One thought on “Award winning journalist film maker John Pilger speaks about Julian Assange and Wikileaks”


    “Senator, he’s not following the script. He’s on about indictment already.”

    “Dammit to Hell, Bumsfelt! He’ll blow the whole game. You haven’t gone on about *Operation Patsy have you?”

    “No, Senator.”

    “Hmm, second thoughts, maybe you should. ‘Patsy’ might make him think o’ sex.”

    “No good, Senator. He’s an Australian. Carnal doesn’t float their boat.”

    “What? Where’s the manual … Oh, I see … Australia … yes. No civil war … no decent federal sex scandal. Status … not a proper nation. Icons … lawns … cars. Dammit, Bumsfelt! Do something! We need more time to work on Afterdinnerdad. He’d like a nice little war, but only if just his opposition gets nuked.”

    “I could get Bill to have a word with him, a sex-on-the-lawn theme maybe.”

    “Think so? Lawns are sacred in Australia, aren’t they? Mow three times a day, don’t they? Better call it grass, or Bill might think you’re talkin’ about Lorne, the dude in Bonanza. They got left-hand-threads in Australia?”

    “Yes – to all four, Senator. How about sex-on-the-back-seat, then?”

    “Nope. Cars are sacred too. Wash ’em twice a day. Blue-dress syndrome would be a disaster. Look, I’ll leave it up to you, Bumsfelt. But we gotta give Afterdinnerdad more time.”

    “Yes, Senator. Oh, the Minister for the Taliban Navy would like to see you.”

    “Taliban Navy, eh? We got it right there, Bumsfelt. Taliban subs the best in the world. Not one ever been sighted. Made to look like desert sand, I believe.”

    “Yes, Senator.”

    *Operation Patsy:

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