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Join the Australian of the year, GetUp and scores of Mental Health Activists and Advocates to move from apathy to action

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Everyone has Mental Health, some are crazy enough to think it’s not important.

The following is being circulated and acted on by many of us who’ve worked for decades for little or no improvement in Mental Health.

“This affects all of us: half of all Australians will experience mental ill health in our lifetimes; but most won’t discuss it, and most won’t receive treatment.

We need a national discussion about mental health — please forward Professor McGorry’s message to your friends, family and colleagues today.

— message to forward —

The Australian of the Year has broken ranks to record this video message to you about a topic we rarely discuss. Click hereto view his message.

Dear Friend,

Half of us will experience mental ill health in our lifetime. Of your friends, family and colleagues, about 1 in 5 will suffer in this year alone – but most won’t discuss it, and most won’t receive treatment.

The largest healthcare reform in decades is on the cards this year – but without our support, mental health may be forgotten. This week Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott debated healthcare for over an hour; neither mentioned mental health once.

Solutions are within our grasp. Hundreds of thousands of young Australians who desperately need help could receive it, if existing programs are expanded. Today, the Australian of the Year, Patrick McGorry, launches a campaign in partnership with GetUp. Click below to watch his message, share it with friends, and add your voice to his call:


Take the number of young Australians killed in road accidents and double it: still more lives are ended prematurely by mental ill health. It is the leading killer of Australians under 45, and the leading cause of disability in Australia.

But two thirds of those who suffer never receive treatment; and for young men that figure is 90%. We wouldn’t let this happen for cancer, or heart disease – or even for elective surgery. Our mental health system is in desperate need of reform.

To their credit recent governments have supported innovation and investment in early intervention services for young people. However, there are many overdue investments in mental health reform which are ready to go. We need a much stronger community mental health system. We need to set a target of reducing suicide to zero in a decade, and invest heavily in a national education campaign to match the campaign on road deaths.

With health reform on the agenda, this year is our chance to achieve real mental healthcare reform – but as Patrick says, “if it’s going to happen, politicians need to hear from you.”

Watch his video message to GetUp members and take action here:


GetUp members expose the truth, begin conversations and campaign for real change where others duck for cover. But there’s one crisis in this country we’ve never spoken about: mental ill health. Now’s the time to put it on the national agenda.

With hope,
The GetUp Team.

P.S. A senior official in Government told us just weeks ago that they are under little pressure for progressive change on healthcare – yet this will be one of the biggest issues in this election. In a year when massive changes to our healthcare system are on the table, we can’t let that be the case.

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Those abused in state care abandoned by the W.A. and Federal Governments as the UK apologises

The Peak Child Abuse group ASCA today tweeted the news of  British PM Gordon Brown’s apology to Australian child migrants acknoweldging it’s crucial to healing


please click the blue link for the UK angle

” http://bit.ly/aoM64h via @ASCAORG > urgent action needed 4 #redress 2 “


Labor and Liberal have failed at federal and state levels to discover a modicum of compassion.


Kevin Rudd was on twitter today congratulating the aussie girl who won olympic gold in the ski aerials, saying gee we’ll have to set up a new ski facility won’t we.


I had the temerity to reply on twitter

” @KevinRuddPM So if I win Gold at the Olympics, you cold fund some community mental health facilities – I’m starting training now Kevin! ”


Taxpayer’s money is used to stage boxing matches (btw I MC martial arts and support boxing ) build footy stadia, freshen up our dullsville foreshore and there’s always lots of taxcash when it comes to self promoting “government” commercials.

For WA’s Barnett/Buswell and the previous Labor wombats to halve compensation for victims of abuse in state care is disgusting.


Meanwhile, mainstream media is so tabloid and dollar driven that these issues are skimmed over or ignored, but gee my colleagues like to have a mass debate over daylight saving or shopping hours – day and night!


Nevertheless I am an eternal optimist ( sometimes a bit jaded ) and have high hopes for activism and advocacy on the net through media like this blog and on twitter.


So please join in, add a comment, ask a few questions of your local “member” and raise your voice for those who’ve already died as well as those currently in dire need.


The state government, meanwhile has announced that victims who are expected to die before christmas will get their meagre share of the halved compo package earlier than the others – really, it’s in the letter

Letter from Redress – click the image to visit the Govt website

It IS life or death – and for far too many of us.


Great news on equality in Australia – Federal Govt steps back on opposing Greens move to allow Gay “Civil Partnerships” #GLBTI see below for – ABC News Article link.

Commonwealth to allow gay ceremonies: Corbell

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The ACT Government is claiming a victory in its bid to allow gay couples to have legally binding civil partnership ceremonies.

The ACT Legislative Assembly passed a Greens bill earlier this month allowing same-sex couples to recognise their relationships with a legally binding ceremony.

To view on a PC/Mac please use this link


To view on a mobile please use this link


from @perthtones’ iPhone

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Colourful protest against inaction over australia’ worst ever oil spill – The Wilderness Society of WA

The Wilderness Society of WA protested effectively outside an oil and gas industry headquarters in Perth as the Atlas West Oil rig owned by Thai/Burmese operators continues to kill ocean, reef and mainland wildlife in the Timor Sea.

See Bikini clad Perth protestors cover themselves in oil, click the pic for the video link

TWSWA oil spill protest
The Wilderness Society calls on industry and govt to COME CLEAN


Please visit the TWSWA website http://www.wilderness.org.au/regions/western-australia

and follow them on twitter at @TWSWA

Meanwhile, the Governments of Kevin Rudd and Colin Barnett are yet to answer key questions on the lamentable response to the oil disaster by it’s operators, let alone address the issue of profits possibly going to the Generals.

See the link below for the 6PR interview, pictures of the spill taken by the Greens and an interview with Senator Rachel Siewert Youtube slideshow of the oil slick – also, Kevin Rudd doesn’t even use the word “environment”in his brief spin on air at 6PR with Simon Beaumont (6pr.com.au )

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Australia NW Oil Spill, company links to Burma’s military dictatorship? Are we financing the Generals as we pick up the bill for their mess? OP/ED

Atlas West Oil Rig – we know where the oil-spill is going,

West Atlas Oil Spill 1
West Atlas Oil Spill 1

what about where the profits are going.

Are we helping finance repression in Burma - Myanmar?
Are we helping finance repression in Burma - Myanmar?

The 2007 AP, SMH & Rigzone articles below pose some very disturbing questions about where the profits go from the badly leaking West Atlas Oil Rig.


Is it possible that our Governments are indirectly financing the illegal Military Junta in Burma/Myanmar and it’s brutal repression.


Aren’t we meant to be backing UN sanctions against the Generals’ brutal repression and imprisonment of elected leader Aung Saan Suu Kyi?


Meanwhile we can only wonder at the standards of corporate governance of the operators as “their” oil covers our NW waters, threatening island, reef and mainland ecosystems.


Excerpts and links to media exposing Burma links are below, including related interview & video from Senator Rachel Siewert.

Click the blue text to see the full story on each

A search of the website Rigzone shows these recent links between the WA Rig’s operator PTTEP and the Generals

PTTEP & CNOOC Ink Asset Swap Deal
NEWS ARTICLE: of the Union of Myanmar. Under the agreement, the partners comprise PTTEP Myanmar
Limited, a subsidiary of PTTEP with 20% interest. CNOOC Ltd. as the operator
PTTEP, CNOOC May Discuss Myanmar Gas Block Stake Swap
NEWS ARTICLE: 24 hours with China National Offshore Oil Corp. about closer business ties that could
include swapping assets in Myanmar, PTTEP’s top executive said Thursday.
PTTEP May Invest $25 Million in Myanmar Gas Fields
NEWS ARTICLE: Title: PTTEP May Invest $25 Million in Myanmar Gas Fields Date: 8/3/2004 Body: Thailand’s
PTT Exploration and Production PCL may invest $25 million to explore


This  2007 AP article from the Star Via AP spells out the economic and political significance of the links


TheStar.com | Business | Oil companies fuelling Burma’s junta

Foreign firms are fighting for access to untapped energy reserves that some say fund a repressive regime Oct 02, 2007 04:30 AM Thomas Hogue ASSOCIATED PRESS


From the Sydney Morning Herald, also in 2007 ( how has the structure changed we wonder )

While Burma’s military junta cracks down on pro-democracy protests, oil companies are busy jostling for access to the country’s largely untapped natural gas and oil fields.

Just last Sunday – as marches led by Buddhist monks drew thousands in the country’s biggest cities – Indian Oil Minister Murli Deora was in Burma’s capital Rangoon for the signing of contracts between state-controlled ONGC Videsh Ltd and Burma’s military rulers to explore three offshore blocks.


Meanwhile, the Governments of Kevin Rudd and Colin Barnett are yet to answer key questions on the lamentable response to the oil disaster by it’s operators, let alone address the issue of profits possibly going to the Generals.

See the link below for the 6PR interview, pictures of the spill taken by the Greens and an interview with Senator Rachel Siewert

Youtube slideshow of the oil slick – also, Kevin Rudd doesn’t even use the word “environment”in his brief spin on air at 6PR with Simon Beaumont (6pr.com.au )

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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ignores NW environment as he spins a major oil slick threatening offshore and manland ecosystems :(

Kevin Rudd escaped a grilling when interviewed on 6pr.com.au about the giant oil spill off our NW coast.

Clicke here for 3 minutes of shameful spin (what about the whales & turtles Kev, they don’t vote, but we do!)  PM Kevin Rudd

There is a major threat to our offshore and mainland ecosystems, whales, turtles, sensitive reefs, and no word on why the company involved has rejected offers of clean-up help from Woodside.  see interview with Greens (WA) Sen. Rachel Siewert who’s just back from overflying the huge slick.

call your local talkback to have your say +61 8 922 11882 is 6pr.com.au

visit Senator Siewert’s site to keep track, this oil will keep spilling for the next 2 months!

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World news wrap – midday Perth, (midnight NYC time) Monday July 20 from newsfeeds & twitter

Climate of fear stoking gay HIV rates in Africa – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) http://ow.ly/hEO5

BBC NEWS Abused children therapy ‘lacking’ http://ow.ly/hENJ SPEAK UP FOR THE KIDS! this is NOT just a UK problem call ur MP pls, RT

RT @watoday: A new biography reveals straight-laced former New Zealand PM Helen Clark was a ‘sex bomb’ who had men ‘salivating’ over her.

Big mining Vs small farming ABC News Article link. http://ow.ly/15IejH

Minnie Driver Joins P&G To Save Wildlife // ecorazzi.com :: the latest in green gossip http://ow.ly/hEHG

Take Better Pictures by Studying Studio Layouts – Photography Tip – Lifehacker http://ow.ly/hEHt

Al Jazeera back on air in West Bank ( ed; YAY ) – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) http://ow.ly/hEHa

Egyptian poet to get out of jail – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) http://ow.ly/hEH6

Pics & Vids – glowing clouds – Slashdot News Story | Noctilucent Clouds Spread and Mystify http://ow.ly/hEGN

Hey New York say hi to 2 crew from our Australian warships HMAS Sydney & HMAS Ballarat http://ow.ly/hEG5 tweet if u meet ’em

Countering Riots, China Snatches Hundreds From Their Homes – The New York Times http://ow.ly/hEFG

BBC NEWS | Health | Muscular Dystrophy treatment a ‘step closer’ http://ow.ly/hEFr

Australia – High -tech, Low credibility – Kevin Rudd‘s laptops send standards backwards http://ow.ly/hEFf

Netanyahu’s Talk of Peace Finds Few True Believers – The New York Times http://ow.ly/hEEX

Big mining Vs small farming in Australia – ABC News Article link. << tony serve blogs http://ow.ly/hEEQ

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