#OccupyPerth News – TOMORROW!! Planning Meeting for #Globalnoise

Occupy Perth News – TOMORROW!! Planning Meeting for #Globalnoise

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General Assembly 11am September 1st -Perth Cultural Centre
Planning for International Day of Action – #globalNOISE

Occupy Perth have been invited to bring the following proposal for an international day of action to our local assembly and aligned groups for endorsement and involvement. Please check out the following and if it is of interest we invite you to come down to the Perth Cultural Centre outside the State Library of Western Australia THIS SATURDAY 11am on the 1st September to begin planning our involvement.

Please RSVP HERE – https://www.facebook.com/events/335391453220960/ – and share with your contacts!!


What is globalNOISE?

International activists involved in the Indignato and Occupy movements have begun a campaign to create GlobalNoise, a worldwide cacerolazo, or casserole march, on Saturday, October 13th, 2012. The hope is that local Occupations and Collectives will take up the call to march, using the method of a casserole march to highlight whatever issues are the most important to their community.

Historically, banging on a pot has been a universally understood means to gain attention. From children to adults, we all know that a pot or pan can be easily used as a makeshift drum or an alarm. With #globalNOISE, it’s both. The casserole march has its origins as a means to call attention to problems facing the community that the power structure is not addressing, using a method that is hard to ignore. In the past, this form of activism has been used to draw attention to education reform, starvation, government corruption, inequality in resources, and more.

It has been revived recently in the international Occupy and Spanish Indignatos movements, and most notably by the Student movement in Canada. Since then, it has spread worldwide. It is from these historical references and recent examples that the idea of a coordinated worldwide cacerolazo emerged. An international showing of frustration and unrest on a global scale that would be hard to ignore. A GlobalNoise.

How to make noise with kitchen equipment

The basic idea behind potbanging is simple. Using any cooking spoon or utensil, you hit the bottom of an empty pot, a pan, or some similarly shaped non-glass kitchen equipment. In our experience, metal or wooden cooking spoons make the best drum sticks.

Alternative instruments

The goal of the GlobalNoise initiative is to draw attention to itself, indeed that is the very idea behind a casserole march. And while kitchen equipment may be the first choice, it is most certainly not the only choice. Remember, the goal is to draw attention. If you don’t have access to kitchen equipment, you can use whatever will make noise, even actual instruments, like whistles, horns, vuvuzelas, or even drums. DIY instruments or established noise makers don’t matter, just make noise. You can even encourage drivers to join in with their horns as you pass them on the march. In Spain, they call that “Pitodromo”.

As you can see there´s no limit to the imaginative way you choose to make some noise. And if you have any interesting and fun ways in mind, please share it with us. We love suggestions. post on our facebook page, tweet at us (@potbanging), or join the working group!

Size and Shape of a casserole march

A potbanging demonstration can be any size, from small to big. The bigger the group the louder the noise, but even one person banging on a pot makes a lot of noise.

The GlobalNoise working group encourages you to organize Cacerolazo actions in your own city for October 13th 2012. (Due to events already being planned and in progress in various assemblies, some groups and collectives will have GlobalNoise actions over the course of that week. So if the 13th is impossible for your group, try for another day in that week.

Remember, potbanging marches are particularly suited for spontaneous participation, especially if the attitude and tone of the march stays festive and positive. Spectators quickly realize that they don’t need anything more than a noise maker to join in.

Examples of potbanging actions

There have been many potbanging-protests worldwide over the last year since the formation of the Ingdinado and Occupy movements. The reason for unrest has ranged from the student debt crisis to the shortage of resources, while the method of expressing the frustration has been the same.
There was a large casserole march against inflation in Argentina earlier this year. Reuters reported that “Several thousand Argentines protested against the government… by banging pots and pans in front of the presidential palace in Buenos Aires.” In Seattle, the “noise making” from the Student Debt Noise Brigade takes place once a week. In addition, as reported by Global Montreal, the Montreal casserole marches inspired solidarity demonstrations worldwide. Even back in October 2010 Oldenburg, Germany held the ‘Krach schlagen statt Kohldampf schieben‘ demonstration demanding living wages and fair access to resources.

A worldwide globalNOISE is coming

In June of 2012, activists from many different countries, social justice movements, and networks began planning a nonviolent worldwide day of action connected solely by this most noticeable of protest methods, the cacerolazo. The collected activists formed a working group, and the following proposal was created.
Each collective or general assembly interested in participating is encouraged to identify what local or regional issues most adversely affect their communities and then join the world in a casserole march. We feel using the power of our collective mass can create a sound of our world population calling out for change that will be hard to ignore. The globalNOISE working group has called for Saturday October 13th to be the day of action where we as flood the streets and towns with the distinctive noise of potbanging.

As of late August, members of the Indignado and Occupy movements from many cities, including London, Brussels, Chicago, Madrid, Paris, Hamburg, and Perth, have endorsed this proposal and/or begun planning a globalNOISE casserole action. And the list is growing daily.

Get involved!

It’s easy to help make globalNOISE a success. You can simply share the idea of globalNOISE with your family, your friends, on facebook, over twitter, and other social networks. Consider sharing the official facebook page and twitter account, or using the hashtag #globalNOISE.
Contact your local general assembly or activist collectives to begin planning creating an event in your area. And be sure to let us know about it!
If you’d like to help coordinate the global aspect, please feel free to join the working group meetings and listserve. As it’s a world wide global action, we have a need for translators, and other contributors. If you’re interested, we’d love to have you involved. More information can be found on our website: www.globalnoise.net

While we may be separated by physical space, we are all united in our struggle. Help us make sure that on October 13th, in every town, in every city, on every continent, the world will hear the sound of change.
We will make a globalNOISE!

For questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, here’s some contact info and web resources:

Website: www.globalnoise.net
Twitter: @potbanging #globalNOISE
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/globalNOISE
Facebook group: http://on.fb.me/PWb8L5
InterOccupy hub: http://interoccupy.net/globalnoise/
Occupii: http://occupii.org/group/globalnoise-international

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New Port for Kimberley being pushed by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy.

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


New Port for Kimberley being pushed by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy.

Friday, 31 August 2012

The Liberal/National push for the Industrial development of the Kimberley is now also being supported by the CME with its support for a new Industrial Port at Point Torment north of Derby.

Any development at this location would threaten the breeding cycles of the critically endangered Freshwater Sawfish, Speartooth Shark, Northern River Shark, Snubfin Dolphins and Barramundi, not to mention the globally significant mangroves lining the shores of the Sound, as well as the turtles nesting on the Point.

The Liberal/National government has made no secrets of its vision for Point Torment as a deepwater port and industrial hub, thereby facilitating the industrialization of the Kimberley.

However, as Premier Barnett has also said, the ‘challenging tidal conditions’ in King Sound make the big ships intended to use the proposed facility a major chemical and biological threat to the ecological systems both here and in the Fitzroy River, which flows into the Sound a little to the west.

Robin Chapple MLC, Greens WA Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region has this to say about the proposed development today:

“To develop this rich and unique area would, in my opinion, be a travesty. I will do everything in my power to promote the wonderful values of this Garden of Eden and to prevent its destruction.”

Point Torment has been firmly in the sights of developers since 2005 when the Regional Minerals Program of the Department of Minerals and Petroleum (DMP) released its ‘Developing the West Kimberley’s Resources’ report.

This document identified the infrastructure required to develop a bauxite mine at Mitchell Plateau and an alumina refinery and industrial port at Point Torment. Links were clearly established between using the natural gas resources of the Browse Basin to power the proposed alumina refinery and heavy industrial area to be based at Point Torment.

When Rey Resources announced its brown coal reserves in the Fitzroy River floodplain they added they could use Point Torment as a port terminal for its coal resources.

Regrettably, but not surprisingly, Torment spit, including Point Torment, was not included in the West Kimberley National Heritage listed area that was proclaimed by the Federal Minister for the Environment Hon Tony Burke MP in August 2011.

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 9486 8255

WA Greens urge Ministers to take bold action on housing affordability

WA Greens urge Ministers to take bold action on housing affordability

Greens WA State housing spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC, national housing spokesperson Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam. Thursday August 30th, 2012.

The Greens WA applaud the release of the Australians for Affordable Housing four-point plan on the eve of the Housing Ministers meeting in Perth tomorrow.

Greens state housing spokesperson Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC said: “The four-point plan is not a Band-Aid solution – it is a comprehensive approach to a complex problem.”

“Listen up, Mr Redman – the voices of Australia’s leading thinkers on housing affordability, backed by almost 70 NGOs and peak bodies, are putting forward the kind of innovative solutions we need to see. What action will you take?”

“While Western Australia now has an affordable housing strategy on paper, we need to see action. Mr Barnett’s Liberal colleagues in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria have not even taken the first basic step of drafting a plan. Tomorrow’s meeting must produce a real strategy for solving this problem nation-wide,” said Ms MacLaren.

The Greens national housing spokesperson, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, said: “State and Federal ministers could draw much from this plan. It sets realistic targets to tackle Australia’s housing crisis. The missing ingredient is political will.”

“Australians for Affordable Housing’s target of 30,000 additional new affordable units each year is achievable. Over five years, this would make a real difference in affordability; it will reduce homelessness and bring stability to the lives of many people who struggle to pay the rent one fortnight to the next.”

“The Greens have long advocated a coordinated State and Federal approach to affordable housing. We’ve called for the expansion and continuation of the National Rental Affordability Scheme, and the introduction of a ‘Convert To Rent’ programme to put the thousands of unused properties around the country to use as low-cost housing,” said Senator Ludlam.

Media contacts:

Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

#Australia ‘Billionaire’s burden’ a cruel hoax – Greens @SenatorLudlam – poor can’t afford 99% of rentals in W.A.

‘Billionaire’s burden’ a cruel hoax

Australian Greens housing spokesperson – Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam. 30August 2012.

Mining billionaire and heir to Lang Hancock’s empire Gina Rinehart has no idea what life is like for workers on the minimum wage, the Australian Greens said today.

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said Ms Rinehart’s desire to cut the minimum wage was “based on ignorance and a complete lack of concern for the challenges working people face in their lives”.

“According to Anglicare’s research, people on minimum wage can’t afford more than 95 per cent of the rental properties in this country, and more than 99 per cent of the rentals in Western Australia. Workers on minimum wage can’t pay the rent, and they’ve got an old-money billionaire telling them they should work more and be paid less for it.”

Senator Ludlam said it was “insulting” that Ms Rinehart told working people to, in her words, “spend less time drinking, or smoking and socialising, and more time working”.

“Gina Rinehart’s message to these workers is – stop trying to enjoy the little free time you have, and work harder. Australian workers already work very hard and productivity is growing. Not all of us were able to inherit a mining empire shortly before a world-wide mineral commodities boom.”

“Australian workers on the minimum wage should be paid more, not less, and mining billionaires should pay their fair share of tax.”

Media contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

#Australia New #fracking regulations welcome but still some way to go: Greens

New fracking regulations welcome but still some way to go: Greens

29 August 2012

WA Greens Spokesperson for Water Alison Xamon MLC has today welcomed the release of the 2012 Petroleum Environment Regulations, saying they went a long way to addressing problems of regulation and transparency in the industry of fracking for unconventional gas.

“The Greens have been repeatedly calling for tougher regulations around this industry and for complete transparency for over 18 months,” Ms Xamon said.

Ms Xamon first called for a moratorium in March of 2011, which was debated in Parliament last month.

“When we first started calling for tougher regulations the response from Government was that the existing regulations were fine, when we knew they were far from acceptable. It took the Hunter review to confirm what the Greens had been saying, that there was significant need for improvement.

“Now, largely as a result of the Greens’ calls for action on this issue, far more stringent regulations have been created for Western Australia.

“We welcome the move towards greater transparency, especially in relation to the use of chemicals.

“Until now it has been next to impossible to find out which chemicals have been used in fracking operations, which has potentially put people and the environment at risk.

“There is a question as to whether these regulations will be applied retrospectively and whether the public will be able to find out which chemicals have already been used in the fracking operations for unconventional gas which have already occurred.”

Ms Xamon said despite the improvements in the regulations, there were still some significant areas where even more improvement was needed.

“For example, the fines need to be substantially larger. The maximum fine of $10,000 is simply not a sufficient deterrent for breaches of conditions,” she said.

“Also, we are disappointed that the chemicals are not necessarily going to be assessed by NICNAS for the purposes of fracking before they are approved – we call on the Government to still do this.

“We note in addition that the regulations still don’t contain complete transparency.

“For example, only a summary of the EMP will be released – we are calling for the full, unedited EMP to be made publicly available.

“Other information that must be publicly available includes all the monitoring results, and any decisions the Minister makes in relation to approvals.

“And the Greens remain concerned about the lack of information which exists statewide about aquifer connectivity and geological stress fields.

“Finally we call on the EPA to reverse its decision not to independently assess any of the fracks which have already occurred.

“The EPA must ensure they have undertaken the necessary independent assessment before this industry develops any further.”

For more information contact

Hon Alison Xamon MLC

Member for the East Metropolitan Region

Office: 62 Eighth Ave Maylands WA 6051

Postal Address: PO Box 104 Maylands WA 6931

Phone: (08) 9272 1718

Fax: (08) 9272 1719

Portfolios: Water, Urban Bushland, Mental Health, Education, Training, Industrial Relations, Employment, Occupational Health & Safety, Disabilities, Women, Children & Youth, Public Service, Community Services,Electoral Affairs, Consumer Protection, Vet Affairs, Volunteering

Note of thanks from @liz_beths to all who helped gain the freedom of @austingmackell ( & 2 colleagues) in #Egypt

This is from Elizabeth Humphrys ( @liz_beths on twitter ) who was pivotal in gaining support for Austin’s freedom and confirmation of his good name as a respected professional journalist.

Dear all

Late last night VERY good news came through to Sydney, when Austin tweeted from Cairo that the new Egyptian Justice Minister had advised the Australian Ambassador that the case against him was dropped and the travel ban lifted. A short time later Austin was able to confirm through his lawyer that the charges against his translator and Egyptian national Aliya Alwi, as well as US student Derek Ludovici, were also dropped.

I want to express my gratitude and thank you for lending your name to this open letter/petition – which ultimately received just shy of ten thousand signatures. Thank you for contributing to the success of this campaign!

I would like to thank Michael Brull for helping draft the original open letter, and the change.org team who provided support, advice and promoted the issue in the Australian media. Thanks should also go to Senator Lee Rhiannon and Senator Scott Ludlum from the Australian Greens, who raised this matter in the Commonwealth Parliament, and to Sydney activists Paddy Gibson and James Supple who helped organise the main public demonstration in Australia.

I’m personally very relieved for Austin, and for his family and friends, and trust this is the end of any legal issues for him in Egypt. Austin was arrested on his way to research an article for a open access social movements journal that I help edit (called ‘Interface’), and you can read his account of his arrest and ordeal in our Arab Spring special issue here: http://www.interfacejournal.net/2012/05/interface-volume-4-issue-1-the-season-of-revolution-the-arab-spring-and-european-mobilizations/.

As I’m sure Austin would want me to point out, the future is far from certain in Egypt and many of those actively campaigning for democracy (or reporting on it for the media) often do so at great personal risk. Our thoughts remain with those in Egypt, struggling and working to create a better society for all its citizens.

Best wishes and thank you again
Elizabeth Humphrys

#mining #Indigenous 👣 Yindjibarndi Plebiscite Rejects FMG Meddling

Yindjibarndi Plebiscite Rejects FMG MeddlingYAC Flag

Wednesday 29 September 2012

Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation


Since inception of the dispute between Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) and the Yindjibarndi People, two years ago, FMG has misleadingly claimed, on repeated occasions, that the ‘majority’ of the Yindjibarndi People support their Solomon Project and their Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA).

FMG has said that a meeting of Yindjibarndi people on 16 March 2011, which was sponsored by FMG, supports their claim of ‘majority support’. This meeting was in fact flawed and unrepresentative—as documented in the video of the meeting released at the time—”FMG’s Great Native Title Swindle”.


Fresh evidence of just how strong Yindjibarndi opposition to FMG and its Solomon Project is, came from two vital meetings held in Roebourne in March of this year. First was the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (YAC) AGM on 21 March 2012. Second was the Section 66b authorisation meeting on 24 March 2012.

The latter was held to authorise a new ‘Applicant’ group for the Yindjibarndi #1 Native Title Claim, which under lays FMG’s Solomon Project. Most momentous was the Yindjibarndi People’s decision to dismiss the incumbent group of Applicants, and elect a new group of thirteen to represent the Yindjibarndi #1 Claim. This new and enlarged group unanimously supports the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation, and will reinstate the majority of incumbents who oppose FMG.

Decisions made at both these meetings conclusively re-confirm the clear support of the Yindjibarndi People for YAC’s management of native title matters, and especially, its rejection of FMG’s high-handed and inequitable approach to negotiations and agreement-making over its Solomon Project.

Application has now been made to the Federal Court asking that the Court make an order to replace the Applicants in accordance with the Yindjibarndi Peoples’ wishes (the hearing is scheduled for 30 & 31 August). On the basis of the Yindjibarndi People’s proper and orderly authorisation of a new Applicant, YAC is confident that the Court will make such an order, thus effectively removing the two Applicants who—with the support and financial backing of FMG—have been pressing vexatious litigation against YAC.

FMG’s attack on the Yindjibarndi People follows a pattern established by Fortescue in its dealings with the Nyiyaparli People in 2005. As pointed out in emails during that dispute, by FMG’s native title lawyer Mr Ken Green, FMG is ready and willing to employ ‘aggressive strategies’, including a ‘barrage’ of litigation to secure the execution of land access agreements with recalcitrant traditional owners.

LINK Email Chain—FMG Lawyers & Executives

These same “aggressive strategies” are now being employed by FMG against the Yindjibarndi People and YAC-directly via the fomenting of dissent within the Yindjibarndi community through misinformation (see http://tiny.cc/ctmqjw), and the 19 court and tribunal proceedings currently in train (several of which seek ministerial consent to destroy Yindjibarndi sites of significance); and indirectly via the funding and encouragement of proceedings in the Supreme and Federal Courts by the FMG-sponsored splinter group, Wirlu-Murra Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (WMYAC).

FMG’s “aggressive strategies” and litigious “barrage” have been extremely damaging to the wellbeing of the Yindjibarndi community. Resources better spent on community development have necessarily been diverted to legal defense; and FMG’s support of the split in the members of the Yindjibarndi #1 Claim Applicant, has crippled the community’s ability to conduct business concerning the Yindjibarndi #1 Claim, and to legally conclude agreements with other companies, such as Rio Tinto, with whom YAC and the majority of Applicants have happily negotiated.

A favourable decision by the Court will set the scene for a decisive change in Yindjibarndi fortunes, as they shrug off key pieces of FMG’s “aggressive strategy”—a strategy aimed at destroying YAC for the simple reason that the majority of the Yindjibarndi People refuse to support FMG’s exploitative and unjust land use agreement.

An unexpected endorsement of YAC’s rejection of FMG’s land use agreement has come from splinter group WMYAC’s Senior Counsel, veteran native title lawyer Mr Greg McIntyre, who openly stated on two occasions that there were anomalies in FMG’s Agreement, and that he would not recommend it be signed in its present form.

Mr Woodley, CEO of YAC, said, “After two years of meddling and attacks against us in the courts, the overwhelming support of our people in recent meetings is a win for Yindjibarndi people-power against the divisive and under-handed tactics of FMG. I hope the Yindjibarndi voice in both these meetings sends a message to Fortescue, and they come back to us with a fair agreement in line with standards already set by other more responsible companies we are working with.”


Michael Woodley YAC CEO–0419 097 130 mwoodley
George Irving YAC Senior Counsel–0417903785 gmirving
For media materials please contact media

Strategic Energy Initiative W #Australia

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


A Limited View of Future Energy Innovation

28 August 2012

The Strategic Energy Initiative, Energy2031 released today, is the Western Australian Government’s strategy for our energy future.

But our energy future may be looking bleak if the outcomes outlined in this rather light-on 28 page document are anything to go by. The paper has taken four years to produce, and received multitudes of submissions from many sectors and stakeholders, but in the end is extremely light on detailed planning and resembles a slightly weak policy rather than an actual strategy.

Robin Chapple MLC has congratulated the Minister on finally releasing the paper, however is disappointed at its lack of vision.

“It seems that, in keeping with the State’s current unenviable record of prioritising the extractive industries over social and environmental protection and intergenerational equity, coal and gas are the energy sources of choice for the next decade.

While the overarching goals and principles of the strategy are sound, the underlying theme of this strategy is not full access of renewable energy into the grid, nor the development of new and innovative efficiency initiatives and technologies, but the perpetuation of the status quo. This government is again doggedly travelling down the path of least resistance with a view to ensuring supply by placating the big players” Mr Chapple said.

The strategy does nothing to move Western Australia towards a clean energy future or address our steadily rising carbon emissions, and in fact touts shale and tight gas as options to alleviate gas supply security issues while appearing to sideline far less environmentally controversial renewable energy options.

“So little of this document exhibits any kind of innovation, courage or exploration of sustainable options that it seems a bit rich to claim that it is ‘Building the Pathways for Western Australia’s Energy Future” said Chapple.

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

What if they recorded every click you make? #natsecinquiry #privacy @SenatorLudlam #auspol

What if they recorded every click you make?

Dear friend,

How would you feel if your internet service provider (ISP) kept a record of every article you read online, every email you sent or received, all location data collected by your phone, every call you made, everything you bought online?

How would you feel if it was made an offense to refuse to hand over your computer passwords?

The Attorney-General Nicola Roxon set up a Parliamentary Inquiry last month that could require ISPs to store all this information on you for at least two years and make it available to government to access.

The government’s discussion paper doesn’t provide any justification for these vastly increased surveillance powers.

We have very limited time to have our voices heard on this and tell the government that we are citizens, not suspects.

Submissions are due on Monday 20 August. Please find out more and send your submission today.

The Greens believe there are better ways to prevent identity theft, online crime and acts of political violence that don’t turn all citizens into suspects, eroding the very freedoms that our security agencies were intended to protect.

If we don’t stand up for our democratic rights to privacy, freedom of expression and the presumption of innocence, we will lose them.

As Julian Assange and his Wikileaks publishing organisation have discovered, governments around the world are demanding secrecy for themselves and total transparency for citizens. We believe this has the equation the wrong way round.

Send your submission today to tell Nicola Roxon know that Australians want their democratic rights protected, as enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
Yours sincerely,

Scott Ludlam

P.S. Security agencies obtained nearly a quarter of a million requests for access to our telecommunications data in 2010-11. Enough is enough.

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Call for #Palestine! (#CALL4Palestine) اتصال لفلسطين August 18 #Eid via @MaatrhMusleh

Call for Palestine! (#CALL4Palestine)

Every resistance movement needs support and each individual within such a movement needs hope and optimism to keep going.

This year’s Fitr celebrations will focus on doing that, giving a bit of hope in support of the Palestinian struggle for justice, freedom and return. You too can take part; all you need is a phone and 1 minute:

Call Palestinians and greet them for Eid el Fitr

Call: +970 + (599) or (598) or (597) or (595) or (592) or (568) or (569) + six random numbers.

For example: +970-599-123456

Whoever answers the call, greet them for the Eid, and say one sentence only:

Happy Eid, next year in a free Palestine, from the river to the sea!

It’s preferable if you say it in Arabic if possible:

عيد فطر سعيد! السنة الجاي بفلسطين حرة من النهر للبحر!

Eid Fitr Sa’eed! AlSana AlJay bi Falasteen Hurra min AlNaher lalBaher

Please note that Palestine time is +3 hrs to GMT. Best calling times are:

Night before Eid: from 5pm to 7pm GMT

Days of Eid: from 7am to 5pm GMT

Call Israelis and remind them that justice is not far along.

Call: +972 + (54) or (52) or (50) + seven random numbers.

For example: +972-54-1234567 or +972-52-1234567 or +972-50-1234567

Whoever answers the call, greet them for the Eid, and say one sentence only:

Happy Eid, next year in a free Palestine, from the river to the sea!

WARNING: Don’t start a conversation. The person on the other line might get hostile, don’t be driven into the hostility. The aim is to remind them. Say the line and end the call calmly.

It will take less than one minute to give hope this year. Spread the word and share with your family and friends so they too can call for Palestine! Make at least one call but there is no limit. Let’s bring in a new spirit this Eid to help us keep resisting!

Happy Eid

PS. Hashtag on twitter: #Call4Palestine

اتصال لفلسطين

كل مجتمع مقاوم يحتاج الدعم. كل شخص في ذلك المجتمع يحتاج إلى الأمل والتفاؤل كي يستمر في العطاء والمقاومة.

تهدف الحملة إلى تعزيز الأمل لدى المجتمع الفلسطيني الذي يناضل من أجل العدالة والحرية والعودة. كل شخص يملك هاتف ودقيقة يستطيع أن يساهم في منح الامل.

هاتف الفلسطينيين وهنئهم بعيد الفطر المبارك

اتصل على:

00970 + (0599) أو (599) أو (598) أو (597) أو (595) أو (592) أو (569) أو (568) + 6 ارقام عشوائية

مثال: 00970-599-123456

عندما يجيب شخص على الاتصال، هنئه\ا بعيد الفطر بجملة واحدة:

عيد فطر سعيد! السنة الجاي بفلسطين حرة من النهر للبحر!

هذه السنة لن تحتاج إلى أكثر من دقيقة لمنح الامل. انشر الدعوة وشاركها مع عائلتك وأصدقائك ليشاركوا ب اتصال لفلسطين! قم بمكالمة هاتفية واحدة على الأقل أو أكثر ان امكنك. لنخلق روحاً جديدة في هذا العيد لدعم صمود الشعب الفلسطيني.

كل عام وانتم/ن بخير!

*ملاحظة: رمز الحملة على التويتر: #اتصال_لفلسطين او #Call4Palestine

الرجاء مراعاة فارق التوقيت عند الاتصال. توقيت فلسطين متقدم 3 ساعات عن توقيت غرينيتش

أفضل وقت للاتصال:

ليلة العيد: 5 مساءاً بتوقيت غرينيتش إلى 7 مساءاً بتوقيت غرينيتش

أيام العيد: 7 صباحاً بتوقيت غرينيتش إلى 5 مساءاً بتوقيت غرينيتش

#OccupyPerth global with #ows #15m #yosoy132 #casseroles #G20 #Arabspring #russianrevolution #Sudanrevolts #greece #manifencours

dedicated to ending the corporate corruption of democracy
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General Assembly 11am September 1st -Perth Cultural Centre
Planning for International Day of Action – #globalNOISE

Occupy Perth have been invited to bring the following proposal for an international day of action to our local assembly and aligned groups for endorsement and involvement. Please check out the following and if it is of interest we invite you to come down to the Perth Cultural Centre outside the State Library of Western Australia at 11am on the 1st September to begin planning our involvement.

Please RSVP HERE – https://www.facebook.com/events/335391453220960/ – and share with your contacts!!


#globalNOISE was first proposed by spanish #15M activists and is now supported by many people & groups from the whole globe, for example from Interoccupy.org, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Sudan, South Korea, Australia, London, USA, etc.

Its main goal is to create a feeling of solidarity between all the global movements (ie. #occupy #15m #yosoy132 #casseroles #G20 #Arabspring #russianrevolution #Sudanrevolts #greece #manifencours). We think this can be achieved by doing the same thing on the same day all over the world – making a lot of noise! For example by potbanging, music, shouting, singing, … (It doesn’t have to be limited to 1 day – imagine we make noise on lots of different protests all over the world, united as #globalNOISE.)

Why #globalNOISE?

The pot banging, a.k.a. casserole march, may seem an uninteresting action on the surface. It might be more interesting if we were to coordinate an energy-blackout, some sort of online protest or hack, or a boycott that would more directly affect the savage system of capitalism. In fact, if you have ideas, please post them here(external link) for future actions.

But, a casserole march is not an imposition, but only just one example. It’s one idea out of of many that we can do. It is more important that we begin to think together and plan and agree on an action, any action, like this casserole, or a flashmob, or all run naked into the street!

And perhaps, #globalNOISE could be a simple way to create and improve a system of coordination and communication that will be required for future actions. Additionally, a global action such as a casserole march could be a basic way of creating the global awareness that makes the public realize there is a global movement that shares common interests and that will fight the scam of the capitalist system.

13 OCTOBER is being proposed internationally as the date for the event, because there is already an initiative calling for another big celebration of an anniversary on that date.

Together, our grassroots movements and organizations can create a single global action realized locally with worldwide effect.

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The Ride Begins #Mentalhealth #Australia #motorbikes #blackdogride

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From a good mate and a very good man, Steve.

please share this and give any support you can :o)


Black Dog Ride Newsletter

The Ride Begins


Hi Tony

This Saturday, 18 August, I begin my third national Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre. Hundreds of motorcycle riders from around the country will join me as we set off for Alice Springs on our awareness raising mission.



It all began 4 years ago following the shock death by suicide of my best mate’s wife. Some years earlier I had found my Mum dead, she had also taken her own life. What causes someone to end their life so abruptly, leaving loved ones and friends devastated, confused, hurt and often carrying guilt? Depression! It’s an illness reaching almost epidemic levels in our community and the leading cause of suicide. I had to do something to get people talking about the hidden suffering, to encourage them to seek help, to stop the tragic loss of life. So I hopped on my bike and rode solo around Australia in 26 days. The reaction of motorcycle riders across the country was overwhelming and Black Dog Ride the movement had begun.

Reaching a Milestone


We’re not usually big on blowing our own trumpet but today we’ve got half a million reasons to purse our lips to the little brass instrument. See what all the noise is about here.

Watch the Ride on Channel 9


If you’d like to keep an eye on us during the Ride it’s really easy this year. Media Partners Channel 9 will be broadcasting the Today Show weather reports live between 6am and 9am from Broken Hill on Tuesday 21st August, Port Augusta on Wednesday 22nd, Coober Pedy on Thursday 23rd and Alice Springs on Thursday 24th. There will also be afternoon and evening News reports from Black Dog Rider and Ch 9 journalist Simon Bouda.

Don’t forget you can also track us in real time through SPOT on the BDR website , Facebook and Twitter by using #blackdogride. If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter you can find all of this on the BDR Homepage.

You can help


The other vital part of our Ride is fundraising for the Black Dog Institute .Funds will allow the Institute to raise awareness and education of mood disorders as well as carry out more research into effective diagnosis, treatment and early intervention of mood disorders.

By donating here you will be making a difference and hopefully help to improve or save the life of someone you know or love.

Thank you….Steve

Help spread the word – forward this newsletter to a friend!
Black Dog Ride PO Box 524, Claremont 6910, Western Australia.

steve | Twitter | Facebook


#Australia #nuclear treaty rubber stamped – In the shadow of Fukushima, Government pushes ‘business as usual ’

In the shadow of Fukushima, Government pushes ‘business as usual’

Media release: Greens spokesperson on nuclear policy Senator Scott Ludlam. 15 August 2012.

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, recently returned from Fukushima, today urged the Australian Government to consider the reality before locking Australia into a nuclear treaty for another five years.

“The Fifth Agreement to Extend the 1987 Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training related to Nuclear Science and Technology should not simply be rolled over for a further five year period,” Senator Ludlam said in a Dissenting Report on the deal.

“The Committee’s report perfunctorily dismisses the concerns and arguments provided in submissions and contrasts poorly with its past considered and detailed engagement on nuclear issues. It notes there ‘may have been an opportunity missed to upgrade the agreement rather than simply rolling it over’ but then goes on to recommend that the agreement be simply rolled over. It’s a negligent outcome.

“While the nuclear industry’s optimism may have a therapeutic function, it is not grounded in reality. This is an industry deeply shaken by the global financial crisis, the ongoing Fukushima disaster with its cover-ups and duplicity, and fierce competition from renewable technologies which continue to outpace nuclear.”

Senator Ludlam said nuclear power was in terminal condition, as documented in the recently released World Nuclear Industry Status Report available at www.worldnuclearreport.org

The Committee Report on the treaty and the Greens dissenting report can be found here:


Media contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

W #Australia Govt & Police need to listen -> The right to a peaceful JPP protest must be respected – Greens

15 August 2012

The right to a peaceful JPP protest must be respected – Greens

The Australian Greens have called for the police and WA Government to respect the right of people to peacefully protest Woodside’s actions at James Price Point.

“Community members, including Goolarabooloo people are today protesting against the transportation of drilling equipment set to undertake destructive work at James Price Point,” Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“This final piece of the rig will allow Woodside to begin drilling in the sand dunes at James Price Point. This work is not covered by the environmental assessment being considered by the Federal Government as it is classed as Preliminary survey ground-disturbing works but, as we have already seen from other works in this area, it still causes significant disruption to the landscape.

“The State Government has already moved to retrospectively change the law to protect Woodside against a legal challenge to the clearing that it undertook last year in the absence of the appropriate approvals.

“In the face of a clear lack of due process around environmental management of this site, communities have the right to peacefully protest Woodside’s actions.

“Reports suggest that people at the protest – including those simply acting as observers – are being issued with move on notices.

“I hope that that the Police and the State Government will recognise and respect the right of all people, to peaceful protest.

“It is important we do not see a repeat of the heavy-handed approach taken last year, that saw grandmothers carried off in their chairs by riot police,” Senator Siewert concluded.

Media Enquiries – Chris Redman on 0418 401 180

Perth Public meeting Sat Aug 11: Hope for a free #Burma w @SenatorLudlam just back from Myanmar

Public meeting this Saturday: Hope for a free Burma

WA Senator Scott Ludlam – recently returned from Burma – will speak in Perth on Burma’s current situation, future prospects for democracy, and the role Australians can play.

Saturday August 11, 4pm – 6pm

The Lesser Hall, The Australian Asian Association

275 Stirling Street Perth

Senator Ludlam travelled to Burma in July to learn more about the changes in the country since the by-election that saw pro-democracy candidates including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi win 43 of 45 seats contested.

But with the parliament still dominated by the military junta and many political prisoners still behind bars, sanctions are being lifted and a tide of investment unleashed. What does this mean for the people? How can we support democracy in Burma? And what can we do here in Perth?

Meeting details: http://scott-ludlam.greensmps.org.au/events/public-meeting-hope-free-burma

More on the campaign: www.scott-ludlam.greensmps.org.au/freeburma

Media contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

*Crisis Situation in South #Sudan info, media resources to share widel

To All Media

Médecins Sans Frontières is warning of an escalating humanitarian crisis
in South Sudan as new refugees continue to cross the border from Sudan,

fleeing conflict. The camps of Batil (Maban County, Upper Nile State) and
Yida (Unity State) are of growing concern.

An official press release will be issued later today. We have excellent
spokespeople in all both camps and in the capital, Juba. We can also

arrange an interview with Médecins Sans Frontières Australia’s Executive
Director Paul McPhun who is both an excellent spokesperson for the
organisation and very knowledgeable about our field operations in the

South Sudan camps.

There is limited capacity for media visits in to the camps, but should you
wish to visit, we can do our best to facilitate it.

In support of our press release, we will also make available:

– A press dossier, photos, interviews with returned medics, interviews
with emergency staff currently in field
– Reuters b-roll footage from Yida camp which will be distributed through
Reuters network

– Patient testimonies and interviews with staff in Doro, Batil, Jamam
– Video footage from Maban
– Written patient testimonies, interviews with staff, and accompanying
photos in Yida in next few weeks.

– Photos of Jamam camp after a heavy rain.

The developing situation in the camps as reported by Médecins Sans
Frontières in each of the camps are as follows:

– The estimated camp population now stands at 34,099.

– We are seeing alarming rates of malnutrition and we now have more than
1,000 children enrolled in the Ambulatory Therapeutic Feeding Centre
(AFTC). 260 new admissions in AFTC last week.
– 50 children are currently being treated in the Intensive Therapeutic

Feeding Centre (ITFC)
– Médecins Sans Frontières has airlifted 30 tonnes of high-energy biscuits
for the most vulnerable and a further 100 tonnes of therapeutic food is
on the way.
– The people in Batil are completely dependent on humanitarian aid for the

vital necessities to stay alive – food, water, healthcare, shelter.
Delays or gaps in any of these elements leaves the population extremely
– Médecins Sans Frontières is now responsible for all severe acute

malnutrition in camp, and a massive scale-up in resources and activities
is underway.

– Yida camp is a health catastrophe for its 55,000 residents.
– Hospital mortality remains very high due to the late arrival of many

patients for specialised medical treatment. Patients, primarily children
under five years of age, arrive in horrific condition: in shock, with
multiple morbidities including septicaemia, lower respiratory tract

infections, malnutrition and bloody diarrhoea.
– Community Health Workers have been trained to help with early referrals
to Médecins Sans Frontières health centres to help reduce mortality in
the camp.

– Médecins Sans Frontières has established a blood bank and laboratory to
support the inpatient department in preparation for the malaria season
which will likely come soon with the continuation of rains.

– The estimated population is now around 55,000 people. Slow down in new
arrivals noticed since onset of rainy season but new arrivals now are
arriving in increasingly precarious conditions as their flight from the

Nuba Mountains becomes increasingly difficult.
– All roads leading into the Yida camp have been completely cut off and
the condition of the airstrip prohibits all larger cargo flights into
the camp, complicating an already tenuous situation.

– A recent Epicentre survey indicates that crude mortality in the camp has
been over 2/10,000/day for the last month and under five morality is
over double the emergency threshold at 4/10,000/day. This shocking

figure indicates that inadequacies in water provision and sanitation
infrastructure have devastated the population of the camp. On average,
six children have lost their lives every day over the last month.

(please note, this last point is embargoed pending the official press
release due later today, which we will make available as soon as it is

A quote from one of our nurses which sums the situation up:

"You see a lot of things here that are difficult to digest. When you’re
driving in, you begin to see people scattered about, but then suddenly
you’re confronted with a sea of people, most sitting down, sheltering under

bits of plastic. I’ve never seen anything like it. Most are dehydrated;
many have diarrhoea. Everybody looks ill and exhausted. Many have just
arrived after walking for 30km or more on foot. You offer people a cup of

water, and to see how fast they are drinking; how eager they are for water
— that is a heavy thing to see.“

Below please find our most recent press release, and our current B-Roll
shot list from Yida and Batil camps.

Overwhelming Refugee Influx Causing Crisis Situation in South Sudan
Médecins Sans Frontières warns of dire medical needs in overcrowded and
under-prepared refugee camps

Médecins Sans Frontières warns of dire medical consequences as tens of

thousands of new refugees crossing from Sudan into South Sudan find refugee
camps full and unable to provide the basic life-sustaining essentials. The
situation in Upper Nile and Unity States is rapidly developing into a

full-blown crisis as water supplies start to run out and relief is wholly
insufficient. Medical care is not enough when shelter, food and water are
lacking for people arriving in an already weakened state.

In Upper Nile State around 35,000 refugees crossed the border over a

three-week period, to find the existing refugee camps overcrowded and
already struggling to provide enough water for the 70,000 refugees in the
area. The new arrivals initially gathered at a temporary site but the water

ran out and, over Monday night, the 15,000 refugees remaining at this
location walked en masse the 25km to the nearest location with available
water. “We went early on Tuesday morning to provide medical assistance and

rehydration points along the route,” says Dr. Erna Rijnierse of Médecins
Sans Frontières. “It was a truly shocking sight as we witnessed some of the
weakest dying as they walked – too dehydrated for even the most urgent

medical care to save them.” The situation for these refugees could not be
more urgent and they need to be provided a place with water, shelter and
food as soon as possible.

In Unity State, the refugee camp at Yida expanded dramatically over the

past two months to around 50,000, with up to a thousand new refugees
arriving daily. “At this point what concerns us most in Yida is that half
of our consultations are water borne illness that are easily preventable

with proper hygiene, sanitation and availability of potable water,” says
André Heller Perrache, Médecins Sans Frontières head of mission in South
Sudan. “We see many patients, mainly children for whom diarrhoea can be

life-threatening, continue to come back to the hospital to be treated
several times. We are also seeing increasing malnutrition.”

Many of the new arrivals from Sudan have walked for many days or even weeks
and are in a worse health condition than refugees that crossed in the past

few months. Despite efforts of the few organisations present the conditions
and facilities facing them on arrival are completely insufficient to cope
with the recent influx, nor with the needs of the existing population of

the camps.

The start of the rainy season adds to the urgency. ‘As the rainy season
intensifies, the situation for the refugees becomes increasingly
precarious,” says Heller Perrache. “Some crucial access roads are already

becoming unusable and Médecins Sans Frontières urgently calls upon aid
organisations involved in providing the basic minimum services to catch up
with the ever increasing camp populations.”

Médecins Sans Frontières has a massive response in the refugee camps, with

more than 50 international staff and just over 300 local staff present. In
total, the organisation is providing more than 6,500 consultations per
week, including urgent medical care for the most critically ill of the new

arrivals. Médecins Sans Frontières has also engaged in prevention of
disease outbreaks by conducting measles vaccination campaigns for children
under 15. At various temporary points in Upper Nile State, Médecins Sans

Frontières is treating and distributing water but the available water will
run out soon. ‘That’s why it is so important more organisations get
involved in trying to move the refugees to more suitable locations and

provide appropriate conditions in the existing camps without delay’, adds

Footage filmed last weekend in Yida camp and Batil camp have been compiled
and edited into a Broll and a web video.

The Broll is embargoed until 9:00 CET Thursday 2 August.

Server ftp.msf.be
User ForThePress
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In the folder Refugee Crisis in South Sudan August 2012.

You can view the Broll on dailymotion via this link

The web video is already available in French English and International

versions in the same folder on the same FTP.

For more information please contact:

Iman Muldoon – iman.muldoon / 02 8570 2679 or
Sally McMillan – sally.mcmillan / 0447 482 379

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Médecins Sans Frontières team fights Ebola outbreak in Uganda

Kigadi, 1 August 2012 – An emergency team from the international medical humanitarian organisation…

Slum environment worsens spread of cholera in Freetown

Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown is currently struggling to contain a cholera outbreak, which has…

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Safeguards on uranium sales to Emirates entirely unsafe #UAE #Auspol @SenatorLudlam #australia

Safeguards on uranium sales to Emirates entirely unsafe

Media release: Australian Greens nuclear policy spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam. 1 August 2012

Greens nuclear policy spokesperson Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said the Federal Government should declare whether there are any countries to which it will not sell uranium after it sealed a deal with the United Arab Emirates today.

"Apart from North Korea, is there any country this government has ruled out as a uranium customer? India refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but Labor wants to sell uranium to India. Iran seems an obvious one, but the government cut a uranium deal with Russia – and Russia, among other things, is assisting Iran’s nuclear program.”

Senator Ludlam was speaking from Japan after visiting Fukushima, the site of an ongoing nuclear crisis which involved Australian uranium.

“Whatever assurances the UAE government gives, can we trust a regime that denies its people basic political and human rights? Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan has indicated the UAE has no plans for uranium enrichment ‘for now’. What guarantees do we have into the future? The government of the United Arab Emirates is a dictatorship and not accountable to its people in any way.

“This continues the pattern of successive Australian Governments in allowing the agenda of the uranium industry to override our national security and non-proliferation interests. The uranium mining industry has long been extremely liberal in its choice of customers; the Australian Government on the other hand is supposed to represent a broader constituency.

"Without nuclear power stations – there can be no nuclear weapons, no possibility of fuels being stolen to build ‘dirty bombs’, no possibility of a nuclear power station being hit by a conventional bomb and setting off a nuclear explosion. The events of recent months have made it abundantly clear the Middle East is volatile. Do we really want the entire region pursuing nuclear power?”

Media contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302