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Audio – 3 interviews – Ex Navy diver floats real help, eating disorders in 5-13 year olds, new documentary on skin and race

Enjoy the 3 interviews below and please visit the websites listed for each for more info, and for how you can make a difference too.


SKIN DEEP airs on SBS January 2 at 8.30pm

Click the blue link to hear Franco Di Chiera talking about this brilliant documentary


Click the Pic to visit the SBS link for SKIN DEEP

“The concept of ancient human ancestry is extremely powerful, as demonstrated by the number of people who ventured out into storms to attend the evening. The formal feedback we received has been overwhelmingly positive, and there have been some wonderful references to how the screening of SKIN DEEP tied the evening together.  Well deserved praise for a film that captures the mystery of the human journey.” Steve Kern, the RiAus Senior Programs Co-ordinator, Science Exchange, Adelaide

Websites:If listeners want to know more they can go to the SBS website for the Secrets of the Human Body series of which Skin Deep is a part at:http://www.sbs.com.au/shows/secretsofthehumanbody/about/page/i/1/show/secretsofthehumanbodyOr they can also go to RiAus site at:http://www.riaus.org.au/events/2010/12/07/skin_deep_exploring_human_ancestry.jspOr for additional interviews, RiaAus “On Demand” including an interview  at:http://riausondemand.org.au/event/exploring-human-ancestry/

Finally, there is a trailer on the RiAus site at:



Ex Australian Navy Special forces officer doing something special in the developing world.

Click the Pic to visit TheSpark.org.au

Click here to hear Aaron’s inspiring story

  1. Spark* identifies inspiring young individuals in countries facing extreme poverty.
  2. Over 12 months Spark* develops these individuals as grassroots leaders and change makers.
  3. These young individuals, with the support of Spark* re-enter their communities to build projects, turning the tide against extreme poverty.

In 2010 we are focusing on Papua New Guinea, a country where almost 3 million people live on less than $USD1.25 per day.


Click the logo to visit the Foundation and make a difference for the “Unknown” child this Christmas

The Butterfly Foundation is working to save lives as we come to grips with eating disorders that are fatal for 10% of children aged 5-13 who report with the illness.

Please visit the site after hearing from Christine Morgan and if you can please donate, you’ll give a Christmas present to the “unknown” child who may be saved.

Click here to hear from Christine Morgan, CEO The Butterfly Foundation

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