#UK VIP Sex abuse Scandal & #NewsCorp hacking/corruption trials, yes there’s a link @PeterJukes w me earlier today

@PeterJukes & @perthtones discuss the unprecedented scandals involving the #UK Govt, Police and Media

How to order Peter’s book, breaking news on thew scandals and more info on Peter’s site http://peterjukes.com/Even Longer Form

#TPP’s effects in #australia @TrishHepworth EO Australian Digital Alliance #auspol

#TPP’s effects in #australia @TrishHepworth EO Australian Digital Alliance #auspol

TPP Protests November 7-8, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement being negotiated between Australia, the US and 10 other Pacific Rim countries. But the agenda is being driven by the US on behalf of its major pharmaceutical,  media and other corporations, which want to reduce our rights to affordable medicines, internet freedom, local culture, labour rights and the environment.

TPP officials and Ministers met in Canberra and Sydney recently, and faced protest rallies and  critical media coverage. TPP Trade Ministers will meet again in November to try to finalise the main points of the deal. We are joining others around the world to say no to trading off our rights.

Sydney:11 am, Saturday November 8 on the seaward side of East Circular Quay, past Portobello Cafe,  South of the Opera House. 

Melbourne: 11 am, Saturday 8 November, State Library of Victoria, Swanston St.

Hobart: 12 noon, Saturday 8 November,Tasmanian Parliament lawns.   

Perth:  TPP protest picnic , Saturday, 12 noon Saw Avenue picnic area, Kings Park


Adelaide: 2:45 pm, Friday 7 November 2014,  outside GM Holden, Cnr Philip Highway and Oldham Road, Elizabeth.