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Audio Post – WordPress’s new post audio facility rocks – this was recorded via Skype using the awesome Blue Yeti USB mic. It’s phone quality output of quality input.

This 3 min audio was posted via a Skype call to a US landline ( provided by WordPress ) using the awesome Blue Yeti USB mic. It’s phone quality output of THX quality input.

Skype Technologies S.A. logo
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Click the blue link below for my high quality, local recording of the Skype call ( using Call Recorder V2.3.10 ) saved in Quicktime and uploaded as an mp3 – it includes the cool botVoice…Sweeet!

Blog by voice Social Justice on 2010-07-04 at 22.27

Blue yeti USB Microphone – THX Certified ( and warm too!)

Click to visit Blue Microphones
btw… this is a totally unpaid plug…I just love my Blue Yeti.
The quality of the WordPress audio post isn’t great, but it may improve 🙂
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3 amazing people on twitter joined me on Perth’s 6pr.com.au 882 6pr last weekend – Poet & activist Lesley Dewar, Advocate and #mhsm convenor Amy Kiel and Steve Andrews about his black dog ride this Sunday

Perth Poet & Activist Lesley Dewar uses the net to share and promote creative people and activist causes – and she’s having a ball!

follow Lesley on twitter by clicking here

visit her website by clicking here

Kansas City (Mo) Mental Health Advocate and #mhsm convenor Amy Kiel is amazing – join us 1000pm Eastern US time Tuesday, 1000am West Australian time to share and gather info, resources and inspiration from people around the globe.

click here to follow Amy on twitter

Please visit Amy’s blog by clicking here

From the South West of W. Australia Steve Andrews talks about about his black dog ride this Sunday, he’s even getting the State Health Minister to saddle up on a donated BMW to raise awareness of depression and raise funds for Busselton advocates LAMP

Click here to follow Steve

please visit Steve’s site by clicking here

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New courses in new media – Perth or Online ( via Skype) courses small groups or 1 on 1 – using your laptop as a radio/TV studio using FREE software

Thanks to the Conservation Council of WA and it’s affiliates asking me to present a workshop recently on new media creation and networking.

After amazingly supportive feedback I’ve begun formalising half day and full day workshops for Perth newsmakers/NGOs. ( on site or at 1 of several broadband supported venues )

For indivuals or small groups  it’s possible not only to train on site, but also to do so ONLINE using Skype ( local or global )

Skype allows us to use our laptops as radio and TV studios to generate, record and webcast all types of media

here are some very useful links to free software/apps to create new media

Audacity (click this link to downlaod) free audio editing software for PC or Mac

Levelator free app to fix, clean up audio ( must be in either .wav or .aiff format )

PC free video editing software – VideoSpin 1.1

Screen capture for PC click here ( I use snapz pro on the MacBook)

Easy Screen Capture Video 1.0

If you or your group is interested, let me know by commenting here or emaling me at  serve.tony@gmail.com

tony serve
Skype: perthtones Google Talk: serve.tony@gmail.com
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How does your Blog rate for traffic and how do they measure that?

technorati rates blogs by the number of links
technorati rates blogs by the number of links

Great piece on Blog numbers and metrics questioning the technorati gospel and predicting greater influence of actrvity within Twitter and other social network agents.

Much kudos to  Brian SOLIS at TechCrunch

click below for the excellent article

Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere? .

alphapinventions – lots of “visits” from a coder, a cool thing or a crock


This blog got over 1,600 views overnight on the back of referreals from alphainventions. Very few stories were read, no clicks recorded and no votes on a related poll.

As a blogger of only 4 months I’m at a loss to judge the value or veracity of the referrals and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive word from WordPress.

My gut tells me Cheru is a very clever guy and probably well intended, but the volume of clicks doesn’t appear to be matched by quality of views, although the wordpress forums contain evidence of viewers going deeper than on my site.

I’ve asked Cheru for an interview, which I’ll post when and if he agrees.

Meanwhile please share your views and experiences on this traffic magnifier, especially if you are aware of any warnings or qualification that may be appropriate


alphainventions.com – a really useful creation by Cheru for all bloggers

alphainventions.com came rushing into my life a few minutes ago with 37 referreals in just a few minutes to my latest post & poll

below is a reply alpha’s Cheru made after this work was questioned on wordpress forums – I am totally inclined to believe him and welcome his apparent “outside the polygon” thinking and actions. What do you think?


Hello Curious People,

First off i’m just a regular working guy with an apartment and an old car with a big imagination. I don’t think like anyone in this world, because if I did I would not have been able to create alphainventions.com I just ate a McChicken, and i’m a little sleepy.

The blogs and links appearing on my site are just the most recently updated blogs from people like yourself.

At first I was mad to see this, and frustrated to have to go through with getting an account with Word Press just to explain how my site his more helpful then harmful, but I’m now glad I have an account, and this might stimulate you check out the site more often. I’m a friggin blogger now yay!

Ever thought of this?

If you were to comment on a blog right after the webmaster published (updated) it, you would get a faster response, because most likely the webmaster is still online, and shocked to see that someone has commented so quickly. This is either very simple, or i’m an advanced human.

It’s just an experiment to help webmasters (bloggers) connect in real-time. It looks simple, but it took me 3 months of coding to build this thing. I’m bored, in my 20s, and this thing is cool.

Thanks for starting the small buzz about my site being a scam. The more exposure to the site means more traffic to your blog you from alphainventions.com when you update it.

That’s how the site is made to work.

The huge truck got stuck under the bridge, and many men tried to get it out for hours and failed until the creator of alphainventions.com told them let the air out of the tires to set it free.

If you are concerned that it’s a scam, then contact the government, or whatever it takes, because they are going to tell you how cool it is when they get done with the investigation. I may even link to this post.

Humans 🙂