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Those abused in state care abandoned by the W.A. and Federal Governments as the UK apologises

The Peak Child Abuse group ASCA today tweeted the news of  British PM Gordon Brown’s apology to Australian child migrants acknoweldging it’s crucial to healing


please click the blue link for the UK angle

” http://bit.ly/aoM64h via @ASCAORG > urgent action needed 4 #redress 2 “


Labor and Liberal have failed at federal and state levels to discover a modicum of compassion.


Kevin Rudd was on twitter today congratulating the aussie girl who won olympic gold in the ski aerials, saying gee we’ll have to set up a new ski facility won’t we.


I had the temerity to reply on twitter

” @KevinRuddPM So if I win Gold at the Olympics, you cold fund some community mental health facilities – I’m starting training now Kevin! ”


Taxpayer’s money is used to stage boxing matches (btw I MC martial arts and support boxing ) build footy stadia, freshen up our dullsville foreshore and there’s always lots of taxcash when it comes to self promoting “government” commercials.

For WA’s Barnett/Buswell and the previous Labor wombats to halve compensation for victims of abuse in state care is disgusting.


Meanwhile, mainstream media is so tabloid and dollar driven that these issues are skimmed over or ignored, but gee my colleagues like to have a mass debate over daylight saving or shopping hours – day and night!


Nevertheless I am an eternal optimist ( sometimes a bit jaded ) and have high hopes for activism and advocacy on the net through media like this blog and on twitter.


So please join in, add a comment, ask a few questions of your local “member” and raise your voice for those who’ve already died as well as those currently in dire need.


The state government, meanwhile has announced that victims who are expected to die before christmas will get their meagre share of the halved compo package earlier than the others – really, it’s in the letter

Letter from Redress – click the image to visit the Govt website

It IS life or death – and for far too many of us.


West Australians abused in care exposed to more insult as Barnett Govt lays out a compensation plan that’s already had its budget halved, is late and facing more delays – SHAME

The “rollout” of payments to West Australians abused in State care has begun and incredibly, it has added more grief to the already considerable insult to the survivors.

We’ll hear in coming weeks on this blog some of the voices who are affected by this cold and heartless administration.

Pasted below the West story is a copy of one of the advisory letters from the Government Redress office.

from JESSICA STRUTT at  The West Australian

Only about 100 of almost 6000 applicants to the Redress scheme will today receive details of their ex-gratia payments as the first round of offers are made by the Government to former State wards.

The State Government is expected to face a backlash when it reveals the four categories of payments, more than 10 months after applications to the scheme closed.

A newsletter that applicants will start receiving this week says that, according to early assessments, about half of all applicants who detailed claims of abuse and/or neglect in State care will be eligible for the two lowest amounts available of $5000 and $13,000.

please read the full article here

Letter from Redress – click the image to visit the Govt website

W Australia Govt halves compensation to forgotten australians as PM says sorry – ABC News Article link.


WA premier colin barnett and treasurer troy buswell ( caps and honorifics are not deserved ) should both hang their heads, refusing to overturn their halving meagre compensation for victims of state abuse.

This Govt spends 10s of millions on unnecessary and unwanted regional projects, but cuts funds to traumatized state wards.

SHAME barnett and buswell, SHAME

Picture of Colin Barnett, Premier of Western A...
colin barnett - a VERY SMALL man





Remember this heartless pair at the next election.

Back to the old voting maxim…ABC – Anyone But Colin!

This Govt could not run a chook raffle.

Meanwhile the victims’ abuse has been acknowledged in Canberra as reported below.

ABC NEWS – Australia says sorry for ‘great evil’


Monday, November 16, 2009

By Online parliamentary correspondent Emma Rodgers

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has given an emotional apology to the country’s Forgotten Australians, many of whom have gathered at Parliament House in Canberra today.

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In W. Australia – Some die waiting for a meagre measure of justice after being abused in State Care – a small vigil at Parliament today- Media Alison Xamon

Alison Xamon –

MLC for East Metropolitan

News release  (Tuesday October 13 )

Alison Xamon MLC for East Metropolitan ( Greens )
Alison Xamon MLC for East Metropolitan ( Greens )

Alison Xamon has been working closely with victims of state abuse for some time and laments the dwindling number of victims able to keep a monthly vigil at State Parliament.

The MLC for East Metropolitan says the halving of a meagre ex-gratia payment, and ongoing delays in paying even that have caused hardship and heartache that add more insult to awful injury.

“At midday today  a small group of our most vulnerable people will gather as they do each month to ask the Government for a small measure of justice that has been denied for decades and then cut in half.”

They are the last few members of the Redress activists keeping a monthly vigil, those West Australians who were officially acknowledged to have been abused while in State care, and many more who were removed from families her and abroad against their will or without consent of parents.

They will gather outside state Parliament at Midday in the faint hope that the Barnett Government will re-instate the full amount of compensation awarded to them, and ensure no more victims die waiting for the mostly inadequate funds

Only a few months ago a 50 year old woman eligible for Redress, but still waiting for its meagre justice, died ( click here for the ABC story of one victim who died just 2 months ago…still waiting )The money would have helped pay for her funeral, but even that late comfort was denied to her.

The Greens MLC asks “How many more people will die waiting – waiting for the full amount of Redress funds to be re-instated – waiting again once money’s been allocated for it to actually be paid.”

Alison is asking media to speak to the bravehearts at parliament today and hear how the Government’s funding cut and payment dlay are affecting people in our community.
Audio –
Cut 1   The Greens Alison Xamon says some of those waiting for payment were hoping to use it to travel to the family they were taken from al those years ago, and they are tiring of waiting for justice.      AlisonXamonRedress1-17secs-click blue link for short mp3 audio

Cut 2  Alison Xamon, who’s worked fro some tim with victims to get some measure of justic says those still waiting include a host of people originally from the UK as well as Indigenous Australians.    click this link for mp3 audio

Cut 3 The MLC for east metropolitan Alison Xamon says these people have been through enough, and the heartless State Government must overturn the funding cuts and remove ongoing delays to payments.    Click for mp3 audio AlisonXamonRedress3-17secs