Perth Radio covers issues for people with a disability – Interview with Hon Simon O’Brien- Tonight at EthnicAbility

95.3 6EBA FM

The Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre (EDAC) presents ‘EthnicAbility’:

A program on disability and Ethnicity

Tonight on ‘EthnicAbility’, 29th November 2010, the Hon Simon O’Brien, Minister for Transport; and Disability Services, joins us. As this week is Disability Awareness Week, Minister O’Brien will discuss ‘Count Me In’, the new Disability Strategy. How will this strategy impact on us, particularly those of us who are from CALD backgrounds? Find out the answers to this question … tonight on ‘EthnicAbility’.

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every Monday evening from 7:30–8:00 pm (WA time) on 95.3 6EBA FM.

Or listen live on the internet at and click on ‘Listen now’.

And …. If you still miss EthnicAbility, you can download recent past programs from, Click on “Radio Program” and select the show you want to listen to.

Previous Programs

Previous programs on ‘EthnicAbility’ available for download from EDAC’s website are:


If you would like to be a sponsor of ‘EthnicAbility’, contact Zel on (08) 9388 7455. By sponsoring ‘EthnicAbility’, you will be helping to disclose issues that impact on the lives of ethnic people with disability, their family, community and service providers.

About EthnicAbility

EthnicAbility explores issues affecting people with a disability from an ethnic background. In so doing, we will be speaking to people with a disability from an ethnic background themselves, their parents/family, friends, community members and service providers. And we may

Even talk to you!

So don’t forget to switch on to 95.3 6EBA FM every Monday evening at 7:30 pm(WA time)

For further information, contact EDAC on (08) 9388 7455 or send an email to us at ethnicability.

Zel Iscel
EthnicAbility Coordinator
Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre (EDAC)

Tel: 9388 7455

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