#australia #media – Fwd: Growing concentration of ownership “toxic” to the media – WA Senator

Growing concentration of ownership “toxic” to the media – WA Senator

Media Release: Senator Scott Ludlam, Tuesday January 31st, 2012

The Greens today warned that the growing concentration of media ownership was dangerous to the integrity of public debate in Australia in the wake of billionaire Gina Rinehart’s attempt to gain a greater share of Fairfax Media.

The Greens communications spokesperson, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, said the mining magnate’s ten percent share of Channel Ten combined with a 14 percent share of Fairfax would give her “a potent degree of influence over public debate”.

“Gina Rinehart already has a seat as a director – along with Lachlan Murdoch – of Channel Ten. If successful in this bid she will add a boardroom seat at Fairfax to her collection.

“Mrs Rinehart campaigned fiercely against the Mining Tax and, to protect her own commercial interests, helped derail a policy that would have benefitted Australian small businesses and the general public.

“Mrs Rinehart has reportedly indicated a desire to have more influence over national affairs. After taking a bite out of Channel Ten, a statement from her company Hancock Prospecting declared it was ‘interested in making an investment towards the media business given its importance to the nation’s future’. Her intentions seem clear.

“Australian laws against concentration of ownership in the media were gutted by the Howard Government and are now far too weak. This trend towards a handful of individuals owning vast swathes of the fourth estate is unhealthy for democracy. The Australian Greens will be working hard to get this phenomenon in check.”

Media Contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

More reasons to dump Facebook – ABC News: Facebook update to unearth old posts

Facebook update to unearth old posts
The latest upgrade to Facebook has technology experts warning people to clean up their online history or risk having embarrassing photos and status updates re-surface.

Facebook will not say exactly when, but sometime in the next few weeks all user profile pages will be converted to a setting calle…

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#children in detention #australia – media release – Mr Bowen should visit Leonora: Greens

Tuesday January 31, 2012


Mr Bowen should visit Leonora: Greens

Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, as the legal guardian of unaccompanied children, should pay a visit to the Leonora detention centre to meet 160 children and young people who have been denied the chance to attend school, the Australian Greens said today.

“The Greens are concerned by reports that 160 children are languishing in the remote centre, away from class rooms and other vital services they need to integrate into Australian life should they be granted refugee status,” Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

“Detention has never been an appropriate place for children. The isolation of Leonora increases our concern.

“Some have reportedly been detained for up to two years. That’s unacceptably long for anyone, especially children.

“As the sole legal guardian of unaccompanied minors, Minister Bowen must explain how the long-term detention of children is in their best interest and what he’s doing to maintain their welfare.

“The Labor government had promised to remove children from detention and while this has happened for some, it clearly hasn’t happened for all.

“This again highlights the conflict of interest in having a minister in charge of their visa status also the same person who is meant to be responsible for their welfare as their legal guardian.

“The law continues to dictate that children are detained, only to be removed at the whim of the minister.

“That’s why we need the parliament in 2012 to grant an independent guardian to all unaccompanied children and amend the Migration Act to make the detention of children illegal.

“An independent guardian or advocate would be responsible for the welfare of citizens and non-citizens, such as those children whose development is being delayed by keeping them locked up in Leonora.”


Paris Lord

Media adviser

Office of Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young

Greens’ Senator for South Australia

Twitter: @sarahinthesen8



Nuclear submarines not welcome in Western Australia – WA Senator

Nuclear submarines not welcome in Western Australia – WA Senator
Media Release: Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, Tuesday January 31st, 2012

Plans to host American nuclear submarines at Garden Island should be rejected, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said today.

Senator Ludlam said the Australian Defence Force posture review – an inquiry into Australian defence bases – was off target with the suggestion that US nuclear submarines should be serviced at Garden Island.

"The risks of routinely floating nuclear reactors in and out of Cockburn sound shouldn’t be underestimated. Western Australian police and emergency services personnel are completely under-resourced to cope with even a minor reactor leak.”

"While we assume the authors of this report were referring to nuclear powered attack submarines, what of the fleet of nuclear armed ballistic missile submarines? Do we want to be active partners in maintaining a fleet carrying weapons of mass destruction? Would submarines for deploying nuclear weapons be serviced and perhaps even based in Western Australia? And are we prepared for the social and environmental impacts of an expanded foreign military presence in our communities and ports?”

“Labor seems giddy with excitement over the prospect of a base hosting 2,500 US marines on a rotating basis in Darwin and appears hell-bent on locking in a 25-year deal with Washington over the North West Cape base. The role of that base in supporting the American nuclear-armed submarine fleet is already a cause of grave concern and in conflict with our commitments to nuclear disarmament.”

"Long after the end of the Cold War, the North West base still facilitates nuclear ballistic missile submarines. The credibility of Australia’s efforts to push for nuclear disarmament on the global level is virtually erased when we lend ports, infrastructure and personnel to legitimising the retention and deployment of nuclear weapons. Offering Garden Island for the same purpose does even more damage to our standing amongst nations and to worldwide efforts towards nuclear disarmament.”

"So long as Australia continues lend credence to the notion that nuclear weapons bring security by allowing bases on our soil to facilitate the nuclear weapons apparatus, we are missing an opportunity to demonstrate that reducing and ultimately eliminating the role of nuclear weapons is practically achievable."

Media Contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

Govt Spin Dr d0xes Opposition leader – W# AustraliaABC News: Premier’s adviser forced to resign over emails

Premier’s adviser forced to resign over emails
A senior adviser to West Australian Premier Colin Barnett has been forced to resign over emails and text messages about Opposition Leader Mark McGowan.

Mr Barnett has confirmed media adviser James Larsson sent a picture of Mr McGowan’s family home to a reporter earlier this month.The email include…

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Crazy #australia govt believes consultation for 10 year plan on #mentalhealth can be done by #surveymonkey – pls share & sign

John is a very widely respected professional and advocate appointed by Canberra who bravely stood down after a series of failed Govt "efforts" to address the crisis in Mental Health

Forwarded on behalf of John Mendoza
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Dear Friend/Colleague

As you are probably aware, the Australian Government recently released the draft Ten Year Roadmap for Mental Health Reform (Draft #4, dated 12/01/12). A Survey Monkey facility was also established to gather feedback on the Roadmap. The survey is open until the end of January – just over 2 weeks for feedback.

As Professor Alan Rosen pointed out in his review of the Roadmap published on Crikey on 19 january (http://www.crikey.com.au/?p=269780):

"… it is a Roadmap with only the most vague of directions and without any specific destinations."

Further he states correctly:
"The current exercise … does not appear to be a real in-depth consultation of stakeholders, but offers a Survey Monkey forcing stakeholders into codified responses….. leaving little scope for alternatives."

I, like Alan, gave up on this Monkey.

I have therefore created an alternative way to send a message to Federal Minister Mark Butler that this is simply not good enough. And it is as many of us know another ‘Ground Hog Day’ repeating the same well intentioned but flawed approach to public policy in this area.

Please go to the link below and register your name to call on the Australian Government to scrap the current Draft RoadMap for Mental Health Reform.


In its place we need to see a document that is fundamentally different to previous failed efforts.
It must:

  • clearly define the problem and why a fresh approach to how we view our mental health needs to be addressed
  • clearly define the goal – what we are all trying to achieve – a mentally health and resilient Australia
  • set out a handful of priorities to transform services
  • set out targets and measures
  • AND a commitment to reach 12% of health care funding by 2022.

Mental Health Reform has been an ideal without real commitment or accountability. This latest "Roadmap", coming on top of four national plans, two national policies and a COAG Action Plan, differs little in style or substance from previous recent efforts and will do little to respond to the mental health needs of all Australians and particularly those living with a mental illness.

Please act by signing the petition and forwarding to friends and colleagues.

Kind regards

John Mendoza

Director, ConNetica Consulting Pty Ltd

Adj Professor, Health and Sport Science, University of Sunshine Coast
Adj Asso Professor , Medicine, Sydney University

PO Box 484 Moffat Beach Qld 4551
P: 07 5491 5456
F: 07 5491 5458

E: jmendoza
Web: http://www.connetica.com.au

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