Support this quiz night please ‘cos there’s no “get out of jail free” card in real life -JusticeWA

Please click the pic for ticketing, and make a

difference for those who have been wrongly jailed.

Please have some fun and win prizes while you fight for justice ( )

Australia Election – action from GetUp members – The Bucks Stop Here


We’re standing at a decisive moment in the history of Australian democracy – and there’s a big reform agenda that we have the chance to make reality – if we act before Thursday. (Sept 2)

Nearly a year ago, GetUp launched a campaign to reduce the undue influence of political donations on our democracy. Almost 30,000 GetUp members signed the petition and since then we’ve been working with the country’s best experts and academics to brief politicians from all sides of Parliament on the issue.

Now, we have a unique opportunity. The Independents holding the balance of power in the lower house are passionate about forging a different kind of politics in Australia. They’ve expressed interest in serious reforms to strengthen our democracy and political processes – including reforming political donations law.

We’ve secured meetings this Thursday to present GetUp’s petition to senior officers from across the political spectrum including the Independents – can you add your name before the deadline?

Click here to sign the petition to end large-scale political donations.

Our democracy should not be for sale – but right now the people we’ve elected to govern us take money from those who stand to gain from government policy and contracts. When corporations and other organisations donate large sums to political parties it undermines public confidence in the integrity of those parties and candidates and can lead to perceived conflicts of interest, if not conflicts themselves.

This Thursday is the next big moment in our campaign. It’s time to support the Independents as they pursue reforms that will restore faith in our political system, like ending large-scale corporate influence. The more voices they have behind them, the more chance that Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott will both commit to reforming political donations law.

Sign the petition to end corporate influence on politics.

Here’s to a new chapter in Australian democracy.

With hope,
Simon Sheikh
National Director, GetUp

P.S. All of the large countries with parliaments based on the Westminster model – India, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia – now have hung Parliaments. We’re seeing interesting opportunities arise in other countries to achieve long-sought after democratic reforms, and here in Australia we have an opportunity to strengthen our own democracy by ending large-scale political donations. Click here to sign the petition.

From Rolling Stone – Photos: Backstage at the Emmys with ‘Glee’, ‘Mad Men’ and more

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Rolling Stone
August 30, 2010
Daily Newsleter
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Your Election Impact – great news and video from GetUp Australia

The election results are still up in the air, but as they said on ABC news recently: "one clear winner this election has been GetUp." Congratulations. Check out this video showing what you achieved:


Just as important as the victories we’ve won is how we’ve done it. Together we’ve pioneered a new form of political action: one based not on the powerful few, but on the shared power of many.

The secret to our success this election? In the months before polling day, over 1,300 GetUp members committed to weekly or monthly contributions. The average donation was $7 a week, but together they made for a fighting fund which allowed us to react quickly and make the most of some amazing opportunities. It was a huge success. Because of those donations, GetUp members were able to:

  • successfully launch a High Court constitutional challenge that put an extra 98,138 voters on the roll;
  • build Australia’s first online enrolment website to allow Australians to enrol online in just minutes rather than using fax or delivering enrolment forms by hand;
  • win a Federal Court challenge to ensure Australians will be able to enrol online in elections to come;
  • produce a hilarious ‘action-hero’ election video encouraging Australians to enrol that was seen by well over 1 million people online;
  • support over 7,000 GetUp volunteers distributing issue scorecards, and outnumbering the major parties on many polling booths in marginal electorates; and
  • air over 700 ad spots across the country.

Will you join them and keep our fighting fund going?

While the election result is still up in the air, one thing is for sure: our work is not done yet.

The next few months hold incredible opportunity for our movement to push for political reform, to make sure the next parliament commits to a price on pollution, funds better mental health services, and gives refugees a fair go.

Can you help us keep up the incredible momentum GetUp members have created by chipping in to our ongoing fighting fund?

By chipping in you’re investing in your own ability, and the capacity of over 370,000 fellow GetUp members, to create a better and fairer Australia. On its own our spare change doesn’t amount to much. With thousands of other GetUp donors, however, our small change can create lasting political change. Just a few dollars a week can make a huge impact. Can you be part of it?

Thanks for being part of this,
the GetUp team

Ride for Royal Flying Doctor Service – Update from RFDS on The Flying Cyclist

Chris Marris currently just out of Norseman

The Flying Cyclist Chris Marris has almost reached Norseman. After leaving Perth at midnight on Saturday night, Chris stopped for his first 90 minute sleep at 1am this morning after completing 600km, including three hours of cycling in the rain. The weather has now improved and Chris has requested a hot pie on arrival at Norseman.

Chris is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to cycle trans-Australia from Perth to Sydney and is aiming to make the crossing in less than eight days. He is also aiming to raise more than $15,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the process.

To follow his progress, go to

I will also provide brief updates every couple of days.

Kind regards

Joeley Pettit-Scott Media & Public Relations Manager RFDS Western Operations 6B Eagle Drive Jandakot WA 6164
(08) 9417 6400
(08) 9417 6499


Steve Mills on after shakeup at the station sees Tony Mac go to afternoons

Please click here if your browser doesn’t handle the audio player

Steve Mills

If you, like me, would like to hear Steve continue on breakfast radio at 6PR – click here for the station website and you may email whomever you like 🙂