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Over the last few weeks the scandals and revelations have kept coming, as the scale of the United States’ secret surveillance apparatus, such as NSA PRISM, is slowly being revealed to the world. What we see now is a dragnet spying operation targeting everyone: you, your family, your friends, community groups, religious organisations, activists and political parties from all over the world.

Privacy is still a fundamental human right in the information age. It protects our dignity from those who would wish us harm and prevents the state from intruding into our lives. Privacy gives us the freedom to live our lives the way we want to and we need to defend it!

Actions are being planned on July 6 all around Australia. Get involved!

We have confirmation of the following speakers;

* The Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam
* EFA : Electronic Frontiers Australia chair David Cake
* independent journalist and online activist extraordinaire Tony "Perthtones Activism" Serve

We’re also expecting to have an announcement soon for speakers from the WikiLeaksParty and Pirate Party Australia.

Please share the following flyer with your networks and help as you can promoting this event…

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MEDIA: Domestic Power Bills Could Double as Gorgon Gas Enters Market

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


Domestic Power Bills Could Double as Gorgon Gas Enters Market

25 June 2013

Greens WA spokesperson on Energy policy, Robin Chapple MLC, today called on the state government to spill the beans on future power prices for WA families.

“I fear that power prices could double, almost overnight, as current domestic gas contracts expire over the next few years, to be replaced by new arrangements with North-West resource giants like the Gorgon project.

“We need to realize that something like 60% of the electricity used on the grid which supplies Perth, and most of the South-West, is generated using gas as a fuel – we’re not just talking about gas used directly for domestic cooking and heating.

“At Parliamentary Estimates hearings last year, I forced Synergy to confess that they had no surety of gas supply beyond 2015 – this is the scary part, because they’ve since negotiated new contracts with Gorgon, in a secret deal which will wind up costing Perth consumers dearly.

“In Parliament last week, in response to a direct question from me, the Minister refused to disclose details of the deal – instead falling back on that worn-out bureaucratic cliché of “commercially confidential”!

“Industry observers are well aware of what a lousy deal the government has done on taxpayer’s behalf – I fear we are looking down the barrel of well over a hundred if not two hundred precent increase in the wholesale supply price beyond 2015. ‘They got well-and-truly screwed’ was one insider’s succinct comment to me!

“The sorry tale of energy policy in WA over my time as a member of Parliament just gets worse, regardless of which team is currently governing. This state is heading towards a future where its major electricity grid becomes a stranded asset – beholden to ever-increasing fuel costs and maintenance issues.

“The economic case against renewable energy has had its day – the relative cost curves are now crossing over to make renewables the only sensible option for our future. The Minister for Energy should stand up to the Premier and make a serious effort to recast this state’s future energy landscape.

“So far, only the Greens have delivered a costed and viable renewable vision through our Energy 2029 plan”, concluded Mr Chapple.

Energy 2029 plan:

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 9486 8255

All the best

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region

PO Box 94, West Perth WA 6872

41 Havelock Street, West Perth. WA 6005

Phone: Robin.Chapple | Freecall: 1800 138 610 | WEB:

Our office provides a facility for members of the public to ask their own Parliamentary Questions through my website at Questions on Notice are preferred, instructions and templates are provided.

“Then they came for the Academics…” W #Australia’s Curtin University must reverse mass redundancies

Curtin University must reverse mass redundancies

Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam. 24 Jun 2013.

The Australian Greens today called on Curtin University management to reverse any moves to make their academic workforce redundant and force them to reapply for a smaller pool of jobs. Curtin University has begun this process by spilling all academic positions across four schools, with at least 45 positions being abolished.

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, a Curtin graduate, said the move was “beyond belief”.

“This is an unprecedented attack on university staff and the students they educate. Curtin University’s move to sack its entire academic staff and force them to scramble for a drastically slashed number of positions is outrageous. This will not only undermine wages and conditions, it will gravely diminish Curtin’s capacity to operate as a university.

“The University Council meeting this Wednesday night should reverse the mass redundancies and reject any future plans to roll this appalling scheme out across the entire university.

“If Labor or the Coalition pursues their shared plan to cut billions from higher education funding, this kind of industrial warfare will be replicated by management at universities across the country – with devastating results for Australia’s research sector, economy, and society. It must be stopped here.”

Greens spokesperson for higher education Lee Rhiannon said "If Curtin University management is allowed to get away with this appalling attack on academic jobs it will set a dangerous precedent for industrial disputes on campuses across the country”.

"Academic jobs are on the chopping block at Swinburne, Sydney and NSW universities and there is industrial action across all Victorian campuses.

“It is unacceptable for university management to purge their existing loyal employees without any due process. This is tantamount to sacking an entire workforce. Staff are in the dark as to whether they will be given any preference against external applicants in the race for a smaller pool of jobs”, said Senator Rhiannon.

Contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

Leila: “Thank you to all the #Australia-ns who haven’t abandoned us on the forgotten Island.” #refugees #chi ldren #UNHCR

from our friends at @GetUp….

Breaking news: we’ve just learned that it appears that children and families were today relocated from Manus Island Detention Centre. Read on for a message from Leila. Your details have not been shared with anyone.

Dear tony,

Today, on World Refugee Day, I received the best message – the news I’ve been waiting to hear every day now for almost a year: "My family is finally getting off Manus Island!" my young friend told me.

Overjoyed, she asked me to pass this on to you: "Thank you to all the Australians who haven’t abandoned us on the forgotten Island.”

She is the young asylum seeker who earlier this year revealed the appalling conditions in the Manus Island detention centre during an exclusive recorded interview with us. Thanks to GetUp members, her message reached millions all over the country.

In that interview she shared her grief for the very young children who felt like they were being punished for something, but couldn’t figure out what. She recounted the heartbreaking story of a young boy, only 8 years old, who would lie down next to the fence and stare off into the distance, wishing he was a dove so he could fly away. She feared for his mental health. I feared for hers.

But today, I’ve heard news that my friend was one of the sixty-five asylum seekers who were removed from the notoriously inhumane facilities on Manus Island detention centre. It’s because of you – and refugee advocates everywhere – that Manus is no longer ‘the forgotten Island’. Our movement rallied together – sending postcards, emailed MPs, and ran TV ads – sharing the stories of the children on Manus in order to ensure that these families would not remain out of sight, out of mind. We did it.

You might remember the moment in the campaign, back in March, when the children saw their drawings on this website and learned their stories were being told on TV. She contacted me on that day and through tears of happiness said the children were literally dancing with joy. They were dancing because they felt that if we could hear their stories, they wouldn’t be forgotten. We’d have to help them. They were right.

Today, on World Refugee Day, we should all take a moment to feel proud about what our movement’s actions have done to bring about the release of the most vulnerable people out of the shameful and inhumane facilities that make up the Manus Island detention centre. It’s a hard fought and long overdue victory.

This is a big step, but it’s not yet over for the kids and families we’ve fought so hard to free. There are still some families – including children – who will need to wait until June 30 before they are released from Manus. Most of those whom have been released were transferred to Christmas Island, where the facilities are so overcrowded that we’ve heard families are crammed into the dining room. Processing has been stalled so numbers continue to rise.

But for now, we should congratulate those who made it happen. Today would not have happened without the sustained and tireless campaigning from amazing people and groups in the refugee space including, but not limited to, ChilOut, Amnesty International, Sarah Hanson-Young and the Greens, retiring Liberal MP Judi Moylan and the countless other refugee advocacy groups. A big thank you!

Today is a moment on the Manus campaign we can all be proud of, but the fight for a more humane system for processing asylum seekers and refugees who flee to Australia – including no child in detention – is one that we’ll continue to fight and continue to update you on.

Thank you,
Leila, for the GetUp team


PS – Did you see coverage of the GetUp Manus campaign on the home pages of the Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age this past weekend? If not, make sure to check it out!

PPS – In the coming months GetUp will endeavour to keep tabs on what is happening with the children who have left Manus Island, including visiting them in their new facilities and advocating for them to receive the support they need after what they’ve endured. If you would like to chip in to help us continue the campaign click here to donate: Watch this space – we’ll be in touch soon.

Media Release: James Price Point under Renewed Attack from State Government

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


James Price Point under Renewed Attack from State Government

20 June 2013

Greens WA member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Robin Chapple MLC, today expressed alarm at the Premier’s latest move to acquire land for a gas hub at James Price Point.

"While not a surprise, today’s announcement by the Premier that he plans to push ahead with his plans for destructive industrial development in the Kimberley, is very disappointing.

“The recent decision by the Browse gas developers to abandon their planned onshore gas hub at James Price Point gave all parties some welcome breathing space to reconsider their positions.

“What an ideal time this was for the Premier to move on and look at the clear alternatives which have always been available in this issue.

“Throughout this process the Premier’s support for onshore processing at James Price Point has made no sense on environmental, social or scientific grounds. The State Government could use this pause in proceedings to seriously rethink its unfortunate enthusiasm for the industrialization of the Kimberley.

“The Greens continue to strongly hold the view that economic benefits of any resources extracted from the Browse basin should flow to the traditional owners of the area, but that significantly better options exist for processing gas that do not involve industrialization of James Price Point.

“This week’s passage of a state agreement over the Canning Basin has apparently given the Premier a renewed head of steam for his obsession with an onshore gas hub in the Kimberley.

“We can now see quite clearly that the need to get the James Price Point development going has become an end in itself – regardless of the relative merits of any associated project.

“There is now no chance of any Browse gas coming ashore at James Price Point – and the prospects of commercial quantities of Canning Basin gas being extracted are dubious at best, and in the distant future – and even its proponents don’t want to use James Price Point.

“The James Price Point gas hub is an obsolete concept – let’s now leave its heritage values intact, let’s leave its precious environment in pristine condition, let’s avoid any further community unrest and division – rescind the Browse (Land) Agreement Act and the Kimberley can be saved for sustainable development and for future generations to enjoy”, concluded Mr Chapple.

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 9486 8255

All the best

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region

PO Box 94, West Perth WA 6872

41 Havelock Street, West Perth. WA 6005

Phone: Robin.Chapple | Freecall: 1800 138 610 | WEB:

Our office provides a facility for members of the public to ask their own Parliamentary Questions through my website at Questions on Notice are preferred, instructions and templates are provided.

#Journalism shield laws welcome, but no protection against universal #surveillance #law @SenatorLudlam

Journalist shield laws welcome, but no protection against universal surveillance

Australian Greens communications spokesperson – Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam. 19 June 2013.

Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam welcomed today’s news the Government will pursue nationally consistent journalist shield laws but warned they would offer little protection in the face of ubiquitous metadata surveillance and the Government’s proposed data retention scheme.

“Data retention has serious consequences for press freedom. It is impossible for journalist shield laws or whistleblower laws – basic requirements in a functioning democracy – to be effective if data retention will allow for hunting down sources through telephone and email records,” said Senator Ludlam.

“If the Government is serious about shield laws that will help the media hold government and corporate power to account – it must abandon the data retention scheme and do all it can to refuse and resist foreign governments spying on Australians.”

Yesterday Senator Ludlam introduced the ‘Get A Warrant’ Bill which will amend the Telecommunications Interception and Access Act to make government agencies get a warrant to access communication records.

“In 2011-2012 government agencies, not including ASIO, made 293,501 requests to access communications data – without a warrant. Unless our amendment to the Act is accepted, journalist shield laws will be basically worthless because government agencies will be able to track down journalists’ sources. Shield laws are not enough – we need to defend the privacy of 22 million Australians.”

Contact: Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

Report/ Photos/ Vid – Solidarity with Ecuador & Julian Assange in London by Ciaron O’Reilly

​Great work from Ciaron…​

Report/ Photos/ Vid – Solidarity with Ecuador & Julian

Assange in London

by Ciaron O’Reilly

Photos & Short vids (thanx to Bradleylibero)

Wed June 19th will mark a year since WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange entered the

Ecuadorian embassy in London seeking sanctuary. The Ecuadorian government

was immediately threatened in private correspondence from British Foreign Minister

Hague with the loss of diplomatic status and a consequent raid. The Ecuadorian

government made the private threat public, held their ground and conducted an inquiry

into the Assange case. This was the same government that had previously responded

to a U.S. request for a U.S. military base in Ecuador with, "if you let us have an

Ecuadoran base in Florida?"

During this period of inquiry, the London Met were deployed in large numbers around

the embassy with 30 police stationed there 24/7. Anti-War, human rights, Latino,

Veterans for Peace, Catholic Worker, Occupy & other activists maintained a solidarity

vigil at the embassy. Following the completion of the Ecuadorian inquiry and the formal

granting of asylum for Julian Assange in August 2012, the Met bobbies left to be

replaced by 10 members of the Diplomatic Protection section of the Met and a police

conference van permanently parked. This 24/7 police presence has been maintained

for the past year at a cost of 4 million quid. On a significantly smaller budget, a daily

vigil of solidarity activists has been sustained (presently 4-6pm).

Sunday June 16th. 2013 was chosen as a time to mobilise as Ecuador’s Foreign

Minister Ricardo Patino was to visit Julian Assange before his meeting with British

Foreign Minister William Hague the following day.

The first sight that greeted activists on exiting the Knighstbridge tube

station was Sue & Roland’s motor home transformed into

the "Free Tea, Free Assange" takeaway. The caboose was parked next to an

exclusive Gran Cafe facing Harrods, serving folks throughout the afternoon. We

started setting up banners and were soon joined by the Ecuadorian community.

Support grew to about 130+ by about 4pm. Word came through that the foreign

minister had been delayed with an ETA of 6.30pm. We were blessed with fine

weather and settled in for the duration. Fortunately, John McClean had brought

his guitar! Songs alternated between an Aussie Kiwi combo

and the Ecuadorian community .

In breaks between songs, media interviews were conducted and the Ecuadorian

folks led us in chanting. At 6.30 the Ecuadorian foreign minister arrived waving to

the crowd and entered the embassy. Singing resumed and after a while curtains were

drawn back and Ricardo Patino and Julian Assange appeared at the window of the

embassy. Between us and them were the London Metropolitan Police, mainstream

media and a sealed U.S. Grand Jury indictment for the WikiLeaks founder.

In other places, Jeremy Hammond & Bradley Manning are already in chains, Edward

Snowden is hotly pursued by the same powers. The courage of these people, the

WikiLeaks crew and the Ecuadorian people inspires us all. Hopefully such courageous

and solidarity is contagious. The world literally depends on its transmission. If that

sunny afternoon on a sidewalk in Knightsbride/ London with the Ecuadorian

community and friends is anything to go by, it’s worth the effort.

Ciaron O’Reilly

"The poor tell us who we are,
The prophets tell us who we could be,
So we hide the poor,
And kill the prophets."
Phil Berrigan