Tony is a journalist, broadcaster, consultant, activist and educator based in Perth, Western Australia

Tony’s professional background includes senior positions in radio and TV newsrooms and current affairs in Australia, Asia and the Middle East, several tours as Middle East and South East Asia correspondent, and decades of community advocacy at home.

Business, community and political leaders at state and federal levels have been ongoing clients for media consulting, with a special range of courses for newsmakers involving “devil’s advocate” interviews to practice key performance and crisis management for radio and TV.

Tony was Senior Ambassador for WA Children’s Week for three years, judge of the State Youth Media Awards for ten years and is committed to making a difference in his local and global communities.

While lecturing in media at Murdoch University, Tony was rated in the top 10% of teaching staff ( 2002/03 )

Professional clients include police and emergency services in WA, major Australian corporates such as Godfrey Pembroke, Hopman Cup Tennis, Radio 6PR, and dozens of NGOs as well as groups in child protection and social justice advocacy.

Currently training and consulting for the Australian Institute of Management in Professional Presentation & New and Online Media, and broadcasting the occasional talkback programme on Radio 6PR.

Other in-demand services are Master of Ceremonies and compering, keynote speeches on media, mental health and social justice issues, plus voice-overs and digital video productions for broadcast and web.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. HeyYa Tony – I’ll move lateral to cover lotsa ground fast.
    After we tumbled Allende I stepped off the red carpet and basically have been walk-about ever since.
    How to be as effective as a very good sniper but diametrically opposite action? how to spike the psychopaths’ seductive control? I picked the logic and rationality of discourse. Which heh is easier to say than to actualize. #praxis #techne

    So that’s that I’ve been about for now 39yrs: beavering away at new technique, new method, new system. (Broadcasting is good; been there / done that. IT is good; been there / done that. Enabling gov’t likewise; BT/DT. Ultimately? Perpetuates status quo and dominant paradigms. “Unacceptable; move along.” )

    just this for now
    –@bentrem | @ITGeek
    p.s. by way of context: http://groundplane.wordpress.com/gp-101 | http://gnodal.protension.com

  2. French
    QLD  Branch,
    DSP Australia Inc.
    email address.
    National Office.
    DSP Australia Inc.
      have just come upon some
    information which confirms what ive been
    suspecting all along, the GOV is covering up deaths from suicide
    caused by people being breached by centrelink,
     here is a short video on youtube about the subject it
    even been investigated by the federal police as a crime
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QSdj5gXsx8&lr=1  unreported deaths
    caused by centrelink and job agencies
     There needs to be a serious investigation into this abuse of our
    most vulnerable citizens who are dying because of heartless policies
    of both our major parties and now that the rules on being eligible for
    the disability pension have been tightened even further whereas now
    you need a single medical condition which qualifies for 20 points to
    be eligible where before several different medical problems could be
    added up to get the 20 points,so now a person could have several
    serious life threatening  medical complaints and be put on newstart
    and be forced to look for work they cannot do then be breached
    possibly leading to suicide or early death from the stress of being
    sometimes on the street and broke through no fault of their own then you have the mentally ill who after being cut of income support commit suicide when a person is very ill disabled or mentally ill it takes all their strength just to survive it only takes a little nudge to finish them off, this
    must be a human rights breach of some kind with the united nations or
    something similar but it is essential something be done to stop what
    equates to manslaughter or eliminating the poor and ill in our society, if the government really care about the suicide rate why is one of the biggest causes ignored?

    1. You and your wonderful family are very welcome.

      I hope to keep in touch and am at your service if there is anything I can do along the way.

      I have no religion but a deep faith. That faith is nurtured by people like you.


  3. Thanks Tony for the George Carlin tip…a very intelligently funny guy…
    I have had a very enjoyable Sat arvo perusing some of his stuff.
    Hope yr weekend is as enjoyable!
    Warmest regards friend.

  4. Thanks Tony for your invaluable work in all area’s of social justice…..please stay…and dont go away….we need people like you batting for us! All those curved balls being thrown at us.!!.
    Ex state wards (among otheres) are old and weary and mostly disabled in some way. Barnett knows the people in these demographics cant keep the fight up, so he figures he will do a “james Hardy” job on us.
    Barnett has no soul. Mcsweeny has one but it is corrupt….
    We jumped through hoops for the gov redress scheme (redress scream) told our harrowing stories, told of heinious crimes perbetrated against us as innocent children, relived the horrendous nightmares and signed a contract for a certain outcome, for doing this.
    This contract has been breached by Barnett so many times it’s not worth the paper it is written on.
    Barnett is a cheat..as soon as he doesnt like something he changes the rules. No discussions no redress, nothing.
    Sorry to keep on about this but someone has to try and help these so very vulnerable citizens from being stomped on from the BULLY BARNETT.
    Forgotten Australians are already being tried to be forgotten again by Barnett and McSweeney…..
    Not gonna happen while i’m around!
    Not a second time.
    Spent 18yrs doing time with the welfare….my entire childhood….well they wont have my twilight years too.
    Thanx again Tony

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