Greens plan to prevent catastrophic oil spills

Greens plan to prevent catastrophic oil spills

The Australian Greens will push for tough new regulations for the oil and gas industry, including a comprehensive polluter pays regime, to reduce the risk of catastrophic oil spills off Australian coastlines.

Announcing a new protection plan with Senator for Western Australia Rachel Siewert in Perth today, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said the nation’s coastlines, unique species and marine industries are exposed by the current weak regulations.

“The Commonwealth Government is pushing ahead with plans for off shore drilling in sensitive places despite demonstrated inadequacies in the oil and gas industry’s ability to prevent spills,” said Senator Brown.

Senator Rachel Siewert said it was dangerous and irresponsible for drilling in places like Margaret River to go ahead without better regulations.

“At a minimum, there should be a moratorium on offshore exploration and drilling of new wells until much greater safety can be demonstrated,” said Senator Siewert.

“Although shipping activities are regulated by international convention, there is no similar regime to govern the activities of offshore oil activities. The Australian Government should lead the push for such a regime in international forums.”

The Greens new oil spill protection plan includes:

1. A moratorium on offshore exploration and drilling of new wells

2. Regulatory overhaul of the offshore petroleum industry

3. Push for a comprehensive international regime for offshore activities

4. Environmental protection – Comprehensive environmental impact assessments, baseline data and monitoring

5. Polluter pays – statutory liability regime for offshore petroleum activities

6. Regional marine planning – suspend recently opened areas for exploration until the marine planning process is completed, including establishment of adequate protected areas.

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Chris Redman

Media Officer

Senator Rachel Siewert
Australian Greens Senator for WA

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Important info for people in regional Western Australia; WACOSS Regional Consultations

WA Regional Consultations

WACOSS is listening to rural, regional & remote communities

During July 2010, the Western Australia Council of Social Service (WACOSS) will be conducting consultations with regional and remote community service organisations and communities. WACOSS is interested in listening to local people and learning more about the issues that affect your community, as well as discussing with you the best strategies to address these issues.

More than half a million Western Australians live outside of metropolitan Perth in an area spanning a quarter of a million square kilometres. As the peak body for the community services sector across WA, WACOSS is committed to addressing the unique issues faced by regional and remote communities, as well as the isolation and the socio-economic disadvantages associated with living outside of Perth.

Irina Cattalini, WACOSS Director of Social Policy, will be travelling to various regional locations to meet with you and your community to listen, gain valuable understandings of issues and ideas, and engage in discussions for positive change.

In order to accurately identify the most significant issues in your region, and understand the complexities of your community, it is important that WACOSS meets with as many regional and remote stakeholders as possible.
We encourage you to accept this invitation and join Irina at your community forum.

Kalgoorlie: 8th July Venue: Kalgoorlie Town Hall
Albany: 15th July Venue: Albany Town Hall
Kununurra: 19 + 20th July Venue: Mirima Language Centre
Broome: 21st July Venue: Broome Lotteries House

Please contact Tamar at WACOSS on (08) 9420 7222 or tamar to attend the community consultation or arrange an individual

Australia Forests -> What’s getting missed this week

click here to sign up to the Forestry Principles

Dear tony,

While the media is focused on the political machinations in Canberra, there is a truly transformative moment opening up in the 30 year struggle to protect Australia’s native forests.

Would you like to be a part of it?

In an amazing development, the Board of Gunns Ltd no longer includes Robin Gray and John Gay, two of the biggest enemies of forestry industry reform and two of the fiercest champions of the Gunns pulp mill.

The forestry industry – in Tasmania and elsewhere – are finally recognising that their destructive practices can’t continue forever. They’re ready to sit down with the conservation movement, including our friends at The Wilderness Society and Environment Tasmania, to talk about transitioning to a more sustainable future.

But there are still those in industry and government resisting reform, which is why we need a show of strength to support our partners in these once in a generation talks. We need to build a mass movement — imagine 50,000 Australians behind a set of Forestry Principles to guide the industry, retailers and all levels of government to a sustainable future:

Show your support here:

The Forestry Principles call for a swift transition away from the industrial logging of our precious native forests and for the establishment of ‘protected areas’ for all of our high conservation value native forests.

The forestry industry will be walking into these talks with their corporate wealth and power. But imagine our negotiating partners walking in with 50,000 Australians right at their backs, along with the support of a united environment movement. After decades of conflict, you can help seal the deal on reform, just by adding your name.

9 out of 10 Australians are in favour of protecting the high conservation value native forests of Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria (1). And according to our regular surveys, native forest protection is one of of the most important issues to GetUp members. But nothing will change unless we stand up and be counted.

These negotiations between industry and conservation groups are an extraordinary development. We have been fighting for this chance for too long–don’t let it pass us by.

Thanks for standing up for our forests,
The GetUp Team

PS – Ready for more action to protect native forests? It’s coming, but it can’t happen without a strong movement united behind the Forestry Principles–sign up here. And don’t forget to tell your friends–just send them this email and tell them to take just one moment to protect an Australian legacy for generations to come.

(1) Galaxy Omnibus Poll of 1,100 respondents aged 16 years and older, conducted 28-30 May 2010.