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Links, info for Friday December 14 on #Assange #Psychiatry #BigPharma #Disability #NDIS #Australia #Auspol

Disclosure: I am a long time supporter of Wikileaks and the work of Julian Assange and all the others who risk everything to shed light on the ugly truth.

I was a mainstream journalist/radio host for 30 years, but no longer work in a newsroom ( apart from the odd fill-in to help out at 6PR & 96fm ) My work now is not objective, but I do strive for balance and welcome polite opposition.

Audio of Interview with Christine Assange as Mainstream Media focusses again on Julian Assange’s bid for the Senate.

 click here for audio of Christine Assange with Tony Serve Perth’s 6PR Dec. 14 2012 

***Edited audio segments here, grabs of 1-3 minutes on everything from Govt lies to Mainstream Media #FAIL – more to follow

CA on our tweets making us terrorists, and liable to arrest

CA ON Gillard Roxon lies over draconian new laws

CA on MSM not pursuing Govt lies

CA on MSM & citizen journalism

Wikileaks site is here http://wikileaks.org ( including the store  ) and needs/deserves your support , see also http://justice4assange.com

Follow @wikileaks for news, infoz from WL and occasional tweets from JA.

Follow & support Christine Assange on twitter @AssangeC  – cowards and trolls often hassle her so don’t be shy with support

(1) Legal brief to parl-#Assange Extradition by Jen Robinson: http://wlcentral.org/node/1418

Justice4Assange website: http://justice4assange.com

Campaign Site for #Wikileaks &#Assange supporters.. http://bit.ly/UroYTG

Poll suggesting at least 7 in 10 Aussies would vote for Julian. http://www.theage.com.au/polls/assange-for-senate-20121212-2b9rp.html

English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town...
English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town Hall in support of Julian Assange, 2010, December 10 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What the Australian Govt can do to end the “Assange stalemate” by Professor Donald Rothwell ANU College Law  http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/4408852.html#

Pollbludger’s William Bowe on Assange for the Senate http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/12/14/poll-bludger-win-or-lose-assanges-senate-tilt-will-cause-a-stir/

and his article from March 19 2012 http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/03/19/poll-bludger-assange-for-canberra-a-new-can-of-worms/?wpmp_tp=1

abc election maestro Antony Green doesn’t rate Julian a chance http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-12-13/green-what-chance-does-assange-have-for-senate-seat/4425990








Long standing Mental Health advocate & former MP Martin Whitely is running for Senate pre-selection in the Australian 2013 Federal Election. See more at MartinWhitely.com

Article on disastrous new diagnosis “guidelines” that will be gospel for Psychiatrists in most of the western world  http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dsm5-in-distress/201212/dsm-5-is-guide-not-bible-ignore-its-ten-worst-changes

Article on Martin Whitely’s highly recommended site. http://speedupsitstill.com/american-psychiatric-association-approval-dsm-5-sad-day-psychiatry

Click here for audio of Martin Whitely A 2012-12-14 at 16.04

Dexamphetamine Sulphate 5 mg tablets (photograph)
Dexamphetamine Sulphate 5 mg tablets (photograph) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friend and colleague Zel Iscel from EDAC.org.au joined me to chat about the effect of the much vaunted NDIS plans for people with #Disability

click here to hear Zel on the actual impact of the NDIS 

Zel on the right on air for Ethnic Ability Mondays 7.30pm
Zel on the right on air for Ethnic Ability Mondays 7.30pm

link for Zel’s radio show -> http://www.mrtawa.org.au/1/ethnicability.php

click here for the Govt NDIS website 







I recommend you follow my colleague  Maath Musleh (MaathMusleh) on Twitter @MaathMusleh. Lecturer at Al-Quds-Bard College. Journalist. MA in Political Journalism from City University in LondonJerusalem, Palestine

English: Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Gethseman...
English: Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Church of all nations Deutsch: Jerusalem, Ölberg, Kirche aller Nationen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tony Abbott reportedly apologises for heartless, dismissive jibe against people with disability

Below is a Media Release from Blind Citizens Australia.

Crop of original picture of Tony Abbott in 2010.

The thoughts are echoed by the people I work with at the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre here in Perth and the national advocacy group NEDA.

Mainstream media have largely ignored the comment ( available in transcript here ) and I’ve seen at least one reporter actually play it down in a comment on twitter.

Meanwhile Respected Canberra Journo Michelle GRATTAN has tweeted to the effect that he’s been let off the hook by media.

What do you think?

Can we believe his promises on Mental Health now we know what he really thinks about disability.

I wonder if he even knows that mental illness is a form of disability.

This is the internationally recognized symbol ...
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People who are blind have expressed outrage at Tony Abbott’s recent comments diminishing the importance of accessible cinemas for Australians who have a sensory disability.

The comments, made on Sunday to political commentator Laurie Oakes, implied that cinema access for people with sensory impairments was of a low priority.

Condemning Abbott’s comments was Ms Robyn Gaile, Blind Citizens Australia’s Executive Officer who said, “We are frustrated that Tony Abbott is diminishing the inherent dignity of people who are blind or vision impaired and deaf or hearing impaired with regard to one of the most taken for granted recreational pursuits enjoyed by citizens of Australia.

“We have had a long and hard fight for the basic right to enjoy cinema entertainment, just like anybody else. Minister Abbott is not restricted in the choices of entertainment he is able to enjoy and yet makes a disparaging off the cuff comment which could impact the ability of everyday Australians with a disability to enjoy the same freedom.

“We would expect that our leaders would respect the value of such a landmark decision to provide audio description in mainstream cinemas which advances the social inclusion of people who are blind. These comments are extraordinarily disappointing.”

Abbott’s comments referred to the recently reached agreement between disability peak bodies, including Blind Citizens Australia, lobby groups from the blind and deaf sectors, the four major cinema chains and the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities, Bill Shorten giving patrons with a sensory disability access to audio description and captioned content at 132 cinema complexes around Australia. Currently, only 0.3% of screenings are accessible to patrons who are blind or deaf. Audio description is a way to describe what can be seen on screen in a clear and private manner.

According to Screen Australia, Australian cinemas saw 85 million cinema admissions in 2007, with 67,000 people over the age of 14 enjoying a movie at least once in 2007. People with sensory disabilities have been largely left out of this market.

Cinema access is cited in Article 30 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which states that individuals with a disability should have the same rights to participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport. Australia is a signatory to this Convention and to its Optional Protocol.

Greg Madson, who is blind, is looking forward to the introduction of audio description in cinemas irrespective of Abbott’s comments. “I live in WA and can’t wait to get access to audio description. It is the difference of going to the movies with friends who are sighted and being able to watch and fully understand what is happening on the screen in front of me. This is a basic right as part of the UN Convention, but it’s also about me being able to independently enjoy a movie just like other cinemagoers.”

Blind Citizens Australia is the peak consumer representative organisation for Australians who are blind or vision impaired.

Media Contact: Jody Holdback 0407 808 269

Kind regards,

Jessica Zammit
National Policy Officer
Blind Citizens Australia
Ross House, Level 3, 247-251 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Web: www.bca.org.au

A map of signatories to the Optional Protocol ...
Image via Wikipedia
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Google & iPhone use speech recognition to increase accessability

I often check http://www.macdailynews.com/ and today found the following New York Times story 


Brings the welcome news of voice recognition on the iPhone through new Google technology.

Yahoo & Microsoft also provide voice recognition, and this story of Google’s big move suggests that the technology exists now to make devices more accessible to people with visual or other disabilities.

All we need is to let developers know their work is needed to create programmes for those missing out on the new abilities provided by technology to connect network and seek fellowship.

Great to see bionic limbs and a camera for the visually impaired featured in last week’s Time review of techno breakthroughs.

Please let me know any info or links you may find on devices that provide accessibility for the visually impaired or with other disabilities.

I hope to have the “Ethnic Ability” radio Blog up and running soon and it would be great to have contributors of links, info, articles, audio,video etc to share with people globally. ( see EDAC link in sidebar )

Sorry the Blog’s been blank for bit – assignmments to mark, practising new programmes, hosting and family have let you enjoy a break from my rants 🙂

And all the best to friends and family of Matt and Stacey who’ve enjoyed the iPhone slideshow ( password protected, sorry ) of the best wedding I’ve been to in decades.