#140conf Los Angeles starts on Monday Oct 4th

#140conf: Los Angeles starts on Monday October 4th

After spending the past few months working on #140conf: Los Angeles, I am excited to share a conference schedule which includes a mixture of people known from their work in the tech, media and entertainment industries together with a number of people like: Mark Horvath, Robert Moran, Eric "CandyMan" Nash, Luke Renner, Dr. Krupali Tejura and Nelson de Witt whom will be sharing their personal stories at #140conf: LA. There will be a lot of heart and soul shared on stage next week in Los Angeles.

The real-time web continues to disrupt some industries while disintermediating others. It provides a platform for inspired and innovative people to change the world and continues to help redefine business communications. At #140conf: LA people attending the conference will have a chance to experience this first hand and walk away with knowledge and a better appreciation of how empowering the real-time social web really is.

Two words will be felt — humanityand serendipity. These are two words not commonly associated with most conferences and continues to be a working theme at #140conf. This happens because of the people in our audience and the messages shared on our stage. If you are looking to better understand how the real-time social web will impact your business and your industry, there is no better place to be than Los Angeles next week as these stories are told and experiences are shared.

At #140conf LA, we embrace the people behind the stories and provide a platform to be heard and at times, discovered. Delegates attending the conference will leave #140conf: LA feeling inspired and will have a better appreciation and understanding of how powerful the real-time social web is, and how extensive the changes it is causing on the worldwide business community.

#140conf is not like any other kind of event you have been to before. It is just different.

If you are thinking about attending and not yet registered, the time to REGISTER is NOW.

Below is the updated list of our speakers. I hope you can join us in Los Angeles.

Best regards, Jeff

p.s. On the evening of October 3rd there will be a very special event taking place in Los Angeles called: Street Performers United which I am co-sponsoring. I hope to see you there. For more information please see: http://www.streetperformersunited.com.

Updated #140conf: LA Speaker List
(As of September 29, 2010)

– Aaron Ray (@redbaron1200s) – Partner & Head of Digital, The Collective
– Abdul Khan (@ImHungryinLA) – Co-founder, Verso Entertainment
– Adam Bell (@datatv) – Web Design and Branding with an attitude!
– Adam Rifkin (@AdamRifkin) – Writer / Director, LOOK
– Adam Zbar (@Tap11) – CEO, Tap11
– Ali Cobrin (@AliCobrin) – Actress
– Alison Kramer (@nummiesbras) – Owner of Nummies Nursing Bras
– Andrew Lih (@fuzheado) – dir of new media at USC Annenberg
– Andy Grammer (@andygrammer) – Music Artist
– Angela Shelton (@angelashelton) – Performer Writer Storyteller Filmmaker Teacher Artist
– Aparna Vashisht-Rota (@ApsatParentella)
– Barry Schuler (@BSchuler) – Ex Producer of LOOK, Managing Director DFJ Growth Fund
– Bob Watson (@TopBrokerOC) – Real Estate Agent, founder – #smmoc
– Brad Wyman (@bradwyman) – Producer, Look
– Brandon Litman (@onedayonearth) – Executive Producer, One Day on Earth
– Brittany Laughlin (@bLocks8) – Co-Founder, Gtrot
– Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) – Radio show host and writer of a dad’s column,
– Carlos R Hernandez (@CarlosHernandez) – Social media educator
– Carmen Elena Mitchell (@therealgirls) – Creator, "The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else"
– Cash Warren (@cash_warren) – producer, entrepreneur, president of Verso Entertainment
– Cathy Brooks (@CathyBrooks) – Strategic Communications Coach
– Cathy Dahn (@GastronomyBlog) – Food Blogger
– Cathy DeBuono (@cathydebuono) – Actress, Producer, Psychotherapist
– Chamillionaire (@chamillionaire) – Music Artist
– Christopher Boucher (@princeboucher) –
– Ciaran Blumenfeld (@momfluential) – Owner Francie Pants & Producer Momfluential Media
– Clinton Schaff (@clintschaff) – USC Online Communities Industry Faculty
– Colton Haynes (@ColtonLHaynes) – Actor (LOOK and THE GATES)
– Cynthia Lou (@CynthiaAnnLou) – Designer, Writer, Web & Brand Strategist
– Dan Gillmor (@dangillmor) – A life in media — music, newspapers, online, books, investing and education.
– David Wild (@Wildaboutmusic) – TV Writer, Rolling Stone Contributing Editor, Huff Po Blogger, author `He Is . . . I Say’
– Debra Eckerling (@WriteOnOnline) – Bringing Community to Writers around the World
– Dennis Carpenter (@About55) – Founder & CEO, About55
– Donna DeDario (@StarlightOnline) – Director of Corporate Partnerships & Communications, Starlight Children’s Foundation
– Dr. Greenstein (@DRG) – Chief Brainiac at bodiesinspace.com and Neuroleader/CEO of The GGI
– Eric "CandyMan" Nash (@onelovecandyman) – Street Performer: Artist, Dancer, Actor
– Eric Weaver (@Weave) – Account Director/Strategist, Tribal DDB
– Erik Oberholtzer (@TenderGreens) – Chefs at Tender Greens, garden to table, sustainable cuisine
– Evan Seinfeld (@EvanSeinfeldXXX) – ead Singer/Bassist for Biohazard, CEO RockStarPornStar
– Fran Marchello (@franalations) – Shoe Connoisseur, Vlogger, Blogger, Part Owner of dTb
– Gary Wolf (@agaricus) – Contributing editor, Wired; co-host, Quantified Self
– Gerry Campbell (@gfcampbell) – CEO, Collecta
– Gram Ponante (@gramponante) – Editor of http://gramponante.com
– Greg Johnson – SVP, Executive Creative Director & Head of Digital, William Morris Agency
– Hank Wasiak (@hankwasiak) – Author. TV Host. Teacher. Partner – The Concept Farm
– Imal Wagner (@imalwagner) – PR Specialist
– Jason Pollock (@Jason_Pollock) – Filmmaker, Writer, and Activist.
– Jeff Fowle (@JeffFowle) – Owner-Operator / President, KK Bar Ranch & AgChat Foundation
– Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) – founder, curator, #140conf
– Jennifer Cisney (@kodakCB) – Kodak’s Chief Blogger & Social Media Manager
– Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb) – Wife, Mom, Blogger
– Jill Bennett (@DailyJill) – Actress, Vlogger
– Joe Fernandez (@JoeFernandez) – founder, Klout
– Johanna Blakley (@Mojojohanna) – Arts, entertainment & media researcher based at USC Annenberg School’s Norman Lear Center.
– Johnny Diggz (@JohnnyDiggz) – Chief Technology Evangelist, Tropo.com
– Jon Lansner (@jonlan) – Columnist/blogger for O.C. Register.
– Julie Cole (@juliecole) – VP, Mabel’s Labels
– Julie Spira (@JulieSpira) – Online dating expert; Author
– Julie Steelman (@JulieSteelman) – Entrepreneur’s Selling Expert.
– Kelly O’Neil (@KellyONeil) – author of Visionary Women Inspiring the World: 12 Paths to Personal Power
– Kelly Shibari (@KellyShibari) – CEO, Hourglass8 Media
– Kerianne Mellott (@Keri_Mellott) – Founder, www.MarketingMakesMeSmile.com
– Kevin Pollak (@kevinpollak) – Actor, Comedian
– Krupali Tejura, M.D. (@krupali)
– Leyla Farah (@CausePR) – Founding Partner, Cause+Effect, Inc.
– Lisa Dabbs (@teachingwthsoul) – former California school administrator, education consultant
– Lisa Steadman (@LisaSteadman) – Best selling author and owner of Woohoo, Inc.
– Lisa Tenner (@lisatenner) – Founder, Tenner & Associates, Inc.
– Lori Mackey (@LoriMackey) – author of Money Mama , inventor and speaker
– Luke Renner (@firesideint) – Founder & President, Fireside International
– Mark Bowness (@Mark_Bowness) – Creator of www.tribewanted.com
– Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) – Founder, Invisiblepeople.tv
– Melissa Pierce (@melissapierce) – Creator of Life In Perpetual Beta
– Michael Bellavia (@animaxent) – President, Animax
– Michele Meiche (@michelemeiche) – Conscious Media Producer, AwakeningsRadio
– Michelle Branch (@michellebranch) – Music Artist
– Mike Harkey (@mharkey) – Managing Director, ImageShack Corporation
– Nastassia Johnson (@manilamachine) – L.A.’s First Filipino Food Truck.
– Nelson de Witt (@dewittn) – Chief Story Teller
– Nick Cannon (@NickCannon) – American Actor, Comedian and Television Personality.
– Ori Bengal (@CouchSurfingOri) – Adventurer, Photographer & Author
– Owen JJ Stone (@Ohdoctah) – President of Inquiring Mindz Media (IQMZ)
– Pete Housley (@petehousley) – CEO, NaughtyTweetNetwork
– Phil Hulett (@philhulett) – Co-Host of LA’s Morning News on KFWB
– Ray Prock Jr. (@RayLinDairy)
– Ree Cee (@colagrand) – President, Urban Supremacy
– Rick Bakas (@RickBakas) – Wine, Food, Branding, Dir. of Social Media at @StSupery winery, certified sommelier, author of Quick Bites
– Rishi Khaitan (@itsrishi) – Product Manager for Realtime Search, Google
– Robert Hernandez (@webjournalist) – @USCAnnenberg
– Robert Moran (@RobertMoranLA) – Cal State Fullerton journalism studen who has autism
– Salvador Duran (@salvadorduran) – correspondent for Univision Network in Los Angeles
– Sarah Kay Hoffman (@sarahkayhoffman) – "A digitally-addicted country girl"
– Shuki Lehavi (@slehavi) – founder, Gumiyo
– Smokey Bear (@smokey_bear) – Only YOU can prevent Wildfires
– Sol Lipman (@thesolster) – co-founder, 12Seconds.tv
– Stacey Soleil (@staceysoleil) – Long time Autism awareness advocate
– Steve Franklin (@SEF4PRES) – Teacher
– Sylvia Martinez (@smartinez) – President of Generation Yes
– Tanya Roscorla (@reportertanya) – Education reporter and writer
– Tia Dobi (@TiaDobi) – Copywriter
– Tim Kring (@TimKring) – Screenwriter and Television Producer
– Traci Dinwiddie (@GrooveGoddess) – Actress
– Trina Schwimmer (@gamingangel) – CE0 & Founder, GamingAngels.com
– Ward Landis (@ShoeWolf) – President. Shoe Wolf
– Willow Brugh (@willowbl00) – Director, Jigsaw Renaissance Seattle, WA
– Zac Sanford (@zacsanford) – VP Development, Suntaur Entertainment; #scriptchat

*** All Speakers Subject to Change without Notice ***

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Australia Northern Territory Govt should take out Angela Pamela uranium ‘insurance’


Thursday, 29 September 2010

NT Govt should take out Angela Pamela uranium ‘insurance’

The Australian Greens believe the Northern Territory Government would be wise to make clear that it will not issue a mining licence for the proposed Angela Pamela uranium mine, after the Commonwealth today refused to rule out overriding the Northern Territory.

A Senate motion this morning called on the Federal Government to respect unanimous political opinion in the NT against the mine. The Federal Government has refused to do so, on the basis that there is no current application to mine uranium before the Commonwealth.

“As a form of insurance, the NT Government should indicate that they will never grant a mineral lease or any other approval to progress mining activity at Angela Pamela,” Greens spokesperson on nuclear issues Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

“This will provide certainty to the mining company and remove the ambiguity that the Commonwealth Government has introduced into the debate.”

“The Territory deserves a strong statement of support from the Gillard Government. The most important thing is that the people of Alice and the surrounding region are given every assurance that their clear opposition to this uranium mine will be respected,” Senator Ludlam said.

Fernando de Freitas
Media Advisor

Office of Scott Ludlam

Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia

Suite S1.36 Parliament House, Canberra ACT
P: 02 6277 3467 | M: 0417 174 302


Great post from my dear friend Amy who is just realizing what an amazing human being she is :-)Facing Faults and Fears

Facing Faults and Fears

Abeeliever | 09/29/2010 at 12:12 am | Categories: Inspirational, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, fibromyalgia, pain | URL: http://wp.me/psN06-bp

Person performs mystical "Sun Salutation&... Image by mikebaird via Flickr

Our faults irritate us most when we see them in others.

~ Pennsylvania Dutch Proverb ~

I have heard quotes like this many times… I have believed it, I have agreed. But now, I really understand it, feel it, and “get it”. Kind of like an “Aha!” moment, I know now one of the things I most need to change in myself. It’s a good feeling to be able to identify it, and it’s scary all at the same time. It’s a moment where you think, “This could make or break me.”

The truth is, it won’t break me, I’m already broken. Aren’t we all? But I have an opportunity to take what I am learning about myself and make the most of it, or I can lose the clarity and lose the motivation to change and make a difference in my life.

I’ve identified how easily I am frustrated and angered by others who are not willing to do what it takes to help themselves. I see how painful it can be to ask for help, I understand it as I have been there. It frustrates me to know another is suffering, yet all they need to do is reach out. So, now I’m thinking, how is this mirroring my own life? What I am not changing that needs to be changed? What am I afraid to do or seek help for? What am I avoiding that must be done for my own wellness?

For the longest time, truly, the longest…I have known I need to implement some very important things into my life. I have discussed them, written about their importance, shared these things in advice with others, but have yet to put them into practice on a regular basis myself. In essence, you could call me a hypocrite, but you do know, I have always had good intentions.

How do days, weeks, and years go by, with a knowledge of what can bring help or relief, and yet I fail to act on it? I have yet to put into practice what I preach (and what has been taught to me), what I know is the number one most natural way to help myself, physically and emotionally, to deal with the depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia all in one.

Fear. Fear is the only thing I can come up with, the only thing I can imagine is able to keep me in my place, stuck and stagnant. I have spent a lot of time avoiding what I know will help me… (it’s exercise, if you didn’t know already). I keep myself busy, busy in mind, busy in work, busy with kids and all kinds of things I “should” be doing. (Have I ever told you, “Don’t should on yourself?” That’s a favorite of mine by Dr. Paul Fitzgerald)

Most days, exercise does not even get put on my “to do” list. Why? Because I am afraid.

I’m afraid of pain. I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid of committing to it and messing up. I’m afraid of the hard work. I’m afraid it won’t work. I’m afraid of looking like a fool. I’m afraid…it could only be fear that could be so powerful.

So there it is, I have identified it. The elephant is no longer in the room! I know what I must do. I must choose to love myself enough to take care of my body. I must choose to face my fear. Or, I could choose not to…but then what would that do for me?

It’s a crossroads. Which way do you think I will turn?

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Australia Uranium – Lessons for WA in Territory’s uranium mine rejection

Lessons for WA in Territory’s uranium mine rejection
MEDIA RELEASE – Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Australian Greens have urged the WA and Federal politicians to take note of the Northern Territory Government’s rejection today of a uranium mine proposed near Alice Springs because of widespread community opposition.

“We are delighted the NT Government has finally listened to the deep concerns of the people of Alice Springs and has today rejected Cameco and Paladin’s proposal for the Angela-Pamela mine outside Alice Springs,” said Greens Nuclear Issues Spokesperson, WA Senator Scott Ludlam.

“There were deep concerns amongst Traditional Owners and the broader community about the likely health impacts from dust and gas being blown from the proposed Angela-Pamela mine. Many people were also very worried about radioactive seepage contaminating local groundwater, as we are seeing happen at other operating uranium mines in the Territory and South Australia.

“Cameco wants to open a uranium mine at Kintyre in WA’s East Pilbara, in a remote and pristine area with fragile, ephemeral wetlands, at a site cut from Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park. Understandably, the Martu people of the East Pilbara have expressed concerns about likely impacts on local hydrology and their health.

“I urge Federal Labor Resources Minister Martin Ferguson to respect the wishes of the people of central Australia and support the decision of the Northern Territory’s Chief Minister Paul Henderson today,” Senator Ludlam continued.

“I also urge Cameco and the WA Government to take note of the strength of community feeling in the Territory. There are many Western Australians who are also concerned about the proposal to allow uranium mining in WA. Any uranium mine proposal for Western Australia will also experience strong opposition.”

The logo of the Australian Greens political party.
Image via Wikipedia

Eloise Dortch

Media Officer to Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam

(part-time: Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

Phone: 08 9335 7477

Email: eloise.dortch

Address: c/o Senator Ludlam, 8 Cantonment Street, Fremantle, WA 6160

For Senator Ludlam:-

Web: www.scottludlam.org.au

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SenatorLudlam

Twitter: @senatorludlam

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How the heck do you survive off US$1.25/day for everything? Poverty, Hunger – Global Poverty Project

Global Poverty Project
In under 4 weeks’ time, thousands of the Global Poverty Project community will be picking up a $2 coin and heading to their shops to see what little food they can buy for this miserly amount.

The Live Below the Line campaign is already reaching millions of Australians – and I want you to join us to reach even more people.

Join the thousands today and Live Below the Line this 2nd-6th August

Live Below the Line started last year whilst I was sitting in a 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation. I could get my head around the the size of 1.4 billion people. BUT I could not get my head around how Extreme Poverty is defined.

Every time I saw the presentation I kept on thinking to myself – “How the heck do you survive off US$1.25/day for everything?”

I was even more gobsmacked when I found out that the Extreme Poverty Line translated through to living off the equivalent of AU$2 here in Australia. And so I challenged myself – “could I walk a mile in the shoes of 1.4 Billion?”

Spend 5 days walking in the shoes of 1.4 billion people

The journey of living on less than $2/day on food has been the most enlightening experience of my life. And I promise it will be for you too.

I have a better understanding of the daily challenges faced by those in extreme poverty.

I have a better understanding of the lack of choice that 1.4 face daily across all aspect of their life.

I have a better understanding of how the poverty cycle can be so vicious.

But the best part is that my friends and family are now also beginning to understand and empathise with the daily challenges faced by 1.4 billion people.

Signup to reshape the way your friends and family think about poverty

I cannot encourage you enough to take on the challenge, it will be one of the most significant experiences you will ever have.

Rich Fleming

PS – Sign up this week and you might win your weight in fairtrade chocolate.

Global Poverty Project Address: P.O. Box 558, Camberwell VIC 3124, Australia
Email: enquiries

Media: media
Web: www.globalpovertyproject.com

Sydney Office: 61-63 Great Buckingham St, Redfern
Melbourne Office: 71 Argyle St, Fitzroy