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great yarn with actor & community builder @Farmer_Kylie on sacred things #Indigenous #Australia

Please also enjoy:

A talk with Len Collard on when Rottnest was part of the mainland… living memory.


Nyungar Wardan Katitjin Bidi – Derbal Nara

(People’s Ocean Knowledge Trail of Cockburn Sound & Districts)


Wanju Wanju Kaartdijin Noongar – Welcome to Noongar Knowledge

Nidja Beeliar Boodjar Noonookurt Nyininy:

A Nyungar interpretive history of the use of boodjar (country) in the vicinity of
Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia http://wwwmcc.murdoch.edu.au/multimedia/nyungar/

Most excellent TV series http://www.sbs.com.au/firstaustralians/

Audio – 3 interviews – Ex Navy diver floats real help, eating disorders in 5-13 year olds, new documentary on skin and race

Enjoy the 3 interviews below and please visit the websites listed for each for more info, and for how you can make a difference too.


SKIN DEEP airs on SBS January 2 at 8.30pm

Click the blue link to hear Franco Di Chiera talking about this brilliant documentary


Click the Pic to visit the SBS link for SKIN DEEP

“The concept of ancient human ancestry is extremely powerful, as demonstrated by the number of people who ventured out into storms to attend the evening. The formal feedback we received has been overwhelmingly positive, and there have been some wonderful references to how the screening of SKIN DEEP tied the evening together.  Well deserved praise for a film that captures the mystery of the human journey.” Steve Kern, the RiAus Senior Programs Co-ordinator, Science Exchange, Adelaide

Websites:If listeners want to know more they can go to the SBS website for the Secrets of the Human Body series of which Skin Deep is a part at:http://www.sbs.com.au/shows/secretsofthehumanbody/about/page/i/1/show/secretsofthehumanbodyOr they can also go to RiAus site at:http://www.riaus.org.au/events/2010/12/07/skin_deep_exploring_human_ancestry.jspOr for additional interviews, RiaAus “On Demand” including an interview  at:http://riausondemand.org.au/event/exploring-human-ancestry/

Finally, there is a trailer on the RiAus site at:



Ex Australian Navy Special forces officer doing something special in the developing world.

Click the Pic to visit TheSpark.org.au

Click here to hear Aaron’s inspiring story

  1. Spark* identifies inspiring young individuals in countries facing extreme poverty.
  2. Over 12 months Spark* develops these individuals as grassroots leaders and change makers.
  3. These young individuals, with the support of Spark* re-enter their communities to build projects, turning the tide against extreme poverty.

In 2010 we are focusing on Papua New Guinea, a country where almost 3 million people live on less than $USD1.25 per day.


Click the logo to visit the Foundation and make a difference for the “Unknown” child this Christmas

The Butterfly Foundation is working to save lives as we come to grips with eating disorders that are fatal for 10% of children aged 5-13 who report with the illness.

Please visit the site after hearing from Christine Morgan and if you can please donate, you’ll give a Christmas present to the “unknown” child who may be saved.

Click here to hear from Christine Morgan, CEO The Butterfly Foundation

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Australia – New Book, Website and Blog – Speed Up and Sit Still – exposes the ADHD Industry

New Book, Website and Blog – Speed Up and Sit Still – exposes the ADHD Industry (www.speedupsitstill.com)

Methylphenidate (Ritalin) 10mg Pill (Ciba/Nova...
Image via Wikipedia


Member of the Western Australian State Parliament Martin Whitely MLA, a former teacher, outlines the controversies surrounding ADHD diagnosis and treatment in Australia, in his book Speed Up and Sit Still published by University of Western Australia Publishing.

While other books have been written about ADHD this is the first to outline the science, marketing and politics of ADHD, written by a politician. Whitely became concerned about ADHD in the1990’s when he was alarmed at the number of boys in his class who were medicated with amphetamines and were unnaturally quiet and compliant.

In Speed Up and Sit Still Whitely examines the reasons for the massive increase in Australian ADHD drug use concluding, “Prescribing rates have exploded because it is in the interests of many stakeholders to accept, without proof, the hypothesis that ADHD is caused by a biochemical imbalance.

Drug companies profit, busy clinicians get a quick, easy, lucrative diagnosis and treatment, struggling teachers get a compliant child, governments get a cheap way of appearing to meet child mental health demands and parents are fooled into an illusory belief that they have helped their child with a quick and apparently effective intervention. The real losers in the ADHD debate are children who are completely powerless to prevent themselves being ‘medicated’.”

Whitely is scathing in his assessment of his fellow politicians claiming most leave the controversial issue in the “too hard basket” or do as the Rudd and Howard Governments did, “delegate the solution to the problem of reckless prescribing to those who had created it in the first place.“

Speed Up and Sit Still follows the money trail and outlines the influence of the American Psychiatric Association and the pharmaceutical companies on Australian psychiatric practice. It also details the history of ADHD in Western Australia and New South Wales.

Image by ADHD CENTER via Flickr



Perth is the world’s only ADHD child drugging hotspot to have experienced a massive (60%+) decline in child prescribing rates – simultaneous halving in the rates of amphetamine abuse amongst teenagers. Mr Whitely contends Perth’s experience is “unequivocal evidence supporting the commonsense proposition that prescribing amphetamines facilitates their abuse.”

Whitely attributes Perth’s massive decline in ADHD prescribing rates to tighter prescribing accountability measures and a robust local media debate about the validity of the diagnosis and the safety and efficacy of the drugs. He claims “Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart are vying for the title of Australia’s new child drugging capital because they haven’t learned from Perth’s mistakes; they are repeating them.”

Speed Up and Sit Still, covers complex material in an easy-to-read format aimed at parents, teachers, medical professionals, policy setters and the community at large.

To purchase Speed Up and Sit Still visit www.speedupsitstill.com

Forthcoming Blogs Beginning November 15

Monday November 15 – ADHD child prescribing numbers by State: Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart vie for title as Australia’s Child drugging Capital.

Monday November 22 – Patrick McGorry’s plans for early intervention in psychosis – a Stitch in Time or a Stitch Up?

Monday November 29- One year on and what action has the Gillard Government taken on the discredited National ADHD Guidelines ?

Monday December 22- New Research; beating boredom a key to keeping kids ADHD drug free (by guest blogger Dr Nigel Williams).

Note; All authors proceeds from the book are donated to Drug Free Attention difficulties Support Inc. DFADS (www.dfads.org) a not for profit support group for parents wishing to try drug free approaches for children with attentional and behavioural difficulties.

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At the start of Seniors’ Week in Australia – an old man’s poem sent to me that was tough to read on air last night – wonderful stuff

From Glen at the start of seniors week

My Grandfather (†); photo from January 17.JPG
Image via Wikipedia

When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in  GRASS VALLEY , CA. it was believed that he had nothing left of any value.

Later, when the nurses were going through his meager possessions, they found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital

One nurse took her copy to   Missouri.

The old man’s sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas edition of the News Magazine of the St. Louis Association for Mental Health. A slide presentation has also been made based on his simple, but eloquent, poem.

And this little old man, with nothing left to give to the world, is now the author of this ‘anonymous’ poem winging across the Internet.

Crabby Old Man…THE RIPPER

What do you see nurses? . . .. .. . What do you see?

What are you thinking . . . . . when you’re looking at me?

A crabby old man . . . . . not very wise,

Uncertain of habit . . . . with faraway eyes?

Who dribbles his food . . . . . and makes no reply.

When you say in a loud voice . . . . . ‘I do wish you’d try!’

Who seems not to notice . . . . the things that you do.

And forever is losing . . . . . A sock or shoe?

Who, resisting or not . . . . . lets you do as you will,

With bathing and feeding . . . . . The long day to fill?

Is that what you’re thinking? . . . . Is that what you see?

Then open your eyes, nurse . . . . . you’re not looking at me.

I’ll tell you who I am. . . . . As I sit here so still,

As I do at your bidding, . . . . . as I eat at your will.

I’m a small child of Ten . . . . . with a father and mother,

Brothers and sisters . . . . who love one another.

A young boy of Sixteen . . . . with wings on his feet.

Dreaming that soon now . . . . . a lover he’ll meet.

A groom soon at Twenty . . . . . my heart gives a leap.

Remembering, the vows . . . . . that I promised to keep.

At Twenty-Five, now . . . . . I have young of my own.

Who need me to guide . . . . . And a secure happy home.

A man of Thirty . . . . . My young now grown fast,

Bound to each other . . . . . With ties that should last.

At Forty, my young sons . . .. . . have grown and are gone,

But my woman’s beside me . . . . . to see I don’t mourn.

At Fifty, once more, babies play ’round my knee,

Again, we know children . . . . . My loved one and me.

Dark days are upon me . . . . . my wife is now dead.

I look at the future . . . . . shudder with dread.

For my young are all rearing . . . . young of their own.

And I think of the years . . . . . and the love that I’ve known.

I’m now an old man . . . . and nature is cruel.

Tis jest to make old age . . . . . look like a fool.

The body, it crumbles . . . . . grace and vigor, depart.

There is now a stone . . . . where I once had a heart.

But inside this old carcass . . . . . a young guy still dwells,

And now and again . . . . . my battered heart swells.

I remember the joys . . . . . I remember the pain.

And I’m loving and living . . . . life over again.

I think of the years, all too few . . . . . gone too fast.

And accept the stark fact . . . . that nothing can last.

So open your eyes, people . . . . open and see.

Not a crabby old man . . . Look closer . . . see ME!!

Remember this poem when you next meet an older person who you might brush aside without looking at the young soul within.

We will all, one day, be there, too!

Meanwhile click here to hear a brilliant song on a similar passage of life theme – the amazing Bonnie Raitt & Jackson Browne

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Mental Health isn’t a prority for Kevin Rudd…is he nuts! Mendoza resignation disappointing but not surprising: Greens

The logo of the Australian Greens political party.
Image via Wikipedia

Mendoza resignation disappointing but not surprising: Greens

en:Rachel Siewert, 22 August 2007 Author: Jame...
Image via Wikipedia

The Australian Greens say John Mendoza’s resignation as the Prime Minister’s main mental health advisor is disappointing but not surprising given the Government’s ongoing failure to adequately invest in mental health services.

Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for Mental Health understands John Mendoza’s frustration with the Government.

“It is an indictment on the Federal Government that John Mendoza’s expertise has been lost. I share his deep concern about the Government’s continued lack of investment in the area of mental health,” Senator Siewert said today.

“Experts say that $5 billion of new funding is needed to bring our mental health services up to scratch and yet the Government has fallen short of this investment,” said Senator Siewert.

“The Australian Greens have been consistently calling on the Government increase it’s investment in mental health and we’ve put forward a number of key initiatives which would see this occur.

“The Government missed an opportunity in its health reform package by failing to adequate address mental health. They need to go back and fix this as a matter of urgency.

“The Government can no longer ignore the growing mental health crisis in Australian,” Senator Siewert concluded.

<<Mendoza resignation disappointing but not surprising- Greens – MEDIA RELEASE 20062010.doc>>

Chris Redman

Media Officer
Senator Rachel Siewert – Australian Greens Senator for WA

P: (08) 9228 3277 | www.greensmps.org.au


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Join us in making a difference in mental health and ending stigma – follow @MHSMchat and @WEGOAmy on twitter and please visit, comment on the blogs listed below

You can make a difference, visit, comment, share with us as a guest writer



click here for some of my mental health posts

on twitter follow these awesome activists;





and please, see who we are connected to for many more great folk to join forces with

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3 amazing people on twitter joined me on Perth’s 6pr.com.au 882 6pr last weekend – Poet & activist Lesley Dewar, Advocate and #mhsm convenor Amy Kiel and Steve Andrews about his black dog ride this Sunday

Perth Poet & Activist Lesley Dewar uses the net to share and promote creative people and activist causes – and she’s having a ball!

follow Lesley on twitter by clicking here

visit her website by clicking here

Kansas City (Mo) Mental Health Advocate and #mhsm convenor Amy Kiel is amazing – join us 1000pm Eastern US time Tuesday, 1000am West Australian time to share and gather info, resources and inspiration from people around the globe.

click here to follow Amy on twitter

Please visit Amy’s blog by clicking here

From the South West of W. Australia Steve Andrews talks about about his black dog ride this Sunday, he’s even getting the State Health Minister to saddle up on a donated BMW to raise awareness of depression and raise funds for Busselton advocates LAMP

Click here to follow Steve

please visit Steve’s site by clicking here

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Amazing Documentary covering; brain function ( Mental Health in old language ), psychology,depression and lots more –

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase
A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London
Image via Wikipedia

Australian Broadcasting Corporation logo
Image via Wikipedia

The ABC Australia

Programme aired tonight was called “Stress: Portrait of a Killer”

An extremely powerful documentary.

The research resonated with my personal experience and observations as a long time journalist about stress and how it affects us right down to the end of our little telemeres 🙂

So refreshing to see unhyped, in-depth research that’s presented engagingly and totally relevant to all of us TODAY.
For those who missed it, look for it on abc.net.au/iView but I’m not sure it is available outside Australia on that link.

Anyone outside Oz please let me know if you can access the videos on the site.

It should be compulsory viewing for lawmakers and medical professionals, and is compelling viewing for the 50% of us directly affected by brain function irregularities.

There is a growing understanding that brain function goes wonky for everyone at sometime and one day the term “mental health” will be ditched and ideas of behaviour will not be exclusively linked to our spirt or soul. Rather they’ll be recognised as variations with complex causes but, thankfully, means of identification, prevention and recovery.

I was interested to see various sections of serious and rigorous research confirming what all we advocates know – that helping others can change your brain function.

It’s often draining, but it’s such a buzz having walked and crawled a dark and deadly path, to light the way for those who follow.

I’d love to hear what others think, and see what resonated for you.

Meanwhile – please help with resources, media and info

By the way I am still collecting survival tips from those who’ve survived and coped with depression; post-natal, PTSD, bipolar or any other variant, or panic and anxiety.

From this weekend I will  have set up a recorder at the following number in australia +61 8 94679885  or you can Skype Perthtones to record about  5 minutes of help for others trying to cope with their day or minute.

Skype Limited
Image via Wikipedia

I am focussing solely on tools or treatments that are totally free or are or provided by NGOs selfhelpers etc –

There will be time for professionals and service providers another time – this is for those of us coping with it by those of us coping with it.

  • Part 1 getting through this dark moment – the now
  • Part 2 getting through the next few days with all their challenges – medium term
  • Part 3  recovery and building resilience – long term

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NAMI Raises Voice For Mental Health – let’s talk lobbying and effective campaigning

Well done @NAMI for your work ( see story below )

A Healthy Blog » NAMI Raises Voice For Mental Health.

Tuesday night (USA) Wednesday morning (W. Australia) we plan to talk lobbying and effective campaigning – share success stories, and adopt the Greens strategy of thinking globally and acting locally.

please follow @MHSMchat

MHSM is Mental Health Social Media and we are mostly people who’ve travelled the rocky road and hope to light the way for others.

please follow @MHSMchat

Please follow our #mhsm convenor Amy at @MHSMchat

please follow @MHSMchat

We are also planning to meet via Skype conference call in the near future and set up a global clearing house for resources on brain health, healing and recovery.

please follow @MHSMchat

Anyone who derives income from providing MH services is asked to declare that as they join, and any other potential conflicts of interest or bias need to be on the table too.

please follow @MHSMchat

Many #mhsm crew are doing amazing work already, the chat is about us sharing, not re-inventing the wheel and forging effective networks for effective change.

please follow @MHSMchat

There has never been a better time for those of us who’ve been or are ill to have our voices heard and to effect much needed change and public education.

please follow @MHSMchat

As a local colleague says ” nothing about us without us”

please follow @MHSMchat

Geeks, bloggers, journalists and sponsors are especially welcome, because right now a very few are doing a lot more than might be good for them, so please help lighten the load if you can.

please follow @MHSMchat

more tomorrow

cheers and thanks

tony ( @perthtones )

click here for more from this blog on mental health, including resources and audio

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Join the Australian of the year, GetUp and scores of Mental Health Activists and Advocates to move from apathy to action

Image via Wikipedia

Everyone has Mental Health, some are crazy enough to think it’s not important.

The following is being circulated and acted on by many of us who’ve worked for decades for little or no improvement in Mental Health.

“This affects all of us: half of all Australians will experience mental ill health in our lifetimes; but most won’t discuss it, and most won’t receive treatment.

We need a national discussion about mental health — please forward Professor McGorry’s message to your friends, family and colleagues today.

— message to forward —

The Australian of the Year has broken ranks to record this video message to you about a topic we rarely discuss. Click hereto view his message.

Dear Friend,

Half of us will experience mental ill health in our lifetime. Of your friends, family and colleagues, about 1 in 5 will suffer in this year alone – but most won’t discuss it, and most won’t receive treatment.

The largest healthcare reform in decades is on the cards this year – but without our support, mental health may be forgotten. This week Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott debated healthcare for over an hour; neither mentioned mental health once.

Solutions are within our grasp. Hundreds of thousands of young Australians who desperately need help could receive it, if existing programs are expanded. Today, the Australian of the Year, Patrick McGorry, launches a campaign in partnership with GetUp. Click below to watch his message, share it with friends, and add your voice to his call:


Take the number of young Australians killed in road accidents and double it: still more lives are ended prematurely by mental ill health. It is the leading killer of Australians under 45, and the leading cause of disability in Australia.

But two thirds of those who suffer never receive treatment; and for young men that figure is 90%. We wouldn’t let this happen for cancer, or heart disease – or even for elective surgery. Our mental health system is in desperate need of reform.

To their credit recent governments have supported innovation and investment in early intervention services for young people. However, there are many overdue investments in mental health reform which are ready to go. We need a much stronger community mental health system. We need to set a target of reducing suicide to zero in a decade, and invest heavily in a national education campaign to match the campaign on road deaths.

With health reform on the agenda, this year is our chance to achieve real mental healthcare reform – but as Patrick says, “if it’s going to happen, politicians need to hear from you.”

Watch his video message to GetUp members and take action here:


GetUp members expose the truth, begin conversations and campaign for real change where others duck for cover. But there’s one crisis in this country we’ve never spoken about: mental ill health. Now’s the time to put it on the national agenda.

With hope,
The GetUp Team.

P.S. A senior official in Government told us just weeks ago that they are under little pressure for progressive change on healthcare – yet this will be one of the biggest issues in this election. In a year when massive changes to our healthcare system are on the table, we can’t let that be the case.

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Those abused in state care abandoned by the W.A. and Federal Governments as the UK apologises

The Peak Child Abuse group ASCA today tweeted the news of  British PM Gordon Brown’s apology to Australian child migrants acknoweldging it’s crucial to healing


please click the blue link for the UK angle

” http://bit.ly/aoM64h via @ASCAORG > urgent action needed 4 #redress 2 “


Labor and Liberal have failed at federal and state levels to discover a modicum of compassion.


Kevin Rudd was on twitter today congratulating the aussie girl who won olympic gold in the ski aerials, saying gee we’ll have to set up a new ski facility won’t we.


I had the temerity to reply on twitter

” @KevinRuddPM So if I win Gold at the Olympics, you cold fund some community mental health facilities – I’m starting training now Kevin! ”


Taxpayer’s money is used to stage boxing matches (btw I MC martial arts and support boxing ) build footy stadia, freshen up our dullsville foreshore and there’s always lots of taxcash when it comes to self promoting “government” commercials.

For WA’s Barnett/Buswell and the previous Labor wombats to halve compensation for victims of abuse in state care is disgusting.


Meanwhile, mainstream media is so tabloid and dollar driven that these issues are skimmed over or ignored, but gee my colleagues like to have a mass debate over daylight saving or shopping hours – day and night!


Nevertheless I am an eternal optimist ( sometimes a bit jaded ) and have high hopes for activism and advocacy on the net through media like this blog and on twitter.


So please join in, add a comment, ask a few questions of your local “member” and raise your voice for those who’ve already died as well as those currently in dire need.


The state government, meanwhile has announced that victims who are expected to die before christmas will get their meagre share of the halved compo package earlier than the others – really, it’s in the letter

Letter from Redress – click the image to visit the Govt website

It IS life or death – and for far too many of us.


10 Common Myths About Clinical Depression – guest post

Oil on canvas
Image via Wikipedia

10 Common Myths About Clinical Depression

Almost every mental illness ends up accompanied by a barrage of myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions that cloud the minds of the populace and ultimately produces muddied opinions of the true threat.

Unfortunately, one of the most marginalized and ridiculed conditions is also one of the most common. An estimated 17 million Americans suffer from some form of clinical depression a year, most of whom end up never seeking psychological assistance due to feeling undermined and discouraged by the perceptions of society at large.

Because those suffering from depression run a much higher risk of committing suicide or acts of self-mutilation than their comparatively healthier peers, it is absolutely integral to understand the complexities and widespread influence of the disease.

Only by making an earnest effort to combat these negative and patently false perceptions can the depressed begin to realize that no shame or weakness lay in their situation, thereby removing many of the stigmas and reservations still undeservedly attached to entering into therapy.

click the link below for the

10 Common Myths About Clinical Depression.

from Angela Petersen  at  http://onlinepsychologydegrees.org

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West Australia gets ready to DUCK & COVER to dance away the Uranium blues – Special Events Notice – You Don’t Want to Miss the Event of the Year!!!

*Please share this


A fancy dress fundraiser for the campaign to stop uranium mining in WA

WHEN: Friday 6 November 2009
WHERE: Fremantle Town Hall
TIME: 7.30pm-midnight
Fully licenced bar & supper available

Travel back in time, dust off your cool threads and get crazy for a cause at the Duck and Cover Hop – Fremantle’s first and finest retro radioactive ball.

Dance the night away to Harry Deluxe and DJ Atomic ‘Burn’, with special appearances by the radioactive ladies of Sugar Blue Burlesque and the Swing Academy.

TIckets: $30 unwaged / $40 waged / $60 solidarity *all tickets include supper

For more information:
Web: http://duckcoverhop.wordpress.com

All money raised goes to the Anti-NuclearAlliance of Western Australia, Conservation Council of Western Australia & Fremantle Anti-Nuclear Group

Sponsors: Fremantle City Council, Fremantle Festival & Little Creatures


Kate Vallentine

ANAWA Campaigner


5 King William Street, Bayswater WA 6053

Ph/Fax: (08) 9271 8786

Email: kate

Website: www.anawa.org.au

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ANAWA

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/ANAWA/147771085564

Myspace: www.myspace.com/473370523

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AntiNuclearWA

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HELP AUSTRALIAN ADULT SURVIVORS TO UNTANGLE THE KNOT OF CHILD ABUSE & Win tickets to the Big Apple by supporting ‘FORGET ME KNOT DAY’- Friday 13th November

HELP AUSTRALIAN ADULT SURVIVORS TO UNTANGLE THE KNOT OF CHILD ABUSE & Win tickets to the Big Apple by supporting ‘FORGET ME KNOT DAY’- Friday 13th November

asca knot day pin sd
ASCA Knot Day Pin


Win tickets to the Big Apple by supporting

‘FORGET ME KNOT DAY’- Friday 13th November



26th October 2009: Participants in the inaugural Forget-me-knot Day celebrations, on Friday 13th November, could win two tickets to fly to New York to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

Part of an International Week For Prevention of Child Abuse, Forget-me-knot Dayhas been established by Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) to encourage Australians to show their support for the two million+ adult Australians[i] personally affected by childhood abuse, as.

The Symbol:

The knot in ‘Forget me knot’ Day symbolises the ‘tangle’ of childhood abuse, which in most cases is a lifelong challenge for the survivor to unravel. As a society, we forget that abused children grow up – and for many adulthood is when they are first able to confront the issue of abuse and begin to heal the emotional scars. Unfortunately, the shame around abuse can prevent adult survivors disclosing and others from reaching out to them.

The impact of child abuse is not just felt by the children. The adults they become, their families, their partners and their community are all impacted by this tragedy. More than eight million Australian community members are directly affected by child abuse. In a population of 22 million, this is a staggering figure.

The Competition:

As part of the ‘Forget me knot’ Day campaign,ASCA invites all Australians to submit photographs of any object tied in a blue tangled knot to go in the draw to win a trip for two to New York, including two economy airfares, two nights’ accommodation and free entry to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York. The competition is active now and entries close midnight on Friday 6th November. Submissions can be made online at www.asca.org.au/competition. The competition winner will be announced on Forget-me-knot Day, Friday 13th November.

ASCA Chair Dr Cathy Kezelman said “We chose the knot to help explain the struggle or ‘tangle’ survivors encounter as they live with and attempt to overcome the damage inflicted by childhood abuse. As a society we can find the trauma of childhood abuse difficult to comprehend; so it is often ignored, left unspoken and unaddressed. To help engage people in this very real issue, we chose a public art competition to encourage thinking, discussion and debate about a challenge faced by more than two million adult Australians. Artists, creative thinkers and even laypeople can often explore and connect with complex issues through art and a trip to New York is a wonderful incentive to encourage people to engage in this discussion. I look forward to seeing the results.”

Forget-Me-Knot Day Campaign Components:

Through a range of activities including a national petition, a photographic competition, a ceremony of connection which involves the unravelling of a mammoth knot on an iconic Sydney building, ASCA’s ‘Forget-me-knot Day’ raises awareness of this struggle, and gives all Australians an opportunity to donate, and help adult survivors to reconnect with their community. Details can be found here www.asca.org.au/forgetmeknot

People can also order the official blue tangled knots pins from the ASCA website www.asca.org.au/forgetmeknot and donate to help survivors overcome their trauma and reconnect with their community.

The Solution:

With the right help and support, survivors can find their way through the tangle of child abuse and find a sense of health and wellbeing and re-engage positively in their communities. Listening, understanding and supporting are critical to the healing process. ASCA is a core part of the solution, delivering evidence-based workshops to adult survivors of child abuse, and workshops for health practitioners to inform treatment of survivors of child abuse around Australia.

Media Contact: Amanda McGregor ph: (02) 9492 1004 mb: 0411 222 311

About ASCA: (www.asca.org.au) (www.asca.org.au/forgetmeknot)

ASCA is a charity which focuses exclusively on advancing the needs of the more than 2 million Australian adults surviving child abuse. ASCA was formed in 1995 and its current activities encompass: a 1300 information/support line – 1300 657 380, website, newsletters for survivors and health professionals, workshops for survivors and their supporters, education and training programs for health care professionals and frontline workers. ASCA is currently developing a national network of services and practitioners with the experience and expertise to specifically address survivors’ needs. ASCA is the key national Australian organization to support adults who have experienced all forms of child abuse and neglect, and receives no ongoing government funding.

(attached: Image of Forget Me Knot Day Pin)

Amanda McGregor

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Mental Health Minister to address noon rally, can’t say what staff cuts have & will be made – Alison Xamon MLC Media Release

Alison Xamon MLC


PHONE (08) 9275 7474 – FAX (08) 9275 7574

The W.A. Mental Health Minister has told Parliament he doesn’t know what cuts to staff and services have been made in his portfolio as those behind the cuts of at last 13%,Troy Buswell and Colin Barnett, talk shopping hours.
mp3 audio cut 3 lays out the spin and distraction being put out by the Premier & Treasurer and runs 20 secs

Greens MLC Alison Xamon last night asked the Minister what cuts to staff and resources had been made and what cuts are coming. The reply was to the effect that it would take “some time” to provide answers.
mp3 audio Alison on his reaction and runs 25 secs

Ms Xamon also moved an Urgency Motion, supported by the Opposition, calling on the Government to spell out its plans for the sector.
mp3 Audio Ms Xamon explaining that the Mental Health Minister has little Idea what his Premier and Treasurer have done and have planned – runs 23 secs

Organisers of the midday rally to overturn the dedly cuts say they’ve been approached by the Minister, asking if he can speak to them as they deliver a petition to the Lower House.
mp3 Audio Alison on people in the public and private sector being fed up with spin and lack of answers to urgent questions – runs 22 secs

It will be worthwhile sending reporters and cameras to the midday rally to see what happens, and to interview the Auditor General who’s due to issue a report on the prformance of the Mental Health Sector around 1pm.

mp3 audio  Alison lashing the rush to make cuts before the AG’s report is handed down, and the lack of consultation with stakeholders, staff, service providers and those who use mental health services – runs 13 secs

There will be people from public and private groups like, the HSU, WAAMH, MHC, COMIC, RUAH etc, as well as the Minister, Shadow Minister, Alison Xamon, Many of my dear 6PR listeners and Twitter friends will be there too because this is life or death for many west australians and the damage will be almost impossible to undo.


please call talkback radio TODAY ( 6PR 922 11 882 )   You can also email Colin Barnett at wa-government@dpc.wa.gov.au or  Treasurer Troy Buswell at Minister.Buswell@dpc.wa.gov.au or call the Premier’s office today on 9222 9475, Troy Buswell’s office is 9222 9111  ( contact details are from the public WA Government website )

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In W. Australia – Some die waiting for a meagre measure of justice after being abused in State Care – a small vigil at Parliament today- Media Alison Xamon

Alison Xamon –

MLC for East Metropolitan

News release  (Tuesday October 13 )

Alison Xamon MLC for East Metropolitan ( Greens )
Alison Xamon MLC for East Metropolitan ( Greens )

Alison Xamon has been working closely with victims of state abuse for some time and laments the dwindling number of victims able to keep a monthly vigil at State Parliament.

The MLC for East Metropolitan says the halving of a meagre ex-gratia payment, and ongoing delays in paying even that have caused hardship and heartache that add more insult to awful injury.

“At midday today  a small group of our most vulnerable people will gather as they do each month to ask the Government for a small measure of justice that has been denied for decades and then cut in half.”

They are the last few members of the Redress activists keeping a monthly vigil, those West Australians who were officially acknowledged to have been abused while in State care, and many more who were removed from families her and abroad against their will or without consent of parents.

They will gather outside state Parliament at Midday in the faint hope that the Barnett Government will re-instate the full amount of compensation awarded to them, and ensure no more victims die waiting for the mostly inadequate funds

Only a few months ago a 50 year old woman eligible for Redress, but still waiting for its meagre justice, died ( click here for the ABC story of one victim who died just 2 months ago…still waiting )The money would have helped pay for her funeral, but even that late comfort was denied to her.

The Greens MLC asks “How many more people will die waiting – waiting for the full amount of Redress funds to be re-instated – waiting again once money’s been allocated for it to actually be paid.”

Alison is asking media to speak to the bravehearts at parliament today and hear how the Government’s funding cut and payment dlay are affecting people in our community.
Audio –
Cut 1   The Greens Alison Xamon says some of those waiting for payment were hoping to use it to travel to the family they were taken from al those years ago, and they are tiring of waiting for justice.      AlisonXamonRedress1-17secs-click blue link for short mp3 audio

Cut 2  Alison Xamon, who’s worked fro some tim with victims to get some measure of justic says those still waiting include a host of people originally from the UK as well as Indigenous Australians.    click this link for mp3 audio

Cut 3 The MLC for east metropolitan Alison Xamon says these people have been through enough, and the heartless State Government must overturn the funding cuts and remove ongoing delays to payments.    Click for mp3 audio AlisonXamonRedress3-17secs

Perth Mental Health Rally midday Wednesday 14th Oct at State Parliament, please copy and sign petition below – hear Greens MH spokesperson Alison Xamon on a tragic MH Week in WA

Email from Ingrid Bentsen Background to the issue

The State Government is proposing budget to Mental Health of between 10-15%

Where people can find a petition to sign

Copy of petition attached, When completed, they need to be returned to PO box  3167 Carlisle South WA 6101on or before 12th October OR BRING THEM TO THE RALLY

3. And about the Parliament house action

ALL interested parties Consumers carers providers encouraged to attend the official hand over of the petition at

Parliament house MIDDAY 14th October.

No permits for a march have been applied for however the gathering of a large number of people at Parliament house along with media coverage should send the message loud and clear.

The intention is to show the state government we are not invisible we will not be treated like the poor cousin regarding adequate funding and we will be a strong voice for those who have none!

The media will be there and some placards available hopefully making it easier to get our message out:



Click blue link for mp3 audio of Greens MLC Alison Xamon on a tragic Mental Health week in Perth



We, the undersigned, are concerned about the effect that any proposed funding cuts will have on consumers of the mental health services, their carers, families, members of the community, as well as the providers of mental health services in Western Australia

Of major concern are any cuts in relation to the much needed recovery programs, which are known to prevent re hospitalisation.

We are also concerned of the affect any proposed cuts would have on service providers, many of whom are already under funded and understaffed

We urge the State Government to oppose any such proposal and ensure that those involved in mental health will not have their health and lifestyles compromised

Secondly, we strongly urge the Legislative Assembly propose an increase in funding to raise staffing levels to a safe and effective standard

We now ask that the Legislative Assembly take every appropriate action to ensure the above.




Please clearly mark envelope petition and return to Sound Psychiatric Information Network C/O

P/O Box 3167 Carlisle SOUTH WA 6101

Australia NW Oil Spill, company links to Burma’s military dictatorship? Are we financing the Generals as we pick up the bill for their mess? OP/ED

Atlas West Oil Rig – we know where the oil-spill is going,

West Atlas Oil Spill 1
West Atlas Oil Spill 1

what about where the profits are going.

Are we helping finance repression in Burma - Myanmar?
Are we helping finance repression in Burma - Myanmar?

The 2007 AP, SMH & Rigzone articles below pose some very disturbing questions about where the profits go from the badly leaking West Atlas Oil Rig.


Is it possible that our Governments are indirectly financing the illegal Military Junta in Burma/Myanmar and it’s brutal repression.


Aren’t we meant to be backing UN sanctions against the Generals’ brutal repression and imprisonment of elected leader Aung Saan Suu Kyi?


Meanwhile we can only wonder at the standards of corporate governance of the operators as “their” oil covers our NW waters, threatening island, reef and mainland ecosystems.


Excerpts and links to media exposing Burma links are below, including related interview & video from Senator Rachel Siewert.

Click the blue text to see the full story on each

A search of the website Rigzone shows these recent links between the WA Rig’s operator PTTEP and the Generals

PTTEP & CNOOC Ink Asset Swap Deal
NEWS ARTICLE: of the Union of Myanmar. Under the agreement, the partners comprise PTTEP Myanmar
Limited, a subsidiary of PTTEP with 20% interest. CNOOC Ltd. as the operator
PTTEP, CNOOC May Discuss Myanmar Gas Block Stake Swap
NEWS ARTICLE: 24 hours with China National Offshore Oil Corp. about closer business ties that could
include swapping assets in Myanmar, PTTEP’s top executive said Thursday.
PTTEP May Invest $25 Million in Myanmar Gas Fields
NEWS ARTICLE: Title: PTTEP May Invest $25 Million in Myanmar Gas Fields Date: 8/3/2004 Body: Thailand’s
PTT Exploration and Production PCL may invest $25 million to explore


This  2007 AP article from the Star Via AP spells out the economic and political significance of the links


TheStar.com | Business | Oil companies fuelling Burma’s junta

Foreign firms are fighting for access to untapped energy reserves that some say fund a repressive regime Oct 02, 2007 04:30 AM Thomas Hogue ASSOCIATED PRESS


From the Sydney Morning Herald, also in 2007 ( how has the structure changed we wonder )

While Burma’s military junta cracks down on pro-democracy protests, oil companies are busy jostling for access to the country’s largely untapped natural gas and oil fields.

Just last Sunday – as marches led by Buddhist monks drew thousands in the country’s biggest cities – Indian Oil Minister Murli Deora was in Burma’s capital Rangoon for the signing of contracts between state-controlled ONGC Videsh Ltd and Burma’s military rulers to explore three offshore blocks.


Meanwhile, the Governments of Kevin Rudd and Colin Barnett are yet to answer key questions on the lamentable response to the oil disaster by it’s operators, let alone address the issue of profits possibly going to the Generals.

See the link below for the 6PR interview, pictures of the spill taken by the Greens and an interview with Senator Rachel Siewert

Youtube slideshow of the oil slick – also, Kevin Rudd doesn’t even use the word “environment”in his brief spin on air at 6PR with Simon Beaumont (6pr.com.au )

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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ignores NW environment as he spins a major oil slick threatening offshore and manland ecosystems :(

Kevin Rudd escaped a grilling when interviewed on 6pr.com.au about the giant oil spill off our NW coast.

Clicke here for 3 minutes of shameful spin (what about the whales & turtles Kev, they don’t vote, but we do!)  PM Kevin Rudd

There is a major threat to our offshore and mainland ecosystems, whales, turtles, sensitive reefs, and no word on why the company involved has rejected offers of clean-up help from Woodside.  see interview with Greens (WA) Sen. Rachel Siewert who’s just back from overflying the huge slick.

call your local talkback to have your say +61 8 922 11882 is 6pr.com.au

visit Senator Siewert’s site to keep track, this oil will keep spilling for the next 2 months!

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Perth Workshop for families with 1 or more people living with mental llness, you are not alone :

Registration form and more detail – click here

Click the pic to visit  COMIC WA - There is great support for families available.

Click the pic to visit COMIC WA – There is great support for families available.

Major Oil Spill off NW Australia – pics and interview with Senator Rachel Siewert on her overflight of the West Atlas disaster

The Australian Greens today released pictures taken yesterday of the West Atlas Oil Spill indicating the extent to which the oil had spread from the oil rig, and called on the Government to intervene in a situation that is clearly worse than originally reported.


“This spill is far more serious than both the company and the Government are saying. We were not prepared for the extent of what we saw,” said Senator Rachel Siewert, marine spokesperson for the Australian Greens.


“The Government must urgently intervene, to stand up to the oil company and start immediate action to protect these precious waters and the whale, turtle, fish and other species that call them home.”


The ABC is reporting here that Minister Ferguson says everything’s fine!!!

Well, if you stand on one leg and face NNE it DOES look smaller, but for the marine life it’s very very big and very very close

The Senator’s site will be updated with video and pecise co-ordinates of the oveflight soon, please visit and bookmark, share

West Atlas Oil Spill 1

Mental Health Forum in Perth Tuesday September 29 on plans for the coming decade – be part of the change in Western Australia September

Thank you to all the West Australians who took part in recent workshops hosted by Price Waterhouse Cooper to inform the powers that be about the urgent need for change in practice and process.

Out of Darkness

Join those steering the information process on Tuesday September 29 to hear about what happens from here. Please see the brochure below this post for details of the forum and share with your contacts.

The recent confirmation of Australia‘s suicide rate as not falling in ten years clearly shows that Governments and Service Providers have failed tragically.

Out of Darkness

No group has been failed more miserably than the First Australians, city or regional, who are suffering and dying at rates that higher than many third world countries ( don’t get me started on how little impact the Government and resource industry’s meagre efforts have had on their welfare despite making Billions from sacred land )

The deadly toll of stigma, misdiagnosis, over-drugging, ignorance,vested interests and plain inertia can’t even be measured because of the failed unwritten media rule of not reporting on suicide ( except if it’s a ratings boosting celebrity suicide )

The silence is deadly, and even offensive, as the media still gives oxygen to suicide kits and tragically wrong advice from the man known as Dr Death – under the guise of “covering” the Euthenasia debate.

Out of Darkness

A Perth woman with mental illness died horribly in Mexico after following his advice on “dignified death”, leaving her young children orphaned and a hole in the hearts of her family and community, including her since departed sister who was a dear friend of mine and the 6PR Perth radio talkback family.

Click Pic for Perthnow.com.au story

*Vale Carina Berg from the Overnight family

Click Pic for Perthnow.com.au story

Further on media, in a bitter irony a few years ago, when Dr Geoff Gallop was Premier we held a rally on the steps of Parliament to raise awareness of suicide in W.A. and lobby for funding for the life saving Lifeline counseling service.

Geoffrey Gallop Premier of Western Australia (...
Dr Geoff Gallop

About 20 MP’s joined Lifeline crew, broken hearted mothers and grieving, confused familes and advocates in a far too small gathering…there was no sign of mainstream media despite the alerts.

Then as if the clouds had parted to reveal the warming sun, the TV crews pulled in, one after the other in front of us…

The first and then the second “dismounted” with all their cammos and makeup… and walked straight past us!

I walked up to the next broadcast sationwagon to arrive and asked a young reporter I had mentored for a while years back where they were going.

He told me the then captain of Fremantle Dockers had made some politicially sensitive sports comment earlier in the day and they were there to catch Peter Bell after his confab with Premier Geoff Gallop, whose retirement due to Clinical Depression was a long way off.

Out of Darkness

Dr Gallop came to visit me at my home after his resignation and we spoke about our experiences and what had worked for one or the other – I never had the heart to tell him what happened that day – he didn’t need to know, not then. I doubt his minders even gave the notices of the Rally a second look, let alone put them in front of their embattled boss.I’ve lost too many friends and colleagues to mental illness to just hope for change, three haunt me still, but I’ll tell you about them another time.

Out of Darkness

For now, please speak up to whomever might listen about the tragic and AVOIDABLE toll of death and suffering from mental illness.

Effective and meaningful change will not come without major campaigns of public and professional education, guided by those of us the system calls “mental health consumers” and a policy enunciated by my heroes Margaret Cook, her sister Pauline and Lyn Mahboub – nothing about us without us.

Out of Darkness

There is much we can do to bring the taboo issue of suicide to the wider community in a way that won’t freak them out.

An example is the “Out of Darkness” overnight walks to fight suicide in the US. I’ve been privileged to work with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on the Chicago walk, where my dear friend and fellow traveller Amy Kiel lit the way down the rocky path for those who follow. Amy is now working on the coming Walk in her home town of Kansas City and you can follow her on twitter @abeeliever to find out more.

The AFSP and Amy are keen to help us set up walks and programmes here in Oz, so, intersted parties please contact via the comments link below.

Out of Darkness

There are many groups and individuals doing life saving and affirming work in Western Australia, most are working with their hands tied behind their back because of a lack of Government and Community support ( there are no smiling kiddies to put in front of cameras to represent those battling brain dis-ease.

I’ll end this missive with the promise of more to come and 3 important links that shed light for us all, 2 focus some very dark places through fact or fiction, and one is a local inititiative of the dedicated team at RUAH Outreach that I was privileged to be a small part of.

1 – Please see Family to Family by RUAH -” telling it like it”   is by clicking this link

Out of Darkness

2 and 3    Click here for an extended trailer of the Documentary that showed at a Sydney Festival over the weekend an is available online , and a brilliant work of fiction where diligent research underpins a story of madness and love spanning  centuries – and an interview with the producer and author.

Out of Darkness

and to end for now -Here are most of the Mental health stories I’ve posted, including a well recieved talk with UK Dr Alun Jones and interviews with Inspirational Amy Kiel.

Out of Darkness


please share this, there appears to be no info on the Govt Health website or in media releases

please share this, there appears to be no info on the Govt Health website or in media releases

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Greens call for environmental repair fund in wake of West Australian oil spill

Senator Rachel Siewert

Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia

w:en:Rachel Siewert, 22 August 2007 Author: Ja...

Sunday 23rd August 2009

Greens call for environmental repair fund in wake of WA oil spill

The Australian Greens today called for more information to be made available about the oil spill off the coast of Western Australia, and for the company responsible to set up an environmental fund to monitor and repair any environmental impacts the spill may have caused.

“The company needs to be more forthcoming with information,” Australian Greens marine spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“We have limited information on what is currently occurring out there, what actually happened out there, how did it happen, or when they expect to get it under control.”

“This area has been dubbed a ‘marine superhighway’. There are populations of baby turtles this time of year, and the area also serves as a migratory route for whales and other marine life. It’s also close to Ashmore Reef, so we need to be certain the spill is contained before any further damage is done.”

“We are deeply concerned that it has taken so long for clean-up operations to begin and we don’t know what the long-term impacts are going to be. We believe a fund needs to be set up by the company to fund ongoing monitoring and any further repair needed in the future.”

“Before any further development is undertaken closer to the Kimberley coast, we need to ensure that emergency response teams are situated closer than Victoria or the WA wheatbelt, as this instance has shown that the increased response time could potentially result in further environmental damage,” said Senator Siewert.

“I am also concerned by comments from Resources Minister Martin Ferguson over this spill where he is playing down the potential environmental impacts – we do not yet know if the environment is at risk. He is clearly demonstrating that resources come before the environment.”

The Greens are calling on PTTEP Australasia to set up a fund to monitor damage and repair the environment.

“We also need better processes than this, to ensure quick response times and adequate safeguards to protect the environment,” she concluded.

For more information or media enquiries please call Tim Norton on 0418 401 180

Tim Norton
Communications and Campaigns
Office of Rachel Siewert | Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia
Suite SG-113 Parliament House, Canberra ACT | P: 02 6277 3741 | F: 02 6277 5762

Tim.Norton@aph.gov.au |
www.RachelSiewert.org.au | www.GreensMPs.org.au

Sign-up to GreensMPs GreensBlog Twitter

posted by tony serve in support of those working to save our environment

Skype: perthtones Google Talk: serve.tony@gmail.com
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tony serve blogs Big Pharma’s huge profits from human suffering features in brilliant doco and awesome new novel, listen to Producer Kevin Miller and author Pamela Glasner

greens jobs logo PMS375 2

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Big Pharma’s huge profits from human suffering features in brilliant doco and awesome new novel, listen to Producer Kevin Miller and author Pamela Glasner

click the blue link for audio

Pamela Glasner & Kevin Miller talking with Tony Serve

Pamela Glasner author "Finding Emaus"
Pamela Glasner author "Finding Emaus"

Kevin P Miller Producer of "Generation Rx "
Kevin P Miller Producer of "Generation Rx "

Pamela’s Novel “Finding Emmaus” Out Oct 1 Pre-order now

Kevin Miller’s Documentary trailer – DVD available now

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Media ban on reporting Suicide – a deadly mistake ( see also abc story on 60 minutes being gagged )

suicide is painful
Image by Aaron Edwards via Flickr

The ongoing silence in the media about suicide is being challenged by 60 minutes and supported by website advocacy group Beyond Blue (see abc.net.au story here)

As a long time advocate for mental health and suicide prevention I support a change in the deadly silence.

The only real debate is the nature of change to reportage and education.

A now-unused machine that facilitated euthanas...
Image via Wikipedia

It is particularly galling to hear cries of ” let’s protect potential suicides by not mentioning it” even as the media continues to almost champion the activities of the Euthenasia proponent known as Dr Death with tragic consequences.

And in simple terms we can ask ” well how’s that working for ya?” as yet another school community is wracked by unwell youngsters taking their own lives. Their being “protected” from truthful reporting of the issues didn’t work out so well.

Stigma is deadly, and it thrives in a vacuum of i

Day 64: March 4, 2008- Screaming For Freedom
Image by ashley.adcox via Flickr

nformation such as we have surrounding suicide. It’s time for the so-called ” sane” people in Government, Bureacracy and Services to “get over it” and stop perpetrating a culture of deadly denial.

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Gorgon’s dirty secret: Western Australia’s biggest single polluter?

Barrow Island Wiki pic
Barrow Island Wiki pic

Senator Rachel Siewert

Gorgon’s dirty secret: WA’s biggest

single polluter?  Bye Bye Barrow Is.

MEDIA RELEASE, Tuesday 11 August 2009

The Gorgon LNG proposal for Barrow Island, if it goes ahead, will massively increase WA’s greenhouse gas emissions, representing a disastrous decision for the climate, Greens Senator for WA Rachel Siewert has warned.

“While the old parties in Canberra this week are debating various flawed forms of an emissions trading scheme – all aimed at donating billions of dollars to the nation’s biggest polluters to compensate them for the cost of the pollution they are causing – the State Government is quietly progressing a project that will single-handedly boost WA’s greenhouse gas emissions by between eight to 12 per cent,” Senator Siewert said.

“Gorgon’s emissions will be 5.45 million tonnes-a-year if carbon geo-sequestration is achieved and 8.81 million tonnes-a-year without the greenhouse gas sequestered.

“This represents either an eight or 12 per cent increase on the State’s total annual carbon footprint now.

“Meanwhile, there are plans to more than double the number of coal-fired power stations in Collie from four to nine by 2013, plus allow the highly polluting Perdaman urea plant.

“If the WA and Federal governments are relying on public apathy to get away with taking us down the opposite path that we need to go on climate change, then they are wrong.

“This issue was a vote-decider at the last Federal election and we saw it again with the Fremantle by-election. People care about climate change and they can see that neither the Liberal nor the Labor party are showing leadership on this issue.”

For more information or media inquiries, please call Eloise Dortch on 0415 507 763

w:en:Rachel Siewert, 22 August 2007 Author: Ja...
Image via Wikipedia


Even with carbon geosequestration, Gorgon proponents plan to add 5.45million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually: (ref: page 30, http://www.epa.wa.gov.au/docs/2937_Rep1323GorgonRevPer30409.pdf).

The amount Gorgon proponents Chevron, Shell and Exxon Mobile plan to geo-sequester from the expanded, three-LNG train proposal is 3.36 million tonnes annually (ref: page 31 http://www.gorgon.com.au/review/FromClient/Gorgon_Revised_Proposal_PER_Final_Main_Report_20080909.pdf. To quote: “The addition of a third LNG processing train and a Domestic Gas supply will potentially increase the annual volume of reservoir CO2 to be injected from approximately 2.72 MTPA as a result of the Approved Development, to a total of approximately

3.36 MTPA (Table 2.2) as a result of the Revised Proposal.”

This compares to WA’s total annual CO2 emissions of 70.4mtpa (ref: http://www.climatechange.gov.au/inventory/stateinv/index.html)

· 5.45mtpa therefore represents an eight per cent increase on WA’s current annual greenhouse gas emissions (assuming carbon geo-sequestration is achieved)

· If carbon sequestration is not achieved, annual greenhouse emission from Gorgon will be 8.81mtpa (5.45mtpa + 3.36mtpa), equivalent to a 12.5 per cent increase on WA’s current annual emissions.

posted in support of those working to protect the environment by tony serve

Skype: perthtones Google Talk: serve.tony@gmail.com
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tony serve blogs Really useful info for west australians from WACOSS – WACOSS Update – 7th August

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Really useful info for west australians from WACOSS – WACOSS Update – 7th August

social policy | organisation development | membership | training
Please distribute through your networks

Friday 7th August 2009

News items listed in this bulletin include…

Message from Sue Ash, CEO at WACOSS

Thank you to all those who have renewed their membership of WACOSS for 2009-10. WACOSS is fundamentally a membership based organisation and we value the large number of agencies and individuals who choose to continue on as members of the organisation. If you haven’t renewed your membership, there is still time.

For information about becoming a WACOSS Member, or to renew your membership please click on the link below:

Membership of WACOSS


Media Release: Unemployment Rises in WA More than Expected

New figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on 6 August show that the
unemployment rate in WA increased from 5.2% in June to 5.7% in July.

To read more details and the WACOSS media response to these figures click here


Semester Two WACOSS Training Calendar Available NOW!

WACOSS workshops are designed to strengthen the skills and knowledge of managers, staff, volunteers and committee/board members. Our workshops are all designed to be highly practical and interactive and are delivered by people who have extensive experience of the not for profit sector. Many of our workshops are also suitable for staff working in the government and business sectors.

If you would like WACOSS to post an A2 copy of Semester Two’s Calendar to your organisation please email training@wacoss.org.au or click on the link below:

Semester Two Calendar


WACOSS Pre-Budget Submission: Consultation with Regional Community Organisations

In our large and diverse state, delivering funding and services to the regions is a critical component of sustaining healthy, vibrant communities. But how do we ensure that what is delivered is what is actually needed on the ground?

Have your say on what the State Government should be funding in the 2010/11 Budget.

WACOSS will be hosting a consultation forum near you which will encompass:

– Roundtable discussion on your regional funding priorities for the next State Budget
– Your opportunity to provide input to WACOSS’ social policy priorities
– Private consultations available on request

Please note this event is dependant on adequate numbers. To ensure consultations are held in your region please confirm your place by Friday 14 August.

To register, click on the relevant link below.

Bunbury: Monday 24 August

Esperance: Tuesday 25 August

Albany: Wednesday 26 August

Port Hedland: Thursday 27 August

Kalgoorlie: Friday 28 August

Geraldton: TBC


OSH for Community Organisations, Wednesday 12th August

Do you wish that you had a system for identifying health and safety risks before they turned into accidents?

Do you believe that it is essential for your staff, managers, and board members to know what the law expects of them, and the potential fines, if they do not keep the workplace free from physical and psychological harm?

If you answered Yes! to either of these questions, then this training will benefit your organisation.

>A presentation by Worksafe on the Occupational Safety and Health legislation applying WA. This workshop is not an accredited training course for elected Occupational Health and Safety Officers as defined by the Act. But if you are wondering what all this means then you should attend!

> Responsibilities of Employees/Employers under the OSH act;
> Including what is required when electing an occupational health and safety representative
> What are your responsibilities to volunteers
> Defining areas of risk for community based not for profit groups
> What is the workplace?
> Who does the Act apply to?
> Starting the Risk Management system
> OSH committees- Who to consult and who to consult with
> Implementing a culture of safety in your workplace

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at www.wacosstraining.org.au.

Time and Stress Management in the Workplace, Tuesday 18th August


Learn how to IMPROVE your work performance and REDUCE stress to achieve your work-life BALANCE.

– Most of us spend 3 hours each day dealing with interruptions

– 3 hours each week looking for things on our desk and

– 11 hours a week in meetings

– while managing 600% more information than we managed 20 years ago.

Time Management training is ideal for anyone who has countless tasks demanding their attention and who needs to juggle conflicting priorities.

In this Workshop you will learn to improve planning, set goals and feel more in control of your work load.

What previous participants have said…

The Time Management seminar has been very valuable and has motivated me to make changes which will benefit myself, my clients and my organisation.

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at www.wacosstraining.org.au.

Fundraising and Submission Writing, Wednesday 26th August

Everything you wanted to know about finding grants, fundraising and community business partnerships

This workshop will cover where to look for funds and grants for community groups, essential information for grants and submissions and practical tips to writing successful applications.

Explore the various methods for working smartly and being strategic in how you raise funds in an effort to secure the financial survival of your organisation. Fundraising is a changing dynamic. With more and more services looking for support, organisations need to work smart and be strategic in how they approach their financial survival.

>Determining resources & funding needs
>Types of funding & grants available
>Developing a fundraising strategy
>Why, how and what of business community partnerships
>Negotiating sponsorship agreements

Further Information
For the full details and to register CLICK HERE or visit the new WACOSS Organisation Development Services website at www.wacosstraining.org.au.

[social service healthscript.php?uid=3695&mid=342 community support training perth}

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