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Links, info for Friday December 14 on #Assange #Psychiatry #BigPharma #Disability #NDIS #Australia #Auspol

Disclosure: I am a long time supporter of Wikileaks and the work of Julian Assange and all the others who risk everything to shed light on the ugly truth.

I was a mainstream journalist/radio host for 30 years, but no longer work in a newsroom ( apart from the odd fill-in to help out at 6PR & 96fm ) My work now is not objective, but I do strive for balance and welcome polite opposition.

Audio of Interview with Christine Assange as Mainstream Media focusses again on Julian Assange’s bid for the Senate.

 click here for audio of Christine Assange with Tony Serve Perth’s 6PR Dec. 14 2012 

***Edited audio segments here, grabs of 1-3 minutes on everything from Govt lies to Mainstream Media #FAIL – more to follow

CA on our tweets making us terrorists, and liable to arrest

CA ON Gillard Roxon lies over draconian new laws

CA on MSM not pursuing Govt lies

CA on MSM & citizen journalism

Wikileaks site is here http://wikileaks.org ( including the store  ) and needs/deserves your support , see also http://justice4assange.com

Follow @wikileaks for news, infoz from WL and occasional tweets from JA.

Follow & support Christine Assange on twitter @AssangeC  – cowards and trolls often hassle her so don’t be shy with support

(1) Legal brief to parl-#Assange Extradition by Jen Robinson: http://wlcentral.org/node/1418

Justice4Assange website: http://justice4assange.com

Campaign Site for #Wikileaks &#Assange supporters.. http://bit.ly/UroYTG

Poll suggesting at least 7 in 10 Aussies would vote for Julian. http://www.theage.com.au/polls/assange-for-senate-20121212-2b9rp.html

English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town...
English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town Hall in support of Julian Assange, 2010, December 10 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What the Australian Govt can do to end the “Assange stalemate” by Professor Donald Rothwell ANU College Law  http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/4408852.html#

Pollbludger’s William Bowe on Assange for the Senate http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/12/14/poll-bludger-win-or-lose-assanges-senate-tilt-will-cause-a-stir/

and his article from March 19 2012 http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/03/19/poll-bludger-assange-for-canberra-a-new-can-of-worms/?wpmp_tp=1

abc election maestro Antony Green doesn’t rate Julian a chance http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-12-13/green-what-chance-does-assange-have-for-senate-seat/4425990








Long standing Mental Health advocate & former MP Martin Whitely is running for Senate pre-selection in the Australian 2013 Federal Election. See more at MartinWhitely.com

Article on disastrous new diagnosis “guidelines” that will be gospel for Psychiatrists in most of the western world  http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dsm5-in-distress/201212/dsm-5-is-guide-not-bible-ignore-its-ten-worst-changes

Article on Martin Whitely’s highly recommended site. http://speedupsitstill.com/american-psychiatric-association-approval-dsm-5-sad-day-psychiatry

Click here for audio of Martin Whitely A 2012-12-14 at 16.04

Dexamphetamine Sulphate 5 mg tablets (photograph)
Dexamphetamine Sulphate 5 mg tablets (photograph) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friend and colleague Zel Iscel from EDAC.org.au joined me to chat about the effect of the much vaunted NDIS plans for people with #Disability

click here to hear Zel on the actual impact of the NDIS 

Zel on the right on air for Ethnic Ability Mondays 7.30pm
Zel on the right on air for Ethnic Ability Mondays 7.30pm

link for Zel’s radio show -> http://www.mrtawa.org.au/1/ethnicability.php

click here for the Govt NDIS website 







I recommend you follow my colleague  Maath Musleh (MaathMusleh) on Twitter @MaathMusleh. Lecturer at Al-Quds-Bard College. Journalist. MA in Political Journalism from City University in LondonJerusalem, Palestine

English: Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Gethseman...
English: Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Church of all nations Deutsch: Jerusalem, Ölberg, Kirche aller Nationen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australia NW Oil Spill, company links to Burma’s military dictatorship? Are we financing the Generals as we pick up the bill for their mess? OP/ED

Atlas West Oil Rig – we know where the oil-spill is going,

West Atlas Oil Spill 1
West Atlas Oil Spill 1

what about where the profits are going.

Are we helping finance repression in Burma - Myanmar?
Are we helping finance repression in Burma - Myanmar?

The 2007 AP, SMH & Rigzone articles below pose some very disturbing questions about where the profits go from the badly leaking West Atlas Oil Rig.


Is it possible that our Governments are indirectly financing the illegal Military Junta in Burma/Myanmar and it’s brutal repression.


Aren’t we meant to be backing UN sanctions against the Generals’ brutal repression and imprisonment of elected leader Aung Saan Suu Kyi?


Meanwhile we can only wonder at the standards of corporate governance of the operators as “their” oil covers our NW waters, threatening island, reef and mainland ecosystems.


Excerpts and links to media exposing Burma links are below, including related interview & video from Senator Rachel Siewert.

Click the blue text to see the full story on each

A search of the website Rigzone shows these recent links between the WA Rig’s operator PTTEP and the Generals

PTTEP & CNOOC Ink Asset Swap Deal
NEWS ARTICLE: of the Union of Myanmar. Under the agreement, the partners comprise PTTEP Myanmar
Limited, a subsidiary of PTTEP with 20% interest. CNOOC Ltd. as the operator
PTTEP, CNOOC May Discuss Myanmar Gas Block Stake Swap
NEWS ARTICLE: 24 hours with China National Offshore Oil Corp. about closer business ties that could
include swapping assets in Myanmar, PTTEP’s top executive said Thursday.
PTTEP May Invest $25 Million in Myanmar Gas Fields
NEWS ARTICLE: Title: PTTEP May Invest $25 Million in Myanmar Gas Fields Date: 8/3/2004 Body: Thailand’s
PTT Exploration and Production PCL may invest $25 million to explore


This  2007 AP article from the Star Via AP spells out the economic and political significance of the links


TheStar.com | Business | Oil companies fuelling Burma’s junta

Foreign firms are fighting for access to untapped energy reserves that some say fund a repressive regime Oct 02, 2007 04:30 AM Thomas Hogue ASSOCIATED PRESS


From the Sydney Morning Herald, also in 2007 ( how has the structure changed we wonder )

While Burma’s military junta cracks down on pro-democracy protests, oil companies are busy jostling for access to the country’s largely untapped natural gas and oil fields.

Just last Sunday – as marches led by Buddhist monks drew thousands in the country’s biggest cities – Indian Oil Minister Murli Deora was in Burma’s capital Rangoon for the signing of contracts between state-controlled ONGC Videsh Ltd and Burma’s military rulers to explore three offshore blocks.


Meanwhile, the Governments of Kevin Rudd and Colin Barnett are yet to answer key questions on the lamentable response to the oil disaster by it’s operators, let alone address the issue of profits possibly going to the Generals.

See the link below for the 6PR interview, pictures of the spill taken by the Greens and an interview with Senator Rachel Siewert

Youtube slideshow of the oil slick – also, Kevin Rudd doesn’t even use the word “environment”in his brief spin on air at 6PR with Simon Beaumont (6pr.com.au )

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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ignores NW environment as he spins a major oil slick threatening offshore and manland ecosystems :(

Kevin Rudd escaped a grilling when interviewed on 6pr.com.au about the giant oil spill off our NW coast.

Clicke here for 3 minutes of shameful spin (what about the whales & turtles Kev, they don’t vote, but we do!)  PM Kevin Rudd

There is a major threat to our offshore and mainland ecosystems, whales, turtles, sensitive reefs, and no word on why the company involved has rejected offers of clean-up help from Woodside.  see interview with Greens (WA) Sen. Rachel Siewert who’s just back from overflying the huge slick.

call your local talkback to have your say +61 8 922 11882 is 6pr.com.au

visit Senator Siewert’s site to keep track, this oil will keep spilling for the next 2 months!

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Major Oil Spill off NW Australia – pics and interview with Senator Rachel Siewert on her overflight of the West Atlas disaster

The Australian Greens today released pictures taken yesterday of the West Atlas Oil Spill indicating the extent to which the oil had spread from the oil rig, and called on the Government to intervene in a situation that is clearly worse than originally reported.


“This spill is far more serious than both the company and the Government are saying. We were not prepared for the extent of what we saw,” said Senator Rachel Siewert, marine spokesperson for the Australian Greens.


“The Government must urgently intervene, to stand up to the oil company and start immediate action to protect these precious waters and the whale, turtle, fish and other species that call them home.”


The ABC is reporting here that Minister Ferguson says everything’s fine!!!

Well, if you stand on one leg and face NNE it DOES look smaller, but for the marine life it’s very very big and very very close

The Senator’s site will be updated with video and pecise co-ordinates of the oveflight soon, please visit and bookmark, share

West Atlas Oil Spill 1

Australian anti terror campaign increasingly anti freedom – Senator Scott Ludlum Greens WA

Untangling the laws of terror Opinion Editorial | Spokesperson Scott Ludlam Wednesday 19th August 2009, 1:36pm in Peace & Security Terrorism Laws It’s rare to hear the phrase “war on terror” these days — it has been seemingly purged from the official lexicon as the superficial certainty of the Bush/Howard years gives way to darker and more ambiguous terrain.

“war on  freedom terror”

WA Senator Scott Ludlam
Image via Wikipedia

Australia is still a nation at war: one and a half thousand troops on the ground in Afghanistan, backing NATO’s installation of a brittle democracy in a violent failed state where the distinctions between friend and terrorist change by the day.

“war on  freedom terror”

But something is going on at home as well: a determined, coordinated expansion of the internal security estate that is permanently blurring the boundaries between institutions of defence, intelligence and policing.

“war on  freedom terror”

Some of the thinking is laid bare in the most recent defence white paper: a highly militarised Australia stepping up to meet the threats of nameless Asian aggressors, while an expanded web of domestic security agencies wage an unseen war against the enemy within.

“war on  freedom terror”

The forthcoming counter-terrorism white paper will no doubt provide a discrete glimpse into the workings of this secret war on terror that no longer has a name.

“war on  freedom terror”

But we have some flesh on the bones already.

We know that spy agency ASIO will have doubled in size over four years and has a half-billion dollar headquarters under construction next to the defence complex in Canberra.

“war on  freedom terror”

We know that Australians are, per capita, 23 times more likely to have their phone calls intercepted than United States citizens.

“war on  freedom terror”

We know that a tight feedback loop of mutual self interest binds Ministers, law enforcement agencies and favoured media outlets who somehow manage to have photographers and journalists in place as raids are occurring, or in a recent celebrated example have the story rolling off the presses before the doors have even been kicked in.

The most telling sign of the Rudd Government’s intentions are that every word of the Howard Government’s complex and unwieldy terror laws are still in place, nearly four years after they were forced through the Senate in one fevered afternoon.

“war on  freedom terror”

It has taken two years to get a look at the Governments’ proposed “reforms”, which arrived last week in the form of a 400 page discussion paper that looks very much as though it was rushed out the door in time to catch the aftershocks of the raids in Melbourne.

The debate since then has had a peculiarly unfocused character. The Australian editorialised that the Attorney General was softening the laws. The Fairfax media reported that the laws were being toughened up.

The Coalition accuses the Government of being “soft on terror” and “draconian” at the same time. In reality, the laws are being refined, tuned, the sharp edges knocked off and the subtle underpinnings embedded more deeply in the legal architecture that guides the work of the intelligence and law enforcement communities.

The Australian Federal Police will be able to declare an emergency and then enter premises without a warrant and conduct searches essentially free of judicial oversight. Terror offences will quietly expand to encompass racial violence and “psychological harm”.

The provisions in the Crimes Act that were used to detain Dr Mohammed Haneef for 11 days while the Government frantically worked out whether to prosecute or deport him will remain, although suspects will only be allowed to be held and interrogated without charge for an eight day week. The Government has said that this is about “achieving the right balance between strong laws that protect our safety whilst preserving the democratic rights that protect our freedoms.”

“war on  freedom terror

It is here that the argument rests most uneasily. If these “strong laws” really were protecting our safety, they would be hard to argue with.

“war on  freedom terror

The Australian Greens is a party founded on nonviolence. We condemn acts and threats of politically motivated violence without reservation.

“war on  freedom terror

Australian Greens
Image via Wikipedia

The question is whether the continued ratcheting up of the security state actually makes us safer, or whether we should be looking elsewhere for the kind of “security” that seems so fragile in this complicated age.

“war on  freedom terror

Because they operate behind a firewall of operational secrecy, the Australian public has very little idea to what degree the rapidly proliferating acronym soup of intelligence, defence and law enforcement agencies are actually making us safer.

“war on  freedom terror

When mistakes do spill into the public domain — as they did with Dr Haneef, Izhar Ul-Haque or Jack Thomas, they shake public confidence not just in the agencies concerned but in the whole assumption that larger and better resourced secret police are the key to a secure Australia.

“war on  your rights terror

No doubt these agencies are staffed with talented and motivated individuals, some of them doing dangerous work to pre-empt violent crimes, their only reward the absence of some half-formed horror.

“war on  your rights terror

But this is no reason for centuries of hard-fought legal protections drawn up to protect each of us from abuse of state power to be so casually eroded.

“war on  your rights terror

The long-awaited reviewer of the terror laws looks like it will be a well qualified part-timer supported by two staffers in the PM’s office. I wish them well — they will barely have time to come to grips with the tangled legacy of Prime Minister Howard‘s war on terror before the next tranche from Prime Minister Rudd hits the table.

Who or what we’re at war with now is an open question.

your rights and freedom are at stake support the GREENS in lobbying for a balance between fear and freedom

First published in Crikey.

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West Australian mining deal with China exposes Ex-Rocker’s KOW-TOW- Gorgon announcement relegates Garrett to ‘rubber stamp’ status

Senator Rachel Siewert Australian Greens Senator  WA

w:en:Rachel Siewert, 22 August 2007 Author: Ja...
Image via Wikipedia

Gorgon announcement relegates Peter Garrett to ‘rubber stamp’ status

The Australian Greens today called on the Rudd Government to explain how it can announce its endorsement of a $50 Billion gas deal with China before the Gorgon project had received Commonwealth environmental approval.

“The message to us seems clear – threatened species will not be allowed to get in the way of development under Rudd, and environmental conditions are nothing more than a means of green-washing projects destined to go ahead regardless of their environmental impacts,” said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

“Today, the role of the Environment Minister has been relegated to the status of a rubber stamp of approval.”

Barrow Island has been dubbed ‘Australia‘s Ark’ for its unique range of endangered species, with 24 species and sub-species preserved on the island, many of who are extinct or endangered on mainland Australia.”

Peter Garrett campaigning in Melbourne for the...
Image via Wikipedia

“Endemic species such as the Barrow Island spectacled hare-wallaby, Barrow Island golden bandicoot, Barrow Island mouse and the Barrow Island burrowing bettong will face possible extinction if proper environmental restrictions and controls are not put in place,” said Senator Siewert.

“There is also the carbon footprint of this plant to consider. Gorgon’s gas has a high CO2 content, meaning its emissions will be at least 5.45 million tonnes-a-year if carbon geo-sequestration can be achieved (and 8.81 million tonnes-a-year without it).”

“This is a time when we should be actively reducing emissions,” concluded Senator Siewert.

The Greens are calling on the Prime Minister to explain whether he still considers that the Gorgon plant will only be able to proceed subject to environmental approval, or whether he now believes his Government should not be bound by the provisions of the Environmental Protection and Biodiver

Australian Greens
Image via Wikipedia

sity Conservation Act to reject the project if it fails to secure approval.

Tim Norton
Communications and Campaigns
Office of Rachel Siewert | Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia
Suite SG-113 Parliament House, Canberra ACT | P: 02 6277 3741 | F: 02 6277 5762

Tim.Norton@aph.gov.au |
www.RachelSiewert.org.au | www.GreensMPs.org.au

posted here by tony serve in support of the Greens’ ongoing efforts to hold Govt & Big Business accountable

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Gorgon’s dirty secret: Western Australia’s biggest single polluter?

Barrow Island Wiki pic
Barrow Island Wiki pic

Senator Rachel Siewert

Gorgon’s dirty secret: WA’s biggest

single polluter?  Bye Bye Barrow Is.

MEDIA RELEASE, Tuesday 11 August 2009

The Gorgon LNG proposal for Barrow Island, if it goes ahead, will massively increase WA’s greenhouse gas emissions, representing a disastrous decision for the climate, Greens Senator for WA Rachel Siewert has warned.

“While the old parties in Canberra this week are debating various flawed forms of an emissions trading scheme – all aimed at donating billions of dollars to the nation’s biggest polluters to compensate them for the cost of the pollution they are causing – the State Government is quietly progressing a project that will single-handedly boost WA’s greenhouse gas emissions by between eight to 12 per cent,” Senator Siewert said.

“Gorgon’s emissions will be 5.45 million tonnes-a-year if carbon geo-sequestration is achieved and 8.81 million tonnes-a-year without the greenhouse gas sequestered.

“This represents either an eight or 12 per cent increase on the State’s total annual carbon footprint now.

“Meanwhile, there are plans to more than double the number of coal-fired power stations in Collie from four to nine by 2013, plus allow the highly polluting Perdaman urea plant.

“If the WA and Federal governments are relying on public apathy to get away with taking us down the opposite path that we need to go on climate change, then they are wrong.

“This issue was a vote-decider at the last Federal election and we saw it again with the Fremantle by-election. People care about climate change and they can see that neither the Liberal nor the Labor party are showing leadership on this issue.”

For more information or media inquiries, please call Eloise Dortch on 0415 507 763

w:en:Rachel Siewert, 22 August 2007 Author: Ja...
Image via Wikipedia


Even with carbon geosequestration, Gorgon proponents plan to add 5.45million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually: (ref: page 30, http://www.epa.wa.gov.au/docs/2937_Rep1323GorgonRevPer30409.pdf).

The amount Gorgon proponents Chevron, Shell and Exxon Mobile plan to geo-sequester from the expanded, three-LNG train proposal is 3.36 million tonnes annually (ref: page 31 http://www.gorgon.com.au/review/FromClient/Gorgon_Revised_Proposal_PER_Final_Main_Report_20080909.pdf. To quote: “The addition of a third LNG processing train and a Domestic Gas supply will potentially increase the annual volume of reservoir CO2 to be injected from approximately 2.72 MTPA as a result of the Approved Development, to a total of approximately

3.36 MTPA (Table 2.2) as a result of the Revised Proposal.”

This compares to WA’s total annual CO2 emissions of 70.4mtpa (ref: http://www.climatechange.gov.au/inventory/stateinv/index.html)

· 5.45mtpa therefore represents an eight per cent increase on WA’s current annual greenhouse gas emissions (assuming carbon geo-sequestration is achieved)

· If carbon sequestration is not achieved, annual greenhouse emission from Gorgon will be 8.81mtpa (5.45mtpa + 3.36mtpa), equivalent to a 12.5 per cent increase on WA’s current annual emissions.

posted in support of those working to protect the environment by tony serve

Skype: perthtones Google Talk: serve.tony@gmail.com
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tony serve blogs Really useful info for west australians from WACOSS – WACOSS Update – 7th August

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