Treasurer – Pro Bono

New branding Assistance

Committee Member Needed For Neighbourhood House

Accounts Assistant

Volunteer Researcher (12 months)

Assistant in management

Book Keeper

Management Team Leader

Legal/Accounting Project Manager

Website Designer

Website Designer

Insurance Expert

Desktop Publisher

Website Designer

Board Member


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Time for Telstra, Optus and others to face the music over appalling customer service – Media Release: TIO suppor ts ACMA’s inquiry into telecommunications industry

TIO Banner

Media Release

30 April 2010

TIO supports ACMA’s inquiry into telecommunications industry

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has pledged its support for the Australian Communications and Media Authority inquiry into customer service in the telecommunications industry.

The Acting Ombudsman Simon Cleary has written to the ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman, saying the TIO looked forward to working with and contributing to the inquiry, which was announced last week.

Mr Cleary said for some time the TIO had been concerned at the high number of complaints relating to simple customer service or complaint-handling issues.

“Those concerns led to our public connect.resolve campaign, launched in late 2008, which sought to highlight customer experiences in this area, and to encourage industry to refocus on customers and their experiences,’’ he said.

The connect.resolve campaign reflected an overall stabilisation of complaint numbers after almost 18 months of sustained growth. And an update report, released earlier this month, showed that in the six months immediately after the campaign, overall complaints declined by 7%. Seven of the 10 service providers highlighted in the report improved their performance.

Mr Cleary said the results were encouraging, but customer service and complaint handling continued to make up a third of TIO complaint issues.

“While these types of complaints fell at a similar rate to our overall complaint numbers, we are yet to see a significant reduction in these simple but fundamental issues,’’ he said.

For further information, please phone the TIO’s Communications Manager, John DuBois, on (03) 8600 8378 or 0417 559287. The connect.resolve update can be accessed at


Australian Indigenous Rock Art still under threat, come to 100in100 Presentation this Sunday 2nd May / Burrup (Murujuga) Heritage Tour 2010

FARA NEWSLETTER – 29/04/2010:

Attend 100 in 100 presentation evening
Book your seat for the Burrup Tour 2010


[Photo Gallery]

100 Climbs in 100 Days – 1 January to 10 April 2010 Come and show you support for the dedicated climbers who took up the challenge and check out their top photos from the crags explored during their 100 climbs.

Also, enjoy a presentation on the Burrup Peninsula Rock Art. Bring a friend and learn all about the cultural and archeological significance of this amazing landscape!

Date : Sunday 2nd May 2010,
Time : 6pm- 8pm
Venue : Rockface Indoor Climbing Center
Address : 63b John Street, NORTHBRIDGE (WA)


Proceeds go towards FARA’s quest to add the Dampier Archipelago to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Registrations for the 2011 climbing challenge will be invited – if you dare!

Burrup (Murujuga) Heritage Tour: Secure your seat today!
Saturday 24th July to Saturday 31st July 2010

You are invited to FARA’s fourth annual Burrup (Murujuga) Heritage Tour:

  • Experience the majestic wonders of the Burrup – over 500,000 rock art engravings dating back 30,000 years;
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of preserving this world-renowned archaeological site;
  • A rare opportunity to meet with expert archaeologists and Aboriginal custodians of the Burrup rock art.

The dates are 24-31 July 2010 and the price will be $1,550 which covers bus transport to and from Karratha, camping equipment and all meals. A deposit of $150 will be required to ensure your place.

There will also be 20 places available for ‘tag-alongs’, for those who prefer to organise their own transport/food/accomodation but wish to join FARA’s activities onsite.

If you or anyone you know is interested and wants more information, please contact Judith as soon as possible – ie. before FARA advertises the tour in the media.

Tour coordinator:
Judith Hugo – tour – 0439 090 321

FARA would be grateful if you could circulate this email to your network.


Kind regards
Judith, Remi

Friends of Australian Rock Art Inc.

Friends of Australian Rock Art Inc.
C/- Conservation Council of WA Inc.
City West Lotteries House
2 Delhi Street
West Perth WA 6005