Australian Mental Health at a critical stage, you can make a difference today and tomorrow wherever you are – WA: will Premier Barnett stand up for mental health?

Mental ill health is the leading killer of Australians under 45 and the leading cause of disability for all Australians.

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 21:  Australian Pri...
Premier Barnettt, PM Rudd

But with the biggest health reforms in decades up for negotiation on Monday, mental ill health may be forgottenunless we act now.

In just 48 hours, the Prime Minister and the leaders of every Australian state and territory will sit down in Canberra to negotiate a new plan for healthcare across the nation.

In their offices across Australia, our state Premiers and territory Chief Ministers are working all weekend in preparation for Monday’s meeting. They are deciding where to push hard, and where to compromise.

We’ve found the office fax number for WA Premier, Colin Barnett

We all want to see reform of our hospitals. But tackling mental health will require more than increasing the number of beds in our hospitals, or changing the source of health funding. More of the same won’t work.


There are solutions. Here’s just one example: there are 30 Government run Headspace centres across Australia. An extra $100million a year would expand capacity in these centres and build an extra 60 across the nation. This alone would double the number of young Australians receiving treatment for mental ill health.

On Monday, the PM will need every Premier on board, so here in WA, Colin Barnett will have huge influence. These decisions are being made in his office right now – let’s fill it with faxes asking him not to come home without mental health care reform:

There must be no health reform without mental health reform. Together we can make sure this silent disease, which half of us will experience in our lifetime, is on the agenda at Monday’s crucial meeting of all levels of Australian Government.

Thanks for all that you do,
TheGetUp team

PS –

We’ve joined forces with Australian of the year, mental health expert Professor Patrick McGorry to call for mental health reform.

Already, tens of thousands of GetUp members have petitioned the Prime Minister and raised $85,000 for the campaign to put our message on TV.

Now it is our state Premiers who hold the keys to reform – click here contact yours now.

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3 thoughts on “Australian Mental Health at a critical stage, you can make a difference today and tomorrow wherever you are – WA: will Premier Barnett stand up for mental health?”

  1. Hi Tony…here is a copy of what I have tried to send to Barnett….got first fax through..then wrote this up to send to him but couldnt refind the link…my PC needs cleaning up BIG time…BUT who has time for housekeeping??? (Being a Baby Boomer I find that funny!)
    If Mr Barnett is out there in his own lala land reading this I would like to say…

    “Mr Barnett,


    Depression is a mental illness… it could hit you tomorrow…

    You personally may not suffer from it, but the chances of someone in your family, at some time in their lives suffering from some type of mental illness, has been researched enough to know is the stakes are high. Hopefully they have the appropriate support and they get better quickly.
    But what if this person from your nuclear family became so depressed and there was no compassionate ,effective or decent, affordable mental health centres or hospitals to all classes? Then you could find one of your family members in a position like the two unfortunates below .

    (GRAPHICS UNAVAILABLE…I put them in but they got out some how! :))
    Prob just as well…
    One was a very distressing picture of man hanging from a tree, and a pale fragile hand hanging over bath with cut wrists, a bottle of whiskey and pills on blood stained tiles near her hand)
    Returning to the letter…..,
    “Sorry to be so graphic but I lost three people to suicide in my 20’s-30’s and one was my husband. He was a qualified Nursing Instructor And Clinical Instructor for W.A.S.O.N (West Australian School of nursing.)

    Don’t let Mental Health be Forgotten too!

    JustICEthx ”

  2. To him that waits all things reveal themselves, provided that he has the courage not to deny, in the darkness, what he has seen in the light. ~Coventry Patmore

    Demand human rights evolve along with some pollies.

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