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My last interview with @MalcolmFraser12 on old politics, new media, shock-jocks, sovereignty

I first interviewed Malcolm Fraser more than 30 years ago when I was a full time mainstream media journalist & broadcaster – this interview is not very MSM and not meant to be an objective analysis. It was a delight.

The former PM and member of the World Eminent Persons’ Group remains active as the Founding Chairman of CARE Australia.

English: Malcolm Fraser in 1956. Image no. : A...
English: Malcolm Fraser in 1956.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s graciously agreed to talk again before the end of the year. meanwhile please follow him on twitter @MalcolmFraser12 ( and if you can handle a massive stream of alt news – use lists to manage high volume accts – follow me @perthtones )

The 20 minute audio is unedited to preserve it’s integrity, sections will be replayed  on Perth radio 6PR Oct 13,14.

[audio https://tonyserve.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/malcolm-fraser-on-2012-10-11-at-13-05-output.mp3%5D

Malcolm Fraser on 2012-10-11 at 13.05.output

بخصوص Hudna – reviving cultural practice in a high tech campaign to end killing in the middle east, and allow Palestinians & Israelis to live side by side in peace.

I’ve been asked to manage online media for hudna.org and have gladly accepted, formalising peace work I began to do with Eyal Ehrlich years ago – please contact me if you can help with geeky goodness or other practical support.

Our twitter, YouTube  accounts and website will be up & running soon – plase follow my personal acct @perthtones for new developments with Hudna.

More details of the revitalized campaign.. to come – middle ground rising…

Below are some screen caps from the website under construction – we’ll also be blogging and linking with peace groups, activists  and individuals across the Middle east and globally.



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Uranium waste to be dumped in Western Australia? say it ain’t so!

IT APPEARS SO – see http://nouranium.wordpress.com/ for the gory details. and Speak out radio 6PR talkback 24/7 922 11 882 ( producer )

For excellent videos on yuranium and nuclear waste – visit http://www.youtube.com/user/SocialJusticePerth

YouTube post on Pangea’s plans to store nuclear waste in Australia

The safety dealbreaker for uranium mining has again been highlighted  with the news of new radioactive leaks in the world heritage listed Kakadu National Park.

Then there’s what to do with the long lasting toxic waste ( see post on US nuclear waste plans in disarray earlier in this blog )

This accidentally released video shows Pangea spending good money to promote storing nuclear waste in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Please subscribe to this blog ( above right ) and keep in touch with the no-uranium movement ( google ANAWA and hang in for new website, blogs and activism ) that has been stung back into action by Colin Barnett’s mad plans to ship yellowcake on our roads and through our ports when we can’t even transport lead ore safely!

Uranium mine water leaking into Kakadu – ABC News

aap pic of Kakadu by Tara Ravens

Uranium mine water leaking into Kakadu – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Please let Colin Barnett know his plans have sprung a leak – see post and video below

The Amount And Value Of Twitter Traffic – TechCrunch

More useful info from TechCrunch
More useful info from TechCrunch

More great work  here by TechCrunch and some interesting comments at the bottom.

It seems all this frenetic networking is producing results for people, but big numbers don’t always translate fully into meaningful traffic.

Anyone with input or useful  info on networking for community activists and avocates please tweet perthtones

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twitter - perthtones