@SenatorLudlum 26th anniv. #Chernobyl – nuclear power continues to kill also #australia #uranium in #Fukushima fallout

Scott Ludlum @ Glamwiki Canberra 2009


Senator Scott Ludlum on the 26th anniversary of Chernobyl – nuclear power continues to kill – also uranium from australia continues to kill in the wake of Fukushima – and Australia’s Government continues to leave australian journalists Julian Assange and Austin Mackell in harm’s way.

Scott joined me on Perth Talkback Radio 882 6PR on Sunday April 29 – runs 17 minutes 32 seconds

Read Senator Ludlam’s blog on Nuclear power and Aussie Uranium -click here



Chernobyl disaster
Chernobyl disaster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The levels of radioactivity in the lava under ...
The levels of radioactivity in the lava under the Chernobyl number four reactor (1986, avg. values) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Entrance to the zone of alienation around Cher...
Entrance to the zone of alienation around Chernobyl. Italiano: L'entrata alla "zona di alienazione" attorno a Chernobyl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












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Perth rally for #disability services 11.40 Hay St Mall

From my friend and collegue Zel Iscel advocate at EDAC.org.au

National Disability insurance Scheme )NDIS( –

show your support to make it real. Join the rally in your city which is happening today.

Fighting for an NDIS can ensure that
you or someone dear to you will have the right supports and services required to live a rich and fulfilling life, should you or someone you love acquire a disability.

To find out more about the NDIS rally today, visit http://www.everyaustraliancounts.org.au.

A collection of pictograms. Three of them used...
A collection of pictograms. Three of them used by the United States National Park Service. A package containing those three and all NPS symbols is available at the Open Icon Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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#Australia Govt abandons journalist wrongfully arrested in #Egypt – @perthtones interview with @austingmackel

Austin Mackell spoke to me from Cairo via Skype on April 28 and the 2 part interview went to air during my fill-in shift on Perth’s top talkback station 6PR on the 28th. It was very well received by listeners who offered support during talkback after the interview and the following evening.

We ask that Prime Minister Gillard and Foreign Minister Bob Carr do their job and act now to secure the freedom of a respected australian journalist. Please call, email and tweet them

on twitter they are: @juliagillard @bobjcarr

( both tracks about 12 minutes each )


meanwhile, Austin keeps writing as he awaits his fate and the return of his passport. Click this link well worth your reading and sharing with anyone who cares about democracy and the future.

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#australia #Tarkine forest via @GetUp – The front page story

Dear tony,

You might have caught the front-page stories about our campaign to save the Tarkine rainforest in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald and Age, or the detailed story in The Australian.

Right now the ancient Tarkine rainforest is under threat from being open cut mined. Thousands of GetUp members took action and challenged Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to visit the area, to experience it for himself, before he considers applications to mine the area.

I just returned from showing the Minister around the Tarkine forest, and I wanted to give you the inside story on how the campaign is going. We recorded a 2-minute video of the visit you really should see.

I grew up on the fertile soils in a farming area of north west Tasmania. It’s a beautiful part of the country. Each summer, during school holidays, I’d work in the family business – bee keeping. We’d set off before sunrise deep into the forests, including the Tarkine wilderness. Our quarry? Leatherwood trees whose nectar bees turn into the most exquisite and prized honey.

Thanks to the campaigning of GetUp members, this week I had the opportunity to return to the Tarkine with Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke, on behalf of GetUp members. The Minister has to make pivotal decisions which will determine the fate of the Tarkine wilderness: whether it remains the second biggest temperate rainforest on the planet or is littered with open cut mined.

Watch this video and hear what impact your campaign had on Tony Burke after 3 days in the Tarkine wilderness:

Tony in the Tarkine email hero


The Tarkine is one of the last true wilderness areas on the face of the planet. Recent assessments by the Australian Heritage Commission and independent experts on behalf of the Government have found it to be worthy of protection and listing as a National and World Heritage site. But, Tony Burke has allowed the National Heritage listing to lapse which means miners can freely prospect in the area and any new mining proposals receive much less rigorous assessments.

Over the next 7 days Tony Burke has to decide whether or not to fast track assess two new mine proposals or put in place the National Heritage listing and ensure the mines are assessed rigorously and that their cumulative impact is looked at. Listen to what Minister Burke had to say about the Tarkine after experiencing it first hand:


In partnership with our friends at the Tarkine National Coalition and Enviornment Tasmania, who are leading the ongoing campaign to save the Tarkine, our community can make this a national issue and help protect an part of ancient Australia that dates back to Gondwanaland.

Thanks for all you do,
Paul Oosting for the GetUp team.

PS – Click here to read the full news article in The Australian I mentioned and see the impact of our campaign.

Yesterday’s article in The Age contained this great quote: "It would be ill-advised for the minister to make a decision before the heritage process is completed…It has already had emergency heritage listing once before, and the assessment that was undertaken by the council at that time clearly indicated the existence of values that met national heritage listing criteria." Professor Carmen Lawrence chairwoman of the Australian Heritage Council talking about Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke’s assessment of the Tarkine in The Age yesterday.

#OccupyPerth News including #12M15M #Fracking #FANG

dedicated to ending the corporate corruption of democracy
Welcome to our newsletter. If you have any contributions you would like to make to this newsletter please email them to occupyperth

Upcoming @ #occupyperth


Click here to download pdf to print or forward on

May Day – Esplanade Reserve Fremantle – 6th May

Held by UnionsWA this is an important annual event for unions and progressive movements. Occupy Perth will be joining the festivities and holding our regular weekly stall at this event. A great opportunity to network with other movements and groups.

Occupy Free School – 27th May – The Zeitgeist Movement and Occupy – What’s the common ground?

(more details to come on this shortly)

Occupy General Assembly – Every Thursday Evening 6.30pm

Occupy Outreach Stall – Every Sunday 1pm to 4pm

Weekly public outreach for Occupy Perth at the Perth Cultural Centre. Come down, get involved, all welcome…


Still space if you would like to contribute!! Send your artwork, articles, poetry, suggestions to occupyperth

Previous zines can be viewed here.

Perth Activist Calendar

Newly launched…see link occupyperth

Protest US Warships with FANG

We headed down to Fremantle Thursday 26th April to protest the arrival of Nuclear Powered USS Carl Vinson and USS Bunker Hill in Fremantle Port and both carrying weapons of mass destruction.

A welcome party put on by the Fremantle chamber of commerce at the Fremantle arts centre was arranged by the mayor of Fremantle Dr Brad Pettitt and the CEO of the Fremantle council under less than ideal circumstances. We can claim a small victory here as news came through that they moved the venue due to hearing that Occupy Perth was planning to attend.

Here is the press release we circulated.

Occupy Joins No Fracking WAy Campaign

Protesting unconventional gas includes shale gas, tight gas and coal seam gas (CSG), No Fracking WAy is a new group formed demanding a moratorium on fracking to ensure safe drinking water, food security, a healthy environment, human health, fire safety and respect for indigenous heritage now and for future generations.

A clear example of the 1% waging war on the 99%, with big business putting at risk risk ecosystem and human health in the pursuit of profit.

Next No Fracking WAy meeting just prior to the Occupy Perth GA 3 May at 17:30 at The Blue Room, 53 James st, Northbridge in the Perth Cultural Centre.

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From @antloewenstein : Latest newsletter on AfPak and our privatised world

Thursday 26, April 2012

Afghanistan, Pakistan and the post 9/11 war economy

Dear all,

The post 9/11 world has created a vibrant and highly profitable war economy. Countless corporations in the West and beyond saw a unique opportunity to support American designs in the "war on terror". This has created a vast, unaccountable network of companies that have contributed little to the building of nations but a great deal to their bottom line.

I’ve just returned from Afghanistan and Pakistan investigating disaster capitalism in both nations since 9/11 for a forthcoming book and documentary. Private security and militias and privatised intelligence is now a major way the West fights its futile wars and yet this world remains largely unreported.

I’ve written a number of feature stories on my work. For Lebanon’s Al Akhbar, here is my piece on Pakistan and another one on Afghanistan. For Australian publication Crikey, here’s my piece on Pakistan and the one on Afghanistan.

My photos of Afghanistan are here and the collection from Pakistan here and here.

In other news:

Interview on ABCTV’s The Drum talking about my visit to Afghanistan and Murdoch thuggery in Britain.

My chapter on blogging and new media in the Encyclopaedia of Global Studies.

My review of two new books that challenge the imperial agenda of Canada’s Michael Ignatieff and the New York Times‘ Thomas Friedman.

Review in the Melbourne Sunday Age and Sydney Sun Herald of a stunning new book, Dirty Money, that discusses the negative effect of mining companies on Australia and its environment.

My lecture at Sydney’s Israeli Apartheid Week event at the University of Sydney in March.

Interview on Radio Adelaide about 2012 Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israeli politics.

– Next month sees the release of a new book I’ve co-edited with Jeff Sparrow, Left Turn, on the role of progressive politics in the 21st century. It will be launched at the Sydney Writer’s Festival in May, and I’ll also be giving the annual PEN lecture on "Free Voices: Freedom of Expression in a Time of Complacency."

For a daily dose, here’s my website, Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time,


Antony Loewenstein
Independent Freelance Journalist and Author Sydney, Australia