when the land & the island were joined, the people and the land were joined – audio Assoc Prof. Len Collard, Noongar Elder

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When the land & the island were joined, the people and the land were joined.

West Australia before European invasion – ( audio )

Assoc Prof. Len Collard, Noongar Elder.

Perth Radio 6PR’s “The Way We Were” with Tony Serve ( @perthtones )


always was,

always will be,

aboriginal land…



Nyungar Wardan Katitjin Bidi – Derbal Nara

(People’s Ocean Knowledge Trail of Cockburn Sound & Districts)



Wanju Wanju Kaartdijin Noongar – Welcome to Noongar Knowledge

Nidja Beeliar Boodjar Noonookurt Nyininy:

A Nyungar interpretive history of the use of boodjar (country) in the vicinity of
Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia http://wwwmcc.murdoch.edu.au/multimedia/nyungar/

Most excellent TV series http://www.sbs.com.au/firstaustralians/

from @SenatorLudlam & @RachelSiewert What #budget means for WA people & enviro suffer

Tony Abbott has just delivered his first budget and as expected, people and the environment are the biggest losers.

Not only is this a disappointing budget, it’s also full of contradictions. While taking every single cent possible off low-income earners, it seems that billionaire corporations have been completely let off the hook. While pushing more people onto Newstart and into poverty, Tony Abbott has agreed to continue subsiding the fossil fuel industry at a cost of $3.9 billion a year. When Tony Abbott said that everyone would have to chip-in, he was clearly not telling the truth.

On 9 June join us to do something about that.

While we’re still looking through all the details, here’s what the budget will mean for you in WA:

  • Rolling out the user pays system from $7 payment to visit doctor to completely deregulating universities.
  • More pressure on both old and young – the pension age will be raised to 70 by 2035, while young people, particularly those with a partial disability, are pushed onto dismally low payments.
  • Reducing FTB-B thresholds, changes to Newstart and new indexation rates will hit single parents the hardest, while support payments like the education supplement have been cut.
  • 1200 new affordable rental homes will be axed in WA while there is nothing in the budget for homelessness or to deal with the housing crisis.
  • 866 million are set aside to be spent on bulldozing the Beeliar Wetlands by building Roe Highway through them, and to turn Stock Road and High Street into motorways.
  • 43.5 million in cuts to ABC and SBS.

This budget is bad news, but we’ve got to keep fighting. That’s why we’ve organised a get-together where we’ll be able to talk about what community action we can take to respond. Will you join us on 9 June when we’ll talk about the budget in more detail?

It’s also disappointing to see that Tony Abbott’s first budget has failed to deliver the long term structural reforms that address critical challenges like global warming. Instead of investing in a renewable energy future he is axing ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) – which has invested $22.6m in WA projects so far and we are becoming a global embarrassment by turning our backs on renewables where jobs and innovation lies. Instead of being at the front of the pack when it comes to addressing global warming, Tony Abbott has relegated us to the back of it.

Will you join us on the 9 June for a strategy meeting to talk about what we can do in WA to stand up to Tony Abbott and his agenda?

We know that people in WA want a society where you can afford to go to the doctor, where disability and social services are supported, and where our environment is protected for future generations. The only way we’ll be able to build that future is if we work together.

See you on 9 June?

Yours in determination

Rachel and Scott
Australian Greens Senators for Western Australia

W #Australia social jistice summit -> The Difference We Make – @WACOSS Conference Tuesday 6 & 7 May


8:30am Tuesday 6th May 2014

Minister Helen Morton opens the WACOSS 2014 Conference

The Western Australian Council of Social Service is pleased to announce:

“The Difference We Make:
Our roles, our relationships, and our future.”

2014 Community Sector Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

6 – 7 May 2014

Irina Cattalini, WACOSS CEO will open the conference at 8:30am, with a Nyoongar welcome to country from Barry McGuire and a welcoming address by WACOSS President Steve Joske CSC.

The Hon. Helen Morton, Minister for Mental Health, Disability Services and Child Protection will present the opening address at 8:50am.

The international Keynote address ‘Driving change – the role and identity of not for profit community organisations’ will be delivered by Karl Wilding, the Director of Public Policy from the National Council of Volunteer Organisations UK at 9:30am.

Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda leads a plenary session on possibilities for Aboriginal advancement, with a distinguished panel including Australian Senior of the Year Fred Chaney at 11:00am.

This year the conference will focus on four key themes: Our Roles (recognising our role & promoting our value), Our Relationships (working collaboratively), Our Future (sustaining community service outcomes), and Our Business (successful people and operations).

The two day conference follows a networking day for the community, government and private sectors in which will focus on working in collaboration with one another to achieve sustainability of services throughout the Western Australian Community.

For further information about the WACOSS Conference please visit http://www.wacoss.org.au/WACOSSConference2014.aspx

Media Contact: Helen Creed on

9420 7222

20143004 Media Alert – WACOSS Conference v2.pdf

W #Australia – Removal of Gas Reservation Policy Short-Sighted, Ignores Growing Domestic Needs @RobinChappleMLC

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


Removal of Gas Reservation Policy Short-Sighted, Ignores Growing Domestic Needs

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC says he is outraged by the Economic Regulation Authority’s call for the state government to remove the domestic gas reservation policy.

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, an organisation representing the oil and gas industry, has backed these calls.

The domestic gas reservation policy requires LNG producers in WA to make 15% of production output available to the domestic gas market.

“To flog off all our gas is short term suicide,” Mr Chapple said.

“We’re obsessed with expanding and maximising our energy exports at the potential detriment of our growing domestic needs, and the needs of future generations.”

The DomGas Alliance commissioned an economic report that shows Western Australia will require additional production of 1100 terrajoules per day of gas by 2014-15 to meet new and replacement domestic demand.

Mr Chapple pointed out that our state is already the most gas-dependent economy in Australia, with natural gas supplying more than half of primary energy requirements.

“We have an immediate need to ensure supply as this demand is already equivalent to the total size of the existing domestic gas market,” he said.

“Removal of this policy is a short-sighted cash-grab in favour of big business that will do nothing for the long term energy security of our state.”

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on

9486 8255

All the best

Robin Chapple MLC

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region

PO Box 94, West Perth WA 6872

41 Havelock Street, West Perth. WA 6005