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Fear & loathing in Perth – cowards hassling Muslim women will not be tolerated #terroraustralis #auspol














Early October 2014 the fear and loathing was palpable… my friend & colleague Marziya MohammedAli told me about the verbal and physical abuse that’s flowed from politics and some media politics coverage of “Terror Australis.”


Marziya is doing PostGrad work at ECU, and has been a Lectureer, Tutor, Researcher and Project manager at ECU.


 Click here for Marziya’s excellent photography covering protests and community events here in Perth. 



Click here for related stories from abc


Skateboarders speak up for Muslim Women under attack…


#Australia Senate candidate Julian #Assange’s fate rests with Judge in #Manning case, Tony Serve speaks with @Kgosztola 16 min audio

Julian Assange, from Wikileaks, at the SKUP co...
Julian Assange, from Wikileaks, at the SKUP conference for investigative journalism, Norway, March 2010 (see http://www.skup.no/Info_in_Englishhttp://www.skup.no/Konferansen_2010/Programmet) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning (Photo credit: Truthout.org)

Kevin Gosztola @kgosztola is a respected online colleague who is one of only a few who’ve covered the entire sittings of the Manning case, alongside @carwinb @pressfreedom and others.

The fate of Australian Senate candidate Julian Assange hangs on a US Military Court Judge’s decision expected to be handed down after tomorrow’s final day of the Bradley Manning case.

Reporter Kevin Gosztola chuckled when told Foreign Minister Bob Carr is denying Assange is under threat from the US.

He’ll be there for tomorrow’s final day where Manning is expected to be able to make a closing statement as he faces 20 to 90 years in jail.

I interviewed him live on overnight talkback at 6PR

Info on Wikileaks here http://waca.net.au/get-the-facts/

Info on Wikileaks Party here http://www.wikileaksparty.org.au/

Manning trial transcripts from @Pressfreedom https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/bradley-manning-transcripts

Links, info for Friday December 14 on #Assange #Psychiatry #BigPharma #Disability #NDIS #Australia #Auspol

Disclosure: I am a long time supporter of Wikileaks and the work of Julian Assange and all the others who risk everything to shed light on the ugly truth.

I was a mainstream journalist/radio host for 30 years, but no longer work in a newsroom ( apart from the odd fill-in to help out at 6PR & 96fm ) My work now is not objective, but I do strive for balance and welcome polite opposition.

Audio of Interview with Christine Assange as Mainstream Media focusses again on Julian Assange’s bid for the Senate.

 click here for audio of Christine Assange with Tony Serve Perth’s 6PR Dec. 14 2012 

***Edited audio segments here, grabs of 1-3 minutes on everything from Govt lies to Mainstream Media #FAIL – more to follow

CA on our tweets making us terrorists, and liable to arrest

CA ON Gillard Roxon lies over draconian new laws

CA on MSM not pursuing Govt lies

CA on MSM & citizen journalism

Wikileaks site is here http://wikileaks.org ( including the store  ) and needs/deserves your support , see also http://justice4assange.com

Follow @wikileaks for news, infoz from WL and occasional tweets from JA.

Follow & support Christine Assange on twitter @AssangeC  – cowards and trolls often hassle her so don’t be shy with support

(1) Legal brief to parl-#Assange Extradition by Jen Robinson: http://wlcentral.org/node/1418

Justice4Assange website: http://justice4assange.com

Campaign Site for #Wikileaks &#Assange supporters.. http://bit.ly/UroYTG

Poll suggesting at least 7 in 10 Aussies would vote for Julian. http://www.theage.com.au/polls/assange-for-senate-20121212-2b9rp.html

English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town...
English: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town Hall in support of Julian Assange, 2010, December 10 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What the Australian Govt can do to end the “Assange stalemate” by Professor Donald Rothwell ANU College Law  http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/4408852.html#

Pollbludger’s William Bowe on Assange for the Senate http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/12/14/poll-bludger-win-or-lose-assanges-senate-tilt-will-cause-a-stir/

and his article from March 19 2012 http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/03/19/poll-bludger-assange-for-canberra-a-new-can-of-worms/?wpmp_tp=1

abc election maestro Antony Green doesn’t rate Julian a chance http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-12-13/green-what-chance-does-assange-have-for-senate-seat/4425990








Long standing Mental Health advocate & former MP Martin Whitely is running for Senate pre-selection in the Australian 2013 Federal Election. See more at MartinWhitely.com

Article on disastrous new diagnosis “guidelines” that will be gospel for Psychiatrists in most of the western world  http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dsm5-in-distress/201212/dsm-5-is-guide-not-bible-ignore-its-ten-worst-changes

Article on Martin Whitely’s highly recommended site. http://speedupsitstill.com/american-psychiatric-association-approval-dsm-5-sad-day-psychiatry

Click here for audio of Martin Whitely A 2012-12-14 at 16.04

Dexamphetamine Sulphate 5 mg tablets (photograph)
Dexamphetamine Sulphate 5 mg tablets (photograph) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friend and colleague Zel Iscel from EDAC.org.au joined me to chat about the effect of the much vaunted NDIS plans for people with #Disability

click here to hear Zel on the actual impact of the NDIS 

Zel on the right on air for Ethnic Ability Mondays 7.30pm
Zel on the right on air for Ethnic Ability Mondays 7.30pm

link for Zel’s radio show -> http://www.mrtawa.org.au/1/ethnicability.php

click here for the Govt NDIS website 







I recommend you follow my colleague  Maath Musleh (MaathMusleh) on Twitter @MaathMusleh. Lecturer at Al-Quds-Bard College. Journalist. MA in Political Journalism from City University in LondonJerusalem, Palestine

English: Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Gethseman...
English: Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Church of all nations Deutsch: Jerusalem, Ölberg, Kirche aller Nationen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My last interview with @MalcolmFraser12 on old politics, new media, shock-jocks, sovereignty

I first interviewed Malcolm Fraser more than 30 years ago when I was a full time mainstream media journalist & broadcaster – this interview is not very MSM and not meant to be an objective analysis. It was a delight.

The former PM and member of the World Eminent Persons’ Group remains active as the Founding Chairman of CARE Australia.

English: Malcolm Fraser in 1956. Image no. : A...
English: Malcolm Fraser in 1956.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s graciously agreed to talk again before the end of the year. meanwhile please follow him on twitter @MalcolmFraser12 ( and if you can handle a massive stream of alt news – use lists to manage high volume accts – follow me @perthtones )

The 20 minute audio is unedited to preserve it’s integrity, sections will be replayed  on Perth radio 6PR Oct 13,14.

[audio https://tonyserve.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/malcolm-fraser-on-2012-10-11-at-13-05-output.mp3%5D

Malcolm Fraser on 2012-10-11 at 13.05.output

#Australia Govt abandons journalist wrongfully arrested in #Egypt – @perthtones interview with @austingmackel

Austin Mackell spoke to me from Cairo via Skype on April 28 and the 2 part interview went to air during my fill-in shift on Perth’s top talkback station 6PR on the 28th. It was very well received by listeners who offered support during talkback after the interview and the following evening.

We ask that Prime Minister Gillard and Foreign Minister Bob Carr do their job and act now to secure the freedom of a respected australian journalist. Please call, email and tweet them

on twitter they are: @juliagillard @bobjcarr

( both tracks about 12 minutes each )


meanwhile, Austin keeps writing as he awaits his fate and the return of his passport. Click this link well worth your reading and sharing with anyone who cares about democracy and the future.

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safety & security for activists online has never been more critical – Battle Hardening Against Cyber Soldiers

Friend, colleague & hyperactivist Anita ( follow @lissnup on twitter ) has some very timely advice…

* note for #anonymous supporters & wannabes – not every1 with a mask and attitude is even real let alone a good guy

Ultimately, nothing and no-one is secure online, if you can operate openly you are very powerful. If your situation needs anonymity, know there are risk


click for for anonyops, click 'security' for more infoz

New post on @lissnup

Battle Hardening Against Cyber Soldiers

by lissnup

An overview of key points to bear in mind or tactics to bring into play in case of an online incursion by members of anyone’s so-called “Cyber Army”

Harsh as it might seem, treat all former contacts that reappear after an absence with neutral (not hostile) caution. Accounts do get hacked, and occasionally, people do get recruited to “the other team”. If you had a really trusted contact and you didn’t put a challenge/response protocol* in place so you could verify their identity, then you have to assume there is a 50% chance they are not the person you once knew until they can prove themselves.

*Establish a challenge/response protocol with your trusted contacts. This is an agreed question you can ask the other person and an agreed response they must give. Like a password reminder. Tip: Do NOT use any of your existing password reminder Q&A’s!!

New accounts, especially breathlessly dramatic ones, should also be treated with measured caution. Wait for verification of all news, especially any that will have serious or long term repercussions. We learned this the hard way when a very plausible fraud appeared on Twitter in the middle of protest and declared that bit.ly shortened links were blocked in Iran. The ensuing panic and last minute changes caused a lot of people a lot of unneccessary extra effort.

Breaking News” reports always seem to demand an urgent response, where in fact they should be treated as “unconfirmed news“. As we all know, a lie is halfway around the social network world before the truth has got its pants on. So, as always, wait and verify, verify, verify. Remember that even the most experienced social media users and big name mass media outlets like the BBC, CNN etc have all been fooled by fake news. If you do happen to post a false report in good faith, you should be prepared to spend at least as much time retracting it and letting everyone know, than the time you spent sharing it.

Mark unconfirmed status updates as UNCONFIRMED or UNCONF. Do not remove text that identifies news as unconfirmed when re-tweeting or re-posting.

Watch out for private message requests or emails containing sensational news, documents, image, videos etc. asking you to share news. Suggest to whoever sent it that they post it themselves and you (might) share their update. If they claim to be unable to use or create a social network account, suggest they use mail is instantly posted as a blog that can be activated and shared. Look for the information being shared with you privately using search to see if it can be verified, or if anyone is posting warnings about it.

Watch out for people re-using images from unrelated events. Use Google or Tin Eye to search for images by url or by uploading them.

Check for images having been altered using special analysis tools like Image Metadata Manager or JPEGSnoop

Take responsibility for your online safety and security.

  • Change to a strong password and keep changing it, if not daily then as often as you can.
  • Scan your computer to check for intrusions, keyloggers, rootkits, malware, and trojans and keep your security software up to date.
  • Make sure that your recovery details for websites like Twitter, FaceBook & blogs etc are accurate and up to date.
  • Protect the email accounts you use to register with websites and services.
  • Use https to acces websites and services, so that when you do connect, the information you send is encrypted.
  • Copy and paste log in names and passwords rather than type them.
  • Do no store unencrypted user names and passwords on your computer.
  • Protect files on you computer or on external storage devices or removab le storage like flash drives, SD cards or USB sticks using encryption, such as TrueCrypt.
  • Use a password on all your devices.

Be alert for apparently innocent requests for information about your own or anyone else’s details, such as location, online activity, other connections, friends or contacts.

lissnup | December 14, 2011 at 8:57 pm | Categories: Iran Election | URL: http://wp.me/pQvKK-qt

Comment See all comments

RT @lmoliva_: Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments is.gd/NNzwGd

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Using Social Media to Aid Recovery (via idisaster 2.0)

Using Social Media to Aid Recovery Post by: Kim Stephens The Social Media and Emergency Management chat last Friday, July 29 focused on SM and recovery and was moderated by Pascal Schuback, an emergency manager from a large county in Washington State. The transcript is 31 pages long–we were chatty. My favorite question:  "Recovery is always a challenge to work prior to an event? How are we prep … Read More

via idisaster 2.0

بخصوص Hudna – reviving cultural practice in a high tech campaign to end killing in the middle east, and allow Palestinians & Israelis to live side by side in peace.

I’ve been asked to manage online media for hudna.org and have gladly accepted, formalising peace work I began to do with Eyal Ehrlich years ago – please contact me if you can help with geeky goodness or other practical support.

Our twitter, YouTube  accounts and website will be up & running soon – plase follow my personal acct @perthtones for new developments with Hudna.

More details of the revitalized campaign.. to come – middle ground rising…

Below are some screen caps from the website under construction – we’ll also be blogging and linking with peace groups, activists  and individuals across the Middle east and globally.



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Egypt Jan25 – song for the revolution – Dream with Me – stunning pictures from Tahrir Square and haunting music

These people are just like you and me, they want freedom.

They don’t want outsiders and extremists to steal their revolution.

Anyone in Tahrir square will tell you it’s NOT A PROTEST….it’s a revolution.


Thanks to http://english.aljazeera.net/ for video, tweets, context, info & for  the bravery of cammos, journos & producers


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HOW TO: Use Twitter Lists to Promote Nonprofits and Causes You Care About (via Nonprofit Tech 2.0 :: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits)

Great ideas – please tweet or email any NGOs & Not for Profits you know of, anywhere in the world.

We have great Mental health and Environment tweeters in US, UK, Australia and a few from elsewhere…but we’d love to connect with activist in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Twitter’s new Lists are a great way to organize your followers, and with a little intention and a dose of good will, Twitter Lists can also be used to promote your favorite nonprofits and the causes you care about. Here’s how: 1) Create a “Favorite Nonprofits” List Lists can say a lot about your character and what’s important to you. Personally, I am quite saddened by the rapid loss of wildlife around the world, so my “Favorite Nonprofits” list h … Read More

The definition of continental regions and sub-...
Image via Wikipedia
Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

via Nonprofit Tech 2.0 :: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

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Tony Abbott reportedly apologises for heartless, dismissive jibe against people with disability

Below is a Media Release from Blind Citizens Australia.

Crop of original picture of Tony Abbott in 2010.

The thoughts are echoed by the people I work with at the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre here in Perth and the national advocacy group NEDA.

Mainstream media have largely ignored the comment ( available in transcript here ) and I’ve seen at least one reporter actually play it down in a comment on twitter.

Meanwhile Respected Canberra Journo Michelle GRATTAN has tweeted to the effect that he’s been let off the hook by media.

What do you think?

Can we believe his promises on Mental Health now we know what he really thinks about disability.

I wonder if he even knows that mental illness is a form of disability.

This is the internationally recognized symbol ...
Image via Wikipedia


People who are blind have expressed outrage at Tony Abbott’s recent comments diminishing the importance of accessible cinemas for Australians who have a sensory disability.

The comments, made on Sunday to political commentator Laurie Oakes, implied that cinema access for people with sensory impairments was of a low priority.

Condemning Abbott’s comments was Ms Robyn Gaile, Blind Citizens Australia’s Executive Officer who said, “We are frustrated that Tony Abbott is diminishing the inherent dignity of people who are blind or vision impaired and deaf or hearing impaired with regard to one of the most taken for granted recreational pursuits enjoyed by citizens of Australia.

“We have had a long and hard fight for the basic right to enjoy cinema entertainment, just like anybody else. Minister Abbott is not restricted in the choices of entertainment he is able to enjoy and yet makes a disparaging off the cuff comment which could impact the ability of everyday Australians with a disability to enjoy the same freedom.

“We would expect that our leaders would respect the value of such a landmark decision to provide audio description in mainstream cinemas which advances the social inclusion of people who are blind. These comments are extraordinarily disappointing.”

Abbott’s comments referred to the recently reached agreement between disability peak bodies, including Blind Citizens Australia, lobby groups from the blind and deaf sectors, the four major cinema chains and the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities, Bill Shorten giving patrons with a sensory disability access to audio description and captioned content at 132 cinema complexes around Australia. Currently, only 0.3% of screenings are accessible to patrons who are blind or deaf. Audio description is a way to describe what can be seen on screen in a clear and private manner.

According to Screen Australia, Australian cinemas saw 85 million cinema admissions in 2007, with 67,000 people over the age of 14 enjoying a movie at least once in 2007. People with sensory disabilities have been largely left out of this market.

Cinema access is cited in Article 30 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which states that individuals with a disability should have the same rights to participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport. Australia is a signatory to this Convention and to its Optional Protocol.

Greg Madson, who is blind, is looking forward to the introduction of audio description in cinemas irrespective of Abbott’s comments. “I live in WA and can’t wait to get access to audio description. It is the difference of going to the movies with friends who are sighted and being able to watch and fully understand what is happening on the screen in front of me. This is a basic right as part of the UN Convention, but it’s also about me being able to independently enjoy a movie just like other cinemagoers.”

Blind Citizens Australia is the peak consumer representative organisation for Australians who are blind or vision impaired.

Media Contact: Jody Holdback 0407 808 269

Kind regards,

Jessica Zammit
National Policy Officer
Blind Citizens Australia
Ross House, Level 3, 247-251 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Web: www.bca.org.au

A map of signatories to the Optional Protocol ...
Image via Wikipedia
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Join us in making a difference in mental health and ending stigma – follow @MHSMchat and @WEGOAmy on twitter and please visit, comment on the blogs listed below

You can make a difference, visit, comment, share with us as a guest writer



click here for some of my mental health posts

on twitter follow these awesome activists;





and please, see who we are connected to for many more great folk to join forces with

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Australian Mental Health at a critical stage, you can make a difference today and tomorrow wherever you are – WA: will Premier Barnett stand up for mental health?

Mental ill health is the leading killer of Australians under 45 and the leading cause of disability for all Australians.

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 21:  Australian Pri...
Premier Barnettt, PM Rudd

But with the biggest health reforms in decades up for negotiation on Monday, mental ill health may be forgottenunless we act now.

In just 48 hours, the Prime Minister and the leaders of every Australian state and territory will sit down in Canberra to negotiate a new plan for healthcare across the nation.

In their offices across Australia, our state Premiers and territory Chief Ministers are working all weekend in preparation for Monday’s meeting. They are deciding where to push hard, and where to compromise.

We’ve found the office fax number for WA Premier, Colin Barnett

We all want to see reform of our hospitals. But tackling mental health will require more than increasing the number of beds in our hospitals, or changing the source of health funding. More of the same won’t work.


There are solutions. Here’s just one example: there are 30 Government run Headspace centres across Australia. An extra $100million a year would expand capacity in these centres and build an extra 60 across the nation. This alone would double the number of young Australians receiving treatment for mental ill health.

On Monday, the PM will need every Premier on board, so here in WA, Colin Barnett will have huge influence. These decisions are being made in his office right now – let’s fill it with faxes asking him not to come home without mental health care reform:

There must be no health reform without mental health reform. Together we can make sure this silent disease, which half of us will experience in our lifetime, is on the agenda at Monday’s crucial meeting of all levels of Australian Government.

Thanks for all that you do,
TheGetUp team

PS –

We’ve joined forces with Australian of the year, mental health expert Professor Patrick McGorry to call for mental health reform.

Already, tens of thousands of GetUp members have petitioned the Prime Minister and raised $85,000 for the campaign to put our message on TV.

Now it is our state Premiers who hold the keys to reform – click here contact yours now.

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3 amazing people on twitter joined me on Perth’s 6pr.com.au 882 6pr last weekend – Poet & activist Lesley Dewar, Advocate and #mhsm convenor Amy Kiel and Steve Andrews about his black dog ride this Sunday

Perth Poet & Activist Lesley Dewar uses the net to share and promote creative people and activist causes – and she’s having a ball!

follow Lesley on twitter by clicking here

visit her website by clicking here

Kansas City (Mo) Mental Health Advocate and #mhsm convenor Amy Kiel is amazing – join us 1000pm Eastern US time Tuesday, 1000am West Australian time to share and gather info, resources and inspiration from people around the globe.

click here to follow Amy on twitter

Please visit Amy’s blog by clicking here

From the South West of W. Australia Steve Andrews talks about about his black dog ride this Sunday, he’s even getting the State Health Minister to saddle up on a donated BMW to raise awareness of depression and raise funds for Busselton advocates LAMP

Click here to follow Steve

please visit Steve’s site by clicking here

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NAMI Raises Voice For Mental Health – let’s talk lobbying and effective campaigning

Well done @NAMI for your work ( see story below )

A Healthy Blog » NAMI Raises Voice For Mental Health.

Tuesday night (USA) Wednesday morning (W. Australia) we plan to talk lobbying and effective campaigning – share success stories, and adopt the Greens strategy of thinking globally and acting locally.

please follow @MHSMchat

MHSM is Mental Health Social Media and we are mostly people who’ve travelled the rocky road and hope to light the way for others.

please follow @MHSMchat

Please follow our #mhsm convenor Amy at @MHSMchat

please follow @MHSMchat

We are also planning to meet via Skype conference call in the near future and set up a global clearing house for resources on brain health, healing and recovery.

please follow @MHSMchat

Anyone who derives income from providing MH services is asked to declare that as they join, and any other potential conflicts of interest or bias need to be on the table too.

please follow @MHSMchat

Many #mhsm crew are doing amazing work already, the chat is about us sharing, not re-inventing the wheel and forging effective networks for effective change.

please follow @MHSMchat

There has never been a better time for those of us who’ve been or are ill to have our voices heard and to effect much needed change and public education.

please follow @MHSMchat

As a local colleague says ” nothing about us without us”

please follow @MHSMchat

Geeks, bloggers, journalists and sponsors are especially welcome, because right now a very few are doing a lot more than might be good for them, so please help lighten the load if you can.

please follow @MHSMchat

more tomorrow

cheers and thanks

tony ( @perthtones )

click here for more from this blog on mental health, including resources and audio

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Japanese Whaling Ships intercepted by Seashepherd vessel, Captain Paul Watson calls for action by Australia and New Zealand

The Steve Irwin and Bob Barker have succeeded again in stopping illegal Japanese whaling in Australian waters off Antarctica.

Seashepherd water cannon

Please click the pic to visit & support Sea Shepherd work to protect whales

Steve Irwin’s skipper Paul Watson spoke with Tony Serve at 2300 w.s.t Feb 8

2 More here on the shameful Japanese prosecution of activists who revealed a blackmarket in whale meat, showing flesh from the Nisshin Maru to media in Tokyo last yearthe United Nations  has now condemned the arrests

follow 6PR on twitter – Perth talkback radio

3 Earlier audio from the Steve Irwin broadcast on 6PR and online here

4 Greens call for an end to Japanese spy planes flying out of Perth to help whalers

New courses in new media – Perth or Online ( via Skype) courses small groups or 1 on 1 – using your laptop as a radio/TV studio using FREE software

Thanks to the Conservation Council of WA and it’s affiliates asking me to present a workshop recently on new media creation and networking.

After amazingly supportive feedback I’ve begun formalising half day and full day workshops for Perth newsmakers/NGOs. ( on site or at 1 of several broadband supported venues )

For indivuals or small groups  it’s possible not only to train on site, but also to do so ONLINE using Skype ( local or global )

Skype allows us to use our laptops as radio and TV studios to generate, record and webcast all types of media

here are some very useful links to free software/apps to create new media

Audacity (click this link to downlaod) free audio editing software for PC or Mac

Levelator free app to fix, clean up audio ( must be in either .wav or .aiff format )

PC free video editing software – VideoSpin 1.1

Screen capture for PC click here ( I use snapz pro on the MacBook)

Easy Screen Capture Video 1.0

If you or your group is interested, let me know by commenting here or emaling me at  serve.tony@gmail.com

tony serve
Skype: perthtones Google Talk: serve.tony@gmail.com
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West Australia gets ready to DUCK & COVER to dance away the Uranium blues – Special Events Notice – You Don’t Want to Miss the Event of the Year!!!

*Please share this


A fancy dress fundraiser for the campaign to stop uranium mining in WA

WHEN: Friday 6 November 2009
WHERE: Fremantle Town Hall
TIME: 7.30pm-midnight
Fully licenced bar & supper available

Travel back in time, dust off your cool threads and get crazy for a cause at the Duck and Cover Hop – Fremantle’s first and finest retro radioactive ball.

Dance the night away to Harry Deluxe and DJ Atomic ‘Burn’, with special appearances by the radioactive ladies of Sugar Blue Burlesque and the Swing Academy.

TIckets: $30 unwaged / $40 waged / $60 solidarity *all tickets include supper

For more information:
Web: http://duckcoverhop.wordpress.com

All money raised goes to the Anti-NuclearAlliance of Western Australia, Conservation Council of Western Australia & Fremantle Anti-Nuclear Group

Sponsors: Fremantle City Council, Fremantle Festival & Little Creatures


Kate Vallentine

ANAWA Campaigner


5 King William Street, Bayswater WA 6053

Ph/Fax: (08) 9271 8786

Email: kate

Website: www.anawa.org.au

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ANAWA

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/ANAWA/147771085564

Myspace: www.myspace.com/473370523

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AntiNuclearWA

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Mental Health Minister to address noon rally, can’t say what staff cuts have & will be made – Alison Xamon MLC Media Release

Alison Xamon MLC


PHONE (08) 9275 7474 – FAX (08) 9275 7574

The W.A. Mental Health Minister has told Parliament he doesn’t know what cuts to staff and services have been made in his portfolio as those behind the cuts of at last 13%,Troy Buswell and Colin Barnett, talk shopping hours.
mp3 audio cut 3 lays out the spin and distraction being put out by the Premier & Treasurer and runs 20 secs

Greens MLC Alison Xamon last night asked the Minister what cuts to staff and resources had been made and what cuts are coming. The reply was to the effect that it would take “some time” to provide answers.
mp3 audio Alison on his reaction and runs 25 secs

Ms Xamon also moved an Urgency Motion, supported by the Opposition, calling on the Government to spell out its plans for the sector.
mp3 Audio Ms Xamon explaining that the Mental Health Minister has little Idea what his Premier and Treasurer have done and have planned – runs 23 secs

Organisers of the midday rally to overturn the dedly cuts say they’ve been approached by the Minister, asking if he can speak to them as they deliver a petition to the Lower House.
mp3 Audio Alison on people in the public and private sector being fed up with spin and lack of answers to urgent questions – runs 22 secs

It will be worthwhile sending reporters and cameras to the midday rally to see what happens, and to interview the Auditor General who’s due to issue a report on the prformance of the Mental Health Sector around 1pm.

mp3 audio  Alison lashing the rush to make cuts before the AG’s report is handed down, and the lack of consultation with stakeholders, staff, service providers and those who use mental health services – runs 13 secs

There will be people from public and private groups like, the HSU, WAAMH, MHC, COMIC, RUAH etc, as well as the Minister, Shadow Minister, Alison Xamon, Many of my dear 6PR listeners and Twitter friends will be there too because this is life or death for many west australians and the damage will be almost impossible to undo.


please call talkback radio TODAY ( 6PR 922 11 882 )   You can also email Colin Barnett at wa-government@dpc.wa.gov.au or  Treasurer Troy Buswell at Minister.Buswell@dpc.wa.gov.au or call the Premier’s office today on 9222 9475, Troy Buswell’s office is 9222 9111  ( contact details are from the public WA Government website )

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Sacred Indigenous Art still under threat in Western Australia, join FARA to help save sacred Aboriginal Rock Carvings on the Burrup Peninsula

Latest news

Hi everyone,

After a very successful 3rd Heritage Tour to the Burrup in July this year, we are pleased to announce that the waiting list is now open for the 4th Tour in July 2010 (dates tbc) – so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please email Judith Hugo on tour@fara.com.au. We already have many interested!

In the meantime we have these forthcoming events –

Zig-Zag Walk, Gooseberry HillSunday 4 October 2009

Walking the Zig Zag in the Shire of Kalamunda is a lovely community event when all the world and his wife, children, grandchildren and others are transported to the top of the zig zag by shuttle bus. They then walk down enjoying the spectacular views while being entertained by music and various community groups, sausage sizzles etc. At the bottom of the Scenic Drive, more buses will take people back up to the top again.

This year FARA has been invited to attend and will have a stand to inform the public about Burrup issues. We are looking for volunteers to help us spread the word – another opportunity to wear your Burrup t-shirt and do a fun Stand Up for the Burrup!

If you are interested, please contact Ginie Bristowe at 9271 7263 or 0422 487 419 or sweetginie@hotmail.com with heading Zig Zag.

See website for more information.
Event location: Zig Zag Scenic Drive, Gooseberry Hill,

FARA AGM – Tuesday 27 October 2009. 6.30pm
41 Havelock Street, West Perth

We have a great new bunch of members from our last Burrup trip, but this is a reminder that old memberships are now due for renewal…

This may be done by sending a cheque or money order to Jennifer Laker at 5710 Phillips Rd, Mundaring WA 6072 or by direct deposit to our bank account – Bendigo Bank, Mundaring – BSB 633 000, A/c No. 1297 11149 > Friends of Australian Rock Art. (Don’t forget to add your own name!)
Membership fees:
$20 – waged,
$10 – low waged,
$5 – unwaged,
or there’s always the option of $200 – life membership!

Please attend the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 27th October 2009 at 6.30pm. Come along (to Robin Chapple’s new parliamentary offices 41 Havelock Street, West Perth) to meet old and new friends – and hear the latest low-down on the Burrup!

(Robert Bednarik’s book “Australian Apocalypse’ will also be available @$25)

Lynne Tinley’s exhibition closing – Sunday 8 November, 3-5 pm
Kingfisher Gallery, 49 Colin Street, West Perth

Lynne Tinley, well known WA artist and staunch supporter of our Burrup cause, has kindly offered part proceeds from her exhibition to FARA. Her stunning works combine images from her South African roots with those from her adopted Australian homeland.

This will be a wine & cheese event @$20 – bookings to Judith Hugo at jhugo@iinet.net.au

And did you know?

– We are always keen to hear your ideas about possible fundraising events or Stand Ups –

– FARA meets every second Tuesday
Friends of Australian Rock Art meets every second Tuesday from 5.45pm to 8pm at 41 Havelock Street, West Perth. The committee welcomes anyone to attend the meeting and bring forward their ideas and/or contributions. Here is the list of scheduled meetings for the next 2 months:

Tuesday 1st September Committee meeting
Tuesday 15th September Committee meeting
Tuesday 29th September Committee meeting
Tuesday 13th October Committee meeting
Tuesday 27th October Annual General Meeting

FARA would be grateful if you could circulate this email to your network.


Kind regards
Judith, Remi
For Friends of Australian Rock Art

Friends of Australian Rock Art Inc.
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Perth Workshop for families with 1 or more people living with mental llness, you are not alone :

Registration form and more detail – click here

Click the pic to visit  COMIC WA - There is great support for families available.

Click the pic to visit COMIC WA – There is great support for families available.

Mental Health Forum in Perth Tuesday September 29 on plans for the coming decade – be part of the change in Western Australia September

Thank you to all the West Australians who took part in recent workshops hosted by Price Waterhouse Cooper to inform the powers that be about the urgent need for change in practice and process.

Out of Darkness

Join those steering the information process on Tuesday September 29 to hear about what happens from here. Please see the brochure below this post for details of the forum and share with your contacts.

The recent confirmation of Australia‘s suicide rate as not falling in ten years clearly shows that Governments and Service Providers have failed tragically.

Out of Darkness

No group has been failed more miserably than the First Australians, city or regional, who are suffering and dying at rates that higher than many third world countries ( don’t get me started on how little impact the Government and resource industry’s meagre efforts have had on their welfare despite making Billions from sacred land )

The deadly toll of stigma, misdiagnosis, over-drugging, ignorance,vested interests and plain inertia can’t even be measured because of the failed unwritten media rule of not reporting on suicide ( except if it’s a ratings boosting celebrity suicide )

The silence is deadly, and even offensive, as the media still gives oxygen to suicide kits and tragically wrong advice from the man known as Dr Death – under the guise of “covering” the Euthenasia debate.

Out of Darkness

A Perth woman with mental illness died horribly in Mexico after following his advice on “dignified death”, leaving her young children orphaned and a hole in the hearts of her family and community, including her since departed sister who was a dear friend of mine and the 6PR Perth radio talkback family.

Click Pic for Perthnow.com.au story

*Vale Carina Berg from the Overnight family

Click Pic for Perthnow.com.au story

Further on media, in a bitter irony a few years ago, when Dr Geoff Gallop was Premier we held a rally on the steps of Parliament to raise awareness of suicide in W.A. and lobby for funding for the life saving Lifeline counseling service.

Geoffrey Gallop Premier of Western Australia (...
Dr Geoff Gallop

About 20 MP’s joined Lifeline crew, broken hearted mothers and grieving, confused familes and advocates in a far too small gathering…there was no sign of mainstream media despite the alerts.

Then as if the clouds had parted to reveal the warming sun, the TV crews pulled in, one after the other in front of us…

The first and then the second “dismounted” with all their cammos and makeup… and walked straight past us!

I walked up to the next broadcast sationwagon to arrive and asked a young reporter I had mentored for a while years back where they were going.

He told me the then captain of Fremantle Dockers had made some politicially sensitive sports comment earlier in the day and they were there to catch Peter Bell after his confab with Premier Geoff Gallop, whose retirement due to Clinical Depression was a long way off.

Out of Darkness

Dr Gallop came to visit me at my home after his resignation and we spoke about our experiences and what had worked for one or the other – I never had the heart to tell him what happened that day – he didn’t need to know, not then. I doubt his minders even gave the notices of the Rally a second look, let alone put them in front of their embattled boss.I’ve lost too many friends and colleagues to mental illness to just hope for change, three haunt me still, but I’ll tell you about them another time.

Out of Darkness

For now, please speak up to whomever might listen about the tragic and AVOIDABLE toll of death and suffering from mental illness.

Effective and meaningful change will not come without major campaigns of public and professional education, guided by those of us the system calls “mental health consumers” and a policy enunciated by my heroes Margaret Cook, her sister Pauline and Lyn Mahboub – nothing about us without us.

Out of Darkness

There is much we can do to bring the taboo issue of suicide to the wider community in a way that won’t freak them out.

An example is the “Out of Darkness” overnight walks to fight suicide in the US. I’ve been privileged to work with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on the Chicago walk, where my dear friend and fellow traveller Amy Kiel lit the way down the rocky path for those who follow. Amy is now working on the coming Walk in her home town of Kansas City and you can follow her on twitter @abeeliever to find out more.

The AFSP and Amy are keen to help us set up walks and programmes here in Oz, so, intersted parties please contact via the comments link below.

Out of Darkness

There are many groups and individuals doing life saving and affirming work in Western Australia, most are working with their hands tied behind their back because of a lack of Government and Community support ( there are no smiling kiddies to put in front of cameras to represent those battling brain dis-ease.

I’ll end this missive with the promise of more to come and 3 important links that shed light for us all, 2 focus some very dark places through fact or fiction, and one is a local inititiative of the dedicated team at RUAH Outreach that I was privileged to be a small part of.

1 – Please see Family to Family by RUAH -” telling it like it”   is by clicking this link

Out of Darkness

2 and 3    Click here for an extended trailer of the Documentary that showed at a Sydney Festival over the weekend an is available online , and a brilliant work of fiction where diligent research underpins a story of madness and love spanning  centuries – and an interview with the producer and author.

Out of Darkness

and to end for now -Here are most of the Mental health stories I’ve posted, including a well recieved talk with UK Dr Alun Jones and interviews with Inspirational Amy Kiel.

Out of Darkness


please share this, there appears to be no info on the Govt Health website or in media releases

please share this, there appears to be no info on the Govt Health website or in media releases

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Greens call for environmental repair fund in wake of West Australian oil spill

Senator Rachel Siewert

Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia

w:en:Rachel Siewert, 22 August 2007 Author: Ja...

Sunday 23rd August 2009

Greens call for environmental repair fund in wake of WA oil spill

The Australian Greens today called for more information to be made available about the oil spill off the coast of Western Australia, and for the company responsible to set up an environmental fund to monitor and repair any environmental impacts the spill may have caused.

“The company needs to be more forthcoming with information,” Australian Greens marine spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“We have limited information on what is currently occurring out there, what actually happened out there, how did it happen, or when they expect to get it under control.”

“This area has been dubbed a ‘marine superhighway’. There are populations of baby turtles this time of year, and the area also serves as a migratory route for whales and other marine life. It’s also close to Ashmore Reef, so we need to be certain the spill is contained before any further damage is done.”

“We are deeply concerned that it has taken so long for clean-up operations to begin and we don’t know what the long-term impacts are going to be. We believe a fund needs to be set up by the company to fund ongoing monitoring and any further repair needed in the future.”

“Before any further development is undertaken closer to the Kimberley coast, we need to ensure that emergency response teams are situated closer than Victoria or the WA wheatbelt, as this instance has shown that the increased response time could potentially result in further environmental damage,” said Senator Siewert.

“I am also concerned by comments from Resources Minister Martin Ferguson over this spill where he is playing down the potential environmental impacts – we do not yet know if the environment is at risk. He is clearly demonstrating that resources come before the environment.”

The Greens are calling on PTTEP Australasia to set up a fund to monitor damage and repair the environment.

“We also need better processes than this, to ensure quick response times and adequate safeguards to protect the environment,” she concluded.

For more information or media enquiries please call Tim Norton on 0418 401 180

Tim Norton
Communications and Campaigns
Office of Rachel Siewert | Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia
Suite SG-113 Parliament House, Canberra ACT | P: 02 6277 3741 | F: 02 6277 5762

Tim.Norton@aph.gov.au |
www.RachelSiewert.org.au | www.GreensMPs.org.au

Sign-up to GreensMPs GreensBlog Twitter

posted by tony serve in support of those working to save our environment

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tony serve blogs Big Pharma’s huge profits from human suffering features in brilliant doco and awesome new novel, listen to Producer Kevin Miller and author Pamela Glasner

greens jobs logo PMS375 2

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Australian anti terror campaign increasingly anti freedom – Senator Scott Ludlum Greens WA

Untangling the laws of terror Opinion Editorial | Spokesperson Scott Ludlam Wednesday 19th August 2009, 1:36pm in Peace & Security Terrorism Laws It’s rare to hear the phrase “war on terror” these days — it has been seemingly purged from the official lexicon as the superficial certainty of the Bush/Howard years gives way to darker and more ambiguous terrain.

“war on  freedom terror”

WA Senator Scott Ludlam
Image via Wikipedia

Australia is still a nation at war: one and a half thousand troops on the ground in Afghanistan, backing NATO’s installation of a brittle democracy in a violent failed state where the distinctions between friend and terrorist change by the day.

“war on  freedom terror”

But something is going on at home as well: a determined, coordinated expansion of the internal security estate that is permanently blurring the boundaries between institutions of defence, intelligence and policing.

“war on  freedom terror”

Some of the thinking is laid bare in the most recent defence white paper: a highly militarised Australia stepping up to meet the threats of nameless Asian aggressors, while an expanded web of domestic security agencies wage an unseen war against the enemy within.

“war on  freedom terror”

The forthcoming counter-terrorism white paper will no doubt provide a discrete glimpse into the workings of this secret war on terror that no longer has a name.

“war on  freedom terror”

But we have some flesh on the bones already.

We know that spy agency ASIO will have doubled in size over four years and has a half-billion dollar headquarters under construction next to the defence complex in Canberra.

“war on  freedom terror”

We know that Australians are, per capita, 23 times more likely to have their phone calls intercepted than United States citizens.

“war on  freedom terror”

We know that a tight feedback loop of mutual self interest binds Ministers, law enforcement agencies and favoured media outlets who somehow manage to have photographers and journalists in place as raids are occurring, or in a recent celebrated example have the story rolling off the presses before the doors have even been kicked in.

The most telling sign of the Rudd Government’s intentions are that every word of the Howard Government’s complex and unwieldy terror laws are still in place, nearly four years after they were forced through the Senate in one fevered afternoon.

“war on  freedom terror”

It has taken two years to get a look at the Governments’ proposed “reforms”, which arrived last week in the form of a 400 page discussion paper that looks very much as though it was rushed out the door in time to catch the aftershocks of the raids in Melbourne.

The debate since then has had a peculiarly unfocused character. The Australian editorialised that the Attorney General was softening the laws. The Fairfax media reported that the laws were being toughened up.

The Coalition accuses the Government of being “soft on terror” and “draconian” at the same time. In reality, the laws are being refined, tuned, the sharp edges knocked off and the subtle underpinnings embedded more deeply in the legal architecture that guides the work of the intelligence and law enforcement communities.

The Australian Federal Police will be able to declare an emergency and then enter premises without a warrant and conduct searches essentially free of judicial oversight. Terror offences will quietly expand to encompass racial violence and “psychological harm”.

The provisions in the Crimes Act that were used to detain Dr Mohammed Haneef for 11 days while the Government frantically worked out whether to prosecute or deport him will remain, although suspects will only be allowed to be held and interrogated without charge for an eight day week. The Government has said that this is about “achieving the right balance between strong laws that protect our safety whilst preserving the democratic rights that protect our freedoms.”

“war on  freedom terror

It is here that the argument rests most uneasily. If these “strong laws” really were protecting our safety, they would be hard to argue with.

“war on  freedom terror

The Australian Greens is a party founded on nonviolence. We condemn acts and threats of politically motivated violence without reservation.

“war on  freedom terror

Australian Greens
Image via Wikipedia

The question is whether the continued ratcheting up of the security state actually makes us safer, or whether we should be looking elsewhere for the kind of “security” that seems so fragile in this complicated age.

“war on  freedom terror

Because they operate behind a firewall of operational secrecy, the Australian public has very little idea to what degree the rapidly proliferating acronym soup of intelligence, defence and law enforcement agencies are actually making us safer.

“war on  freedom terror

When mistakes do spill into the public domain — as they did with Dr Haneef, Izhar Ul-Haque or Jack Thomas, they shake public confidence not just in the agencies concerned but in the whole assumption that larger and better resourced secret police are the key to a secure Australia.

“war on  your rights terror

No doubt these agencies are staffed with talented and motivated individuals, some of them doing dangerous work to pre-empt violent crimes, their only reward the absence of some half-formed horror.

“war on  your rights terror

But this is no reason for centuries of hard-fought legal protections drawn up to protect each of us from abuse of state power to be so casually eroded.

“war on  your rights terror

The long-awaited reviewer of the terror laws looks like it will be a well qualified part-timer supported by two staffers in the PM’s office. I wish them well — they will barely have time to come to grips with the tangled legacy of Prime Minister Howard‘s war on terror before the next tranche from Prime Minister Rudd hits the table.

Who or what we’re at war with now is an open question.

your rights and freedom are at stake support the GREENS in lobbying for a balance between fear and freedom

First published in Crikey.

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Barnett Government rules out lead safety option despite the lessons of the deadly Esperance contamination


Greens MP Adele Carles says she is shocked that the Minister for Environment has rushed through Magellan’s approval today, when the Minister knew full well that a large public company, Griffin Mining Ltd was offering to get involved in an alternative means of transporting lead that is more consistent with public health and safety.

“The Minister has rushed this approval through, before Griffin could get a fair hearing. Griffin went on the public record 2 weeks ago when it said on ABC TV that it would be financially viable for a refinery in Wiluna to be built to enable the export of lead blocks.”

“This would remove the risk posed by the release of lead carbonate dust.”

“This is what Magellan initially received approval for several years ago a

Australian Greens
Image via Wikipedia

nd this is exactly what the Minister should be requiring Magellan to do now, given that the health of potentially thousands of residents is at stake” says Ms Carles.

“Magellan has a shocking history, it contaminated Esperance with the same product. It should not be given a second chance.”

“Given the bullying tactics we have witnessed this week with Irvernia threatening Griffin for daring to offer us a safe option, we dread seeing how this is going to play out in Fremantle.”

blogged in the interests of a safe environment by
tony serve

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tony serve blogs West Australian Government continues plans to sell off the farm to a mining industry dominated by greed and exploitation – Greens (WA) alarmed at Dracula getting keys to the blood bank!
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West Australian Government continues plans to sell off the farm to a mining industry dominated by greed and exploitation – Greens (WA) alarmed at Dracula getting keys to the blood bank!

The West Australian Government continues plans to sell off the farm to a mining industry dominated by greed and exploitation

The Government of Colin Barnett has again moved to bypass or neutralize checks and balances on the rapacious mining industry. ( search Barnett/Moore on this site for related articles )
The tragedy is that mainstream ( corporate interests ) media reports are full of stories of approval delays and bureaucracy in W.A. allowing the Barnett Government to claim they “have to act”

Meanwhile our environment and world heritage are being scarred and decades of mining and Government promises of improving life for traditional landowners are a tragic joke…the life expectancy for a male aborigine is 37.

Iron hydroxide precipitate stains a stream rec...
Image via Wikipedia

The answer to delays in approvals is not to remove the much needed scrutiny, but to spend a tiny bit of the billions in mining royalties on properly resourcing a totally independent review process.

What are you afraid of Mr Barnett – accountability on both bureau management and sustainability?
tony serve

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Media statement from  Robin Chapple MLC

for the Mining and Pastoral Region

13 August 2009

Norman Moore’s environmental reforms will put Dracula in charge of the blood bank, say Greens.

Norman Moore has proven himself an enemy of environmental accountability

, Greens (WA) MLC Robin Chapple said today.

“Mr. Moore’s industry-backed working group is seeking to reverse three decades of progress in environmental protection measures.” Mr Chapple said.

“This is completely unacceptable for a State which was one of the first places in the world to introduce an environmental protection agency.”

Mr. Chapple was commenting on the Jones Report released by Mr. Moore’s Industry Working Group yesterday.

He said that while he recognised the need for reform of the current approvals process, the diluting of environmental assessment was a retrograde step.

“Some of the report’s recommendations – namely the stripping of the EPA’s environmental impact assessment powers – make for frightening reading.”

“Handing environmental assessment powers to the Minister for Mines and Petroleum is like sending Kim Jong Il to inspect his own nuclear arsenal.”

The WA community and many miners want stronger, not weaker environmental protection measures, Mr. Chapple said.

“I welcome any move to grant the EPA departmental status, but without approvals power over mining proposals it will be a hollow department indeed.”

“What Western Australians deserve is an authority that delivers strong environmental protection and allows the mining sector to know where it stands regarding its environmental obligations.”

“These recommendations do neither.  They weaken environmental accountability and do nothing to sort out the under-resourced, confused approvals process.”

Australian Greens
Image via Wikipedia

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Uranium Industry meets to plan new mines AND nuclear power, whether you want it in Western Australia or not! join the *ACTION* Wednesday 22 July, 8am, Freo

speaking on July 4

Defend Fremantle‘s Nuclear Free Zone

Wednesday 22 July 8.00am – 9.30am
Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

Fremantle’s nuclear free zone is being undermined once again by a global uranium forum being held at the Esplanade Hotel.

Join us for muffins and music as we defend Fremantle’s stance against the nuclear industry.

We want to give a powerful message that the forum and the uranium mining industry is not welcome anywhere in Western Australia.

For more information contact Kerrie-Ann Garlick Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group 0402 180 737


Iconic Activist, former Senator Jo Vallentine

July 4 appeal to the US

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More nuclear accidents, dangerous leaks, waste risk and mismanagement won’t stop the RUDD Government’s approval of a huge new Uranium mine

Environment Minister Peter Garrett has formally approved the new Four Mile uranium mine in South Australia, saying it poses no environmental risks’.

The premier of South Australian, Mike Rann, welcomed the decision saying operations at the state’s nearby Beverley mine ‘show that uranium c

an be mined without damaging the surrounding environment’.

Which means neither man can have read the South Australian governments own figures into spills at the Beverley mine. Here are just a few [http://www.wise-uranium.org/umopaus.html]

Apr. 22, 2006: spill of 14,400 litres of solution containing approx. 0.5% uranium

Oct. 31, 2005: spill of 23,700 litres of mining solution, containing approx. 0.06% uranium
Aug. 8, 2005: spill of 13,500 litres of extraction fluid containing approx. 0.01% uranium

Mar. 7, 2005: spill of 50,000 – 60,000 litres of injection fluid

Dec. 8, 2004: spill of approx. 2,300 litres of mining solution, containing 0.028% uranium

June 13, 2002: spill of 1,750 litres of brine solution

June 7, 2002: spill of 1,500 litres of injection fluid in the well field

May 5, 2002: spill of 14,900 litres of water containing 0.0018% uranium

May 1, 2002: spill of almost 7,000 litres of brine solution containing some uranium

January 11, 2002: spill of 60,000 liters of groundwater containing acid and uranium, after pipe rupture

Fancy the premier of South Australia being so ignorant of such worrying safety violations going on in his own state. Scandalous.

In fact, that’s the word to sum up the whole Four Mile story: scandalous. Peter Garrett is a former campaigning rock star who fought doggedly against nuclear power before entering politics (‘Why would Australians support an industry that produces radioactive waste, toxic waste?’ he said just three years ago), And with the local Aboriginal communitie

s being (yet again) left out of the negotiations and decision-making over Four Mile, this all has a horribly familiar ring to it.

Click the pic for more from Greenpeace on uranium & nukes

from Greenpeace…Full Story here – please share


Meanwhile back in Germany the Uranium lobby is on the rise despite the following revelations of safety and management fiascos

Berlin- A damaged fuel rod sought since last week has been located inside one of Germany’s 12 nuclear power stations, regulators said Wednesday.

The jinxed plant at Kruemmel near Hamburg was shut down for two years by a transformer fire.

It was crippled again July 4 by a short circuit and was then reported to have a problem in one or more of its 80,000 fuel rods. Engineers took the lid off the reactor to find the damaged uranium rod.

The problems at Kruemmel have led to calls to retire the station and re-ignited debate in Germany about nuclear power as an election approaches. Anti-nuclear activists are also highlighting mismanagement of nuclear waste dumps in old salt mines.

please share and link to  this article and video

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tony serve blogs Tsunami warning issued for SE Australia & ABC News Article link.

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