10 comments on “Full transcript of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s address to the National Press Club Canberra

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  4. I liked Elektra’s comment (minds thinking alike).

    Thanks Tony,

    As an occasional contributor to Web Diary I think the only hope is in the internet community.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I am so glad after finishing up work as not quite a ‘working family’ – being a single working mum am never sure if I qualify for the new terminology – that I read through the full speech Julia made today. Yes, it was quite comprehensive, and though we can criticise on omissions, not bad. Omissions – dealing with energy challenges for the nation (read climate change if you wish), health reform as relating to mental & dental health, our vision for international participation – building peace, upholding our Convention obligations on asylum seekers and not shying away from the dread of language that might get us into trouble in marginal seats…shame on both major parties for going back 15 years on asylum seekers and not segmenting away from a separate issue – border secuirty- which we are very good at under any government.

    • Thanks for some astute observations. I share your frustration at the omissions and “whatever it takes” crud we get from LibLab.

      btw.. as a hubby and dad to 2 young boys I know enough about parenting to know that single mums are deserving of great respect and support :)

      Thanks a lot for dropping by. feel free to comment or guest post anytime you like.


  6. Thank you for posting this. You would not know from the mainstream media, including the ABC, that Julia covered a great deal of ground in this speech. Shameful coverage by all mainstream players but especially the ABC who seem to have completely lost sight of their obligations to the Australian people to do a really good job of covering the NEWS, not their own egos and opinions.

    • You’re welcome Russell and thanks for taking the time to say hi.

      I must be getting old, but after 30 years making a living in mainstream media, I now consume less and less of it.

      The online community gives me some hope for the future.


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