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GOOGLE Gremlins – BBC “search temporarily affected by false warnings”


Google - so many searches, so very few gremlins
Google - so many searches, so very few gremlins

The BBC reported this around 1700 GMT/UTC Saturday January 31st – it will be interesting to see what caused the problem.

If your service was affected or you can help with info please leave a comment


Fault hits Google search service

Google screen grab 

Users were warned that all search results were dangerous

Google’s search service has been hit by technical problems, with users unable to access search results.

For a period on Saturday, all search results were flagged as potentially harmful, with users warned that the site “may harm your computer”.

Users who clicked on their preferred search result were advised to pick another one.

Google says it is unclear what caused the problem, which is now resolved, but that it will make a statement later.

“There was a fault. We don’t know the nature of it yet. Everything has been solved. We are still making initial enquiries, ” a Google spokesperson told BBC News.