Andrew, brother of @PeterGreste speaking on #australia’s Fairfax radio n’work from #Egypt #freeAJstaff

Journalism is not Terrorism

There’s a chance that australian journalist Peter Greste ( @PeterGreste’s twitter account being looked after by family.) may be set free from a jail in Cairo this wednesday as charges against him and several colleagues are heard in an Egyptian court for the first time. Fairfax News’s Tony Serve ( @perthtones ) spoke to his brother Andrew who’s in Cairo to help secure his brother’s freedom.

Interview with Andrew Greste in Cairo

Part 1 ( 8 minutes 46 seconds )

Part 2 ( 10 minutes 09 seconds )

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Al Jazeera news crew Baher Mohamed, Mohammed Fahmy & Peter Greste Andrew says Peter is holding up well despite 2 months in grim conditions, with only one hour a day out of his cell. Peter is concerned for his Al Jazeera colleagues who are in a jail even tougher than his. andrew’s told us  Peter is aware of the massive global campaign to free the Journalists who’ve basically been jailed for doing their job, interviewing members of the now banned muslim brotherhood. Politicians from the US to Indonesia have joined more than half a million people positing on twitter to free the AJ staff, and many thousands of journos posting pics of themselves with tape over their mouths as a symbol of silenced journalism. Peter’s mother and father have contacted the Egyptian Govt & offered to swap places with jailed son peter, but Andrew says there is a chance charges may be dropped for lack of evidence & he can’t wait for wednesday. ts fairfax radio news BhoomUfCQAAFT0K #freeAJstaff