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URGENT: #ausvotes #australia personnel about to go to war with #Syria under direct US command, but Parlt won’t be told & media won’t ask

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Aussie sons & daughters are already under US command in the Persian Gulf (see this article from 2009 for just part of our deployment story) and are likely to form at least a defensive posture in support of the US attack on Syria in other parts of the Middle east.

R.A.N. ships have had many encounters with elements of Iranian forces since major deployment in John Howard’s illegal support of the invasion of Iraq and are on Tehran’s radar without a doubt. I can’t  speak to aussies deployed or embedded with US land, air, special ops or intel elements. That illustrates the problem.

Aussies will vote for a new Government next saturday but no-one is talking about or asking about the war elephant in the room. That is scary and echoes the deadly, dangerous silence before every disastrous military adventure where we rushed to support the US.

I may be wrong, but if so, let the PM and Opposition leader tell me and you that, and spell out what risk they are putting our defense personnel in the name of a discredited US administration.

The Government is about to enter caretaker mode so there will be none of the parliamentary scrutiny of our war effort, certainly no opportunity for the sound rejection of war that we saw in the UK Parliament. ( A vote that led corporate media to almost visceral condemnation of those who questioned war.)

Whether an attack on that butcher Assad is right or wrong is sadly irrelevant.

What matters is that our sons and daughters are in harms way without so much as a whats up? from any of us.

So, please dear former colleagues in mainstream media, do your job. Speak truth to power and question whomever’s in charge about what is going on and what danger they are putting our family members in to appease a Government that has admitted spying on all of us, including our Politicians.

Whomever forms Government will inherit a defense force already at war and out of direct australian control.

Thesedays we don’t expect fearless reporting from Murdoch media and precious little from the rest, so please, ask  your favourite news outlet and MP, as well as Abbott and Rudd ( Khaki Kev was quoted in John Kerry’s war-drum speech last night as saying ‘we can’t turn a blind eye to Assad’s actions’) WTF is going on?

post script: “lest we forget” successive LNP & ALP Governments have been exposed as not looking after those who’ve returned from other bloody misadventures with Uncle Sam & their weasel words on “our troops” are tragically laughable.

Personal note: I send love and support for those who serve and their families, but I have nothing but contempt for the bastards who send them to foreign lands to kill and be killed for the US.

tony serve


For live updated reports 24/7 on #syria war and other global news not covered in mainstream media, check my curated list of 500+ global news makers and reporters, bloggers and tweeters here 

My last interview with @MalcolmFraser12 on old politics, new media, shock-jocks, sovereignty

I first interviewed Malcolm Fraser more than 30 years ago when I was a full time mainstream media journalist & broadcaster – this interview is not very MSM and not meant to be an objective analysis. It was a delight.

The former PM and member of the World Eminent Persons’ Group remains active as the Founding Chairman of CARE Australia.

English: Malcolm Fraser in 1956. Image no. : A...
English: Malcolm Fraser in 1956.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s graciously agreed to talk again before the end of the year. meanwhile please follow him on twitter @MalcolmFraser12 ( and if you can handle a massive stream of alt news – use lists to manage high volume accts – follow me @perthtones )

The 20 minute audio is unedited to preserve it’s integrity, sections will be replayed  on Perth radio 6PR Oct 13,14.

[audio https://tonyserve.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/malcolm-fraser-on-2012-10-11-at-13-05-output.mp3%5D

Malcolm Fraser on 2012-10-11 at 13.05.output

بخصوص Hudna – reviving cultural practice in a high tech campaign to end killing in the middle east, and allow Palestinians & Israelis to live side by side in peace.

I’ve been asked to manage online media for hudna.org and have gladly accepted, formalising peace work I began to do with Eyal Ehrlich years ago – please contact me if you can help with geeky goodness or other practical support.

Our twitter, YouTube  accounts and website will be up & running soon – plase follow my personal acct @perthtones for new developments with Hudna.

More details of the revitalized campaign.. to come – middle ground rising…

Below are some screen caps from the website under construction – we’ll also be blogging and linking with peace groups, activists  and individuals across the Middle east and globally.



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Iran 14 Feb 2011 One of the hated Iranian Security Agency “Basiji” being beaten by protestors (via Iran Green Wave)

Iran 14 Feb 2011 Basijis is being beaten by protestor (via Iran Green Wave) * not pretty to look at

Video in this link and the vodpod below http://raymorrison.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/basij-beaten-up-tehran-14-2-2011/

via Iran Green Wave

Quote from Google and Egypt‘s Wael Ghonim’s overnight tweet:

@Ghonim: Breaking the psychological barrier of fear is the tipping point of any revolution in any police driven regime led by a dictator

This is happening now in parts of Iran. It’s happening at great cost to those in the dark spook-ridden streets where they are herded from the street to the sidewalk.

The Basiji use a tactic called “kettling” to drive their prey into a formation that’s easier to attack with batons, knives, guns and other weapons.

I will be tweeting  ( sporadically ) info and RTing in english, and also some messages in Farsi even though I can’t guarantee they’re focussed on peace and the protection of protestors.

Among those I’ll RT is @PahlaviReza Yes, of the Peacock Throne. With apologies to those who suffered under that regime it seems from my sources that his information is good and he’s certainly no friend of Ahmedinijad and Cronies.

salamaat shalom

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NYTimes: Journalism Rules Are Bent in News Coverage From Iran

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...
Image via CrunchBase

Journalism Rules Are Bent in News Coverage From Iran


Published: 29 June 2009

“Check the source” may be the first rule of journalism.

But in the coverage of the protests in Iran this month, some news organizations have adopted a different stance: publish first, ask questions later.

If you still don’t know the answer, ask your readers.

News organizations that would reject using cellphone videos or Twitter reports are forced to rely on them as an information source….


Get The New York Times on your iPhone for free by visiting http://nytimes.com/iphoneinstaller

from @perthtones’ iPhone

I’m interested in hearing from twitter people who’ve seen, posted, RTd material for and from Iran – what’s been effective, what’s been dangerous.

You may also wish to comment on plans to sanction nokia-siemens over supplying specialised web monitoring software to Iranian authorities.

I’m not sure about that one.

If it’s OK for western Governments to monitor and filter, why not Iran’s “elected” officials.

Please leave a comment

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Tehran orders probe of ‘suspicious’ Neda death ABC News Article link.


Tehran orders probe of ‘suspicious’ Neda death

Monday, June 29, 2009

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for a judicial probe into the “suspicious” death of a young Iranian woman who has become an icon of opposition protests against his re-election.

TEHRAN, IRAN - APRIL 04: President Mahmoud Ahm...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Mr Ahmadinejad sent a letter to judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi requesting a serious investigation to help identify “the elements” behind this month’s killing of Neda Agha-Soltan.

The president accused foreign media of using the case for propaganda purposes.

He also suggested that the opposition and Iran‘s enemies abroad aimed to misuse it “for their own political aims and also to distort the pure and clean image of the Islamic Republic in the world”.

To view on a PC/Mac please use this link


To view on a mobile please use this link


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Bush Adviser: Twitter Deserves Nobel Peace Prize For Iran. Huffington video

Via TVNewser comes this video of President George W. Bush’s former deputy national security adviser, Mark Pfeifle, offering his opinion on matters pertaining to the aftermath of the Iranian election. In general, Pfeifle gives a great overview and seems generally to support the notion that the administration needs to avoid having “the U.S. or the West become the talking point for the Iranian regime, saying they are trying to do a coup.” But his next point was, to my mind, a stretch:

Bush Adviser: Twitter Deserves Nobel Peace Prize For Iran

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Voices from Iran – ABC News Article link.,

United against Violence in Iran #IranElection ...
Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

Monday, June 22, 2009

By Alec Robinson

In October 2008 ABC News reporter Alec Robinson travelled around Iran as a tourist.

Young Iranians told stories of their friends ‘disappearing’ for trying to organise protests against the Government, and of family members being jailed or tortured to death for expressing a political opinion.

To view on a PC/Mac please use this link


To view on a mobile please use this link


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Iran conflict dominates twitter – tweeters send advice and warnings to protestors

The coverage of the Iran conflict has been dominating twitter overnight in some amazing ways.

The symbolic help to the opposition comes in a green tinge appearing in avatars/icons to focus attention on Iran.

TEHRAN, IRAN - APRIL 17:  Iran's Air Force com...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

There are tweets that show a range of coverage from east and west, warnings from the west on activities of Iran’s secret police, the Basij and more…  a sample of those is posted below. Tweeters are also sharing information on how to avoid exposing people inside Iran as they support and inform them.

See also the “related stories” list below.

Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click – http://helpiranelection.com/

RT : FIRST AID INFO IN FARSI : مشکل پزشکي http://gr88.tumblr.com/ #IranElection #GR88 #iranelections #iranelection #tehran

Basij are marking doors to attack later. Use petrol to remove marks. RT! #IranElection #tehran #gr88

CNN’s Don Lemon showing video of helicopters dropping “liquids” on HUMANS in Iran. #iranelctions @iran9 #gr88

iran police beating woman (and car). why does their gear say ‘police’ in english??? http://bit.ly/XZTuZ

MANY RT The Iran army has put their Tanks into Azadi Square!! Please share the news!! #Tehran #iranelection #IranFreedom

Mashable: Iran Election Crisis: 10 Incredible YouTube Videos http://twurl.nl/sk0b5d #IranElection

I wish freedom for the people of Iran and support free and fair elections.

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From TED: Making history on Twitter – tweets from Iran

Week of June 19, 2009
This week: Making history on Twitter

Clay Shirky While news from Iran streams to the world, Clay Shirky shows how Facebook, Twitter and TXTs help citizens in repressive regimes to report on real news, bypassing censors (however briefly). This is the first talk from TED@State, produced in cooperation with the US State Department. Watch this talk >> PLUS: Read Chris Anderson’s Q&A with Clay Shirky about Twitter in Iran >>

Biosphere 2 Jane Poynter tells her story of living two years and 20 minutes in Biosphere 2

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