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#Murdoch phone #hacking trial “Brooks cleared” chat w @PeterJukes & perthtones @6PR audio 17 mins

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Rupert Murdoch – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Murdoch Press UK phone hacking trial as at Saturday June 28 2014

My chat w @PeterJukes @6PR audio 17 mins


 Click here for the master index of all the Hacking Trial material that has been collated from Peter Jukes’ Live Tweets. 

Click here to pre-order Peter’s book on the trial 

Perth Mental Health event, Ron Coleman speaks on Recovery, vital info and resurces for service providers – Tuesday 25 August 2009 7pm to 9pm


From rhetoric to reality


Tuesday 25 August 2009   7pm to 9pm

Lecture Theatre , Ground Floor, Department of Health  189 Royal St, East Perth

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The mental health system in Western Australia is under

review.  Major changes are under consideration in other parts of

Australia including from the commonwealth perspective, or

have already been announced.  What does all of this mean to

consumers, carers and service providers?  Ron Coleman, an

international mental health trainer and consultant from Scotland

who has a lived experience, will talk about developments in

other parts of the world where recovery has become a reality

because systems have changed and continue to change.

This talk will be of interest to social workers, psychiatrists,

psychologists, OTs, nursing staff and others involved in service

delivery.  It will provide hope and inspiration to consumers,

carers and family members that change can occur.  Students of

all disciplines are encouraged to attend to improve their

understanding of emerging perspectives on mental health


Ron is a mental health trainer and consultant and is world renowned for

his innovative Recovery based practice, training, and service designs in

psychosis prevention and resolution.

He has an international reputation as a speaker, author and offers a cutting edge

approach to Mental Health service provision.

Ron has spent 13 years in and out of the psychiatric

hospital system in the UK.  As a result of his experiences (ECT,

medication, and compulsory treatment orders) and further research, Ron

has developed his ideas about Recovery and a passion for helping

integrate Recovery concepts into mental health services.  An integral part

of Ron’s approach is that there is great value in forming meaningful

partnerships between the consumer and the mental health professional.

Between 1999 and 2002, Ron was the director of Keepwell Limited and owner operator of Action

Consultancy and Training (ACT).  Then in 1991-1994 Ron was  National Coordinator Hearing

Voices Network and responsible for the development of the Hearing Voices Network in the UK. He

is currently is a director of Working To Recovery Limited.

AASW Members $20.00
Non Members $30.00
Consumers/Carers/Students    $20.00

Registration Information:
Complete the registration and post or fax it to AASW WA.
Registration and payment must be received by Tuesday
August 18th 2009.

For enquires please contact Sophie Mason at AASW WA on

9420 7240 or aaswwa@highway1.com.au.  Alternatively,

contact CPE Project Officer Erin Kerbey at


Parking/Public Transport:
Paid parking is available opposite the building.  Additional
CPP parking is located at Moore St Multi-storey Car Park,
Moore St. Trains run regularly with nearby stops at
Claisebrook or McIver.
Please mail, fax or email your registration to:

Australian Association of Social Workers
City West Lotteries House
2 Delhi Street
Tel: (08) 9420 7240
Fax: (08) 9486 9766
Email: aaswwa@highway1.com.au

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Crazy poll on drug abuse – do drugs make you crazy or do you have to be crazy to use them

Does substance abuse cause mental illness, or do the ill simply reach for anything to feel better? Click here to vote   ( note –  tongue firmly in cheek on this poll )

The UK has upgraded it’s rating for Cannabis so it’s classed as a jailable offence to have it, despite top medical advisors warning against the move see here for BBC story   ( yeah good one Britain  – who needs dope when you can kill yourself a lot quicker with cigarettes, booze and prescribed anti-depressant meds )

A few highly publicised bits of “research” in recent years have us believing that cannabis will make you schizophrenic and increase chances of paranoia, anxiety and depression. They are dangerous part-truths.

For men, about 1 in 5,000 develop psychoses according to another recent BBC report, but the greater reality is that people with mental illness will reach for any substance, legal or illegal, to ease their pain.  We advocates deal daily with hurting folk who self-medicate.

What is REALLY crazy is that research also shows that adolescents smoking tobacco raise their risk of depression later in life, but ciggies are legal across the planet.

Meanwhile an important related issue is the deadly stigma attached to mental illness –

I addressed a meeting recently and suggested that

” no-one in their right mind abuses drugs ”

Imagine my surprise when a voice was raised in indignation along these lines;

” hey wait a minnit, I have friends who are junkies – how dare you say they are mentally ill.”

It’s enough to drive you nuts!

Meanwhile click here for a radio interview with a key australian advocate on “schizophrenia” as understanding grows that hearing voices and other psychotic episodes are not schizoid.

For help for those hearing voices and for info on debunking “schizophrenia” go to http://www.intervoiceonline.org/

 Finally I never advocate illegal drug use, whether you’re sane or silly. ( I also don’t advise you to use anti-depressants, dexamphetamines,ritalin, SSRI’s, Alcohol or tobacco.)