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photo.jpg *&refresh=31536000&resize_h=16Petition defends Hicks from censorship bid | Green Left WeeklyPetition defends Hicks from censorship bid. Friday, July 22, 2011. By Simon Butler. David Hicks. Julian Assange, John Pilger and Noam Chomsky have added their names to a new online petition in support…
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بخصوص Hudna – reviving cultural practice in a high tech campaign to end killing in the middle east, and allow Palestinians & Israelis to live side by side in peace.

I’ve been asked to manage online media for hudna.org and have gladly accepted, formalising peace work I began to do with Eyal Ehrlich years ago – please contact me if you can help with geeky goodness or other practical support.

Our twitter, YouTube  accounts and website will be up & running soon – plase follow my personal acct @perthtones for new developments with Hudna.

More details of the revitalized campaign.. to come – middle ground rising…

Below are some screen caps from the website under construction – we’ll also be blogging and linking with peace groups, activists  and individuals across the Middle east and globally.



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Iran 14 Feb 2011 One of the hated Iranian Security Agency “Basiji” being beaten by protestors (via Iran Green Wave)

Iran 14 Feb 2011 Basijis is being beaten by protestor (via Iran Green Wave) * not pretty to look at

Video in this link and the vodpod below http://raymorrison.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/basij-beaten-up-tehran-14-2-2011/

via Iran Green Wave

Quote from Google and Egypt‘s Wael Ghonim’s overnight tweet:

@Ghonim: Breaking the psychological barrier of fear is the tipping point of any revolution in any police driven regime led by a dictator

This is happening now in parts of Iran. It’s happening at great cost to those in the dark spook-ridden streets where they are herded from the street to the sidewalk.

The Basiji use a tactic called “kettling” to drive their prey into a formation that’s easier to attack with batons, knives, guns and other weapons.

I will be tweeting  ( sporadically ) info and RTing in english, and also some messages in Farsi even though I can’t guarantee they’re focussed on peace and the protection of protestors.

Among those I’ll RT is @PahlaviReza Yes, of the Peacock Throne. With apologies to those who suffered under that regime it seems from my sources that his information is good and he’s certainly no friend of Ahmedinijad and Cronies.

salamaat shalom

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Google Egypt’s brave Wael Ghonim says h

Google Egypt‘s brave Wael Ghonim says he’s not a hero. His humility is noble but ignores the fact that everyone involved in #jan25 is a hero, especially those who died, and risked death, who were detained and tortured.

Right now he’s on a leave of absence from Google, desperately trying to find what happened to those heroes who disappeared as thugs attacked and police detained.
Here’s his latest tweet 1200UTC February 13…

RT @ghonim: A great moment today was hugging & kissing my wife & kids. I truly missed them & was so worried I wouldn’t be able to see them again #Jan25

Please follow and support his efforts, and believe despite the skeptics that peace CAN break out in the Middle East.

And please follow @peacenowisrael as efforts continue to stop the killing and hate in the “holy” land.

What a delicious, Biblical, irony it would be if Egypt led Israel out of the wilderness.

If the battered middle ground of people in Israel and Palestine were inspired by Egypt’s awakening and also sidelined the Govt, the Army, the religious zealots…and just made the peace themselves.

I know…”shut up you silly peacenik, get real!”

It just couldn’t happen in reality.

That’s what Mubarak and Suleiman thought on January 24 2011.

Think about it, there’s nothing to lose, and now is the time.

salamaat shalom



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At last some good news on suicide – Mental Health programs save lives.

There is new hope for people in poor mental health as Australia’s suicide rate falls by almost half in ten years. see abc.net.au/lateline story below.


The good news is tempered by serious problems in dispensing opiates recently revealed in W.A. and the lingering, deadly stigma of being mentally unwell.

But isn’t it great and encouraging that the death toll is finally falling.

And please check this link for a preview of some amazing stories and useful first hand advice from those who are unwell and hear the voices of their children. http://mentalmedia.wordpress.com/

the very welcome abc item follows…

Reaching out for help as Australian suicides fall

By John Stewart for Lateline

Lateline | abc.net.au/lateline

Posted 3 hours 28 minutes ago
Updated 3 hours 15 minutes ago

A young woman rests her head in her hands in a depressed pose

Despair: But Australian youth suicide rates have tumbled in the past decade (ABC News: Giulio Saggin, file photo)


During the past decade the suicide rate among young Australians has almost halved.

It is an extraordinary public health achievement, but one which has received little publicity.

Experts say a massive public education campaign and improvement in the treatment of depression are the key reasons for the success.

But with bad economic times upon us, psychologists are warning the suicide rate may begin to rise.

Doug Millen, a 20-year-old university student based in Melbourne, is studying hard and his life is back on track.

But during his final years at high school he suffered from depression and did not know who to turn to.

“I did what young people do and I jumped on the internet and Google for some kind of help,” he said.

He found a website called Reach Out, which had been set up to prevent youth suicide and help young people suffering from depression.

“When I was feeling like I wouldn’t achieve in year 12 and trying to figure out my sexuality, Reach Out was great because it was there when I needed it,” he said.

“It’s completely anonymous and I didn’t have to talk to anyone.”

The online advantage

The Reach Out website now gets 130,000 visits per month from young people.

The website’s managers say being online is a big advantage.

“For a young person who suspects things are not OK, they might not know who to turn to or be afraid to talk to someone about it because they are afraid they will be judged,” project manager Anna McKenzie said.

“So to be able to simply go online, Google something and have a look without anyone needing to know, that’s really invaluable and that’s what a lot of young people are doing at Reachout.”

The Reach Out website was set up 10 years ago when Australia had one of the highest rates of youth suicide in the western world.

But that rate has seen a massive decline in the decade since 1997.

Professor Ian Hickie from Sydney University says suicide rates have fallen internationally, but Australia has benefited from one of the best public health campaigns in recent times.

“In general, a period of strong economic growth and a period of increased awareness around mental health problems and a need to focus on suicide reduction has contributed in most developed countries throughout that time,” he said.

“Additionally in Australia there have been extra efforts in the medical world to treat depression, identify problems and respond appropriately, but also, in Australia, a tremendous community response.”

The Howard government‘s tightening of gun laws after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre also contributed to the decline in suicides, especially among young men.

“After the new gun laws were introduced, the rate of gun suicide dropped twice as fast,” Sydney University’s associate professor Philip Alpers said.

“If you reduce the availability of firearms, especially to impulsive young men, then the number of people dying by gunshot reduces.”

But suicide rates in many Aboriginal communities are still high and despite the overall drop in the suicide rate, reports of depression and anxiety are on the rise.

More than 12 million prescriptions for anti-depressants are filled in Australia each year.

“We’ve just had a national survey of mental health in Australia, rates of illness are as high as they ever were,” Professor Hickie said.

“The good thing is that rates of suicide have gone down so we haven’t yet dealt with the underlying problem, but we have got better at dealing with one of the worst outcomes.

“The greater availability of anti-depressants is also believed to have played a role in lowering the suicide rate, but prescribing the drugs to young people is controversial.”

Experts are concerned that if more jobs are lost, the suicide rate may begin to rise.

It is a trend that has already started overseas and workers at Reachout fear that stressful times may be ahead, especially for young Australians trying to find their first job.

For more information, head to the Reach Out website.

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West Australian Poll on planned Kimberly Gas Hub – your opinion counts!

This is a photograph of the Lennard River in t...
Image via Wikipedia

Traditional Land Owners have been threatened by the Premier who says “the land they want is only a little bit and it’s not the really nice bit” or words to that effect.

Colin Barnett is a decent bloke who has bad advice, give him yours by voting in this poll and passing it on to all of your contacts.

google “Kimberly gas hub” for coverage of both sides of the story and have your say.

thanks to the West for the opportunity

Poll –  The West poll as of midday local time. Should the gas hub be built in the Kimberley?

at midday friday 17th it stoodat ;

34% Yes, it will create jobs and benefit the region

58% No, leave the Kimberley coast alone

vote now – go to   http://www.thewest.com.au scroll down to the poll button on the right sidebar.

Traditional owners and other stakeholder comments very welcome, please click the comment button below or email serve.tony@gmail.com

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Spook scandal: the hidden face of the nuclear industry | Greenpeace International

The Rainbow Warrior at the port of Genoa in Ju...
Image via Wikipedia

Spook scandal: the hidden face of the nuclear industry | Greenpeace International.

International — Twenty-four years after the attack by the French secret services against our ship the Rainbow Warrior – which cost the life of a Greenpeace photographer – the nuclear industry is once again at the heart a major spy scandal involving Greenpeace.

Ikata Nuclear Power Plant
Image via Wikipedia
The status of nuclear power globally. Click im...
Image via Wikipedia
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Google shows alternative energy firms the way- Solar Thermal needed in Western Australia!

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

This is a great tool.

It levels the playing field a bit between conservationists and the explorers who had this mapping capability for a long time.

The key has got to be the values put in for exclusion.

What do you think?

Any big Solar like Ausra or Solel have a few minutes to look for sites in Western Australia – we need some renewable base load Power  facilities or the Premier is going to build Nuclear Plants!

click here for the story ; Google shows alternative energy firms the way.

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Net censorship – australia – Could The Clean Feed Bypass Parliament? | newmatilda.com

Senator Scott Ludlum Greens WA

Could The Clean Feed Bypass Parliament? | newmatilda.com .

GOOGLE Gremlins – BBC “search temporarily affected by false warnings”


Google - so many searches, so very few gremlins
Google - so many searches, so very few gremlins

The BBC reported this around 1700 GMT/UTC Saturday January 31st – it will be interesting to see what caused the problem.

If your service was affected or you can help with info please leave a comment


Fault hits Google search service

Google screen grab 

Users were warned that all search results were dangerous

Google’s search service has been hit by technical problems, with users unable to access search results.

For a period on Saturday, all search results were flagged as potentially harmful, with users warned that the site “may harm your computer”.

Users who clicked on their preferred search result were advised to pick another one.

Google says it is unclear what caused the problem, which is now resolved, but that it will make a statement later.

“There was a fault. We don’t know the nature of it yet. Everything has been solved. We are still making initial enquiries, ” a Google spokesperson told BBC News. 


Apple or Berry – here’s the magic we need for our touch screen phone

NewScientist has some great news for anyone who’ struggled with touch screens and big fingers – I hope Steve Jobs is all over them so I can get more accuracy from my stubby fingers on the iPhone

the story is here

the  video of the cool prototype is here

Murphy’s Law Muzzles Mighty Google Voice Search

The Google Voice Search mentioned here last week still hasn’t appeared in Apple’s iPhone Apps store ( A place I love 🙂 )

Wired worked out why as you’ll see by clicking below

I do like the Apps store more than I should – and some of it is really useful, not just fun – I highly recommend iTalk and it’s computer companion iTalk Sync for recording quality audio on iPhone and wifi’ing it to your PC/Mac.

The other big App for me is FRING – Skype and many other comms on iPhone no matter who your carrier is.

Google & iPhone use speech recognition to increase accessability

I often check http://www.macdailynews.com/ and today found the following New York Times story 


Brings the welcome news of voice recognition on the iPhone through new Google technology.

Yahoo & Microsoft also provide voice recognition, and this story of Google’s big move suggests that the technology exists now to make devices more accessible to people with visual or other disabilities.

All we need is to let developers know their work is needed to create programmes for those missing out on the new abilities provided by technology to connect network and seek fellowship.

Great to see bionic limbs and a camera for the visually impaired featured in last week’s Time review of techno breakthroughs.

Please let me know any info or links you may find on devices that provide accessibility for the visually impaired or with other disabilities.

I hope to have the “Ethnic Ability” radio Blog up and running soon and it would be great to have contributors of links, info, articles, audio,video etc to share with people globally. ( see EDAC link in sidebar )

Sorry the Blog’s been blank for bit – assignmments to mark, practising new programmes, hosting and family have let you enjoy a break from my rants 🙂

And all the best to friends and family of Matt and Stacey who’ve enjoyed the iPhone slideshow ( password protected, sorry ) of the best wedding I’ve been to in decades.

Great story from Fairfax colleagues – Google Street View brings ’em out of the woodwork ;*)

check this out for how new technology affects “ordinary” people 


A screen grab from the Google Street View images taken along Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh, US
A screen grab from the Google Street View images taken along Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh, US