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New York’s finest #FAIL Press freedom #NYPD targetting MSM & online media reps with violence #ows

From respected online journalist Kevin Gosztola

RT @kgosztola Here is one of best examples yet of how NYPD loathes, mocks & targets press freedom (video): goo.gl/8QRMS #OWS #D12

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Interviews with some of the best online: @kgosztola @kennethlipp @juliacreinhart @lissnup

We had the privilege of hearing from some very cool activists in the US and UK over the weekend.

Perth activist Kate joined me live in the studio as we spoke to Kevin and Kenneth  and the second night featured Julia then Anita.

I love these people – hope you enjoy our chat – simply click the audio links below and listen while you compute :o)

Kevin Gosztola   @kgosztola 15 minutes

Kenneth Lipp     @kennethlipp 12 minutes

Julia Reinhart    @juliacreinhart 18 minutes

Anita Hunt         @lissnup  24 minutes

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