#Australia Greens WA point to Government’s #Energy Shambles

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


Greens WA point to WA Government’s Energy Shambles

24 May 2013

Greens WA spokesperson on Energy policy, Robin Chapple MLC, today again blasted the state government over the ongoing Muja power station fiasco.

“Most informed observers have said from the outset that the Muja revival was a mistake.

“Minister Nahan has now publicly foreshadowed that he will shortly put this disastrous exercise in futility to rest.

“It’s hard to know where to start in commenting on this debacle. From the outset, this proposal was an unnecessary investment in furthering outdated fossil fuel policy, and was ripe with potential for cost blowouts.

“$250 million was a huge sum of money, which would have been better spent promoting renewable energy in Western Australia. Why does this Government consistently pander to the fossil fuel industries, while barely bothering to look at renewable energy options and new technologies?” asked Mr Chapple.

“Perhaps if the government invested in the real barriers to energy reform – the inaccessible distribution network, archaic access arrangements and ‘locked-in’ coal and gas contracts which renewable generators find so prohibitive, then the future of energy generation could begin.

“I sympathise with the Minister, to the extent that he has inherited this white elephant, but his job is to look ahead, not lament the “nightmares” he says this issue gives him. Sieze the moment, Mr Nahan, and grasp this opportunituy to set WA’s energy policy on the road to a sustainable future.

“Only the Greens have a detailed plan for powering WA without throwing good money after bad on flops like Muja. Our Energy 2029 plan would be a good foundation for the Minister’s so-called sweeping review of his portfolio”, Mr Chapple concluded.

Energy 2029 plan: http://www.greenswa.net.au/energy2029

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 9486 8255

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Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region

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